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Part 3

I woke up the next day. With a hard on as usual. Then I remembered what I had been doing the night before. I was in shock, I was worried he might tell our parents or worse, my friends that I was a cock sucker . I was dreading seeing him the next time. I was hoping he had already left the house this morning as I headed down the stairs for breakfast. The house was quiet , which meant everyone had already left. I hurriedly made my way out of the door for school.

I was in a different world all day ….. My mind kept on remembering every moment of the night before, my heart was beating fast all day. I wondered whether I was going to be in trouble, then in my confused state, I wished it was the night before again so I could relive the excitement and ecstasy. It was about lunch time when I started to think about the night approaching.......... what would I do if he was there in the evening, should I stay out late or go to bed early and hope to be asleep before he comes to bed.

It was all I could do to manage all my thoughts and keep my hard on under control, it was impossible for me not to get aroused when I thought about what I’d been doing. I really did enjoy it. I tried to remember the taste of his cum but I couldn’t.

I could remember however, how his cock filled my mouth . I felt my cock become erect again as I recalled his spunk filling my mouth and swallowing as much as I could.

I tried to keep my thoughts to a minimum while I was in public as I could not control my cock. It was erect for most of the day. In fact it was sometimes painful for it to stay hard for so long. I contemplated going to the toilets to relieve the pressure mounting in my balls. But I decided not to.

Looking back, I must have been hoping for a repeat of the night before.

Home time came, I was still unsure how I would react when I saw him, I wondered what he thought ….... was he pleased? Did he regret what happened ? Will he want me to do it again?

As I walked in the house, I saw him slouched on the couch , he looked up , and nodded his head like he did many times before, it’s as if nothing had happened. I said hi, walked through the living room and to the bedroom to change. I changed quickly and went down to watch tv before it was time to eat.

After a while other people came to the room and normal conversations were happening all around. I began to relax a little and think perhaps he was gonna keep what happened a secret.

My eyes glanced at his crotch area every now and again...... I knew what was lying there now, I knew what he looked like erect and I knew what it felt like to have him in my mouth. I dont know whether he was getting off on the fact that i'd sucked his cock and swallowed his cum, because he was lying there legs apart with his bulge pushing out toward me. I dont know whether he saw me looking because I wasn’t making eye contact with him.

Every time I looked at his bulge, my cock flinched into a semi erection and my balls contracted. I could feel my new found sexual hunger building from within. I started having lustful thoughts about him again. I knew I wanted to suck it and swallow him again and I wanted it to happen soon.

He went out with some friends about an hour later and my arousal subsided a little. I decided that I needed to get to bed early again....... I didn’t know what to expect really, I was unsure of his thoughts.......did he regret the event? would he want another blow job from his younger brother ?

Surely with a cock as big as his, he would have no problem finding a girl to suck it or fuck it.
But all I knew was if he gave me a green light to take him again , I was going to do it, I knew It was not the usual thing to do, but I was addicted. It was like I was possessed his cock.

I had home work to do anyway so I went to my room early, I finished it quite quickly , I wasnt really trying my best , I had other things on my mind.

I packed away my books and settled in bed for the night. Watching tv. I cant remember how late it was when I heard him arrive back home. But I was still awake.

Ok I thought, how do I play this..... do I do as I had done the nights before and pretend to be asleep or should I keep my eyes open?

I decided to be awake. I needed to know whether he wanted more fun without me having to guess

So I stayed sitting up in bed watching tv as he came up the stairs , he came in and seemed startled to see my awake.

Oh you're still awake he said …........ yes, I said.... I was watching this film.... its just ended , not good really. Oh he said.... and carried on his normal getting for bed routine. The light went on he took off his top and sat down on the side of the bed, His back toward me. I saw him reach for his jeans button and undo it.

Shit ! I thought, he aint gonna show me his bulge. Hes gonna get undressed with his back to me......!

I saw his hand lower and heard the sound of a zip …............ even though I couldn’t see anything, I was hard. I remember making some stupid conversation about one of my teachers and how boring school was, he responded randomly and we continued the conversation as he sat there. I wondered what he was doing just sitting there, then it dawned on me......... he must have had a hard on. I quickly realised that he didn’t want to show me his hard on, so just laid down as if I was getting tired. After a few minutes he lay down in bed and relaxed on his back.

