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A story of several young men and women, all across the globe, being kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery by the infamous Master Petrovsky. In this chapter: Fauna and Lotus aren't convinced Howard his genuine, Winter makes a fatal mistake and pays the price, Breeze's past comes to light, and Viper's independence could get her killed.
Note: Yes. I am back, and with new chapters. I would like to apologize to all my fans for my absence. Please, tell me which characters you are routing for, what you think will happen next, and any suggestions for future chapters. Please, please, comment and vote. Btw, if your vote is negative, either tell me why or have a decent reason. Aren't into rape stories? Don't fucking read them. Thanks, and I hope to gather a fantastic fan base!

March 26th, 2002
“It’s true, Fauna!” Pink exclaimed in a hushed tone. “He is looking for a wife, not a slave, and he is considering me.” She looked exasperated, but a smile brightened her face.

“It might be true, but don’t get your hopes up. He knows of this business, and where to find slaves. Doesn’t that concern you?” Fauna asked, eying Pink wearily. The girl was seventeen and naïve.

“Well, yes, I suppose. But maybe he is wanting to save people, even if it is only one girl.” She shrugged lightly. The two stood up and looked at the doorway, where Lotus was standing. They didn’t see him come in, and did not know how much he had heard of the conversation. Pink swallowed nervously before excusing herself, rushing from the room to some other area of the house.

“She is going to get hurt.” Fauna murmured.

“Yes, well, sometimes people have to learn their lessons the hard way.” Lotus muttered, pulling at the collar of his shirt.

“What lesson?” The Romanian girl asked.

“Nevermind.” He said quickly, stomping from the room. Fauna looked on, perplexed.


“Let’s go Winter.” Jack said from the door to the billard’s room. Winter looked up from his game with Rusty and nodded his good bye to the other slave. Rusty gave him a look a reassurance before cleaning the table for a fresh game. Winter turned away and followed Jack down the long corridor. Finally at the front door of the large house Jack turned to him and put cuffs on his hands, preventing any, eh, unnecessary, movement.

“Listen up, slave.” Jack said sternly, glaring at the younger boy. “You are meeting Cadiir Vidal, an Indian ambassador. You’ve read what he is into, I hope, thus all I ask is that you please him and follow his every direction.” Jack grabbed the back of Winter’s head, pulling it close to his face, so much so that Winter could smell the whiskey on the other man’s breath. “Do I make myself clear?” The master hissed.

“Yes, Master Jack.” Winter replied softly, looking downcast. This was it. His first client.

“Very good. Come on.”

The two set out on the three hour drive and reached their destination without trouble. They came to a large, mansion-like condominium, private and well kept. The limousine pulled into the drive, making it way slowly towards the grand doors. Jack looked at Winter and smiled. “Nothing like your first client, Winter.” He began, sounding almost melancholy. “You’ll never forget this day, no matter where you go after Master Petrovsky’s house.” Then he returned to his usual state: demanding and far off. He looked at the door and tapped on its glass. It whipped open, first letting Winter out, and then Jack. “Thank you, Gerard.” Jack commented to the driver before unlocking Winter’s cuffs and directing him towards the doors, where a woman in nothing but a skimpy maids outfit was holding the door open for the two. The two entered the grand foyer and paused, Cadiir Vidal would be there any moment now.

After several minutes the pitter patter of slippered feet signaled his arrival. Jack stepped forward. “Afternoon, Master Vidal. I present you Winter,” He gestured to the slave with a flourish. “He will be your company tonight. Do with him as you please as long as it does not result in scarring, long term or permanent damage, or death.” With that Jack left the two, heading off into an opposite hallway. Winter looked around, terrified. He had read this man’s info in his scheduling book, but it was brief, and vague. Who knows what this man could put him through, or for how long. He looked at the tall, slim Indian man and nodded hello, obviously scared.

“Welcome, Winter. I cannot guarantee any pleasure, or mercy, but know that if you follow my every direction nothing will be too painful or uncomfortable to bear. Come with me.” Master Vidal guided him down a winding hallway, occasionally make a left or right. Winter lost track of direction, and simply followed, feeling as if he would never get out of this place.

