This is my first story ... tell me what you think.
Jess sat nervously on the edge of the bed. She was shaking a little, but not much. Had to be calm for Mommy.
Mommy looked over at her and smiled.
“It's ok honey.” She says, putting her hand on her daughters for a moment. “Don't worry, Daddy will be home soon.” Jess nodded and gave Mommy a fake smile. She was to nervous to manage a real smile.
“But what ...” Jess began, but stopped suddenly when she heard the door slam shut. Mommy smiled, stood up , and walked out of the bedroom. Jess tensed, but tried not to show it. She smoothed down her black mini skirt without thinking about it. When she realized what she was doing, she looked down to make sure that everything was nice and straight, adjusting her shirt slightly. The tight shirt pulled against her young breasts. Jess could see her nipples pointing up from under the shirt. Embarrassment ran through her for a moment, she shook a little more.
“Happy birthday,” Mommy was saying to Daddy in living room. Jess could hear the sound of Mommy giving Daddy a loud kiss.
“I have a birthday surprise for you, dear.” Mommy was saying in that voice she uses sometimes with men. Jess could hear them walking closer, the nervousness make her stomach sick, but she would control it.
Then there was Daddy standing in the doorway, his eyes closed, Mommy behind pushing him slowly into the room.
“Right there, honey,” Mommy said, putting her hands on Daddy's shoulders to stop him.
Jess stood up, pushing away that feeling in her stomach. She knew what she was suppose to do. Wait until Daddy opens his eyes. Wait until she sees that look on his face. And then she reached down and pulled her shirt over her head. Her soft young breast popped out. They weren't very big, but she was till young, so they were perky, the nipples hard. Jess unbuttoned her skirt and slipped it off of her thighs, twisting slowly in that way Mommy taught her.
Stepping forward, out of the skirt, she was now only wearing the black high heels and black lace panties that Mommy had bought her the day before.
Jess was so nervous that she hadn't paid attention to anything but what she was doing, but now she looked up at Daddy and could see the confusion on his face. But there was something else too.
“What's going on dear?” Daddy said, looking back at Mommy.
“Well,” Mommy said smiling. “ You have talked about this before. I know I said that she was too young before but … I thought 14 was old enough.”
Daddy looked forward again still confused. Jess stepped forward, out of the skirt, and walked slowly towards him, putting one foot right in front of the other so that her hips would wiggle, just like Mommy taught her.
When she stoop in front of him, Jess looked up at Daddy and smiled. She reached forward and started to unbutton. She was still nervous, her hands moved jerky as she tried to get his pants open so it took a little longer than it should.
“What are we doing?” Daddy asked, nervous excitement in his voice.
“Shhh, honey, just enjoy.” Mommy wraps her hands around his body and kisses his neck. Jess pulls down Daddy's pants. He is already ready and standing at attention. Jess slides down to her knees. Leaning forward, she pauses just before his “cock” (Jess still giggled when she even thought the word). A little pause just before beginning to increase the anticipation. She tried to remember everything Mommy taught her.