He was lying there with the sheet on top of him, about half way up his chest, I could see the hump in the sheets where his cock and balls were resting, I so wanted to feel it again, I was tempted to put my hand on the sheet near to him, but I had a quick flash of an idea, I could just give a tug of the sheet every minute or so and I might be able to expose him ..

I gave a little tug at the sheet and it slid down about half way to his bulge, I was hard and wanted to see my best friend, I gave another little tug of the sheet, I could see it pulling over his cock, his briefs were just out of sight, i tugged again and it was almost too much to bear….. god I wanted to suck my brothers cock again,

I was seconds away from seeing it when all of a sudden, I saw the sheet moving, his cock started to pulse a little I could see the sheet rising as he got harder, I was about to pull the sheet off him when he made a stifled moan, I watched intently as his dick pulsed, pushing the sheet higher and higher … the sheet was rising up and I realised he wasn’t being held back by his briefs, he was naked, free and growing upward, I saw the his pubes and base of his cock revealed as his cock pulsed further upward and getting closer to setting his beautiful long thick juicy cock free from the sheet, when suddenly my brother just pushed his hand down his chest, and pulled the sheet off him. His cock sprang totally upright.

it was as gorgeous at it looked the night before . I waited for a while , not knowing how to respond now , because he seemed to be awake, his hand looked like it deliberated freed his cock from under the sheet , and his cock was rock hard pointing slightly back towards me, I want his cum right now I thought, and just as about to make my move, he spoke…….

Come on then hurry up and suck it if you want to. I was shocked, oh fuck I thought, what should I do……Come on, he said ….. suck my cock, you know you want to, I looked at him he was smiling, he looked at me and urged me to grab it, go on hold it , show me how you held it last night, he said.

I reached across my heart was racing, this felt a bit weird now that I knew for sure he was awake, I grasped his cock and wrapped my hand round it as far as I could …… nice he said , now show me how you made me cum last night, I looked at him….. and thought what the hell , I wanted his cock so it didn’t really matter whether he was awake or not, I adjusted my position and moved my head towards his cock. His balls were big and his sac was hanging between his legs.

I touched the tip of his cock with my tongue, his whole body stiffened , his leg muscles stiffened and his hips instinctively pushed up to force his cock into my mouth, I was sucking him again, I raised my mouth off and started licking his big balls swirling my tongue all around them, he was gently moaning every now and again , as I sucked on his balls i pulled one into my mouth, covering it with my saliva, I wanted to eat it I wanted to chew the spunk out of him , I did the same with his other big ball, it felt slightly different but just as nice.

After enjoying my ball sucking I turned my attention back to his cock, I tongued his cock all the way up and down his shaft, I was lost again in my cocksucking his hands were stroking my upper torso and reaching towards my cock, I turned my legs to let him reach me, he played with me through my boxer shorts.,

As he stroked me, my body felt on fire, my cock begged to be set free, I could feel his fingers tracing the outline of my cock and balls I was hoping he would reach under my shorts and touch my naked cock, he pressed my cock into my balls hard enough for me to feel the pressure of his hand constrict my cock and balls into a tight ball, I moaned and pushed my mouth as far down his shaft as I could, wishing I could feel a mouth over mine.

I used my other hand to push down my boxers to release my cock and balls into the fresh air, there I was sucking a cock and silently begging him to touch me, his hand slowly stroked up and down my shaft , I mouth fucked him taking as much of his cock into my mouth time after time. He began to wank me , my balls aching to squirt my spunk over his hand. But like last night I was more keen on him cumming for me…… I used my mouth and both hands on him now, my right hand pumping his cock hard and the other playing with his balls,

he was really concentrating on wanking me tonight, it felt even better than the night before, I could feel my orgasm building, my moans were unbelievably loud, he must have guessed I was close to cummimg because he slowed the pace right down to a stop, he kept stroking my balls though. I could feel his fingers roaming all over them. It was so erotic.

His moans were starting to become more often now and his hips pushing his cock deep into my mouth, when he suddenly moved both of his hands onto my head stroking my hair, he was half fucking my mouth by now and I thought he was about to start cumming, I couldn’t wait…… he was holding my head by now and thrusting his cock to the back of my mouth, I was pretty much a passenger at this point he was forcing the pace and fucking my mouth hard, everynow and again he push my head further onto him making me gag, his cock was pushing through my tonsils , I could feel him forcing more and more into my mouth,

I was struggling to get breath, I gagged again he pulled out for a short while did a few shorter thrusts allowing me get my breath before engorging my mouth and throat again, I felt like my throat was gonna be stretched forever, it was painful , but I was still really enjoying it.

