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The First time I have some fun with a guy
I was 5 ft. 7 inch brown hair brown eye male, and Dan was a 5 ft. 5 inch male

It was a normal day like any other I was on my way over to a friend’s house and I was amped up because this was when I could watch porn. My friend had his own computer and was always finding videos for us to watch. I could not wait to enjoy being able to jerk off to videos that were only fantasy's to me. I had sex with girls before and always was intrigued by gay sex and having a t-girl dominates me. I was scared to come out and ask a girl if she would finger me. I thought about cd's, t-girls, and even a dom guys who could take my ass and fuck it, I wanted a dick to suck and feel hot sperm go down my thought. I arrived at my friend Dan's house at 6 o'clock after he had just eaten dinner and so we went to play video games until we heard his parent’s went to their bedroom. I never told Dan but that night I went to use the bathroom that was right next to Dan's parent’s room. As I went to wash my hands I could hear a soft tapping sound. I leaned next to the wall and could hear Dan’s father fucking the shit out of Dan’s mom. I could not hear what they were saying except for a few soft mutters I started to get hard. I could not resist and so I leaned up against the wall and started to jerk off every now and again I would hear "you like that you dirty bitch" and then "fuck me! Fuck me till I can’t walk" after a while I stated to feel my cum getting ready to pour out. I tried to wait as long as I could to make the orgasm feel great. Finally I came and it felt so good, I could feel my body start to relax and after the last drop of cum came out I washed my hands and went back to Dan’s room.

I remember on my way back trying to think of an excuse as to why I was gone for so long and could not think of anything. I opened the door and walked in. Dan’s room was setup with a wall in the middle blocking the view of his computer and bed and from the door you could only see his TV, dresser, and closet. The room was baby blue wall and wood floor with a window above his bed that provided enough light in the day so there was no need for any lamps except a ceiling wall light next to his door. I came around the corner to see Dan paused the PS 2 game and was already looking at porn videos and pics on his computer. I sat down on the bed and saw Dan had his pants off. I asked Dan why he had no pants and he replied that tonight he did not want to jerk off with his pants on. He asked me if I minded and I thought about it for a sec then figured it would be the first time a could see another guys dick in real life and have a better view then the normal sneak a peak in the gym locker room. I said yes and asked if I could take my pants off, Dan waited and said sure just make sure I cum in a sock or something. I was turned on very quickly by the thought seeing Dan jerking off and seeing his hand massage his dick back and forth, back and forth, so slowly while his eyes were glued to the computer screen.

I could already feel my dick get hard as he started a video and I could hear the t-girl introduce herself while she did her sexy little dance to remove her clothing I pulled my pants down and tossed them on my overnight bag. I pulled my boxers down slowly and Dan looked over and said "are you mimicking the video" in a joking laughter I replied back with a joking "you like what you see hot stuff" we both let out a small chuckle. I finally got my boxers off and tossed them onto my pants. The video was under way and the t-girl was giving a hand job to the guy and every so often sucking and kissing his dick and balls. We both were hard and stroking our own dicks thinking about that being us in the movie. We were 15 and dreaming about the day that would be us in the video. I was stroking my dick which was about 6 inches hard at the time watching every so often which was maybe 5 inches but very thick a lot thicker than mine. The video had gotten real hot, the guy and t-girl were blowing each other and stroking each other’s dicks. I noticed Dan kept glancing at me, I finally asked "what?" and he said " would you like to try that?" not knowing what he meant I moved my hand over and started to stroke his balls he stuttered for a second and then let out a wow surprised by my forwardness he said "I meant dressing like a girl". I stopped and said "sorry I thought you meant..." He had cut me off "No, no, I like you touching my dick please continue" Dan said in an excited voice.

I had a smile on my face and asked if he wanted to touch mine. Without hesitation he pushed my hand away from my cock and softly griped it with his smooth hands being sure to massage my balls every now and again. I had started to rub Dan’s shaft and go all the way up to the tip and then slowly down to the balls. His cock was about as hairy mine; I tried massaging around the base of the shaft just above the balls like I had loved to do when I played with myself. I asked him if he liked it and he let out a moan of pleasure, "yes that feels great" Dan said as he asked me again if I would like to dress up like a girl and I was stunned I had no clue what to say. All that came out of my mouth was "ugh..." Dan told me not to worry about it and that we can talk about it later. The video was coming to a close and Dan asked if I wanted to cum. We always liked to cum when the porn stars did because it was easier to picture ourselves cumming on the people. I told him "yes I’m ready to cum" I in turn asked if he was ready. Dan hands were great I could not hold back as my cock erupted like a volcano cum gushing down the sides of my tip and all over Dan’s hand with some slipping through his hand ending up dripping down to my hair and balls. Dan came just after me gushing cum as it shot all over the place he had a ton of cum. My hand and his shaft, balls and chest were covered. After we both agreed that we were done he asked if I needed a napkin or tissue and I did not respond I just took my hand and licked it clean. Dan was turned on by this and did the same thing he even licked my shaft and balls clean. Dan took his time and every time he licked a sensitive area my dick would stiffen slightly. Dan caught on because he started to lick even slower making me let out gasp of pleasure. I told him that I was sorry but I was not ready to lick his balls or shaft yet. He told me it was fine and not to worry about it that when I was ready I could do it on him any time.

That night instead of sleeping head to foot, Dan said he would like to cuddle and fall asleep in each other’s arms. I was happy to do that so when we got under the covers Dan put his head on my chest I wrapped my right arm around his side and with my left held his hand. I could tell something was different like after tonight Dan would want to be someone else. After that night Dan stared to wear panties on nights we got together and before his parents sent him away, one night he had only a bra and panties on when we played with each other.

I never saw Dan again after his parents caught him dressing like a woman and sent him away but, he will always be the man/cd who sparked a real interest in wanting to have sex with a cds or t-girls.


2016-10-22 19:47:01
I love crossdresser (cd) stories, write more. this was hot.

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2013-01-10 11:06:43
And you're a blind moron anonymous reader. You think he's not human? I bet he bleeds red blood like a human, and has everything that a human does. Or are you the alien?
Writer, I enjoyed this story. but what are "t-girls" and "cd's"?

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2012-04-10 00:47:40
You're nothing but a perverted faggot.

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