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Mindy finished in bathroom, yelled that she would be right back and was out the door. I’m supposed to be pretending I’m asleep.

Yeah, at this point in time it doesn’t make sense to me either.

Mindy and I are in Las Vegas. We are co-workers, and have been for more than a decade. Working in different departments we have had little contact in that time. I was very aware of Mindy and her sexy body. She knew me, but was never more than polite until just over a week ago.

It was then that Mindy came to visit me in my office with a problem. She needed $30,000 to repay money she had borrowed, without asking, from her church building fund. Her boyfriend, and co-homeowner, is the church treasurer and knows nothing about the “borrowing”. He also doesn’t know that Mindy gambled the money away in the Colorado casinos. I had recently come into enough money that I was quitting the company. I agreed to give her the 30 grand, if she would be my sex slave for the weekend. She was less than thrilled (pissed actually), but very desperate to keep her relationship and freedom. Desperation won out, and here we are.

Today is Saturday, late morning. Mindy was to have found a creative way to wake me up this AM, but she forgot. So, I just spent the last 20 minutes using my hand and a ping pong paddle to make sure her ass, and the rest of her, would not forget again. Towards the end of her spanking she convinced me to stop beating her very shapely ass; by saying she would find a creative way to wake me up, like she should have. My hard-on overruled me, and here I lay.

I’m not tired, as I had slept for 10 hours. I had already been up to pee. I am hungry. I am bored. My hard-on had dropped to Def Con 2, as the minutes have dragged by. Fantasizing about what is to come isn’t working.

You see, Mindy is 37 (10 years younger than I am), but could pass for 27. She has round, c-cup breasts, on a medium frame. Mindy’s tits have the most delicious looking erasure nipples this side of the Playboy mansion. In heels, her long, tanned, and gym-enhanced legs look to on forever, and her high, heart-shaped ass, causes men to get slapped back to eyes-forward whenever she walks by.

In the past 18 hours I have tapped that three times, including cuming in her ass twice, spanking her once, making out with her half naked in the elevator, using a vibrating egg to get her off in the restaurant downstairs, and made her run naked to our room. I’m pretty much living the fantasy.

I hear door open and think “Finally” and so does Bruno. He is instantly trying to peek up to see what she is up to. Mindy walks over, kisses me lightly on the cheek, and says

“Just a few more minutes, stud. I need to get ready.”

“Shit!” I think. I’m tired of waiting. My cock is suggesting that I just grab her, bend her over the bed, and fuck her as I knead her firm breasts. But, after three orgasms in 2/3 of a day, his appetite is more under control. So I just reply, with eyes closed and feinting sleep;

“This better be good. I am dying to bring out the riding crop.”

“It will be.” she says with a slight quiver, betraying the apprehension she has about her plan.

I hear her walk away, close the bathroom door, and then the shower comes on.

“Oh, hell no”. I’m thinking. “A few more minutes, my ass.”

I’m starting to work up a little anger, when an idea occurs to me. I should be videoing some of this action. I don’t why I didn’t think of this before. It’s all happened so fast. Plus as I have been violating every orifice of her body as fast as I could get it up; there hasn’t been a lot of blood in my brain.

But, now with a few clear minutes it hit me. After this is all said and done, Mindy and I are back on even terms. In theory she could try to make some sort of issue of what we are doing, later on. I mean I could too, but you never know who might have more to lose by then. Not to mention I am sure I would love to relive some of this fantasy when we get back home.

I jumped out of bed and grabbed my phone and iPod. Yes, I still have an iPod. I like it, and it has video capabilities. I figure I will get a couple of angles and zoom levels. It takes me about ten minutes to get everything set up. I finish about the time the shower stops. I was married for twenty five years, so I know that she isn’t done. But, I am surprised that it is only about five more minutes before I hear the door open, and Mindy walks out.

I had already gotten back into bed, with the covers to my waist. I’m facing out, eyes closed, on the side that faces the bathroom. My senses were on high alert, and so was my dick. We both had no idea what to expect, but we both had high hopes. I could feel Mindy put her weight onto the bed, in two spots. I assumed she was about to lean over me. That was confirmed when something lightly touched the top of my cheek, and left something behind. I was about to open my eyes, when Mindy whispered.

“Shhhhhh. Keep you eyes closed, baby. I have your breakfast ready. Just roll onto your back. Shhhhhhh”

I did as I was told, and I felt her slowly move the covers off my body, turning my tent into just a tent pole. She climbed on top, straddled me, and I felt her stop just short of my very hard cock, and then shift her weight forward.

