Sometime after dawn I awoke to a “knife” in my belly. Jill's prick was engorged again and I thought that she was stone-cold asleep. At the time I felt that it was my duty to barrel into her dreams to ease and comfort her. Carefully rolling her onto her back, I got between her legs again and cupped her testicles with one hand. My other hand slowly pumping her length, I gave her another joyful look deep into her face and then engulfed her head into my mouth.

“Oh God, I'm going to have to teach you how to deep throat me.” she said. I thought that she was asleep.

“In time, my love. Give it time.” Jill really was insatiable and after how long I don' t know, my pussy was sopping. Suddenly it occurred to me that that sooner or later I was going to have to have her deep inside me, it was only a matter of time. It was then I realized that it didn't really matter when and I didn't care-- “sooner rather than later” was best. I waited until after she popped again and then I came out with it. I had to tell her the truth that I had been dreading to admit to any man that I really wanted to be with:

“When I was two, I found a box of my mother's birth control pills. I can't have children Jill-- fuck me. I don't want to be a virgin anymore.” Jill leaped off the bed and left the room at a dead run. I was confused, but she wasn't gone more than a moment. Walking back into the room she was already covering her entire length liberally with oil as she approached.

“Lie down on your back near the edge of the bed.” she suggested. I quickly obeyed. “This is probably going to hurt some, but not all that long.” Next, she took the tube of lubricant and carefully placed it at the entrance to my vagina and then squirted seemingly as hard as she could. It felt cold and weird, but I didn't care. If anything I wanted her to hurry up. “Okay now, ankles up high in the air and hands nicely above your shoulders.” I lifted my legs up toward the sky and spread my legs in a V formation, hoping that that was what she wanted. Jill then grabbed one of my knees with one hand and then holding her prick with the other, she placed her foreskin at the door of my pussy and added just enough pressure to hold her erection in place. Grabbing my other leg and placing each of them in her armpits, she leaned forward and then took each of my hands in hers. Quickly I realized that Jill had more than enough leverage-- she had me pinned helpless to the bed and I knew it. Whatever I was in for, she was in control and I couldn't stop it if I tried. “On three....” she suggested and I agreed. “One...” suddenly she thrust herself into my pussy and gasping for air I thought my hips were going to explode with agony.

“What happened to two?” was all I could utter.

“Just relax my love. The pain will go away soon and then we will have all night together.” Again she thrust deeper into me and I wanted to get laid, I never thought I was going to be invaded by a gorilla sized penis. I had my toys, but not THAT big! It seemed forever, but eventually the last thrust came and it was a relief-- Jill's balls were flat against my anus.

“I was hoping that you would be the one, Jenn.”-- and the pain subsided. I didn't care why. “You've taken all of me.” Slowly she began to hump and her length was such that she couldn't really slide out without letting go of my hands. She didn't seem to have the slightest desire to stop either. In and out she rocked her hips and I started to get aroused again, but this time it was different. I would have done anything to keep her fucking me.

“Fuck me.” I whispered softly. “Fuck me Jill, I want you to pop deep in side me.”

“Now you're getting it Jenn....rock your hips like I'm doing mine.” I didn't understand, I was too busy trying to take it all in. “....there you go, that's it....this is our song.”

“Yes,” I agreed, “I love playing our song.” I was getting hotter and hotter and I was really starting to enjoy it. I sure as Hell didn't want to stop now-- at all. I looked up over her swaying boobs and deep into her eyes and began coaxing her again: “Fuck me Jill. I want it.”

“Anytime.” she lovingly replied.


“Yes.” she answered without hesitation. “Keep talking dirty to me.” In that moment I realized that Jill was giving me the green light to be me...the me that I wanted to be, whatever that was..... I sure as Hell didn't want to lose the opportunity. For the first time in my life, became truly excited. I didn't have to pretend anymore-- I didn't try to hide it either:

“Fuck me Jill!” I urged again smiling broadly with glee, “I want to feel your cock spurting deep inside me.” I already knew each of the words I was speaking of course, but I had no clue where this kind of language was coming from out of my mouth. I was truly out of control, and I loved every second of it.

Talking dirty to Jill like I was, I may as well have added a quart of nitrous oxide to her pumping machine. She was fucking me so hard the sound of her hips slapping the back of my thighs filled the room. “Yes Jill, like that....I love a good, stiff prick!” By now her eyes had glazed over again and she seemed off in another world. Before long she was screaming out her first orgasm and I could feel her goop gushing into my pussy. Suddenly my horniness multiplied ten-fold and soon I was screaming for joy myself.

“Oh my Gawd Jill.” I breathed, “I love to fuck! Fuck me again! Fuck Me! FUCK Me! FUCK ME!!!” Jill's joyous grin had returned again and she cooed back:

“I'm going to....whenever I want.....”

