Randy is roped into supervising his sister's 16th birthday party, but little does he know that it's really a plot by three girls to give him a present that will change all their lives.
Monopoly Birthday

“Randy, we’re bored!” my sister Sasha whined.

It was Sasha’s sixteenth birthday party, and she had invited her two best friends over for the evening. Our parents had already made a commitment to visit our Aunt Karen for the weekend. It was a good six hour drive each way, and Mom had “volunteered” me to keep an eye on the three birthday celebrants. I would have rather gone hunting with a game warden, but I really had no option except to do as I was told. This being Friday, Sunday night when our parents would return seemed like a year away.

I’d just turned nineteen, which meant that where we lived, I could now go into the bars. I had hoped to meet some of my friends at one of the more popular drinking establishments, then taken the rest of the weekend to drive into the mountains to go camping and get away from the insanity of my sister’s birthday party. But no such luck. Most of the people I hung out with either had to work or were out on dates, and our parents had been insistent that I stay home.

“Geez, Sis, I’m sorry to hear that” I snapped back at her. “What would you like me to do about it?”

“I dunno,” she continued to moan woefully, “but we thought maybe you could suggest something.”

“Why don’t you just watch TV?” I suggested.

“Because it’s the same old story. Five hundred channels, and nothing good’s on! We don’t even have any videos that we haven’t seen two hundred times! Come on, Randy, think of something!”

I had no idea how to keep three hyperactive bratty teenage girls out of my hair, especially when one of them was my sister. Not that any of them were ugly, by any stretch of the imagination. Sasha had grown up to be a really beautiful girl, her breasts always jutting out proudly, her firm little bubble-butt always wiggling in front of me teasingly. Sasha had taken to swaying her wonderfully curved hips in a most provocative manner whenever she could get away with teasing the hell out of me, to the point where she knew damned well that she was giving me a raging hard-on more times than I wanted to admit. At 5' 4" and just a bit more than a hundred pounds, I was surprised that she didn’t have a steady boyfriend.

Her two girlfriends were just about as mouth-watering. Brie McDonald had turned sixteen a couple of months earlier, and had teased Sasha about being the “little kid” of their group. Like my sister, Brie had developed into a shapely young lady that could make me drool at the sight of her. She had silky blond hair that hung down to her shoulder blades, an impressive bust that I estimated at about a 38D, and a narrow waist small enough to almost get my hands around. Her hips flared out smoothly, then flowed into one of the most gorgeous backsides I’d ever seen. But she had those pouty lips that always pulled my eyes to her soft and cheerful face.

Megan Fairchild, now almost seventeen, constituted the third member of their trio, and while not the stuff of centre-fold material, more than made up for her lack of photogenic charm with her bubbly personality. Don’t get me wrong. Megan definitely had a body that could make a grown man squirm, even though she was a little on the heavy side. Still, everything about her was in perfect proportion. I sure wouldn’t have thrown her out of bed for eating crackers!

“Come on, Randy,” Brie joined my sister wails, “you’ve got to be able to think of something! Maybe go rent us a video?”

That wasn’t going to happen, simply because if I had to sit through one more chick-flick, I think I’d have screamed. It seemed to be all these girls ever watched, subjecting the rest of the family to fluff-movie after fluff-movie. Even my Dad was beginning to hate them, and he was a dyed-in-the-wool romantic!

“Forget it!” I declared. ‘Look, if you’re that bored, why don”t you dig out one of those board games Mom has stored upstairs? One of those should keep you out of trouble for an hour or two”

“Hey, there’s an idea,” my sister chirped enthusiastically, “but you have to play too, Randy. After all, it’s my birthday, and I get to call the shots!”

I resigned myself to keeping the three of them busy, and conceded to playing whatever Sasha decided to pull down from the upstairs closet. She returned with our Monopoly game. Well, that would fill in a few hours, and maybe, if was lucky, they’d all give up and leave me alone.

“Out of curiosity, when do you girls have to be home?” I inquired, hoping that it would be early.

“They’re staying for the weekend” Sasha destroyed my hope for a reprieve. “Didn’t Mom tell you?” I just groaned as I saw my weekend fly out the window.

“Oh come on, Randy, don’t be such an asshole!” my sister growled at me. I wasn’t used to my sister using that kind of language, and it caught me off-guard. When she saw the look of mild shock on my face, she stuck her tongue out at me.

“Okay,” as I resigned myself to three or four hours of playing a boring board game, “let’s set this thing up and get on with it. Who’s banker? Sasha, I suppose.”

All of them thought that was a great idea, and my sister beamed gleefully, then dealt out the pieces of the game. She also won first turn, but then, she was the Birthday Girl.

“I’m going to bankrupt the shirt off your back!” Megan quietly promised me. She had a sly gleam in her eye that told me she’d do almost anything to embarrass me. I’ll have to watch out for her, I thought to myself.

We played for about an hour before all the properties were bought up, and somehow, I managed to acquire both Park Place and Boardwalk. I was surprised that those two were the only spaces that were owned by one person, and therefore, the only ones that could have houses and hotels added. As soon as I could comfortably afford to, I made those two the most developed properties on the board.

“Still going to bankrupt the shirt off my back, Megan?” I teased, and was intrigued by the sly grin she answered me with. I almost rubbed my hands together in anticipation of her landing on one of those two spaces.

My first return on my investment came when Brie landed on Park Place, and after paying her rent, she was down to just over a thousand dollars. She paid up, and when I took the money from her, she gave me a look that defied me to take the shirt off her back too. Now I had two girls that were just begging me to follow through on my threat.

Things began to get interesting when Sasha landed on Boardwalk. By the time she’d paid her rent, her funds were down to just over six hundred dollars, although she did own lots of other properties. We played for another half hour before Megan landed on Park Place. By the rules of the game, she owed me more than she had in cash, and should have been out of the game. But the challenge of escaping my control of that one strategic corner had them all determined to keep the game going at all costs.

“I guess I’m out, unless Randy will let me pay the rest of what I owe him with the shirt off my back” Megan pleaded in a sultry tone. I just looked up at her, wondering if she was all talk, or if she had the guts to follow through.

“Sure, but that shirt will cost you twenty grand to buy back” I gleefully teased her. I was certain that Megan would fold, but when she pulled her shirt off and threw it down as her payment of the balance owing, my eyeballs almost left their sockets at the sight of her bra-captured breasts that heaved with her breathing. It was obvious that she found the idea kind of exciting, because her chest heaved faster than normal. I thought I could see her nipples hardening inside her bra, and it sure wasn’t from the cold.