“Open your eyes.” She said softly.

I did and there to greet me were Mindy’s beautiful, bare, breasts. The left one was dangling just an inch from my mouth, and both nipples were hidden by a dollop of whipped cream.

“Are you hungry, stud?” she asked in a sexy voice she had not used with me before.

I was and I licked the closest tit, while both of my hands rose to grab one each. I was careful not to disturb breakfast with my hands. I wanted all of that creamy goodness in my mouth. I licked again, and then rose up to engulf her hard, erect nipple into my mouth. The sweetness of the whipped cream, and the hardness of the nipple mixed together to produce a response that I almost could not control. Instead of the near reflexive biting down, I just lightly caressed it with my teeth. I felt her shiver slightly, and then I pulled back.

She guessed, correctly, that I wanted the other breast’s treat, and I went at this one with more gusto. I licked her nipple, hard, like a child with his ice cream. I took most of my own cream treat with the first swipe. I continued licking, this time around the edges, still catching her erect nub with my tongue. Both hands were now busy squeezing and kneading each breast, feeling their fullness and weight. With the whip cream gone from the second, I went back to the first to insure I had missed nothing, and enveloped that nipple again. Mindy moaned, just slightly under her breath.

“I’m still hungry” I said

Motioning to the bedside table, she said “There is plenty more. Do you want to me to do the honors?”

I didn’t answer her, as I leaned over to get the bowl of whipped cream. When I was back into position, she leaned closer allowing her firm melons to dangle closer to me. Rather than use the spoon, I decided to let gravity take care of it, and I dipped each nipple into the bowl and set it to the side.

This time I took as much breast, nipple and whip cream into my mouth as I could and sucked deeply. I drank in the sweet cream and felt the half inch nub glide over my tongue and lips as I swallowed. Then I greedily attacked it again, this time with the intent of suckling like a pig, while mauling her melon with my hand. Finishing, I turned to her other breast and with two aggressive licks I had most of the cream vanquished leaving the nipple bare for my next assault. Again I could not resist a long pull on Mindy’s ripe breast. Sucking on them, while also alternating between gentle squeezes and rigorous massages sent waves of pleasure that culminated in a cry for release from my groin.

But, as delicious as Mindy’s breast had been, I wanted to taste her lips and tongue. These did not need the flavor of whipped cream. Mindy’s may not have done a great job giving head, but I had found out that she could kiss. I intertwined one hand in her hair and pulled her down to meet me. She opened her mouth willingly and our tongues began to dance and play. My hands, unable to enjoy Mindy’s breasts in this position, caressed her back, hips, and one found her well reddened, and slightly swollen, backside and gave it a squeeze.

Mindy winced from the jab of pain, but did not break our embrace. My hands continued their travels all over her body, occasionally stopping to feel the heat of her ass and to give her butt cheeks a gentle massage. I really loved Mindy’s ass.

I reached down to try to guide Mindy onto my cock, but she broke our clench, leaned back to an upright position and asked with a pronounced pouty voice.

“Aren’t you still hungry? I made sure to get you a clean plate to eat from.”

I followed her eyes down to her now hairless pussy. That shower had not been a waste of time. As horny as I was, the thought of eating Mindy’s pussy full of whipped cream was irresistible. I reached for the bowl, as Mindy rolled over on to her back and spread her legs for me to take in the sight. And what a sight it was. The lips of her labia were swollen in anticipation and glistened with her own juices. The baldness of her pussy uncovered and enhanced her evident desire. It seemed to cry out, ‘My defenses are gone. Take me’. I moved over in between her legs and reached in with my head. I gave her clit a flick with my tongue. She jumped, and then moaned out.

“Eat me. Please eat my pussy. Do it now, please”

I dipped the spoon into the creamy fluff and came away with a nice measure. I hovered over my target and let gravity be my spatula. The cream oozed off and then landed with a silent plop right at the top of her pussy. I waited for just a second, as it started to slide, down and then used two fingers to smear it around her blood engorged pussy.

Then I began my tongue maneuvers between Mindy’s legs. I worked my tongue outside in, going around and around her opening. As my tongue filled with cream, I swallowed it and savored the combined sweetness of the whipped cream and the honey of Mindy’s own juice.

Mindy moaned in pleasure, and squirmed with anticipation.

“What do you want me to do?” I teased.

