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This is my first time putting any thing like this in writing. I've always been sexuly active sence my tenth birthday when a cousin nailed me in the barn at my dads sisters house.
The names have been changed but the bulk of this is what happen to me.

Chapter 1 (Bridal Shower)

It was the last day of my freshman year of high school and some of my girlfriend's had planed a bridal shower for me. It was set to be held at the church fellowship hall an hour after school let out. My mom, thirty-eight, five foot ten, one-hundred-forty-five pounds, thirty-six D, and I arrived a few minutes ahead of time. At the time I was five foot eight, one-hundred-thirty pounds, thirty-six C at the time.

Mom had arrangements with Mike, who was married to one of my cousins and twenty-seven at the time to take our wedding pictures.

My girlfriend's were already in the fellowship hall when mom and I entered. I also saw Brenda, the preachers wife, and Carol, Chuck's wife along with their husbands. All the gifts from my girlfriend's were teddies and baby doll nighties. I had forgotten about the two ladies husbands being there until Brenda ask if I enjoyed the party. I told her I did have a great time. She said that she some laundry to do but would see me in the morning. Carol came over to mom and me as we were about the leave saying, “You can start calling me Carol and my husband Chuck and welcome to the WA's,” then winked. It would a few months later before I learned what the 'Club', as Chuck put it, and the 'WA's' as Carol put it. Mike all the while was busy taking pictures of me with each gift.

When mom and I got back to the house dad just had to see what all I got at my party. “O daddy, it's just a lot of sleepwear.” I tried to play it off. He keep insisting so I began holding them up in front of me. This just wasn't good enough for my dad, he wanted me to model for him. At mom's insistence I finally gave in. I picked the boxes and started to my bedroom to change but was stopped by my mom. As I began to undo the buttons of my blouse, dad picked up his video camera to film me. Mom had given it to him the proceeding Christmas and he would tape any thing and every thing.

“Daddy, please don't don't do that.” with my blouse open he had a clear shot of my bra.

Dad kept filming despite all my efforts to convince him that I didn't want to be taped. All of my attention at the time was directed on my dad when mom said, “We have another surprise for you sweetie,” she sat there next to dad with her hand on the upper part of his jeans and a huge grin on her face. At this point I was standing in front of my parents in just my bra and panties.

My eyes darted between my parents, wondering if what was going through in my head was true. Was she fixing to have my on father take me. Mom worked in a plant in a town some forty miles away so it was left up to dad to bathe my sister and me before mom got home. I can remember him being in the tub with us up to the time I was five or six. My sister is seven-years-older than me so I don't recall if dad was ever in the tub with her. She told me later that the three of us would bathe together until I was almost three. After that she had gotten to big for all of us to fix in the tub at the some time. Dad didn't seem to take much notice of moms hands as he kept his attention trained on me.

I was so enthralled as mom ran her hands over the crotch of dads jeans I was completely oblivious to the fact that I was being watched from behind. As I focused on moms
hands I was brought back to my senses as I felt my bra being unhooked. As I turned my bra fell to the floor leaving my nipples completely exposed. There before me was Randy, the boy who I was dating for over a year. He planted a kiss on my lips as he ran a hand inside my panties and fingered me. At the end of the kiss, Randy knelt in front of me and slid my panties down and off.

As Randy began tonguing my pussy, mom had an impish smile, “Your dad and I wanted to do something special for you before you become a married woman baby,”

I was in a state of arousal as my boyfriend ate me out in front of me parents and the fact he wasn't my fiance just added to my arousal. All I could manage was a few moans

I barely heard my moms words, “Come on Ed, my pussy is in need of a good fucking. Good night you two, we'll see you in the morning.”

On my parents headed to their bedroom, mom stopped next to randy. As on cue, Randy lifted moms skirt exposing bare pussy. Without hesitation he began licking her.

“I'll be in our bedroom honey when you're are ready.” With that, dad left mom behind.

Mom widen her stance giving Randy better access as she leaned over to me and whispered, “He's so good with his tongue.” Mom unzipped her skirt letting it fall down over Randy. I stood there watching as his hands slid up under her blouse only coming to a stop as they cupped her bra. Without a wood she unbuttoned her blouse a pink half cupped bra. It didn't take Randy long to slid moms blouse off and have her bra unhooked. It was then I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. Dad was standing by his bedroom door in only his boxers and video camera in hand. When I looked back at mom, she was naked and she had Randy jeans and underwear down and his cock in her mouth. Randy let out a moan as he shot a load down her throat. It was a strange filling watching my boyfriend as he fucked my naked mother and the fact dad had the whole thing on tape had me so hot and wet. Once he filled moms pussy she joined dad in her bed leaving Randy and I to our on devices.

Randy and I spent the next hour or so fucking and sucking with him completely covering me from head to toe, inside and out, with his sweet, sticky cream. Randy joined me in the bathe. The doors to the bathroom and my parents bedroom are straight across from each other and open with a clear line-of-sight from their bed and the tub. Once he finished washing my body, Randy joined me in my bed.

I was awaken the next morning by Randy slipping his cock into my pussy. Mike was already at the house to take the pre-wedding set of photos consisting of Randy and in bed to me fully dressed. Mike two different sets of photos, the first set he gave me, my mom and my husband's mom contained only the normal type wedding shots, bride and groom, bride and groom with their parents and so on. The second set was only given to my mom. This set not only included the ones of Randy fucking me at the house, there were a number of shots of me at the church with different men. One photo was with twin cousins of mine holding my dress up exposing my panties. One was with my dad holding my dress up kissing me and my panties down with my grand father tonguing my pussy. There were shots of me and a number of the men in the church including the preacher with me pantie-less. My husband nor his family were aware of of the fact that the nude photos existed or that I was still seeing my boyfriend.

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