“I guess I’d better stay off those two squares,” Megan quipped, “because I only have one shirt.”

“It’s ‘had’, Megan,” I teased her some more, “the word is ‘had’, because now, it’s mine!” She just glared at me, but there was something in her look that told me she wasn’t at all upset about what had just happened.

Twenty minutes later, Brie landed on Park Place again, and the rent was three times what she had for cash. She looked at me with a curious expression, wondering if I’d offer her the same terms as I’d given Megan.

“The shirt off my back, I suppose” she growled, although the anticipation of barring her covered breasts seemed to excite her.

“Yep, that’s the deal” I let her know, the glee in my voice unmistakable. “That is, if you want to stay in the game” I added as an option for her. But she quickly pulled her top off, then just to make her point, she pushed her chest out, showing off her breasts in an attempt to make me feel guilty. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that there was no way I’d feel guilty of a chance of a sight of her wonderful body and massive breasts!

Over the next hour, all three girls landed on one of my revenue properties at least twice, and my sister had the bad luck to hit Boardwalk four times in a row. I had her down to just her panties, and the other two retained their bras as well. Unfortunately, all my reserves were in clothing, and my cash was dwindling fast. I landed on Pennsylvania Avenue, and that was the end of my liquidity.

“Your shirt, Randy,” Sasha squealed with delight, “is mine! Come on, pay up!”

Well, fair was fair, so I took off my shirt and flipped it a her, along with the last of my cash.

“Ah yes! Revenge is so sweet!” she crowed.

Four more trips around the board and I was down to just my shorts. I was also tenting them pretty badly, a fact not lost on any of the girls.

“Listen girls, if we don’t stick together, my brother’s going to win this game. I need Atlantic Avenue to make a complete block. Who has it?” Megan volunteered that it was hers. “Want to trade? I’ve got Baltic and Indiana. I’ll swap you straight across. That’ll give you one block, and if you and Brie can swap a couple of properties, we can get this asshole! You game?”

Both girls thought about it for a whole three seconds before joyously agreeing to my sister’s idea. I could see my chances of winning fading fast, but the view of three almost naked girls made the whole ordeal worthwhile, in my eyes.

Fifteen minutes later, we were at that point where if one of us landed on the wrong square, the game would be over. In many ways, it was almost anti-climatic. I still had my shorts, but both Sasha and Brie were now completely naked, and Megan only had her panties left.

“Hurry up and throw the damned dice!” Sasha snarled at me, and I threw a seven, which put me on one of her properties. “Yes!!” she hissed. “I get your shorts, big brother! Strip!”

Reluctantly, I stood up and let my shorts slip down my legs, my hard cock now waving in front of three nearly-naked teens. My sister licked her lips at the sight of my throbbing manhood posed openly in front of her. The other two girls were just as wide-eyed as my sister, although I had no idea where this game would end up. Then, miracle of miracles, naked Brie landed on Boardwalk again!

“Shit! I guess I’m out,” she mumbled softly, “unless you’d accept me sucking your cock as payment.”

“Yeah, go for it, Randy!” my sister enthusiastically suggested. The look in Megan’s eyes indicated that she was all in favour of the idea too.

“Sure. I could go for that” I generously allowed. The next thing I knew, Brie was pushing me backwards as she knelt down and took my hard cock between her lips and began to suck me. I left her alone with her payment plan for a good five minutes, and the aroma of aroused female teens began to fill the room.

“Don’t let him cum” Megan howled. “If he cums, the game will be over!” My sister heartily agreed with her friend, which shocked the hell out of me. Sasha almost looked like she wanted her own turn at slipping and sliding up and down my shaft! I just about filled Brie’s belly at that realization.

“God, Brie, that feels so good!” I moaned. “Maybe we should get back to the game though. You wouldn’t want me to cum and ruin things, would you?”

Brie released my cock from her mouth, leaving my shaft heavily coated with her saliva. I had a hard time focusing again, even though it was Sasha’s turn with the dice. She landed on one of her own properties, and I could see disappointment on her face. Then it was my turn.

A furious shaking of the dice yielded an eight, which put me on Reading Railroad. Brie jumped with glee as she declared that she owned all four railroads.

“Ye-s-s-s! Damn it, Randy, I’m going to make you pay, big time! Eat my pussy!” I stood and started to walk around the board to where Brie sat opposite me.

“Up on the sofa, so we can watch!” Sasha strongly suggested, and Brie moved herself to perch on the edge of the cushion with her legs spread wide as she showed off her sex to all three of us. God, she was gorgeous, especially between her legs! I dove down in front of her and began to lick up and down her slit. She was beyond wet, her juices almost flooding her pussy, and she tasted so damned good that I hoped I’d have to pay rent many more times before the game was over.

Brie only lasted a matter of minutes before she began to gasp for breath. I slipped two fingers inside her, and she immediately began to flutter on them. I pushed up on the ridges of her love cavern and against her G-spot, then took her engorged and raised pink pearl of pleasure between my lips and sucked on it lightly. Her cunt clenched on my intruding fingers as she began to tremble and spasm. I felt a gush of her juices flow over my hand, and Brie succumbed to the rapture of her orgasm. I loved feeling her going off for me, doing everything I could think of to give her the strongest climax I could.

“Oh my God!” Brie moaned as she finally managed to relax after her orgasm. “If this is how we’re going to play this game, I want him to land on my properties every turn!” She struggled to get up off the sofa, but was so drained that she just rolled off the cushions and crawled back to the game’s board.

Now it was Megan’s turn to roll the dice, landing on one of the few properties I still held on that side of the board. Without a word from me, she stood up and slipped her panties over her generous hips, revealing two undeniable facts. First, her pussy was beyond soaked; it was saturated with her juices! Second, her pussy was bald! I’d never seen a girl’s completely hairless pussy in real life before, and the sight of her naked sex had my cock dancing and jerking like a stage puppet. If I thought the air was saturated before with the aroma of aroused females, it was even more so now. I could feel my pre-cum oozing from my cock as I drooled at the sight of magnificent Megan. She might not have had the slimmest body in the room, but it sure had me turned on!

Brie landed on one of Sasha’s properties, and looked bewildered as to how she’d pay the rent. Sasha had her ideas for settling the debt, and had Brie suck on her nipples while she fondled and squeezed Brie’s 38D mammaries. They pleasured each other for several minutes, and the sight of two girls enjoying each other had my pre-cum leaving strings as it started dripping onto the floor. Megan swiped at the puddle growing under me with her finger, then licked my juices off sensuously, savouring her retrieval like fine wine.

