80,000 years ago..
Their tribe isn't that big, there's only 12 of them 6 males and 6 females but that isn't really a bad thing, since there aren't that many mouths to feed food lasts much longer. There's the Alpha who's the biggest, strongest male of the tribe then there's the old man who is the tribes shaman or wizard because he's the only one who knows how to start a fire. He relized early on that an old man has no place in a tribe of young strong hunters so he keeps the secret of fire for himself that way the tribe won't leave him behind. Then there's the 3 Beta males who along with the Alpha defend the tribe from attacks from other tribes and the beasts, none of them ever tried to kill the Alpha and take his place becuase they realized that it was their Alpha that kept them alive and safe after the last attack from another tribe killed off all their elders except for their shaman.

There's a 4th Beta male but compared to the other males he is very small and weak and would stay behind with the females and the old man while the other 4 males would go out hunting for food. While the other males were out hunting the 4th male would always try to rape the females but they would always gang up on him and force him out of the cave, the old man always finds this amusing. As for the 6 females they are all young { twenties } and healthy, all 6 females would always offer themselves to the Alpha because they believed that their offspring would inherit his size, strength and leadership abilities. While the Alpha was fucking one of them they would offer themselves to the 3 strong Beta males hoping that their offspring would be as strong as them and not be born small and weak like the 4th male of the tribe. Even the old man would get to fuck many of the females because the females believed their offspring would inherit his magical ability to create fire, the 4th male never gets sex from the females wich is why he always tries to rape them.

Being Neanderthals they don't have a language, it's mostly grunts and other sounds and their not monogamous but more like a commune and for a while life is good. There's lots of food and furs, the old man always has a fire ready to keep them warm and to cook the meat and they haven't been attacked in quite some time but as we all know nothing lasts forever. 2 of the 6 females are pregnant and while it's impossible to tell who the fathers are the most likely candidates are the Alpha male and the old man, one of the non pregnant females leaves the cave to get a drink from a nearby pool of fresh water and the 4th small, weak male notices her while he's pissing behind a tree. He watches as she bends over to drink from the pool exposing her labia and anus and he runs behind her and grabbing her hips he rams his rock hard cock deep into her hairy pussy and he starts to rape her hard and fast, she tries to get away but he puts his hand on the back of her head pushing her face into the ground and his other hand is busy squeezing her tits.

The 4th small weak male is happy he's finally getting some pussy and is raping her like crazy in fact he's raping her so hard he doesn't notice the hunters from another tribe of neanderthals moving towards him. The weak male is about to cum inside the females pussy when a large wooden stick hits him right in the face and he falls on the ground, as soon as he lands on his back he ejaculates into the air but is killed by having his skull crushed before his sperm could fall on the ground. The female tries to get up and run but is grabbed by the hunters and she screams and one of them bends her over and rams his cock deep into her pussy. Her screams are heard by her tribe and the Alpha and 3 Betas run towards her with sticks and stones in their hands. The enemy hunter who is raping the female see's them comming so he pulls his cock out of her before cumming inside her and lifting her over his shoulder he carries her back to his cave where she will be raped several times by multiple males until she is either killed or absorbed into the tribe.

As the battle rages on one of the enemy tribe members sneaks into the cave and grabs one of the non pregnant females, he bends her over and rams his rock hard pulsing cock deep into her pussy and he rapes her. The 2 other non pregnant females and the old man jump on him and he pulls his cock out of the female before cumming inside her and she gets up and helps the others attack her rapist, the enemy male is very strong and he easily knocks out the females and is about to rape one of them when the old man grabs a burning stick he used to build a fire and he sets the enemy male on fire. The enemy turns and hits the old man before running out of the cave and heads for the pool but he is killed by the Alpha who smashes his face in with a large stone, the remaining enemy hunters know they can't win so they run back to their cave.

The Alpha and Betas return to their cave and they see the females crying as they point to the old man who is laying on the ground holding his chest and breathing strangely, the old man points towards the fire and with a tear in his eye he dies. The old man was going to teach the Alpha the secret to building a fire but now that secret is gone and the tribe is in great danger, when the fire they have now dies out how would they stay warm during the cold winters? and how would they cook meat?. The Alpha decides to send 2 of the 3 Betas on a journey to discover the secret of fire and bring it back to their tribe. If it works the tribe can survive but if other tribes learn that there are only 2 males guarding 5 females then they would be easy targets .

The 2 Betas eat a final meal to replenish their strength and then begin their " Quest For Fire " armed with large thick sticks they head towards the forest. They manage to avoid other tribes who are out hunting for food and after fighting off a pack of wolves they finally make it to the forest, at the forest they can hear a female screaming and they run to see what's happening. Following the screams they see a naked female Homo Sapien and naked male Homo Sapien tied to a large tree while 2 cannabalistic Neanderthals have just killed a naked male Homo Sapien and are eating parts of the corpse. The screams from the female keep the cannibals from hearing the 2 Betas getting closer and closer, the 2 Betas easily kill the 2 cannibals and untie the male and female.

