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And so Hermione sat, anxiously waiting for Ginny to arrive. The older they’d all gotten, the harder it was for a girl to be the best friend of the two hottest guys in sixth year (at least, that’s how Hermione saw Harry and Ron). And today, even though the Quidditch season had ended, the weather had been so gorgeous that her three favorite players - Harry, Ron and Ginny, who were now all on the Gryffindor team - couldn’t resist a little post-season practice. Hermione had been quite content to sit in the stands and watch, since she still hated flying, but seeing "her boys" come off the field, skin hot and glistening with sweat, had always turned her on. It was worse, of course, after a real game, because she’d hug them both to congratulate them on their spectacular win, then lose herself in thoughts about them and even some of the other male players hitting the showers, stripping down together and reveling in their victory. She wondered sometimes if Harry and Ron ever shared anything like she had with Ginny, and the images her mind conjured of the two of them made Hermione ache with "that" need between her thighs.
It was different with Ginny. Hermione always gave Ginny a hug of congratulations as well, but their public physical contact was just that of two friends, and had little actual effect on either of them since a sweaty girl really wasn’t particularly sexy unless you were having sex with her at the time, and because they had a better means of celebrating victories in private.

Hermione was about to give up her evening rendezvous with Ginny as a lost cause when her friend suddenly burst into the room, still wearing the smile Harry had undoubtedly put on her face. "I’m sorry I’m late," she said breathlessly, "Harry and I were down by the lake and I guess the time got away from me." And with that, she moved toward Hermione on the bed, undressing as she went. Hermione was glad Ginny hadn’t given up their special time when she’d started going out with Harry, but she couldn’t help the nagging feeling that what had once been so right between them was now somehow quite wrong.

"Ginny are you sure? I mean, you have Harry now. How did you even get away from him to come here?"

"Yes, Hermione, for the tenth time, I’m sure," Ginny said. "Besides, Harry had to see Snape tonight about rescheduling his detention since Snape couldn’t make it this morning, and kissing him all day has gotten me really horny. I didn’t think it would look too good if I jumped him on the school lawn, and I always thought the boy was supposed to make the first move, and Harry hasn’t, so if you don’t get out of your clothes and help me out, I think I’ll explode!"

Hermione beamed at her and began stripping off clothing as fast as she could, but then she looked a little sad. "I don’t guess Ron will ever come around, but at least he’s not snogging "Lav Lav" all over the place anymore. Maybe if you keep Harry occupied now, Ron will have to notice me."

Ginny put her arms around Hermione, tenderly embracing her because she sensed Hermione’s poorly hidden depression. Hermione turned to face her and they kissed, softly at first, almost shyly, then their tongues met and the kiss grew bolder, as did their touches. Hermione pushed Ginny backwards onto the bed and began to kiss her way down from Ginny’s pouty lips (probably swollen from so much kissing with Harry that afternoon), across the hollow of her throat and into the valley between her full, round breasts. Ginny had developed quite a bit in that area since their first encounter, and Hermione loved to squeeze them one by one, teasing and sucking the nipples until Ginny begged for more. Hermione continued to suckle her friend, one hand still caressing a breast, but allowed her other hand to explore lower, searching for Ginny’s center. As always, she could feel the heat building within Ginny before she actually touched her, and as always, she slid a slender finger, then two inside her friend, before using one of those dripping fingers to tease Ginny’s secret spot, then disappear inside her again.

Hermione and Ginny had matured in their ability to pleasure one another over the past two years, and soon, even Hermione’s very intimate massage was not enough to satisfy "that" need in the lusty redhead. Hermione knew her well enough to know when that time came and she moved silently lower on the bed, pushing Ginny’s legs farther apart to give herself better access. She smiled to herself as she thought about Harry, and wondered if he would know how to please Ginny. "Maybe I could offer to give him lessons," she thought wickedly to herself.

Hermione once more thrust her fingers inside Ginny, making them slippery from Ginny’s wetness, then she withdrew them and stroked the sensitive flesh between Ginny’s openings before gently slipping one of them into Ginny’s behind. At the same time, she lowered her head between Ginny’s thighs and alternately plunged her tongue inside Ginny then worked her swollen nub with that well-practiced tongue, causing Ginny to moan loudly and press her bum against Hermione’s invading hand. Hermione found her own little nub with her free hand, and began to tame "that" need building within herself from pleasuring Ginny.

Ginny panted and moaned for several glorious minutes, gripping the pillows with her hands as she pressed against Hermione’s mouth and hand, fighting the urge to let herself go, so she could prolong the feeling. When she could stand no more, she wound her fingers in Hermione’s hair, signaling her friend that release was imminent, causing Hermione to increase the rhythm of her finger in Ginny’s bum, while slipping her thumb into Ginny’s pussy and suckling frantically at her clit. Ginny came furiously, and only when the tension in Ginny’s thighs relaxed did Hermione lift her head, a tiny bit of Ginny’s creamy fluid still dripping from her chin. Ginny sat up immediately to kiss the cum from Hermione’s lips and lick it from her chin. She wondered absent-mindedly whether Harry’s cum would taste anything like hers and Hermione’s, and when she might get the chance to find out. "Harry’s too much of a gentleman for my own good," Ginny sighed inwardly.

Her mind settling back in the present, Ginny rolled Hermione onto her back, resting her own weight on top of her friend as they kissed. Hermione’s breasts were still perhaps a little fuller than her own, but softer, Hermione being the less athletic of the two girls, and Ginny liked the way they felt when they were pressed together like this. She also liked the way Harry’s cock felt through their clothes as they pressed together when they kissed. She felt her own nipples harden slightly at the contact with Hermione and her thoughts of Harry, but sacrificed her own pleasure to give Hermione the attention she knew her friend had undoubtedly needed since Ron and Harry had come off the Quidditch pitch with her earlier in the day. Male sweat and hard muscles were always such a turn-on for Hermione. She wondered if her brother would have any idea how to pleasure Hermione if he ever managed to pluck up the courage to ask her out. "Maybe I could offer to give him lessons," Ginny thought wickedly to herself.

Ginny continued to lay on top of Hermione, but moved down so she could nibble a breast while exploring Hermione’s twat with her fingers. She’d become quite adept at teasing the nub with her thumb while pumping and wiggling her fingers inside her friend, and soon Hermione’s center was a pool of heated wetness. Ginny pushed herself up to a sitting positing, pressing red curls to brown, and grinding herself against her friend, while fingering herself with one hand and Hermione with the other; she loved to watch Hermione’s face as she did this, enjoying the sight of her friend with eyes closed and cheeks flushed with "that" need.

Finally, before Hermione actually had to beg for it, Ginny lowered herself again and breathed in the scent of Hermione’s need. Hermione raised herself to her elbows and finally opened her eyes, wanting to watch as Ginny’s head disappeared between her thighs, and it was only then, as Ginny’s practiced tongue made contact with her sensitive nub, that Hermione realized Harry and Ron were standing just inside the doorway watching them, Ron’s eyes wide and round, mouth slightly open, as if in complete and utter shock.

"!" exclaimed Hermione as Ginny’s mouth found her center, mortified at the sudden presence of her two best friends, and wondering just how long they’d been watching her and Ginny.

"I know, Hermione," murmured Ginny, as her tongue worked Hermione’s clit and her fingers slipped inside her friend. "It felt the same way when you did me."

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