“God, I love having my tits sucked!” Sasha moaned as she and Brie released each other. “There’s just something about a girl sucking tit that’s so good! They seem to know exactly what the other one wants, and can give it to her.”

We managed to return to the board game, although our attentions and desires were now divided between losing to an opponent and paying the rent. Sasha threw a pair of sixes, landed on one of her properties, then threw again because of the doubles. Her second throw put her on Community Chest. She pulled off the top card, then began to smile slyly.

“Take a walk on the Boardwalk” she read the card, then quietly slipped the card back to the bottom of the pile. With firm determination and a lustful gleam in her eye, my sister picked up her marker and almost slammed it onto the destination square. “I’ve been waiting for that for the last hour!” she almost screamed in delight.

There was a conflict inside me as I realized that I would have to come up with a rent payment idea that wouldn’t compromise my sibling. She stared at my oozing cock with pure lust in her eyes, and I knew that I was about to get sucked by my own sixteen-year old sister. I was both thrilled at the prospect and scared shitless at the possibility of the two of us crossing the incest taboo boundary. The decision was taken out of my hands when Sasha challenged me to double or nothing.

Take the blowjob!” my oversexed brain screamed at me. “Your own sister, sucking you off? You want it! Don’t be an asshole!

“Yeah, okay, Sis. I’ll go for that” I answered, and my brain groaned at the idea of passing up the feel of my sister’s pouty lips sliding up and down my cock until she made me cum.

“My roll first, then you. Deal?” she dictated. I passed her the dice, and she threw an eight. Now it was my turn, and they came up as a pair of fives. I was stunned at winning, and even more confused trying to figure out what double a blowjob was. Two blowjobs, maybe?

“You lose, Sis” I spoke softly, still shaken by my luck. “What’s double getting my cock sucked?”

Without a word, Sasha crawled over to where I sat, pushed me down on the floor, then straddled my head with her knees. She leaned forward and took my straining cock in one hand as her lips slid halfway down my shaft, then lowered her pussy to within a fraction of an inch of my mouth. I wasn’t quite sure if what I was being offered was what she wanted me to do until she flexed her hips so that her pussy was now pressed against my face. I dipped my tongue into her slit and began to taste her juices.

God, if I’d thought Brie’s cunt tasted great, my sister’s juices were even better! She had a flavor that reminded me of a fine wine; sweet, tangy, and slightly acidic. I became an instant connoisseur, lapping and licking her entire pussy, flicking my tongue over her inflamed clitoris, then sticking it inside her entrance, where I tongue-fucked her until she groaned her lustful delight at my actions.

Sasha bobbed up and down on my cock relentlessly, mashing her sex against me at the same time. I knew I wouldn’t last long, and the very thought of coating my sister’s tongue with my spunk as it slithered down her throat and into her belly had me almost shooting off instantly. It took all my willpower to keep from creaming, and I spent my time enjoying my sister’s heated sex as her clit became more and more prominent. Taking her between my lips, I gently sucked on her knotted nubbin until I heard her struggling for breath while she relentlessly sucked and slurped on my shaft that was now pressed against her tonsils. I used one hand to lift her hips up so that I could insert two fingers of my other hand into her love tunnel, there to search for her G-spot, pressing lightly on that pleasure point and raising her passion pearl just enough to wrap my lips around and suck on.

Sasha’s wall fluttered, then as her cunt clenched tight on my fingers, she fought to continue sucking on my cock. Her orgasm exploded inside her, the trembling of her body proof that she was cumming hard. It felt so good to have her cum for me. I felt the beginning of my own climax, and it was only a few seconds later when my juices flooded over her tongue on their way to her hungry belly. Despite almost losing control because of her own orgasm, Sasha maintained her pressure and motion on me until I’d given her my entire load. I could even feel her esophageal muscles twitch as she swallowed every drop of me.

My sister let her head drop onto my thigh as she lovingly sucked and licked the head of my cock while we let the afterglow flow through the two of us. I slowly licked her outer lips in a quest for the last of her juices, then opened my eyes to see both Brie and Megan looking down at the two of us, their fingers busy strumming their own clits while their other hand fondled and squeezed each other’s breasts. I was beginning to wonder if I’d died and gone to heaven.

Slowly, Sasha and I untangled ourselves, and I could feel her juices on my face. As much as I wanted to taste her again, my strength was being displaced with a desire to let the total relaxation of my body continue to envelope me.

“Your turn to roll the dice, Randy” Megan softly told me. She seemed to think that me owing her some rent was a foregone conclusion. I had to admit that she was probably right.

“Aw, come on, Meg.” I pleaded, “give me a break, would you? Sasha just sucked the cum right out of my balls. I need a rest.”

I threw the dice, and just as predicted, landed on one of Megan’s properties.

“You want to concede defeat? That’ll make me the winner, and I’ll get to call in what you owe me!” she almost bragged.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” I almost admitted my defeat, “and just what do I have to do to pay off my indebtedness?”

“Nothing much,” she seductively answered, “but I want to feel you inside me before I’ll let you off the hook.”

“What?!” I cried out, my shock at her unreasonable demand causing my sister to release her lip-lock on my cockhead as she flopped back onto the floor. “Meg, I just shot my load off, and you want me to fuck you now? I need a little while before I can get hard again. Cut me some slack, girl! I ain’t Superman, ya know!”

“That’s easy” I heard Brie’s sexy voice. “I can think of a way to get you hard again”, and before I could move an inch, Sasha’s well-endowed friend had her lips wrapped around my shaft and was sucking me back to full erection. God, her lips felt so soft, so moist, so warm and wet, and so good on my cock. When she finally released me from her pleasuring mouth, all I wanted was to cum again, and I didn’t care how, or with who.

Megan’s eyes were the size of saucers as she stared at the hard shaft sticking out from my groin, with all sorts of lascivious thoughts running through her head by the look on her face. Without a word, she laid down on the floor, bent her knees so that her heels were against her ass cheeks, then spread herself as wide as her hips would allow. Her head was lifted just enough to make sure I followed through with her planned payment schedule.

“The bank’s open for business, Randy” Megan growled in the sexiest tone I could remember ever hearing. “Get your ass over here and pay up, before I have to jump on you and foreclose.”

I was in awe of just how beautiful Megan was, moving slowly between her creamy thighs in case this was just a dream, and if I wasn’t careful, I thought I might wake up before I’d been allowed to experience her feminine delights.

