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TheTrioMakesMeHot's story, not mine, sorry but for some reason it changes all the ' to ?, i don't know how to fix that
Hermione knew it was too late to hide, so she sank back onto the bed as Harry found his legs and moved forward into the room, an uncharacteristically teasing smirk blooming on his handsome face.
"We’re not alone, Ginny," she whispered, just as Harry rested a hand gently on top of Ginny’s head, causing her to suck in a great, deep breath and her eyes to go wide in shock.

"Can we play too?" he asked softly, motioning to Ron with his free hand to come farther into the room.

Ron’s face was a mixture of desire and alarm, but he couldn’t move. Hermione was laying naked in front of him, something he’d longed to see for ages, although he’d never had nerve enough even to try to kiss her, and his sister’s face - which had momentarily blushed crimson - was buried between her creamy thighs. Ron marveled at Hermione’s beauty, at their beauty actually because Ginny was gorgeous as well, but he supposed he shouldn’t be noticing that.

Ron’s mind whirled with confused thought. "If Hermione and Ginny are together, does that mean they prefer girls? But they can’t, Ginny is seeing Harry now. But Harry promised him just this morning that Ginny was still a virgin far as he knew. And Hermione . . . to think he’d been worried about Viktor Krum!"

Neither girl seemed able to speak, but Ginny, who was still happily hiding her face by keeping it buried in Hermione’s pussy, reached out toward where she’d heard Harry’s voice and grabbed the waistband of his jeans, pulling him towards her and Hermione while trying one-handed to manipulate his button and zip. Clearly that was all the encouragement Harry needed; he took a tentative glance at Ron, as if wondering how he might react to watching Harry shag his sister, and then deciding it really didn’t matter much at the moment - "that" need was simply too great - and he hastily began stripping off his own clothing, only slightly embarrassed to know that Hermione was watching him closely.

Ron, although still rooted in place, followed suit, except that his motions were slow and methodical, as if he was operating on auto pilot while his mind wandered aimlessly, trying to grasp the situation. He stood there starkers and not even blushing, but watching as Harry moved in behind Ginny and reached for her bare breasts, pulling her up at the same time and back towards his own now naked body.

Hermione whimpered at the loss of contact as Ginny’s mouth left her, but then she saw Ron and smiled at him. She said nothing, but when their eyes met, she shyly looked down toward where Ginny’s head had been moments before, as if signaling that Ron should take her place.

Ron moved tentatively towards the bed, still acting as if he was in a trance, or perhaps having a dream he didn’t quite believe, but didn’t want to risk waking from. His hand brushed against Ginny’s left hip, the one now cupped in Harry’s left hand, as he moved toward Hermione and he tingled from the contact; but he assumed that was because Hermione was lying naked in front of him.

Cautiously he stretched out next to Hermione on the bed and pulled her towards himself. He really should explore her mouth before moving into such a private place, he thought. If Hermione was disappointed at his choice, she didn’t let it show, and she began to kiss him with almost fierce enthusiasm, as the two of them felt the bed tip slightly from the combined weight of Harry and Ginny finding a spot of their own.

Harry was allowing his hands to explore every inch of Ginny’s body as their tongues met, utilizing what he learned while watching the two girls together over the preceding several minutes, particularly from Hermione’s assault on Ginny. He absently wondered to himself if perhaps he might persuade Hermione, at another time of course, to give him lessons on pleasuring Ginny. She obviously knew the subject well.

Harry and Ron had been walking around in search of Hermione after Harry had finished with Snape. Ron had finally admitted, for the first time out loud, that he kinda fancied Hermione, and maybe it was time to do something about it since it appeared Harry would be spending less time with him now. And apparently he had been thinking rather intently as they’d passed the Room of Requirement that he needed to find Hermione because the door had suddenly appeared, open just enough for him and Harry to see inside. Although the boys were quite taken aback by the sight before them, after a quick glance at each other, they’d stepped silently into the room and closed the door so no one else could join them. Hermione pushing Ginny’s legs apart and thrusting her fingers inside Ginny’s glistening snatch was not a sight Harry and Ron were willing to share with anyone else, so they stood mesmerized while their jeans grew steadily tighter until finally Hermione spotted them.

Harry assumed he must be doing something right because Ginny closed her eyes and purred like a kitten as he massaged and stroked her while they kissed, but then it occurred to him how differently Ginny tasted compared to just an hour earlier, and he realized part of the wetness he’d felt when their mouths first touched was Hermione; Ginny’s face had been buried between his best friend’s thighs only moments before, and not only was he tasting Ginny’s mouth, but Hermione’s pussy as well. The thought caused the tension inside him to mount with agonizing force and he feared he might explode. Thinking it might help to get away from the taste of two girls at once, he turned away from Ginny’s mouth and focused instead on mimicking Ginny’s actions at the moment Hermione had caught him and Ron watching the two of them.