“God! Keep going! Eat my pussy! Lick up that cream!”

With the outside devoid of white, I made one pass starting just above her little rosebud, and licked right up the middle, ending with another flick of her clit. There was a long moan following that flick. I worked around the top of her pussy, avoiding the little pea, and driving her crazy with anticipatory pleasure. Then I licked each side of her lips, slowly, with just a bit more than the tip of my tongue cleaning all of the whipped cream away.

With this accomplished I began my probe on the inside of her pussy, pushing my tongue in as far as it would go. I began down at the bottom of her opening, and moving it in and out, trying to both gain depth and spread her apart with my mouth muscle. I slowly worked my way up to the top and began a direct assault on her pussy nub with my tongue.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” she began to cry.

I did not stop, licking her clit directly, for just a moment and then focusing on the areas all around her little pea. Every few seconds, I would add a lick or a flick to her clit. Each time I was rewarded with an involuntary twitch or a moan. I went about bringing her anxiety level up and up, adding a little more attention to her nub, with each cycle. But it was when I put my clenched teeth on it and started to hum that pushed her over the edge and she cried out

Oh Jeez! Oh! Oh! I’m…….I’m cumming!

With that she clenched her legs around my head, and I got an idea of how she must have felt when I held my cock down her throat. I couldn’t breathe, but I wasn’t panicky. I was impressed by the duration of this orgasm. She released my head, and I crawled up between her legs, stopping to lick a stray wisp of cream from her glistening stomach and getting side tracked long enough for a little nipple play. Then I was lying on top of her, face to face.

“I’m full. But, you look hungry to me.” I said.

She grinned, and as I rolled off her, she rolled off the bed, grabbed the bowl, and moved to the bottom of the bed to approach my very erect rod from that angle. Mindy decided to take an aggressive approach. She swooped her hand into the whipped cream, and grabbed my cock with that hand, in one motion. The white sweetness went everywhere, including my balls. She moved her sticky hand down around to cup them for a fast second and then began her own oral assault.

With a light grip established she leaned and took me into her mouth to just past the head. She wrapped the underside of my organ with her tongue, and then slid slowly down, like Bruno was a cherry popsicle. She kept going down until I touched the back of her throat. I felt her swallow the accumulated whipped cream. Then she began to lick the underside of my cock, sending a jolt of pleasure each time her warm touch caressed my member. She withdrew completely and turned her attention to my balls, where she tried to clean up all of the white mess that she had made. I squirmed with arousal, wanting her to take me back into her mouth. I waited only a few seconds longer before directing her back to my cock, where she took me at once.

Once I was inside her mouth, Mindy began to slide my cock in and out while maintaining both suction and her tongue on the underside of it. The up and down motion combined with Mindy’s tongue sliding up and down the underside of me, felt incredible. I was starting to lightly thrust, and had Mindy’s hair in one hand. My other was fondling one of Mindy’s hanging breasts, alternating between kneading her melon, and rolling her erect little erasure. I was beginning to lose it.

Mindy felt me start to tense, and grabbed the base of my cock. She squeezed firmly, but it did not hurt. She then straddled my cock and I felt the warm, silky wetness of her pussy, as I easily slid inside her. She waited only a moment to savor the fullness before she started to gyrate up and down. I watched as her breasts bounced up and down. Their momentum was arrested at the bottom of each bounce, causing a slight shutter before she ascended again. I could only endure that sight for a few strokes before both her breasts were in my hands, being manhandled and fondled.

I pulled her into me so I could enjoy sucking her nipples while she bobbed endlessly on my rod. My now free hands worked their way up and down her back, finding her ass. I slid my hands all the way down to cup the cheeks of Mindy’s fine bottom. After squeezing them for a few moments, I grabbed hold and arrested her up and down motion, while I was mostly out of her pussy. I then began thrusts of my own, rising to ram into her suspended cunt, all the while squeezing that fine ass cheeks.

Taking control had thrown the switch, triggering the start of my orgasm, but I caught it time. I still had one more hole to fill. I released Mindy’s ass, worked my hands up, to her head and pulled her in tight for a long kiss. As I released her, I whispered.

“Put me in you ass.”

She hesitated for just a beat and then found herself and replied

“OK, stud.”

“Tell me you want in your ass” I said in a louder voice.

“I want you in my ass” she repeated, not quite as enthusiastic as I wanted. I knew that her butt was sore from both the spanking and the earlier reaming. I decided to add a little incentive.

