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Brooke's new captors have fun with her, and a surprise guest....
Brooke’s Tale part D
(Synopsis : Brooke, an ordinary college girl with a hidden submissive side, is enslaved and raped when she goes to a party. {part A}. her hidden desires eventually lead to her making love to her roommate Carla before her mistress tina walks in on them and uses them for her pleasure. {part B}. However, tina is removed from the picture in a twist, but the gas station guy’s friend comes calling, raping her and taking her on the worst road trip of her life {part C}….read on……)

Goth girl and her bf got down, pulling me out of the car before marko got down. I fell to my knees, staring at goth’s smooth and sexy legs, as the pain in my mammaries temporarily subsided. I saw one leather clad foot rise to my chin, until her toes were level with my face. It smelled of grease, but I took the fingers in my mouth, licking them and sucking as marko and her bf laughed. Inspite of my care, she seemed bent on humiliating me more. I got a sharp kick in the boobs, and fell backwards, my knees howling at the sudden motion. Once down, I saw the three converge on me with evil smiles on their faces. Goth again raised her heeled leg, this time over my stomach and pushed down with a force that made me yell out. Considering that we were in the open, I was surprised when no one came to check us out.
Goth used my scream to stuff a ball gag into my mouth, laughing as I struggled to adjust. Marko meanwhile moved to my right, and lit a cigarette, prodding me with his foot like a dog. I found my hands immobilized by their toes, goth’s heels cutting off the blood supply to my wrist. just as I was getting used to the pain in my hand, I felt a sharp pain between my legs – marko had taken off his belt and started whipping me on my cunt. I howled into the sky but no sound came out, making the trio laugh even more.
Marko kept up the lashes, making me feel like I would pass out from the pain. I felt a stocking clad foot moveup my forehead and settle on my nose, overwhelming me by the smell. Goth’s bf found this funny, and took out his cell to click some pics of me with a foot on my face. Goth made sure I fully felt the humiliation, rubbing her foot all over my cheeks and nose. With it, she pushed the gag further into my mouth, until it hit the back of my cavity. From my low position, I saw goth take the cig and have a puff. She bent down and to my horror, placed it squarely on my nose. It felt like red hot coal, and I began to struggle. Goth responded by stomping on my face. Once she was satisfied with the burn, she threw away the cig, and rubbed her long nails over the wound, opening it more.
In my endless agony, I had failed to see the crowd which had gathered around us. Many were burly men, who were egging on my tormentors or clicking away. One had his hand in his shorts, a huge bulge sticking out of it. Goth and marko seemed to enjoy the attention , stepping up the speed. Goth posed for a bunch of geeks with her foot over my face. Marko gave the belt to a hunk who began to whip me like a horse, till I was sure I was bleeding in my vagina. Somebody handed goth a lipstick and she began to write on my breasts, reminding me of tina. More photos and laughter followed. I guess a few had hoped for a fuck ,and a part of me agreed. But the three had other ideas.
Pulling me up by my hair, they dragged me across the street, the crowd’s hoots following us. We entered a decrepit old building which smelled of stale garbage. The lights were low and the rooms unpainted and low. I saw drug addicts and prostitutes out of the corner of my eye, as I was dragged from one floor to another. We reached a low room which had one bulb and a bed. There were alcohol bottles lying around. Marko shut the door. I was pushed to my knees and the gag removed, and the smell of liquor grew stronger.
“bring her in” goth cried out.
From another door emerged the guy who had used a magnet on my tits. He was dragging a struggling woman. As they entered the light, I saw it to be his mother. She seemed to have got rid of the paint, and was struggling against the bonds which held her. The guy seemed to be expecting something, and goth nodded. She went out and came back with a naked girl crawling on all fours. I could see that the guy knew the girl, and the latter’s eyes widened. She pleaded with her eyes, but the guy only laughed.
“here’s your girlfriend. Use her well. “goth said, handing the leash to him. The girl fell at his feet, trying to get up. He nonchalantly dragged her out, using the leash to ensure she was half-dragged out.
Now we four were left. Goth returned to us, kicking the woman so that she fell on me, her face hitting mine. I instinctively kissed her, savouring the taste of woman.goth didn’t seem to like this. She pulled us apart by our hair, and put a gag similar to mine so that we stared mutely at each other. Goth now fished in her bag,and fished out a pair of scissors and approsched the woman as she glared at her captor
ii was getting hot thinking of the humiliations that awaited this snotty bitch. i wanted her punished good.

goth put down the scissors and knelt down beside the woman. she raised her hand gently caressing the mascara d cheeks. she giggled. reaching out, she pinched her nose, digging her long nails into the cartilage she giggled again. she ran her nails along the side of her face, occassionally digging in the sharp points to draw somr blood. soon the poor woman had red tricles running down her cheeks. goth backed off a metre and raised her hand again. this time she landed it on the womans lips, drawing blood. another landed on her nose, breaking the bridge for good. a series of slaps completed the show, reducing the woman to a crying bleeding heap.