At last they made it to a door and Master Vidal stopped, slipping a key from his pocket and into the latch, swinging the door wide. Winter was horrified by what he saw.


Meanwhile, back at Petrovsky’s estate, the Grand Master himself was busy with Viper. He had between her until she was black and blue, and had multiple objects, including one thick umbrella, shoved into her ass and pussy. Nothing was working, and she had passed out once more. He sighed with agitation and unclasped the cuffs on her wrists, causing her to fall into a mangled heap on the floor. She barely stirred from her place, and he feared he had gone too far.

“Viper, wake up. Wake up now, slut.” He kicked her hand, causing her to cringe back in pain. “There we are, girl. Now open your eyes.” Slowly, oh so slowly, she opened her eyes, looking up at him with a mix of pain, terror, and anger.

“I will kill you.” She whispered before a rain of piss fell onto her face. In her eyes and onto her lips. She cried silently but otherwise did not attempt to escape the steady, filthy stream.


Inside the large bedroom was five large, brutish Indian man, all undressed and with long, thick dicks out, standing up and oozing pre-cum. Winter stared at them, astonished. He had never been a part of such a large orgy, and definitely not with men alone. He turned to Master Vidal and whimpered, his eyes begging. Cadiir Vidal smirked and pushed him forward, closing the door behind him. Winter turned away in time to hear the door lock. “Undress, Winter.” The master demanded. Winter looked away from the greedy men before doing as he commanded, slowly lifting up his shirt and unzipping his jeans, leaving him in briefs. “The underwear.” Cadiir grumbled. Winter looked downcast but did as he was told, slipping the briefs off, and revealing his semi-erection. It wasn’t his fault that humans were sexual creatures by nature, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t incredibly ashamed of himself. The men began to stroke their dicks, smiling at the younger boy.

Suddenly Vidal began to speak in another tongue, one Winter was unfamiliar with. He was looking at one of the larger men, and apparently asking a question. They conversed back and forth a bit before Vidal turned back to Winter. “He would like you first.” Master Vidal informed him, gesturing to the man he had just spoken with. “We will watch and join in as it progresses.” He looked over to the large man and asked another unknown question. The man replied quickly, moving slowly towards Winter. “He wants you to sit in his lap while he fucks you from behind.” Vidal grinned widely.

The man sat on the bed near Winter and patted his thigh, signaling for Winter to come and take a seat. He must have hesitated too long, because Vidal roughly pushed him forward, into the naked man. The man laughed gleefully and turned Winter around so they were no longer facing. The man wrapped his arms around the slave’s waist and forced him down, hard, onto his dick, impaling him. Winter cried out, tears springing to his eyes. It was the largest he had taken, and without the proper lubrication he felt his skin tear painfully as the man began to pump in and out of him, grunting.

Only minutes passed before another man crawled onto the bed, sitting up on his knees so his dick was level with Winter’s face. The man stroked himself furiously, rubbing the tip of his dick onto Winter’s face, smearing pre-cum across his eyes, forehead, ear, and finally onto his lips. Winter closed his eyes and kept his mouth closed, attempting to turn his head. The man cursed in a foreign language and grabbed Winter’s hair roughly, forcing him to turn towards the dick. The man shouted a command, and pushed. The head of the man’s dick slipped past his lips and plopped onto his tongue.

Winter gave in, slurping the head and nibbling the shaft as it flew into his mouth, forcing him to deep-throat the lean cock. Winter heard the men murmur things, unfamiliar words, but he knew they were vulgar commands and statements by the heavy breathing and tone of their voices. He opened his eyes in time to see a man come and stand before him. Winter watched in horror as the man aimed his dick for his ass. He wasn’t sure what the man intended, there was already one in him, and he didn’t think another would fit. But sure enough the man began to press in, causing a cry to rip from Winter’s stuffed mouth. The man was making slow progress because of the other cock, but soon Winter felt the man’s balls, and knew that two men were now sharing his small, abused ass hole.

