This is my first story... I wrote it in one night. I know it's short. I'm not very good at this.
I wake up at 4:30 in the morning, Which is very unusual for me. I try to fall back asleep becuase i don't have to work today, but for some reason i just can't manage to do it. After about 20 minutes of laying sleeplessly in my bed, I haul myself up and out into the bathroom to get dressed. I'm still very tired, so i decide to go out for a jog. I grab my coat, and walk down the stairs. Once I get outside I start to jog down the side walk to the local park. When I finally arrive I go to the jogging trial and start my jog. After 20 minutes of jogging, I decide to go back home and turn around to start jogging back. I turn around to start jogging again when she runs into me. She plows into me, and falls over. "Oh my, I'm so sorry. I didn't see you there!" I say to her. "No, It's okay, That was my fault. I shouldn't have been so close to you." She says. Just then i realize how magnificently beautiful this woman is. She has long blond hair that come a little past her shoulders, blue eyes, what i would estimate to be around C-Cup Tits, And a great athletic figure."Well... I have to be going back to my place now, would you like to jog with me? It gets kind of lonely having no one to talk to." I say in a feeble attempt to try and get to know her better. "Yeah, sure. I know what you mean... My name is Rachel, What's yours?" She says."Jake" I say back to her. We jog back to the other end of the path, When i ask her: " Would you mind if I asked you what your phone number is?""Not at all." She says. I pull out my phone and she puts her number in. "Well it was great meeting you Rachel." I say to her. "Yeah, You too." She says. I arrive back at my apartment an hour or two later, And plop down on my bed. "Wow, I can't believe I actually got her number!" I think to myself. Just then my phone starts ringing, It's my best friend Zach. "What's up man?" I say to him. "Nothing much, You still up for that party tonight?" He says."Shit dude, I forgot all about that... Yeah, I'll be there though." I say. "Great, See you at 9?" "Yeah I'll
be there" "Alright. See you then.". I call Rachel hoping she wants to come. "Hello?" She says. "Yeah this is Jake, The guy you met jogging."I say. "Oh, Hey what's up??" "Nothing really, I was just wanting to ask if you wanted to come to this party my friend is throwing tonight?" "Uhh... I guess I'm free, What time is it?" "9" "Alright." I tell her where to go and I'll see her there, And hang up.
I arrive at Zach's house and hunt him out of the crowd. "Hey jake!" I hear from behind me. "Huh?" I say truning around. "Rachel! What's up? I'm surprised you actually came." I say when i see her. "Well, I'm thirsty. Want to get something to drink" She says. "Yeah, What do you want? Theres beer over there, And he usually keeps the hard liquer in the kitchen." "I'll just have some beer..." "Alright." After several beers and a few shots of tequila, She leans in and starts making out with me. "Wow" I think "She is a great kisser! And she's drunk to." I kiss her back. We stumble up the stairs and find a bedroom. She falls back onto the bed and I get on top of her and start a very long deep kiss. She then starts removing my shirt, without breaking the kiss. I eventually break the kiss and she takes off my pants, By now my cock is fully hard. She then removes my underwear and my throbbing member springs out. She fully ingulfs it in her mouth. "Holy shit" I think letting out a groan. She is very good at giving head.
I dont want to cum and waste it just yet, So i pull my dick out of her mouth and take off her shirt. I then unclasp her bra. She lays back down on the bed, Taking off her pants and underwear. I rub my dick over her pussy lips, Up and down. " Just put it in me, Please!" She begs. I thrust deeply into her hot canal, It's very tight, Causing a lot more heat and friction as i slowly push it in. "Oh my god!" She almost screams as I insert my shaft all the way into her pussy. I start to pull out, Then i thrust back in. She starts moaning even harder as my throbing member pushes in and out of her steaming pussy. Then her whole body starts to shake, She starts to scream as she orgasms. She squirts her cum all over my dick as i thrust in one final time. My balls start to tense up, And i cum deep inside her pussy. We just lay next to each other for awhile as my semen oozes out of her pussy. "That was great" I whisper into her.

End of part one.
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