I positioned myself between Megan’s legs with my cock mere fractions of an inch from her puffy outer lips, her entrance glistening with the invitation of her juices. She reached down and guided my cock to the threshold of her sex, rubbed my bulbous head up and down her slit to get me just as wet as she was, then seemed to wait until I made the next move. That rush of her heat washed over my cock, and all I wanted to do at that moment was bury myself inside the depths of this sixteen-year old goddess.

“Gentle, Randy” I heard Sasha whisper in my ear. I hadn’t noticed until now that both her and Brie were kneeling beside us, their eyes rivetted on what was about to take place. “We’re all still virgins, so you’ll have to pop our cherries.”

All’ their cherries? Did my sister really mean that all three of them intended to fuck me before the game was over? I really did think I’d died and gone to heaven with that promise!

I began to push lightly against Megan’s opening, feeling the resistance of her never-before penetrated pussy on my advancing cockhead. Then before I knew it, my cock popped inside her, allowing me to fill the first couple of inches of her birth canal with my overly-excited manhood.

“Oh God!” Megan exclaimed to her two friends. “He’s in me! I’m going to get my first fuck! Do it, Randy! Shove that hard cock of yours deep inside me!”

Megan was still tight, with her slowly expanding canal feeling like velvet on my cockhead, her heat that radiated over me seeming to become several degrees hotter, if that was possible. I began to rock in and out of her cunt, almost instinctively boring my way into the interior of her love cavern, and heard Megan’s moans of ecstasy as I penetrated her further and further. Then suddenly, I encountered the resistance of her maidenhood, and it gave me a reason to hold back my advancement.

“Megan, are you sure you want to go through with this?” I asked her, a twinge of conscience reverberating inside my head. “Once we do this, you can never go back, you know.”

“Damned rights I do!” she almost snarled, the prospects of not losing her cherry getting her ire up. “Why the fuck do you think we planned this party? It sure wasn’t just to sit around and play Monopoly!”

“Randy, let me go and get a towel,” Sasha interrupted, “before we get blood all over the carpet. We want to see you make us bleed when you do us, but Mom would have a shit-fit if we left the evidence on the floor.” She was gone and back before I knew it, then spread the towel under Megan’s ass.

“Megan, this is going to hurt a bit” I warned her when my sister had the towel in place.

Before she could change her mind, I pushed a little harder, and felt the resistance of her hymen suddenly release as I ruptured her maidenhead and felt myself sinking into her steamy depths.

“Oww!” Megan cried out, but as quietly as she could. “Stop, Randy! Let me get used to your cock inside me.”

I laid there, buried inside about halfway along the length of my shaft, waiting until Megan was ready to continue. Even as her face wrinkled up with the pain, I had a burning desire to kiss her, long, deep, and hard. I leaned down and gently brushed her lips with mine, and she grabbed my neck and pulled me tightly to her slightly padded body, threatening to crush herself with my weight. Her tongue probed my lips, then forced itself past them as she searched my mouth for my own tongue, sensuously caressing it as we danced back and forth between each other. The sound of her ecstatic moan was music to my ears.

“Now” was all I heard when she felt she was ready. My hips seemed to take on a mind of their own as I began to rock back and forth, my shaft sinking inside her until I felt our pubic bones mash together. With long and slow strokes, I began to pleasure her body to the point where it was mere moments before Megan pushed her calves against my thighs and forced me as deep inside her as I could get.

“God, this feels awesome!” Megan declared to anyone that might be interested in hearing, and her own hips began to move in syncopation with mine. We pounded against each other, leaving me to wonder just who was fucking whom.

Megan inhaled sharply, then began to gasp as her walls fluttered on my cock. I drove in and out of her a couple more times, and her cunt clenched me tightly as she started to tremble, then spasmed wildly as her orgasm took over control of her body. I could feel my own climax starting in the base of my cock, and knew that I was about to flood her pussy with my baby batter.

“God, I’ve got to pull out before I make her pregnant!” I groaned. “But she feels so good, I don’t want to!”

“No you don’t” I heard Brie’s soft but lust-filled voice in my ear. “We’re all on the pill.” Then I felt Brie’s lips as she leaned into me and began nibbling and licking at my ear. That sent shivers down my back, and as Megan surrendered herself to the ecstasy of her body’s command over her, I felt that first surge of personal pleasure percolate up my shaft as it began to fill Megan’s waiting cunt.

“Oh God! He’s doing it!” Megan almost screamed. “He’s cumming inside me! Wow! He’s filling me with his semen! More! I want more!”, and I felt the first aftershock of her orgasm wash over her body as the juncture of my cock and my pubic bone pressed tightly against Megan’s clit. As the second string of my cum started its journey with a nation of wriggling sperm that desperately sought Megan’s womb, I pushed myself as deep into her as I could, then stayed there as my balls drained themselves of that life-creating concoction.

We lay together as the euphoria of our joining swept over us, her lips hungrily demanding mine. I happily surrendered to her, the intoxication of her kiss consuming me completely. I really believed that I could have stayed inside Megan for the rest of whatever, but my cock started to soften as an after-effect of our climaxes. It didn’t take rocket science to understand that she was in no hurry to disengage from me either, her legs still locked behind me.

“Wow! That’s awesome!” I heard my sister’‘s voice break into the little bubble of exclusiveness that Megan and I had created. “I can see her blood on his cock!”

Both Brie and my sister were intently gazing at our crotches as my tumescent cock continued to soften and finally slip out of Megan’s feminine passage. “I can’t wait until it’s my turn!” Sasha added. I had visions of the bliss between Megan and me dissolving, but there was an indestructible thread that I realized would exist for the rest of time. Whether that same type of thread would create a bond between the other two girls and me I didn’t know, although I was looking forward to finding out.

“Umm, Randy?” I heard Sasha’s inquiring voice in my ear. “Could I be next? It’s ten o’clock, and I wanted to lose my cherry before my birthday’s over. Think you can get it up again and fuck me before midnight?” There was a tone of genuine concern in my sister’s plea, probably induced by the worry that she’d still be a virgin at the end of her first official day of being sixteen. There was something else, too, although I couldn’t quite figure out what it was. I was more concerned with the now-fuzzy delineation of acceptability from that incest taboo.

“Are you sure you want your first time to be with me, Sis?” I asked her, not wanting to deny either of us the opportunity to repeat the magic that Megan and I had just experienced. “I mean, you really want to do it with your own brother?”