The man whose lap he sat in grunted roughly, then came wildly, creaming inside Winter and finally pulling out. The extrusion left Winter feeling empty, despite the other cocks buried deep in two separate holes. He was so aware of his body that he could literally feel the cum seeping from his ass hole, down the shaft of the other man’s cock, and into a gathering puddle between his legs. It was too much for Winter, and he turned away from the man fucking his face, pulling the dick from his mouth in the process. “Please, stop!” He cried out, pushing the man who was fucking his ass away. The man stumbled, falling to his ass. Winter stood up, and ran for the door. A man who had not yet had his way with Winter thrust his foot out, causing Winter to fall over the man he had just pushed out of him.

“What bull shit is this?” Cadiir Vidal shouted as he stomped over to Winter, grabbing him by the neck and lifting him up. Winter gasped for breath, struggling against the master. The man threw him onto the bed and looked at the men who had not yet had their turns. He murmured a command and two men climbed onto the bed. Winter tried to crawl away but one pressed onto his face, holding him down. The other flipped Winter over, onto his stomach. The man stuffed his fat dick into Winter’s wounded ass, pounding into him. The other lifted the slave’s head, tugging painfully on his hair. He kept his head level with his dick and stroked himself, the head of his member only inches from Winter’s lip.

“I hope you realize Master Jack will be informed of this. I hope he deals with you properly, boy.” And with that Cadiir Vidal exited the room, presumably to locate Jack. And Winter was left there for God knows how long as the men traded and passed him around.


“Where’s Winter?” Breeze asked Rusty as the two dressed. They had just finished with a client who often liked to share the two, or have the two slaves share one another. They were in one of Petrovsky’s suites, near the front of his estates. It was seldom used, but when a client could not come across the proper meeting place, or wanted a place where nothing would be thought of their devious actions, they would personally come to the manor.

“With Cadiir Vidal.”Rusty replied.

“I hope he hasn’t caused trouble. Cadiir Vidal has high expectations.

Rusty nodded in agreement. “You know I took food and water to the new girl this morning.” He paused before looking up at Breeze. “I have never seen anything like it.”

Breeze looked up, a startled expression on her face. “How bad was it?” She whispered.

“Bruised and bloody, from head to toe. He face was the only thing not too bad. Split lip and a swollen eye, but otherwise untouched. Her body however..” He shook his head. “She is going to scar, I think.”

“I don’t understand how she is withstanding Jack, much less Petrovsky. I could never go through with the initiate process.” Breeze replied, slipping on her shirt.

“What do you mean?”

“I was sold to Petrovsky at auction. But I was involved in the business since birth. My mother was a slave, and got knocked up by her master. He abused me until I was eleven, than sold me to a longtime friend. My new master fell into debt and had to sell me and the other young girls. That is how I came here.” She replied.

“I didn’t know that.”

“No one does, so keep it to yourself, Rusty.”



Winter woke up, dry cum smeared across his entire body. The room was quiet and the sun had fallen behind the trees outside his room. Winter moved to get up and fell onto the floor, his legs shaky and his ass leaking with a pink-tinted mixture of cum and his own blood. His lips were sore and his throat raw. He felt his body ache and his eyes sting from piss and the Indian men’s fluids.

The door opened and Jack walked in, staring blankly. “Did you have a fun time on your date?” He asked snidely.

“Fuck you.” Winter whispered.

“Get washed and dressed. We are going home.” He left the room, slamming the door behind him.

Twenty minutes later and a lot of scrubbing Winter was exiting the bathroom, hobbling to the door. He tapped lightly, and was greeted by Jack. “Sore, huh?” He smiled before cuffing Winter’s hands and directing him out of the condominium.


“Jack tells me you upset Master Vidal.” Petrovsky said simply as he circled Winter in the foyer. Winter was fucked, he realized. “And Vidal threatened to find another business, because as he says it, I cannot properly train a slave. You realize what this means, right?”

“It is time for you to retire?” Winter muttered helplessly.