“You want me to add stripes to your sexy bottom, instead” I whispered.

“No!” she said just a little too quickly. She recovered herself and then said, in her best sexy whisper, emphasizing the word “fuck” each time

“No, stud. I want you to fuck my tight ass. Fill me up. Fuck my ass!”

“Much better” I thought as I pulled my cock out of her pussy and began to line it up for a rectal plunge. I felt her tighten and wince slightly as my cock touched her little starfish. Then she slowly applied pressure until I began to breech her tight opening.

She drew in a gasp as I made it past her outer ring. Not being patient, I began to apply pressure to her hips trying to force her down faster. She resisted

“Ow! Ow! "Let me relax first!" she replied.

Not liking her having this much control I pulled out and told her to beg me to fuck her ass from behind.

“Do me from behind! Fuck my ass! Please fuck me ass!” she moaned.

She really did not want that riding crop to flay her already tender bottom, wide open.

She got off of me, got on her hands and knees, and dropped her face to the bed, sticking her red and inviting ass in the air. The she added, while starting to slowly rub her clit.

“Do me! Do my tight little ass!”

Impressed, I lingered just long enough to grab the KY jelly from the night stand, and applied a liberal amount to my shaft, and added a little to her awaiting orifice. Having just penetrated her ass, I did not hesitate once my cocked touched her opening and I was able to get past the outer muscle with little trouble. Feeling the now familiar tightness of Mindy’s ass squeezing my shaft, I slowly, but persistently, pushed in. I felt the tightness that was at the head of my organ, envelope it, as I drove all the way to the bottom of Mindy’s ass.

I lingered for a couple of moments to take in the sight. My cock was buried as far as it would go in Mindy’s bung hole. I could see her, eyes closed and mouth part way open. Mindy was looking to the right side with an expression half way between pleasure and pain, on her angelic face. Her weight rested on her left side, as her right arm disappeared beneath her body. The flexing of the muscles in that arm and shoulder told me she was working her pussy as hard as she could, not waiting for me.

“Talk to me” I said

“Ooooh, that feels good. Hurry! Fuck me. Fuck my ass. Make me cum!”

I began to slowly pump her in and out. I felt her pick up the pace of her own manipulations, striving to both bring about pleasure and forget that her ass was now being stretched well out shape.

“Do you like having a dick in your ass?” I asked in an authoritarian voice.

“Yes. Ohhhhh Yes. It feels so goooooood. Faster! Make me feel it!”

That was no problem and I picked up the base, giving an extra thrust as I bottomed out. Each time I hit home, I felt my balls bounce off her fingers, and I felt the rapid rhythm she had developed. She was finger fucking her pussy, much faster than I was doing her ass. This was bringing her to fruition much faster that I was and I felt her ass tighten around my cock, and all but stop me in place.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” she cried out “I’m cumming! Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!”

I fought through her muscle contractions with a few thrusts and then felt her release me, as her orgasm waned. Mindy’s ass still held me tightly, but I was now free to pump mercilessly. So released, I began to pound her ass just as hard as I could, using her hips as my fulcrum to leverage myself deep into her anal canal. I felt the beginning of my climax, and after being denied twice already, there was no stopping me now.

Mindy sensed what was coming and was now merely trying to survive the pounding her ass was receiving. She relaxed as best she could, and I could see the pained looked on her face and hear the soft grunt each time I bottomed out.

“Awwwwwww Shit!” I exclaimed as my balls tightened. With the beginning of my first rope, I pulled her hips deep into me and met them with a powerful final thrust. I held her ass against me as I felt one, two, and three ejaculations fill her ass. I continued with tiny thrusts trying to find another fraction of an inch of Mindy’s incredibly tight ass. But, there was a limit to her depths and I had found it. A few grunts and small gasps escaped Mindy as she held tightly to the blankets with two clenched fists, and buried her face in the mattress.

For what seemed like a full minute I held both hips tight against me as my wave of pleasure flooded over me and then passed. Then with an exhale, I slowly pulled back and watched as I inched back out of her back door. When my softening member came out, I reached underneath, found a breast handhold, and rolled us into a spoon position.

“Oh fuck!” I said “That was the best breakfast in bed I have ever had.

As she caught her own breathe, and likely letting the pain subside, she indulged me, gaining a few points in process by replying

“My pleasure, stud. But, I don’t think my little ass will ever be the same again.”

I just smiled as I mindlessly squeezed her breast.

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