“I’ve wanted you to be my first ever since I was thirteen” she stated matter-of-factly “If you fuck me tonight, that would be the best birthday present I could ever receive.” She left the final decision up to me.

“What about Brie?” I inquired. “Does she want to lose her virginity tonight too?”

“Damned right I do!” Brie growled in my other ear. “But do your sister first. It’s her birthday, and this would mean so much to her. Besides, this way you get to save the best for last” she added in a sultry and sexy tone.

“I need a rest first” I gave as an excuse for my weariness. Megan had literally drained my balls, and I desperately need to recuperate, despite the desires in my brain to fuck the other two girls in the room. Sasha curled up against my other side as I rolled off Megan’s oh-so-comfortable body and held her to me in a bid to strengthen that connection we’d made. A similar bond between my sister and me only seemed to inflame my desires to be her first fuck, but my body wasn’t willing to let me fulfill that want just yet. We lay together for several minutes, the glow of our sexual naughtiness enfolding all four of us. I could feel the onset of sleep trying to take over me until Megan shifted herself to laying between my legs, then began to suck my cock.

With the oldest teen laying between my legs as she slurped on my manhood, Brie had taken a place beside me, and was once again nibbling and licking my ear, even as my sister began to tentatively kiss my lips. I was awake again instantly, with Megan coaxing my cock back to full hardness. It wasn’t very long before my weariness disappeared, replaced with a burning lust to take my sister’s virginity.

“I think he’s ready” Megan murmured as she released my cock from between her luscious lips. In response. Sasha rolled onto her back, setting her feet and legs in the same manner as Megan had done. I rolled over onto my side and delicately began to slide my finger up and down her slit, feeling the residue of her now-drying juices as my fingers lightly stimulated her re-emerging clit.

“Come fuck me, Randy” Sasha almost begged. As much as I wanted to be the one to give her that special birthday present, she wasn’t yet lubricated enough to take her first cock without chafing the skin. I wiggled down between her legs and began to lap at her slowly-moistening pussy, my tongue dipping as deep into her as it could.

“Randy, as much as I love having my cunt eaten, I want you to fuck me!” she almost screamed. “Slide your cock into me! Make me a woman!”

“Not yet, Sis. I want you soaking wet first, then I want you to ride me. Patience, dear sister, is a virtue, although you’ll be losing yours in a little while” I declared to her. She moaned at the thoughts of her pending deflowering, and I could see a smile of happiness at the prospect as it crept over her face.

“I love you, Randy” she whispered, then surrendered to my lips and tongue’s lapping and licking of her virgin sex.

“I love you too, Sis. I’m sorry I never told you how beautiful you are before, but it’s true” I replied to her statement of fact as I lifted my head to look her in the face.

I laved my sister’s pussy until she was saturated with her juices, then rolled onto my back and pulled her up and over me until her entrance was mere fractions of an inch from my straining cockhead. With a gentle pressure I pushed down on her hips until the tip of my cock just grazed against her opening, then rocked my hips as I applied pressure between her canal’s entrance and my soon-to-be consumed organ. She shuddered in anticipation as we waited for her love tunnel to expand enough to take my bulbous head inside her.

When she was opened enough, I began to rock my hips and slowly sank inside my sister’s cunt until she had taken a couple of inches of my length. We continued to slowly push and pull our sex organs against each other, spreading her lubrication over both of us, until I could detect that her resistance to my penetration was virtually non-existent. Just like Megan, the heat of Sasha’s virginal sex was almost blistering to the skin of my cock, her inner walls soft as velvet and smooth as glass. If I hadn’t filled Megan with my seed mere minutes earlier, I would have drained my balls almost instantly inside my own sister. In a way, I was glad that Sasha hadn’t been my first fuck of the evening, because now I could take it easy and make her first time slow, gentle, and full of the caring that I wanted her to experience.

As Sasha rocked delicately on my cock, I finally encountered the resistence of her maidenhead as it tried to protect her love cavern from my intrusion. She pushed against me as that membrane stretched and strained to keep me out, her thrust intent on taking my cock no matter what.

“Unghh! This is going to hurt, isn’t it?” she groaned in frustration. “Damned thing! Why the fuck do we girls have to have that piece of skin in us anyway?”

“Because when you lose it, Sis,” I tried to rationalize, “it’ll remind you that you’re not a little girl any more. You’ll have made the transition to being a woman, and just like being born, it’s not something to go through without pain. I guess its another example of ‘no pain, no gain’.”

I could see the determination in Sasha’s eyes as she steeled herself to the effects of making her next step into a world that she’d only heard about until now. Then, with a final push, she impaled herself on my shaft, ramming herself down on me until I was buried as deep inside her as was possible. I could feel her tears of pain as they ran from her eyes and over her cheek, then dripped onto my neck, and I held her tightly until she was ready to continue.

“Fuck, that hurts!” Sasha moaned, as much for her own benefit as for anyone else witnessing this long sought-after act of intimacy. “Does it get better?” Her question seemed to be directed towards Megan, who now laid beside us both as she attempted to lend support to my sister.

“Yeah, it does” Megan whispered. “Give yourself a minute of two for the pain to ease up a bit. Once it does, his cock will feel better and better inside you. By the time he makes you cum, you’ll have almost forgotten this part.”

A few minutes later, Sasha began to rock her hips slowly, gently, but with a determination to make her first time as complete and memorable as possible. With each passing minute, she became more bold, and soon she was sliding up and down on me vehemently, the transition from virginal maiden to womanhood taking her higher and higher up that slope to the peak of her pleasure. Involuntarily it seemed, I found myself pushing in and out of her now-flooded cunt in syncopated rhythm, and the next thing I knew, we were fucking like rabbits.

God, she was just as tight as Megan had been, the pressure of her walls on my cock eliciting sensations in me that I had never dreamed could exist. I felt Sasha’s eyes boring into me, and looked up at her face to see her wanton desires staring back at me. Suddenly, she began to kiss me with deep passion, her tongue demanding that I allow her to explore me to the fullest extent. As she captured my own tongue, I could feel her hard nipples boring into my chest, and I just had to wrap my arms around her and pull her closer. She groaned with the lustful delight of being taken, and of giving her adolescent body for the first time.

I felt Sasha’s walls begin to flutter as she started to breath rapidly and raggedly, then the clutching of her love tunnel on my cock as she began her journey to that plateau of lustful pleasure that had taken her over. My hips pushed up as I gave her every bit of my length for her body’s utilization, the vibrations of her own body against me causing her clit to press into me, and I felt her begin to shudder ecstatically as wave after wave of orgasmic elation swept over her. She let out a scream of euphoria as she clung to me with a grip that was almost a desperate need to be grounded to a part of the real world outside her sense’s tightly-focused realms. I held her in my arms tightly to give her that security she sought so fervently.