“You’re a funny boy, Winter. I like you, but you won’t be any use to me if you can’t obey. I have attempted the pain method, and obviously you fooled me with false submission. I suppose we can try other methods.” He could hear the smile in Petrovsky’s voice as his master circled him. “Jack, take Winter to Viper.” Before Winter could question this Jack had him by the forearm, pulling him towards the basement staircase. Winter went, but his fear and nervousness made it slow going. They reached a small landing. Winter looked at the door ahead of him and began to tear up. He dreaded that room, and was more terrified than he had ever been in his entire life.

“Inside is Viper. I am going to show you what happens to those who don’t submit. Go on.” Jack unlocked the door with a key around his neck and opened the door, pushing Winter inside. Winter stared, horrified.

The girl was caked in dry cum, blood, and her own filth. She had bruises of purple, yellow, brown, black, red, and colors he didn’t even think were possible. He nipples were turning purple from tight clamps and a three inch wide dowel rod was driven far up into her cunt, a trickled of blood dripping from the end onto a puddle of mixed fluids below her. Her hands were far above her head, blackening from the ties around her wrist. He noticed they were digging into her skin, causing deep cuts.

“I won’t do anything stupid again.. I promise.” Winter whispered, scared.

“Your right. You won’t.” Jack went over to the wall and untied the rope, dropping Viper to the floor in an unconscious heap. He leaned down, grabbed hold of the dowel rod, and drew it from Viper. She didn’t even respond.

“Fuck her, Winter.” Jack demanded.

Winter whipped his head from Viper, to Jack. “What?” He asked shocked.

“You fucking heard me, slave. Fuck her.” He pushed Winter against the wall. “This is your life. To fuck and be fucked. Now fuck that cunt!” He shouted, punching Winter hard in the shoulder. The slave hissed in pained and hobbled over to Viper, unsure how to proceed. He wasn’t at all aroused by the sight of Viper’s limb form, and wasn’t sure how to get it up.

“Come on, Winter, off with the jeans.” Jack commanded. Winter sighed and shucked his pants off. He lowered himself to his knees and turned Viper onto her back, using one knee to spread her legs. Slowly and shamefully he began to stroke himself, stirring his dick and forcing it to stand at attention. Winter laid over Viper, in a pile of drying fluids, and lined his dick up with her pussy. He looked at her closely and realized beneath the bruises and cuts that she was once a very beautiful girl. He tapped her cheek, trying to wake her. She didn’t even stir. “Dammit, slave. You don’t get on with it and I will cut off your balls.”

“She is really hurt, J-.. master.” Winter whispered, looking up from his place on the floor.

“Does it look like I fucking care? She put herself in this position, now fuck her.” He glared angrily, taking a step forward. “Now!!”

Winter laid his chin in the nape of Viper’s neck and pressed into, knowing that the lubrication that allowed such easy access was most likely her blood. He felt terribly sick, and began to sob to himself. “Please.. stop…” He heard a faint voice in his ear and saw that Viper was staring at him, her face blank and pale.

“I am so sorry.” He whispered, stroking in and out of her, attempting to be as lovingly as possible. He didn’t know if she would feel it, but he reached one arm down, swirling two fingers around her clit. With the other arm he propped himself over her, staring into the girl’s eyes.

“Why…” She hissed softly before crying softly. She was completely broken, but still she wouldn’t fully submit. Winter admired her, but at the same time thought of her as a fool. Suddenly she gasped, and arched her back the little she was capable. Her body shook, and he felt her cum, her vaginal walls tightening around his cock. It pushed him over the edge, and he sent spurt after spurt of cum into the girls tortured cunt. “Thank you..” She rasped before passing out. He pulled out of her and got to his feet, staring at Jack.

“Now what, master?” He asked bleakly.

“I want you to stand in the foyer and stroke yourself. You must come every five minutes, on the dot, for two hours. I expected you to be caked in it by the time I return. Afterwards we will return here and make the slut eat it off you. Only right that two insubordinates should share in the punishment.” Jack chuckled.

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I so hope that Viper escapes and is the cause of petrovsky's down fail with great playback to him, jack n demi can't wait til more


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It will definately not always be like this. But thanks for you critique. If you haven't read the first few chapters I recommend them. :]

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