My mouth, to all intense and purposes was being raped by my brothers cock. And I was only too willing, his hands thrusting my head onto the head of his cock, I could feel it going down my throat, I was so hungry for cock, I wanted it all the way in me, I timed my breathing with his thrusts and when his cock hit me at the back of the throat I was trying to pull him even further into me, I was a cock slut,

I wanted to swallow all of his long hard beautiful cock I was ramming my own mouth over him now, I was in my own little cock sucking world , my brother was part of it , I was deep throating him almost to the point where I was passing out.

I felt his pubic hair around my lips and his balls thumping into me as I pumped him, I could sense he was about to shoot his load, he balls tightened into the size of a tennis ball and kept smacking my mouth, he was lost in the pleasure of his building orgasm to notice he had pushed his cock so far into me that I couldn’t move any further down on him, I had to push off him in, I wanted his cumin my mouth first , not straight down my throat , I wanted to feel that white hot stream of creamy spunk erupt in my mouth.

The time was here, his groans were long and loud… I felt him stiffen like a rock, I waited in anticipation still ramming my mouth over his perfect cock wanting his hot thick lust liquid, when suddenly he gave one last thrust upward smashing into my face,

His spunk fired into the roof of my mouth, the first spurt seemed to flow for ages, my mouth was already full, I swallowed , it felt like warm liquid velvet as it passed my throat coating my whole mouth, as soon as I had swallowed, my mouth was full again with another load from deep within him, I felt his spunk being forced up and out of my nose, he was gushing more than yesterday, he tasted even better than I remembered , I pumped and pumped for at least another 5 spurts of cum , milking as much as I could from him every time tasting him before swallowing, as his orgasm faded and his joyous juice stopped flowing I slowly let him relax in my mouth and I rested my head on his body , it was trembling and his breathing was still heavy when I felt him reach for my cock,

As soon as he touched it I knew I was very close to cumming myself. He didn’t go straight for wanking me though he, stroked and caressed all around my crotch, it was the most beautiful feeling, he pushed my legs a little further apart and reached under my balls, he stroked the bit between my balls and my ass, it was ecstasy, id never experienced any sensation from that area before, I never even knew if felt good there, I moaned and groaned, I could still taste him while I sucked on his soft cock as he pleasured me.

He moved his hand back to my cock and proceeded to wank my shaft, it was within 10 up and down strokes when I felt my orgasm , I made the most noise I had ever made during orgasm, I felt my spunk release from my balls….. I could feel it travelling through my body, I felt like it was taking too long, when suddenly I felt it rush up the length of my cock and erupt out of me.

To my surprise, he didn’t pull off as soon as he felt my cum, he just carried on wanking me, it felt like nothing I had ever felt before, my cum covering my brothers hand was a huge turn on for me, as I pumped my cum out of me I could feel him massaging it into my dick, I t was the best cum I had ever had. I loved the feeling of him massaging my spunk in my cock and balls

I had instinctively carried on sucking my brother as he was pumping my spunk from balls, but I had only just realised his erection had returned …… I was intently eating my brothers meaty cock, hoping I could get him to cum again, my brother was still stroking me and caressing my crotch and paying more attention again to the area between my balls and ass…….. the further away he got from the base of my balls the more intense my feeling got.

I could feel spunk running down me and my brother continued to massage me, when I realised he was right close to my ass hole I didn’t know what to do, I’d never felt so excited but it seemed wrong for him to be doing that for me, he ran his fingers around my hole, I immediately opened my legs even further, to allow easier access, I didn’t know why or how it was a turn on but it was really making me feel good.

I was sucking on his cock like a starving animal. He continued massaging me and rubbing my cum onto my asshole, I could feel him pressing my hole it felt awesome, I relaxed and I felt myself open slightly as his finger pushed in a little, I felt my cock harden and my horniness increase.