Even as Sasha found the bliss of her first coital orgasm, my own climax began to build inside me, eventually exploding as I shot string after string of my semen into my sister’s no-longer virginal womanhood. The grip on my cock from the tight lock of her pussy walls insistently milked every drop of my essence out of my balls as I emptied myself inside her.

Sasha eventually collapsed on my chest, and I held her tightly to me, lost in the wonder of her young body, and the change that our relationship had not only just gone through, but would continue to evolve into something neither of us could have predicted at the time. As my sister’s breathing slowed down and her heartbeat stopped pounding in her chest, she lay quietly as though contemplating what had just happened.

“Mmm, if I’d have known sex was so wonderful,” my sister murmured, “I’d have lost my cherry years ago.” Then she lifted her head just enough to look me in the eye before she went on.

“Randy, if I’d asked you, would you have fucked me when I was thirteen?”

“I don’t know, Sis” I had to be honest. “I mean, when you were thirteen, the idea of fucking you never crossed my mind. I was too busy trying to get some of the girls my own age to fuck. I didn’t do too badly, either. But if I’d have known just how sexy you’d grow up to be, I might have. You’re utterly fantastic.”

“I could lay here in your arms forever,” Sasha whispered in my ear, “but Brie wants you too. It’s only fair, considering that all of this was her idea.”

That bombshell definitely had my attention. Beautiful, beautiful Brie? She was the one that had instigated our little tryst? I could barely believe my ears!

“What do you mean, this was all Brie’s idea?” I needed confirmed. “You mean that getting out the Monopoly game was her idea, or that you three have been plotting to have sex with me for a while now?”

“Brie’s in love with you, Randy” my sister let me know. “It was her idea to find a way to get you to have sex with all of us on my birthday, but she’s really the one that wants you to be her first. Not that I didn’t, though. Like I said before, I’ve wanted you since I was thirteen. So, are you going to fuck her or not?”

I lifted my head and craned to catch a glimpse of Brie, who was sitting by herself on the sofa, looking like she’d lost her best friend. Did I want her? I sure did, and after hearing my sister’s confession, maybe more than I had wanted the other two girls. But I didn’t want to just fuck her, I wanted to make love to her, to pleasure her body, and to let her know that I found her to be a warm and sexy person in all the ways a man can love a woman.

“Brie? Is that true, what Sasha said?” I asked the big breasted sixteen-year old. She nodded slowly, and her eyes looked like they were about to spill a gallon of tears.

“Come here and let me hold you” I pleaded, and she got off the sofa and moved beside me. There was an unexplained reluctance about her, as if either she was having second thoughts, or found herself feeling left out of our sexual game. But it wasn’t a game any more. This was serious, and as much as I wanted her body, there was more to Brie McDonald than met the eye. I wanted to get to know that part of her too.

She laid down beside us, her head nestling in the hollow of my neck while her arm rested across the top of my chest. I looked her in the eye, and those precious lips of hers begged to be kissed. As I lifted my head in an effort to pull her lips to mine, she shifted herself so that she was right above me, then kissed me with as much passion as one woman can give. We remained in that lip-lock for several minutes, while Megan and my sister looked on.

Sasha began to move off me, saying that maybe we should be left alone for Brie’s first time. That’s when Brie released her grip on me to voice her desires to the other two girls.

“No, I want us to be together for my first time. Megan? Sasha? Please, this is important to me, having sex with Randy. But we’ve been friends for as long as I can remember, and I’d really like you guys to be here, just like you two let me share your first times.”

Megan and Sasha now laid on either side of Brie as I rolled her over onto her back, then resumed our lip dance as we tangled our tongues once again. I could feel her want flow through me, almost like a need to give herself, and to take my body for her own.

Laying beside Brie, poised over her beautiful face as I gazed down at this gorgeous sixteen-year old girl that was to be mine, I couldn’t help but touch her heaving breast and her nipple, hard as a little pebble. At that first contact with her soft, smooth skin, Brie moaned in anticipation of more. I grasped her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, tweaking and twisting it in an effort to give her pleasure, and her moans became louder and more insistent.

Reluctantly it seemed, Brie released me from her delicate lips that I might move mine to her breast. As soon as I had one of her nipples captured by my teeth, lightly nipping her, she pulled my head to her chest, mashing me against her in a desperate bid for more, her moans getting louder and more insistent still. Whatever I was doing threatened to make her cum, and my resolve to try grew even stronger.

“Right here, Randy” I heard my sister whisper as she ran a finger along the curve just below Brie’s areola. “That’s where she’s sensitive.” How Sasha knew that I had no idea, and at the time, I wasn’t about to question her. I appreciated the information, now running the tip of my tongue along the indicated route, and feeling Brie shudder with pleasure in reaction.

“Y-e-e-s-s-s-s!” Brie hissed as I explored that indicated erogenous area of her orb, my other hand now tracing a similar path on her other breast, which resulted in even more trembling and moaning. She’d eased her tight grip on my head, now replaced by her fingers combing through my hair as I was encouraged to stimulate and fondle her breasts even more.

I began to trace a new path down Brie’s breast, starting at the very top where it began to swell from her skin, and running in a line that went to her nipple, then continued to the crease of its juncture with her lower chest. As I tickled her nipple with my tongue on my way to her upper abdomen, she inhaled sharply, then pushed her breast tighter to me, a shockwave of delight exploding from her body. I repeated that path of pleasure several times on both breasts, and received the same reactions each time. How I loved to make her body dance for me!

Now that path began to trace itself down over Brie’s smooth and twitching belly, and as I swirled my tongue around the rim of her navel, she extended her stomach in a silent plea for more. It was a joy to be able to arouse her further with attentions to this newly-discovered erogenous part of her body, yet the musky aroma of her pussy’s oozing juices had my interest redirected to the juncture of her thighs. I let my tongue follow the pathway down her silky tummy, through the light forest of her bush, and over the rise of her mound until I finally dipped it into the valley of her slit.