When Harry’s tongue dipped into Ginny’s core, he was nearly overcome by the musky scent of her desire, clearly not helping the state of his erection. Ginny was already extremely wet, and quite warm - no, quite hot - there, and it was nearly his undoing when she wrapped her soft hand around his throbbing cock. He heard Ginny’s groan of anticipation - or perhaps fear - at feeling his size, followed almost immediately by the same sound from Hermione, who had been watching them intently, as Ron was now licking her little nub with an incredible amount of skill for someone previously inexperienced in such pleasures.

"Perhaps it comes naturally to all the Weasleys," Hermione thought dreamily, and she wished Ron was turned around like Harry so that she could do something for him. She thought of helping Ginny with Harry, but decided that probably should wait until another day, just as Ginny reached over and clasped her free hand in Hermione’s.

The two girls came explosively together in possibly the most intense orgasm either had ever had, as much from the culmination of their dreams and the thrill of sharing all their first times together, as from the skill of their new lovers.

Harry was first to lift his face and for a moment, he sat with his feet under him watching Ron lap at Hermione’s pussy while Ron’s unattended erection throbbed. With some difficulty, he resisted the urge to grasp it. Might be best to save that secret for another time, just in case the girls weren’t as open minded about their relationship as he and Ron obviously were about the girls’ little secret.

Ginny continued to stroke Harry until the building pressure reminded him he had his own girl to worry about and he moved on top of her. Harry’s heart pounded in his chest from the knowledge he was so close to being inside the beautiful redhead beneath him, but he sort of wanted to wait for Ron to catch up - it was silly, but he’d always done everything for the first time with Ron and Hermione, so he lowered his weight onto Ginny’s firm body, finally enjoying the feel of her bare breasts against his bare chest as he kissed her, breathing in the still lingering smell of Hermione on Ginny’s skin. "That" need was suddenly about to kill him.

Harry groaned loudly when he felt Ginny’s thighs circle his waist and he was suddenly unsure whether he could wait for Ron to get that far with Hermione, and wondered why it mattered that they all lost their virginity at the same time, or for that matter, if he and Ron would be the girls’ first time, well, other than with each other of course. He wisely thought this might be the wrong time to ask.

Ron heard Harry’s groan and looked up from Hermione’s curls long enough to realize he was lagging behind. He felt rather strange watching as his baby sister was about to get shagged, but knew there was no one else he’d rather see her with - literally or figuratively - than Harry. He moved up against Hermione, pressing the head of his cock at her opening, and he noticed that Ginny and Hermione were still holding hands, or were again, he wasn’t really sure.

Harry lifted himself just enough for his erection to find its way to Ginny’s opening, and then he and Ron simultaneously pressed forward, making both girls cry out in mixtures of pleasure and pain, as they squeezed each other’s hands tightly, little stars of joy exploding in their minds, as the barriers they’d always been careful not to breach gave way to the men they’d been dreaming of for so long.

Harry was the more cautious of the two, aware that a girl’s first time could be painful, and not wanting to hurt Ginny, but longing to drive himself in and out of her. He compromised with a few tentative slow stokes to gauge her reaction, followed by a couple of hard thrusts to ease the need was threatening to explode within him.

Ron was, as usual, less in control of himself than Harry. He’d wanted Hermione for so long, really since even before he realized what "that" need was that he felt whenever he was around her, and he was almost afraid if he didn’t explore every possibility, the opportunity would be gone forever. He too knew that a girl’s first time might be uncomfortable, but after affording Hermione about a second to protest, he began to move again, steadily increasing his speed until his body almost pounded against hers, the little sounds she was making urging him onward. Ron looked at Harry, seeing the concentration on his friend’s face, and he allowed his eyes to follow the lines of Harry’s hard body downward to where his cock would appear, then disappear, inside his sister, Harry’s rhythm starting to increase as Ginny began to match his thrusts.

And then Ron looked at Ginny, really looked at her, from her red curls meshed with Harry’s black ones, up to her very firm and full breasts, and into her eyes, which were no longer teasing him about his lack of experience, but rather were full of longing and desire, and he exploded deep within Hermione as his eyes traveled from Ginny, across the path of their still joined hands, to Hermione’s beautiful face.

Harry felt Ginny’s insides contracting around him as she watched her brother cum; he felt a new burst of gloriously hot wetness surrounding him and he knew she too had found release. With a deep and forceful thrust, he gave Ginny all that he had and collapsed on top of her, surprised just a little when Ginny whispered very softly, "I don’t think Hermione’s there yet" and she wiggled her body a little closer to the other couple on the bed and reached toward Hermione’s brown curls. "Stay there Ron," Ginny said as she began to massage Hermione’s nub with her fingertips, without being too fussed that her hands were touching her brother a bit as well. "Just push into her," and it was only seconds before Ron could feel Hermione tightening around his still semi-erect penis and making him wonder, as she flooded over him, if twice in one night would be too much to hope for.

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