“YES!!!” I screamed. At last I was finally getting what I really wanted in life and I wanted morrrrre. I tried, I couldn't think of anything else to do-- so I started waving my tongue out at her and pretending I was giving her a blowjob as she railroaded me. Again Jill's orgasms became more even, deeper, and more deliberate. She was getting back under control and I lost count of how many orgasms I had while she was screwing me. How long we were there I don't know...eventually Jill rolled off me and lay flat on her back next to me. I was so spent and sore I couldn't move.

“You've got a great cock.” I commented. She paused as she was still catching her breath from the utter workout we just had.

“And I love your pussy Jenn. I think I'm going to make you my love doll.” Before I could think out of my mouth I heard the words:

“I accept.” I looked over and for the first time I could see a grin of pleasure on Jill's face that I had never seen before. Was Jill being herself for once? I didn't know....I wasn't even sure I cared. She did seem much happier and more relaxed. The next thing I knew, Jill was lovingly French kissing my tonsils. I felt so good in her presence, matching her kiss took less thought than breathing. Slowly I was getting my strength back and as we kissed Jill was already starting another erection.

“Thank you for being you Jenn.” she whispered in my ear.

“Don't mention it....same to you Jill.” I whispered back so that no one else could hear. I myself was still tired and sore....I couldn't help but notice her prick was standing at full attention again. “My God, I think that I've started a monster.”

“Is there a problem?” Jill wasn't upset, she was “giving me shit.” I paused, trying to be serious about the situation.

“I'm trying to find one and I can't.” I admitted as I was gently wrapping my hand around the base of her member. I started pumping her and continued to do so for several moments. “You just have needs Jill....I can't see anything wrong with that. But I think that for your health, your job should be getting yourself as horny as possible. My job, of course, will be to keep you as UNhorny as possible.”

“I like the sound of that...for health reasons.” she added and then shot me an evil wink.

“I do too. Your prick feels soooo good in my hand.” My strength was returning, but not fast enough.

“Suck me.” Jill cooed. That I had the energy for. Hopefully soon my body would “develop muscles” for fucking as much as I really wanted. Jill scooted back onto the edge of the bed and with effort, I rolled back on top of her. Without comment, I sucked her head into my mouth and began lovingly slobbering her knob. My pussy juices did taste rather odd....surreal even....but I didn't care. The more Jill began panting, the more I started enjoying it.

“I could get used to thissss....” Jill commented. I made sure there was a popping sound as I disengaged and then I said:

“Hint: You're supposed to.” I didn't wait for a response and went back to raking my gums back and forth over the crown of Jill's member. I must have done something right-- Jill's hands appeared on either side of my head and began “suggesting” I stop focusing on giving head and give her a blowjob instead. Happily, I obliged as far as I could without gagging.

Deliberately I neglected her testicles for quite some time as I pumped her prick with both of my hands and sucked her blood-engorged cock. By then she was almost out of control and her chest was heaving gallons of air. Suddenly I took each of her nuts in my hands and began massaging them up and into her body. Without hesitation soon I was guzzling her goop as she was screaming at the top of her lungs again. I couldn't be sure, but it was almost as if she tasted even better. Come to find out....after swallowing her cream my strength began returning again. The rush of added energy to go on lovemaking got me to pondering how horribly addicted I was going to become if I kept doing this when Jill heaved:

“I think we should soundproof the room so the neighbors don't catch on.”

“Wake 'em up-- I really don't care if they know or not.” I shot back, “Besides, I like hearing you scream. It makes me even hornier.... And I love being horny.” Jill could only smile back and silently place my hand on her penis again. I really didn't care about this hand was masturbating her without even thinking about it. It came rather naturally. “Lie back and make me swallow your cum again-- I love to 'Oreo'.” Jill must not have heard the reference. I rephrased: “...smoke your cigar.” How I was remembering this dirty language I could only guess from my brothers. If it made Jill hotter, it didn't matter. Besides, I found talking dirty to her rather fun. Jill did too.

I must have been hungry-- it had become early afternoon and I was still blowing Jill as she laid there on the bed. I couldn't stand it anymore-- my pussy ached for her dick again. “Fuck me again Jill. I need your cock inside me.” I urged.

“Prove it.” Jill was throwing a gauntlet, “Prove you don't care if the neighbors know or not.”

“Sure.” As far as Jill was concerned, I was up for anything. Jill jumped up off the bed and carefully finished closing the drapes, then flung the window behind them wide open.