goth now took the scissors and brought them close to the woman's face. sensing her victim's terror, she ran d blades along her cheeks, enjoying the fear in the woman's eyes. goth grabbed a handful of her hair, and snipped off the well maintained locks. soon she had only a crop of hair left.

goth now lowered her hands and cupped the woman's boobs through her blouse. i loved the way the cloth folded in her hands, raising the melons up. slowly, goth began to dig her nails in, mauling them. i expected goth to cut off the blouse. instead she carefully cut out the part over the breasts, careful to leave enough to button it up. i saw the satin bra stick out of the holes. goth ran a blade down the centre of each cup, and ripped the gash wide, exposing the tit in all glory. the woman looked obscene, her clothes cut open and her tits sticking out of the holes.

goth wasn't so considerate on the long skirt, pulling it off roughly. the panties however were snipped at the right places.

seeing all this was making me hot. i wanted to jack off but was tied down. marko walked upto me and stripped off the little clothing i had on. i was dragged to where the woman was, and made to kiss her all over her face.

"don't stop bitches" cried marko. her gag was taken off znd we began to kiss passionately. however, the fun didn't last. soon, marko was raining blows with his belt on my back. with each hit, i was pushed into her face, and sucked in her saliva. soon i could tell that she was getting similarly whipped. they took turns, so that one of us was always being knocked off balance, but we dared not break the kiss. infact, with each strike, her boobs banged against mine, our nipples rubbing agaisnt each other. the sensations were overwhelming, and i was soon approaching orgasm. they shifted sides, and soon i felt kicks of a heeled leg landing on my ass. goth, however, didn't recoil, holding me against the woman. our breasts mashed together, her nubs digging into mine. her lips sucked in mine, as our tongues entwined. i came, rocking against the foot so that the heel dug deeper into me. but i didn't care. the thought of getting off on the snotty bitch drowned all else. as i came, i whispered in ber ear "slave bitch". she kissed me in return.

goth now parted us. she asked the two guys to strip.once naked, goths bf (name jim) positioned me over his dick while he lay down on the bed. the woman was placed on the edge of the bed doggy style, with marko behind her. they pushed in together, pulling me down into him. from here, i had a great view of the woman's sagging tits bouncing as she rode him. i had the guts to grab them and squeeze roughly. then i was pushed up, and she was sucking on my boobs. she was a mean bitch, biting me as she gobbled the tits. i positioned her with my hands, making sure she took in as much of tit as possible.

goth now shifted her from cowgirl to s kneeling postiton. i assumed marko now aimed for her ass, as she began to yelp in pain. her tits were now inches from mine, and i wrapped her in my arms, mashing our breasts agaisnt each other. she responded by biting my ears, sucki g the lobes.

again our lovemaking was cut short. goth parted us. she brought a length of rope and tightly bound her tits, till they began to turn blue. she then got more, and circled it round the base of the tit, where it was most meaty. she then tightened it like a noose, till my boob looked like a ballon attached to my chest by the rope. the pain was severe, adding to the rough fucking jim was giving me. the other tit followed. goth now took out a case of pins, and began to push them in. the first felt like an injection on my blueish tit. the second felt more as she dug it in. she began to approach the areolae , and soon i was howling in pain from the pricks. as my pain grew, so did the pleasure, my warped mind mixing the two to make me cum.

i turned to look at jim. he had his hands on my ass, and was using my cheeks as handles to bounce me. he seemed to be nearing orgasm. but my focus was brought back to my tits by a tremendous pain. i saw goth push a thick needle into my left breast, like planting a post. my booby was caving in, until the skin ruptured. but she kept on. i felt like a knife was slicing my breast.incredibly. the needle kept going in, the thick knob at the end inching closer to the surface. goth held my tit firm as it sunk in. i could feel it moving inside, wasting my gland remorselessly as it moved towafds the end. finally, with a thwuck, it emerged from the other side. due to the rope, no blood came out, but i could tell that it had ripped through my tender flesh.

leaving the needle to bounce with each thrust, embedded in my tit, she turned to the woman. i watched as her heavy tit was similarly pierced. once done, goth brought more rope and tied one end to the hole on the knob of my needle, the other end to hers. so attached, she pulled her away till our tits were stretched. the pain was unbearable, but i made no effort to remove it. instead i pushed deep onto the pole and came, this time joined by jim. i felt spurts of jizz hit my inner walls as i coated cock with cunt cream.

goth made us get off our lovers, and pushed us to our knees. i was given a top cut out like the woman's and a short tight skirt. "they belonged to her sons girl" jim told me slyly, implying that she had been similarly broken. goth now attached collars to our throats, and chains to the collars. a longer rope bound the woman's tit needle to mine, such that we could walk side by side only if our breasts were under max stress. she worsened matters by walking between us, the rope behind her.

so arrayed, we walked out into the sun, people turning to stare at us as goth waved at them. a new phase of my slavery had begun......

(may be continued).......
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