The 2 Homo Sapiens looks very similar wich means that their brother and sister and the dead male Homo Sapien is much older suggesting that he was either their father or uncle. The brother and sister know that their chances of survival woud be greater if they stay with the 2 Betas so they decide to follow their rescuers, after burying the remains of the older Homo Sapien they dress themselves in the furs of the 2 dead cannibals and follow the 2 Betas. As the 4 travel out of the forest they realise that the sun has already set and the night is starting to get very cold so the female gathers everything she needs to start a fire and the 2 Betas watch in amazement as her and her brother start a fire.

As the fire roars the 2 Betas are happy because in the morning they can add 2 new members to their tribe who know how to start fires, however they can't understand why the male isn't fucking the female. They watch as the female sits next to her brother and his arm is around her but he makes no attempt to fuck her so they both move towards the siblings and sit waiting to see if the male is finally going to fuck her. After a few minutes one of the Betas stands up and tears the clothes of the female and he puts her into doggystyle position while the other Beta tears the clothes of the male and forces him to get behind his sister, the male is speaking in a language the Betas have never heard before. The brother watches as one of the Betas imitates fucking but the brother stand up and walks towards the other side of the fire and sits down and the sister stands up and follows her brother and sits beside him and again he puts his arm around her.

The 2 Betas still don't get it so they again move towards the siblings only this time one of the Betas grabs the female and bending her over he rams his rock hard cock deep into her pussy. She let's out a scream and her brother pushes the Beta off his sister, the Beta gets up and grabs the brother while the other Beta bends the female over and rams his rock hard cock deep into her cunt and fucks her hard and again she screams. The Beta fucking the female keeps looking at the brother and makes some sounds trying to explain to the brother that this is how you fuck a female and he pulls his cock out of her and again they place the brother behind his sister. The female says something to her brother in that same strange language and the brother slides his cock deep into his sisters pussy and he starts to fuck her, the 2 Betas smile and grunt happily as they watch the male fuck his sister.

The brother pulls his cock out of his sister and he gets her in missionary position and he slides his cock back into her wet pussy and she locks her legs around his waist. The 2 Betas have never seen sex done this way and watch in amazement, the sister moans as she's fucked by her brother and after a while the brother moans and he pulls his cock out of her and he shoots his load all over his sisters stomach wich confuses the 2 Betas. The 2 Betas move in and one of them tries to mount the female while she's still on her back but her brother blocks his attempt and the Beta holds him still while the other Beta gets inbetween her legs and slides his cock into her soaking wet pussy. She screams as she's raped by the Beta who has never had sex in this position before so it isn't very long before the Beta cums deep into the females womb, he get's up and holds the brother while the other Beta gets inbewtween her legs and slides his rock hard cock deep into her cum soaked cunt. She screams as she is raped again and just like the first one it doesn't take to long and he cums deep into her pussy.

After the rape the 2 Betas go to sleep next to the fire and the brother stands guard making sure no one else tries to rape his sister while she sleeps. In the morning all 4 begin their journey back to the Betas tribe and after a few hours they reach the cave where their tribe lives. The fire had died but it's a warm day and there's still some food left and none of the other tribes have tried to attack while the Betas were gone so it wasn't that bad. The Brother and sister start a small fire in the cave wich automatically makes them the new shamans of the tribe however unlike the old man the brother and sister teach the other members of the tribe how to start fires. The brother and sister bury the old man and weak 4th male and then they teach the females of the tribe missionary position and the concept of monogamy and incest.


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The only way to become a good writer is to keep writing, read other stories and take notes. Take no notice of retards who have no constructive advice to give, they obviously have no ideas to offer.
Advice to readers: if a story sucks, either offer advice or encouragement or just leave negative vote. Nobody needs to read moronic comments

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The only way to become a good writer is to keep writing, read other stories and take notes. Take no notice of retards who have no constructive advice to give, they obviously have no ideas to offer.
Advice to readers: if a story sucks, either offer advice or encouragement or just leave negative vote. Nobody needs to read moronic comments

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That was pretty fucking horrible

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2012-03-20 22:22:56
i agree...not much structure...its all just like a history lesson...who jacks off to a history lesson?

Other than that it was somewhat enjoyable.

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2012-03-20 02:21:04
Its very cold and clinical, there's no real connection to the characters or any of the events or sexual moments which makes it hard to a) gain arousal from and b) read without just skimming it, its just kinda...lacking. If you chose one character, either one of the males or one of the females and focus solely on them and their perspective it would be a lot better. Not trying to be an asshole here, just some constructive criticism

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