Brie’s outer lips were distended, revealing the protective hood of her clit, and as I flicked my tongue through the apex of its vee, she jerked her hips up to increase the contact with her gateway of sensitivity. Her entire pussy was absolutely saturated with her juices, my first taste reminding me of how intoxicating she really was. I granted myself the luxury of lapping her entire slit, letting my tongue dip into the entrance to her cunt as it dispensed more of that sweet nectar. The invasion of her still-virginal opening was augmented by both Brie’s fingers pulling me tightly against her sex and her demanding groans for more. As I pressed into her, she bent her legs at the knees and spread herself so that I was presented with an unhindered access to her pussy. I moved to lay on my stomach and attacked her sweltering crotch, licking, lapping, and slurping at every part of her I could get to.

As I continued to lick and please Brie’s pussy, I felt a hand trying to slide under my hip as it searched for my straining manhood, now hard as steel and pressed against my lower belly. From the position of its advancement, I realized that it was Megan that sought to touch me, and lifted my hips to accommodate her search. She eased that hand under me, capturing my cock with her hand, then began to slowly stroke the entire length of my shaft.

“Don’t let me make you cum,” I heard Meg’s soft voice whisper in my ear, “but watching you two is getting me so fucking horny. I just want to feel your cock while I finger myself.” Just the idea of Megan masturbating while I ate Brie’s pussy inflamed my desires even more. Then Sasha’s hand reaching over my ass and between my legs registered in my brain, and I spread my legs a bit to accommodate her as she searched for my balls. She gently fondled and squeezed my sac, almost making me shoot off with the delicate pleasure of their combined touches.

“Sis, you’re going to make me cum unless you go slow,” I warned both girls, “but damn! That feels so fucking good! Don’t you dare stop!” Sasha slowed her fondling to a gentler pace, and I felt my senses relax enough to let me back away from my pending orgasm. There was no way that either girl could miss the fact that they were both playing with my cock, and it was almost like they were getting turned on with the idea of sharing me like this.

I returned my attentions to licking and savoring Brie’s flooding pussy, concentrating on her body in an effort to delay my own release. I felt her little pearl of nerve endings engorge and expose itself, taking her hard little nubbin between my lips and suckling on it while my tongue danced and circled the base of it. Brie immediately slammed her thighs together, imprisoning me between her legs while she pressed my head even more.

“Randy, you cunt licker!” I heard her growl loudly. “Eat me! Suck my cunt and make me cum for you. God, I’m so fucking close!”

That declaration was followed almost immediately with raspy breathing and desperate gasps as she began to feel the onset of her second climax of the evening from my mouth on her sex. Suddenly, she began to shiver, and in reaction, she pulled herself up by only her stomach muscles, her head flopped back as far as her neck would allow. I moved my tongue back and forth between her clit and her entrance, gently trying to suck her orgasm into the realms of her senses, and was rewarded by her lustful scream of release and a strong gush of her girl-cum.

Brie McDonald, it seemed, was a squirter. She flooded my face with her erupting juices as I stretched my lips as far apart as I could and swallowed whatever I could take down my throat. If I had thought she tasted good before, this was even better. I couldn’t get enough!

“Shit!” Brie exclaimed as her body slowly released her from her orgasm’s grip. “I think I just pissed myself. God, Randy, I’m so sorry!” she tried to apologize.

“Baby, you didn’t pee yourself. That was your juices squirting from your cunt,” I happily informed her, “and they’re better than anything I’ve tasted before. You can squirt on my face any time. It won’t break my heart, that’s for sure” She must have opened her eyes and seen my coated face looking back up at her, because I could see her expression change from one of worry to that of happiness as she realized that she’d pleasured me too. In fact, now that she’d been told what had happened to her body, she seemed even more turned on than before.

“Randy,” I heard Brie’s voice calling me, “I want you inside me. I want to feel your cock buried deep inside my cunt!”

While I had been licking Brie’s pussy, I wasn’t sure if I had the strength or stamina to fuck one more girl, but that tone of wanting, needing, and desiring me gave me a burst of both energy and lust. As drained as I felt, I knew I wanted to fill Brie’s heated pussy with my manhood, and cum for her. It felt like a natural progression to slide up over her and tease her engorged sex with the head of my cock, then deflower her virgin pussy.

The head of my cock pressed against Brie’s opening as I waited for her to open and expand wide enough to take me. Not only was she wet from my saliva, the result of my tasting and savoring of her juices, but also from her own feminine nectar and the girl cum she’d squirted all over both of us. Her entrance expanded quickly, taking my cock easily as I began to bury myself in her depths. I pushed and pulled myself as my cock sank into the heat of her, those velvety soft walls gripping me as I progressed deeper and deeper into her love tunnel.

I’d given her a couple of inches of my cock and was probing in search of her maidenhead. Slowly pumping in and out of her cunt, I could feel every fraction of an inch that my cock slid past her inner lips. The warmth of her pussy almost begged me to give her my entire length in one long and delicious push. It was that search for her resistance that caused me to enter her as slowly as I could. But the more I rocked my hips, the deeper I found myself. By the time I was halfway in her, I still hadn’t met with that barrier of her virginity.

“More, Randy” Brie growled. “Let me have all of you. Shove it in all the way!” Brie almost commanded me.

“You did say you were still a virgin” I asked, still not able to find her hymen.

“I’ve been saving myself for this moment, and for you. Why?”

“Because I haven’t gotten to your maidenhead yet, and you’ve got half of me inside you already” I filled her in of my curiosity in a quiet voice meant only for the two of us.

“I lost my hymen years ago when I was doing gymnastics. But yours is the first cock that’s ever been in my cunt, and it feels so good that I want all of it, now” she murmured just as quietly in my ear.

With that, I threw caution to the wind and rammed myself to the very depths of her. Brie inhaled sharply, then let her lungs empty in one long and sensuous groan of delight as my pubic bone crushed against her clit, still engorged from being sucked earlier.

“Oh God, that feels good!” my latest lover cried out in her lustful ecstasy. “It’s everything I thought it would be, and more! Take me, Randy! Make me a woman!” As her legs began to move up and over my ass, she added, “Make me your woman! I love you, Randy Urquhart!”

My cock began to slide back out of her as I pulled back until only the bulbous spongy head remained inside Brie, and I could feel the pressure of her legs against my ass as she tried to force it back into herself. I returned to her wet heated depths just as slowly, hearing her sigh of happiness at the return of my shaft to her steamy interior. As I established a slow and sensuous rhythm of in and out movements, Brie’s hips began to rock as she met that pace. Her hips would rock up as I pushed into her, then drop as I pulled myself back out. Her friction on my purple helmet felt like nothing I had ever experienced before, and I was no virgin. The rhythm of our coupling became a magical dance of love and lust, beginning to feel like we were meant to be together like this like a design of fate.