The cock enter Jess's mouth chocking her. She gagged a little, fighting an odd urge to bite down.
“Be gentle with her, Keith. It's her first time.” Mommy was kneeling next to her. Both here topless, kneeling in front of Keith and Kevin. The twins were Daddy's sons from his first marriage, from before he met Mommy and Jess. Jess could never remember how old they were, 21, 22? Something like that.
Jess pulled her head back, off of Keith's cock.
“Was that so bad, honey?” Mommy asked, looking over, her own face only a few inches from Kevin's cock.
“No,” Jess said, not sure if there was anything else to say.
“That's a good girl.” Mommy smiles happily at her daughter. “Now that you don't have to be afraid of it, let's make sure you can do it good for your step-dad's birthday. You want to go slow when you start cock-sucking. Start with licking.” Mommy licked slowly up Kevin's shaft, then took the whole cock into her mouth, sliding slowly down her throat until she had taken the whole thing in her mouth.
Jess looked up at Keith, who smiled slyly down at her. Jess had never really like the twins. She didn't like the way they looked at her. Or the way they smiled at her. As if they knew some secret about her, something bad that she didn't even know.
“Go ahead.” Keith said, impatiently. Jess leaned forward, licking up his cock, just like Mommy had, then when she got to the head, taking it into her mouth.
“There you go, sweety,” Mommy said, Jess could hear the smile in her voice even if she couldn't see it. “Now suck on it.”
Jess did what she was told. Keith moaned out. Jess felt his hand on the top of her head. It rested there for a moment, then pushed down. Jess began to choke, and pull back fighting his hand as Keith tried to force her head down farther on his cock.
“Oh stop it Keith,” Mommy suddenly said. “If she isn't ready, don't force her.” Keith let up and Jess pulled her mouth off his cock, gasping a little.
“Honey, when you are ready, see how deep you can get him in your mouth. You want to get it in a little more each time, until it is all the way in.” Jess looked over at Mommy and nodded. Mommy smiled and went back to Kevin's cock, sliding it down her throat. Jess watched for a moment as Kevin put his hand and Mommy's head, entwining his fingers in her hair, he began to bob her head up and down on his cock.
Jess felt Keith's had gently pulling her head back to his cock. She opened her mouth and let his cock slide in her mouth. His hand pushed her head down, gently but firmly. Jess tried to do what Mommy had told her earlier, swirling her tongue around his cock, sucking, listening to Keith's moans to see what he liked the most.
As Jess got Keith's cock even farther down her throat, she watched Mommy take Kevin's cock. Kevin was moaning loudly now, holding Mommy's head still and thrusting his hips forward and back, his cock going deep into Mommy's mouth. As his moans got louder he suddenly pulled Mommy forward, thrusting his cock all the way down her throat and holding it there while he moaned. Jess wasn't in a good position to see, but it looked like Mommy was swallowing something.
“That was fucking hot.” Keith said when Kevin had finished moaning, his hand still guiding Jess's head. Kevin smiled, loosening his grip on Mommy's hair. Mommy pulled back but not all the way, gently moving back and forth on Kevin's cock, before finally pulling off.
“How is she?” Kevin asked, nodding down to Jess.
“Oh she's alright, has a lot to learn thought.” Keith said looking down and smiling at Jess. His hand still helping her head bob back and forth on his cock.
“That little body looks hot though,” Kevin said, leering down at Jess's topless body.
“You think she will make you cum?” Mommy asked.
“Eh, probably not. She's not that good.”
“She'll learn. She need to learn how to swallow to. So go ahead and cum in her mouth when you want to.”
Keith pulled Jess's mouth off his cock. He held her head just in front of his cock, with his other hand he reached forward and began to jerk himself off. Jess didn't know what to do, she just sa there, looking around confused.
“Open your mouth, honey.” Mommy said helpfully. “And get ready.”
Jess wasn't sure what was about to happen but then Keith started moaning, just like Kevin had, and suddenly forced her had forward onto his cock. Just as he did, she felt him shook into his mouth. She didn't have time to taste it, she was just to confused, she tried to swallow it just like Mommy had, but some of it ran out of her mouth onto her budding boobs.
Keith released her head and she pulled back, trying to swallow more of the cum in her mouth. Jess looked over at Mommy, some of the cum still running down her mouth and onto her boobs.
“Now that was hot.” Kevin said, leering down at Jess.
“Yes, yes it was.” Mommy said, smiling at her.

Jess looked at Daddy's cock, then leaned forward licking up the shaft till she got to the head. She slid her mouth over the head of Daddy's cock, feeling it move down her throat. Sucking gently she guided his cock down her throat slowly, enjoying the sound of Daddy moan.
Jess bobbed up and down on his cock for a few moments before taking the whole length of it down her throat. Daddy let out a loud moan with that one.
Pulling off of his cock, Jess moved down from to his balls, gently sucking on them while she reached up and began to jerk Daddy off. Looking up, Jess could see Mommy kissing Daddy deeply, her hands running across his chest.
Jess moved back up his cock, sliding it back into her mouth. This time she was faster, running her mouth up and down his cock as quickly as she could.
“Oh my God.” Daddy moaned.
“She is good, isn't she?” Mommy said proudly. Jess thought Daddy tried to say something else, but couldn't because he was moaning.
“Go ahead, honey,” Mommy said, “Fuck her face, she can take it.”
Jess felt Daddy's hands tangle into her red hair, holding her in place as he be began to thrust into her open mouth. All the way in, burying his cock in her throat, his moans got loud and louder.
“Oh my god, oh my god.” Daddy called out as his thrust became more wild.
“That's right honey,” Mommy cued. “Fuck her little face. Jam it in there good. Go ahead, honey, let her have it.”
Jess began to chock on the cock being slammed harder into her mouth, she started to get worried, tried to pull back, but Daddy's hands were holding on to tight, she couldn't move her head at all. Jess tried to use her hands to push Daddy away, but she was too weak to stop his thrusts.
“Yes, fill her little mouth up.” Mommy was saying as Daddy's moans got louder. Jess could feel him tensing up as he got closer to cumming. She tried to ignore her urge to fight, knowing it would be over soon. Just then Daddy let out a loud moan and forced his cock all the way down Jess's throat as he released load after load down her throat. Jess didn't even have to try to swallow, he shot it right down her throat.
Daddy held Jess's head for a moment, letting his cock rest in her mouth while he calmed down from filling his little step-daughter's mouth with his cum. As he let go of her, Jess jumped up, gave the still dazed Daddy a kiss on the cheek.
“Happy birthday,” she said as she ran out.


2012-07-30 00:04:13
write more like this one, please!!


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yo! great stories on here! write moreeeee!!!!

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2012-02-06 10:30:01
HOTT Story, I want more stories .


2012-02-05 04:22:02
I am only giving you a Positive because the premise of the story, and the basic story in and of itself, is good. You do need to get either a spell checker or a proof reader. It is spelled choke - not chock. Chock is what you use to keep wheels from turning. Choke is what happens when a throat is blocked. There were other spelling mistakes, but all in all, not too bad for a first time.

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Chock ain't the word you're looking for.

And you used it so many times... I don't think you're very good at this.

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