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My first Cybersex
As you know, I do my work from my little office at home, but I sometimes need to collaborate with colleagues who could be anywhere in the world. I used to do this on the boring old telephone, but now I videoconference using a web cam attached to my PC. This is much more personal and, a few days ago, I realized just how personal it could get…….

I had arranged a meeting with Dave from Sydney, Australia; it was evening in the UK and early morning for him. We were discussing the new campaign and had been talking intently for half an hour when he said he needed to go and get a drink of water. When he returned, as he climbed back into his chair I noticed that he was wearing shorts (and that he had long tanned legs) and commented to him about how nice it must be to live in such a warm climate and not to have to wear too many clothes. He gave a kind of embarrassed laugh, which instantly caught my attention. I had obviously touched on something so I asked if he was OK. He gave a shy smile and said that he was; but I was now intrigued and gently pressed him to tell me more.

After a few minutes of persuasion he finally admitted that the reason he had to get up and go for a walk was to try to calm himself down. He also had been thinking about the delight of not wearing too many clothes, but he wasn’t thinking about himself, he admitted that he was thinking about me! He apologized and said that we should get back to business, but my concentration was now on other things. I told him that I wasn’t upset and asked him to explain further. Reluctantly at first, he explained that the direction of the light in my office had the effect of making my thin, silk blouse virtually transparent to the camera. In effect I had spent the entire conference talking to him wearing only my black, lacy bra!

This time it was my turn to laugh embarrassedly! However, I also realized that I was feeling something far stronger than my embarrassment. I heard myself telling him that this was very unfair – if he could see me without my shirt, surely I should see him in a similar state. He looked surprised, but quickly pulled his t-shirt over his head and threw it to one side. He had a tanned muscular chest, which I found rather striking. “Which sports give you a body like that,” I asked, with a smile. “Oh, a bit of rugby, a bit of cricket, a bit of golf,” he replied.

Without saying another word I began to unbutton my blouse. As it slid over my shoulders and fell to the floor I noticed his hand disappear below the camera shot and he shifted his position awkwardly in his chair. I could imagine exactly what his hand was now doing. I reached behind my back and undid the catch on my bra. With one arm across my breasts I used my other hand to push the straps off my shoulders. I held the bra in place for a few seconds before allowing it to fall. The effect on Dave was immediate. He squirmed in his seat as if fighting with something below the camera shot. “Dave, can you move your seat away from the camera a little please,” I asked in a rather breathless voice. As he pushed away his chair from the camera, a very acceptable bulge in his shorts came into view. “Mmmm”, I murmured appreciatively, “I think I would like you to show me what you’ve got in there”

Obediently he somehow managed to slide his shorts over his very erect cock. It was thick and long and as he stroked it he said that he wished he could also stroke my beautiful breasts. “Don’t worry”, I replied softly, “I’ll be your hands – you just tell me exactly what you want me to do with them”. For the next few minutes my hands were ordered on a complete tour of my naked flesh. My breasts were cupped and squeezed and my nipples teased. Only when every inch of my breasts had been explored did he begin to direct my hand down towards my, by now, very wet and expectant pussy.

As I moved my chair back, my short black skirt came into his view. He smiled as I gently eased the hem up and over my hips to reveal my lacy underwear. I didn’t need much encouraging now as he suggested what happened next. Under his control I slipped my hand down my panties and found my swollen clit. I fingered it willingly with both hands as Dave eagerly directed me. I threw my head back and moaned as the pleasure swept over me.

I whispered that I was feeling rather restricted as I stood up and helped my panties to slide slowly down my long legs to the floor. With my skirt hitched up to my waist, I could now sit down, spread my legs wide and give him the full view of my swollen and dripping pussy he was, by now, frantically requesting.

We were both so close now. We moved our hands in unison as our breathing became shallower and we writhed in pleasure. As good as I am with my finger, I needed to feel my cunt tight around something to bring the ultimate release. My eyes desperately searched the desk for a suitable object and then I saw it - the empty bottle of Perrier I had had with my lunch. I gasped as I took all of it into my cunt in one thrust. "Yes", I screamed as the first wave of pleasure crashed over me. "Yes", Dave responded as I looked at the screen in time to see him empty his load across the desk in front of him. Modern technology is really fantastic sometimes - 12000 miles apart and we still managed to cum together!

Dave was wearing his shy smile again now, but he did speak: “I think I’m going to need some more collaboration on this project next week, Helen. What do you think?” I told him that I would look forward to it……………..


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you guys are all sick fucks


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2005-08-11 15:59:23
Hi Helen. I think the story is great. It would be great to correspond via E-Mail and compare ideas for using the video conferencing to good avail, as you did in this story. Please drop me a note.

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