“Stand here and place your hands on the window sill.” she commanded. Quickly I obeyed-- I was horny as all Hell and would have done anything to feel her pricking me again. She stood behind me with her raging hard-on and grabbed my hips and then drew me back away from the window until I was fully bent over lewdly for her access. Positioning her foreskin at my door again, she grabbed my hips and this time without even missing a beat, thrust as deep inside me as she could. The shock of her girth again made me pause, gasping for air. It was still painful, but not nearly as much so now. Again she thrust up inside me as if on a mission from God-- or possessed by something else I wasn't sure. Once I felt her testicles press up against the back of my thighs, the pain subsided again, and I was “home”. Jill began to hump, and I was in heaven. “Rock...on your knees and elbows.” she ordered and I obeyed much to my delight. I was getting horny again and I couldn't help but love it. I tried not too, but I couldn't help myself. Jill started panting again and said: “Fuck me. Say it.” I didn't think much about it.

“Fuck me.” I said softly.

“Louder.” She ordered a few strokes later.

“Fuck Me.” I said. By now the pain was gone and I really was starting to heat up. Again I wanted more.....

“Louder.” Jill ordered, and suddenly I realized where she was going with this. My mouth was a scant foot and a half from the open window, if even that far. Someone was going to hear us. “Fuck me, Jill-- say it.”

“Fuck me Jill.” I said. I wanted her to fuck the shit out of me, but I wasn't sure I wanted the entire neighborhood to know what was going on between us. Jill's breathing was just starting to become labored.

“Talk dirty to me-- say it louder.” she hissed. I paused.

“Fuck Me, Jill.” It was a little louder this time, but not the affect that she wanted I think.

“LOUDER!” she yelled. I tried, and baulked. I really wanted to get fucked, but I was trying to “save face” at the same time. I considered shoving myself to one side or the other away from the window and keep fucking, but I really didn't want to do that either.

“FuckME, Jill.” I croaked.

“Again.” she goaded. I paused.... To this day, I still don't know how she did it, but to my horror she stopped humping me with only the head of her prick still inside me and held herself there. I was trapped.

“FUCK ME, Jill.” I said. Slowly her prick pressed into my pussy again.

“Louder.” she suggested softly. She had me...I was starting to lose my momentum and I knew it.

“FUCK ME JILL! I WANT YOUR COCK!!!” I screamed. I could only hope that my neighbors were away that day. Quickly she began thrusting in and out again and much to my relief, my terror at not getting an orgasm melted away.

“Again.” she ordered after several moments of us “singing our song”.

“I LOVE YOUR COCK JILL!!! NOW FUCK ME WITH IT!!!” Slowly Jill's breathing was becoming more labored and I wasn't that far behind.

“...huhgain....” she croaked.

“COCK! COCK! COCK! I LOVE JILL'S COCK!” I was screaming by now and that was what Jill needed. She started going berserk again I was doing my best to match her every thrust with one of my own. As she started screaming the joy of her orgasm and pumping her sperm deep inside me, I came so hard I thought I was going to faint.

I wasn't entirely surprised, but Jill hardly lost any steam and soon was pumping me again as if we had never orgasmed. I wasn't sure which was better, her penis sliding in and out of my vagina, or feeling her testicles gently slap me repeatedly from behind.

“Say it louder this time.” She ordered, and this time she meant it. By then it didn't really matter anymore-- either the y were listening or they weren't. In the end I decided it really was pointless to care, the damage was already done.

“FUCK ME AGAIN JILL! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME JILL!” I was screaming at the top of my lungs now and Jill didn't stop screwing me until after she was sure that I was fully hoarse. When we were done, Jill closed the window again and it was all I could do to fall back onto the bed. By the time I came to, whatever time it was it was after dark.

“I'm sorry Jennifer.” She was pleading with me.

“For what?” I didn't feel guilty in the slightest and I felt stupid for asking.

“I pushed you too fast and I shouldn't have done that.” Suddenly the events of the day came rushing back to me. Feelings of alarm started coming to mind.

“No one came to the front door, did they?”

“Well, no.” I let that hang in the air a moment as I tried to think.

“Well then,” I whispered. “I guess that they either didn't hear or didn't care.” Now it was Jill's turn to pause and in the silence I continued: “I guess that they didn't make the connection between 'Jill' and 'cock'... It's okay, I'll cover for you for awhile. You don't have to answer the front door or the phone if you don't want to.”

“Thank you,” Jill offered, “....I guess I'm just not ready for that yet. You know...anyone else finding out.... In the heat of the moment I just wanted you to be utterly shameless about our lovemaking.” I had to stop and consider that. I had never asked Jill for anything except honesty and, in being honest with myself, I had to be honest with her. Reflecting on the past couple of days, I realized:

“ was only a matter of time..... Besides, all you did just now was speed up the process.” smiling and with a bit of excitement I continued: “Cock. Prick. Balls. Screw Me Jill.” Jill's face lit up like a Christmas tree.

“That's the spirit!” And with that I hopped off the bed and strolled to the bathroom without comment.

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