My brother was fingering me slowly and gently. I wondered whether he would wanted me to do it to him, I moved my left hand toward his left leg and reached under him, he immediately responded by opening his legs further. I reached for the base of his balls and stroked him like he had stroked me, moving closer to his ass, I wasn’t sure whether I was doing it right or whether he was enjoying it, but I knew I liked what he was doing to me,

my cock was hard and my ass was enjoying his finger , I moaned loudly as he pleasured me in this new way. I was just enjoying my new experiences and sucking him.

All of a sudden , he said get on your hands and knees , It was so out of the blue, it shocked me ,

Come on he said , you are having fun aren’t you? Yes I nodded, come on the get on your hands and knees, I complied …. I didn’t know what was going on, but I was having a lot of fun , my brother moved around behind me, I felt his cock slap into my leg, he reached under me and started to play with my cock and balls again, I moaned loudly, then I felt his cock move between my legs , his cock was touching my balls, I could feel it moving forward and back…. I rested my shoulder onto the bed and reached back to feel his cock, I tried to wank him but it was difficult …… he was still wanking me.

So I relaxed and enjoyed it. I felt a warm splash sensation on the crack of my ass I didn’t know what it was, it happened a few times and I could feel the warmness moving towards my ass hole and at that , my brother moved his cock near to where the warmness was, he started moving his cock near to my ass hole , that’s when I realised , he was gonna stick his cock in me , I froze with fear, I didn’t know what to expect, but his cock did feel nice rubbing against my ass, in I could feel the head pushing at my ass, he held me still at my hips, and pressed his cocked toward me. I felt the pressure of him pushing at my virgin ass hole.

He pulled away and pushed again, I felt more warm splashes, I realised he was trying to moisten the area with his spit, he continued pushing his cock between my cheeks and after a while I could feel my asshole opening and closing, it was hurting a little but I was still enjoying it, every thrust made me feel a little more pain but pleasure too, I wanted to feel my brothers cock in me, it was a strange feeling but it was turning me on knowing my brother was enjoying it,

I could feel the bulbous head of his cock forcing itself in and out of me and I wanted to feel him fill me , I was pushing back trying to make him force more of his cock into me. As he slowly fucked my virginity out of me, he entered more and more of his cock into me. I could feel his balls slapping into mine and his hot ramrod of a cock impaling my ass,I was so turned on , I wanted to feel him cum inside me.

I reached for my own cock again as I was been fucked …… I wandered how it felt for him, I hoped he was enjoying it as much as I was. I could feel his cock almost all the way in me, it was filling me totally and I could feel him quickening his pace, he reached under me and grabbed my cock and began to wank me,

he was pushing his cock in and out of me and it wasn’t hurting now, it was lustfully enjoyable, I was holding firm pushing against him as he fucked me, he was wanking my cock as fast as he could and I was close to cumming , I could feel the urgency in his fucking rhythm now and he was making awesome fucking sounds ,

I fucked him back as hard as I could hoping to get him to cum in me, he fucked hard and I bucked my ass back at him. my whole body was burning with lust. I felt my orgasm building and I moaned loudly as he wanked my cock frantically as I shot my spunk all over the bed sheets, as well as his hands,

as soon as he felt my spunk on his fingers he started moaning and grunting, his cock was on the edge of cumming he was breathing rapidly and was forcing everything he had into me when suddenly …… he arched his back let out a long low groan and he flooded me with his cum, I felt a huge warm spunk eruption deep inside me , my senses dazed as he pumped into me again releasing another spurt of his warm cream into me. My body was like a jelly quivering and shaking taking all the spunk from my brother , It was a fantastic feeling as he slowed down and squeezed every last bit of cum out of his cock,

I had lost my virginity and enjoyed every minute of it, I remember just laying there as he pulled out of me for the last time. I felt like I had been on another planet or something. It was like it was all a dream. As I lay there , he got out of bed and went to the bathroom, I didn’t feel him get back into bed, but I awoke in the middle of the night laying next to him, with my hand on his flaccid cock, I remembered what happened a few hours before , squeezed him a little , in appreciation of him learning me all these new things and settled back for more sleep.

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2017-10-20 19:46:24
so good so real I used to sleep with my brother when we were in our teens


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Oh fucking WOW. that was sooooooooo very hot. i am now shaking as i can feel that hot hard cock pumping and filling me up. MORE PLEASE

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could not find pt 2 but 1 and 3 was great

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