With each passing moment, our pace began to quicken, with Brie matching my speed exactly. It wasn’t long before she had me pounding myself into her hungry cunt furiously, and even though I wanted this to last forever, I felt helpless to slow down and let the sensations linger. With every stroke in and out of her, I wanted to fill her love cavern with my scalding hot seed, feel her flutter and clench me inside her, then hold her as she soared to the peak of her climax. I was soon rewarded with the sounds of her gasping, her breath now ragged and labored as she allowed her first coital orgasm to sweep over and take control of her body.

“Cum for me, Brie” I pleaded, that voice seemingly coming from outside me. God, I wanted to feel her body surrender to the rapture of her orgasm. She continued to let that delight take control of her as I felt her walls begin to flutter on my shaft, then contract spasmodically as her cunt squeezed against my manhood, holding me as far in her as it could. I kept the pressure of my hips steady, slipping back into her a little further each time her walls relaxed. The intermittent movement of my cockhead back into her twitching channel excited my entire groin, drawing that familiar tingling to the base of my cock, letting me know that I’d soon be releasing a nation of wiggling sperm into Brie’s waiting interior.

Brie began to tremble and spasm as her orgasm swept all through her adolescent body, the vibrations inducing my semen to erupt up the length of my shaft as I filled her with my seed. I became vaguely aware of what she was experiencing through the haziness of my own explosive orgasm. The only things I was conscious of were the pulses of pleasure shooting up the length of my cock, the bright lights playing on the inside of my eyelids, and that wondrous experience of sharing Brie’s cum with her. Through that fog I was treated to her screams of sexual release and pleasure. We flew together through this magical place of blissful connectedness, soaring over and above everything else that might have held us to the confines of Mother Earth.

I held myself above Brie’s body until she began to come back down from her adrenaline-induced high, then collapsed on top of her before rolling to one side with my arms around her, pulling her body with me as we fought to keep ourselves co-joined. She rested her head in the hollow at the base of my neck, our sweat from our exertions coating both of us with its moist sheen.

Once that enveloping euphoria of post-coital ecstasy began to release us from its grip, I became aware again of Megan and Sasha’s presence beside us, and moved Brie’s body so that she rested on top of me, then invited the other two girls to join us in a horizontal embrace. Megan nibbled and licked my one earlobe while Sasha planted soft gentle butterfly kisses over my cheek and upper neck. There was a reluctance in me to allow their attentions to burst that bubble of intimacy that Brie and I had created, but instead of invading it, the other two girls slipped inside it, re-enforcing its hold over all four of us.

“Sweet sixteen, and never been . . . seventeen” I heard one of them mutter, and had to chuckle at her convolution of the old adage.

I fell asleep in that position, the girl’s warmth cradling me into that fuzzy place that called to all of us. I remember the chimes of a grandfather clock ringing out the midnight hour, losing consciousness before the last peel permeated the room.

It was sometime late the next morning before any of us returned from our slumber, and the morning’s warming sunlight tried its best to intrude into the room, the light beams creeping across the floor and our huddled bodies as they sought to rouse us from the depths of blissful sleep.

“You must think I’m a slut” I heard Megan whisper in my ear just before she flicked my earlobe with the tip of her tongue, then ran it around the edge of my ear. “I really did want to fuck you last night, though. Thank you for being my first. You’ll be a hard act to follow for whoever I screw next, you know.”

“Actually, Meg,” I whispered back as I turned my head to find her lips and gently kissed them, “I think you’re one of three of the most beautiful and sexy little minxes a guy could ever meet.” She returned my kisses with her own, soft enough to make me want more, yet warm enough to let me know that they’d be mine whenever I wanted to taste her again.

“Are you trying to seduce my brother again?” Sasha murmured to both of us as she slowly regained consciousness.

“Would you guys hush up and let a girl sleep please?” I heard from somewhere over and through my chest as Brie struggled to lift her head, giving up until she was a little more awake. “Randy’s body feels so damned good that I think I’ll just lay here until he fucks me awake. I can still feel his cock slipping out of me just before I dropped off. Now I want it back inside me again. Think you can get it up, lover?”

I could feel that trail of our combined juices that had leaked out of her and was now drying on my groin. The memory of the previous evening returned, and my cock started to harden again in response, a fact not lost on any of the girls. Megan’s hand slipped between my thigh and Brie’s, who lifted her hips just enough to accommodate Meg’s wishes before she let her weight drop down onto the wrist of the hand that was now running up and down my shaft.

“I’d suck you off, Randy,” Megan cooed in the ears of all three members of her audience, “except that it feels so good to be this close to you, and I really don’t want to move.”

“You could always stuff him back into my cunt” Brie volunteered her body for my pleasure. I felt Megan’s hand leave my shaft for a moment, then return. I heard Brie moan sensually just before those fingers wrapped themselves around me before they continued to run up and down my manhood.

“You’re too dry,” Megan mentioned to Brie, “or I would.” She had taken to rubbing my cockhead along the length of Brie’s slit, but she was right. Those pussy lips that I was being maneuvered between were soft and delicate, but entirely too dry to let me past their guard of the gates to Paradise.

Sasha rolled onto her back then stretched every muscle she could in an attempt to squeeze the lethargy out of her body.

“Phew! This room stinks of sex!” she declared. “I’m going to go take a shower. Anyone care to join me?” As could have been expected, she had three volunteers instantly, resulting in another round of sexual expression between all of us. Megan sucked me until I was as hard as steel again, then masturbated herself while watching as Sasha took me inside her as I fingered Brie’s now-dripping pussy. We all came at least once before running out of hot water.

The rest of the weekend turned into a complete orgy as we ran around the house completely naked, the girls showing off their bodies for my benefit, and taking turns wearing my cock out. I lost count of how many times I shot off that weekend, and all three girls seemed to have a bowed stance to their walk, and joyful smiles on their faces.

That was the beginning of a bonding that’s lasted through the ensuing six years. Brie met a guy that swept her off her feet, and Sasha found herself getting married in the last year of college to someone that means the world to all of us. We’ve spent many a night loving and enjoying each other, including the two other guys as a part of our sexual trysts. It seems that every time my sister comes over to visit, we find ourselves joined to each other once more. She and Brian usually show up most Fridays, staying until Sunday morning at the earliest.

And Megan? She’s blessed me with a son and a daughter since we were married four years ago. Our daughter Deirdre is turning three next month, and Jason celebrated his first birthday last week. Know what my daughter wants for her birthday? You guessed it, a game of Monopoly!


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