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Devoting oneself to the law is a choice few women make at an early age. But Cara Kirkpatrick did did straight out of college when she graduated summa cum laude from an Ivy League college. Cara is a statuesque 5'7, so that her 127-lbs. are not skinny. She wears her deep brown hair short and curly, and dresses for business tight leather skirts and low cut blouses that show off her ample tits. If she looks like a hot lawyer still in her twenties, that’s because she is. Her body is hard and curvy. Her waist is small, accenting the firm roundness of her hips, and she's always been told she has great legs by men and women alike. She has been known to freeze uncooperative subordinates with her grey-green eyes. She didn’t believe in separating her life as a lawyer, specializing in child law, from her sex life. She loved girls, in every way and took every chance she could to peruse her perverted desires.

In a rare gesture of community outreach Cara’s law firm decided to participate in Bring Your Child to Work Day. Cara was looking forward to seeing the hot bodies of preteen and teen girl’s as they joined their mom’s and dad’s in the office, then she got a call from her sister Claire. She wondered if she could take Mandy , her 12 year old daughter for the Bring Your Child to Work Day then have her stay overnight at Cara’s place. Claire was an interior decorator and had a sales conference to attend. Cara said yes in a heartbeat, thinking of when she saw Mandy last, during a visit to the family beach cottage. Mandy was always wearing skimpy bikinis and once Cara had watched her lovely niece change through a crack in the bathroom door, so tall, so lovely, her ass was round and looked so firm, and she got a glance at her sweet hairless cunt as she bent over.

At 12, Mandy was smart, with her head always buried in a book or looking up information on her pink laptop. Mandy of course is shorter than Cara at 5'2, 102-lbs., but has a charisma and maturity far beyond her preteen years. When she’s not at the beach in her small tight bikini’s she dresses more like the teachers in her grade school than a preteen nerd girl. Cara has seen her in very tight earth-colored skirts with pastel blouses. Cara has noticed that Mandy has already developed a taste for sexy shoes, and babysits her 8 year old sister Meg every weekend for her divorced mom to save up money to buy those hot shoes. Whenever Cara visits for Sunday dinner Mandy wears the most amazing hot slings and heals that look so fucking hot on her small sized-4 feet.

When Cara thinks of her nieces boobs she sees a work in progress. While there are barely a handful they are well-proportioned and so perky that her puffy nipples stick straight out on Mandy’s petite frame. Though she is self-conscious her newly minted tities, the nipples are so large and puffy in proportion to the size of her boobs it seems as though they are hard all the time. Cara knows her niece isn’t all geek, as she is one of the fastest girls on her school’s swim team. As a result her legs are more developed then most girls her age, firm and solid, but not at all heavy. How many times had Cara taken glances at her niece’s lovely legs hoping to catch a glimpse of her upper thigh and panties. Of course as a preteen Mandy’s hips were girlish, that is very narrow, and she has an unconscious wiggle, accented by her heels, that made Cara’s fingers itch to touch that firm round bubble butt.

For her own part, Mandy thinks the world of aunt Cara. She wonders at how Cara always seems to know the right thing to say, to make her any even her hard ass mom smile and feel better about herself. Mandy secretly wishes that Cara were the older sister that she never had. She could tell her things she would never dream of telling her mom. She could tell her that she had zero interest in boys and that she loved it when the female teacher’s at her school or older women in the mall seemed to be checking out her young body. She might even tell her lovely aunt Cara that she gets wet at night in bed when she thinks of teachers at her school and older girls on her bus. She imagines her telling Cara that her hottest, wettest fantasy is when she thinks of staying overnight at her apartment. She imagines her aunt kissing her, and touching her wet little cunt, and making her cum on Cara’s long sensual tongue. She would tell that this fantasy is the one she always returns to when she is franjtic to cum and taste her own preteen juices.

Everyone at the firm was surprised when Mandy showed up as Cara’s charge for Bring Your Child to School Day. Cara introduced Mandy who had dressed a bit too mature, even for her, in a skin tight black leather skirt, that floated only a few inches above the crotch. Her red tinged nylons showed off her firm legs and thighs and she was wearing the most delicate, sexy heels Cara had ever seen. The white blouse Mandy wore looked conservative at first until Cara realized it was almost see through and her little niece was wearing a hot white lace bra. Cara noticed how the men in the firm, with their own children in tow, stopped in their tracks when they laid eyes on Mandy. She smiled and looked them in they eyes with confid3ence and aplomb as their eyes took in her young beauty.

Cara made a special point of taking Mandy by Rebecca Danby’s office. Rebecca, was the leading criminal lawyer in the firm and was hard core in the court room. Rebecca reminded Cara of the Glenn Close character in ‘Damages’ as she was married to her career and would do absolutely anything to win a case. Rebecca was also closet lesbian, who Cara had fucked many times. Rebecca liked it rough, a double dildo broad and Cara knew just how to push her g-spot. This didn’t hurt concerning her status in the firm, Rebecca was more than an lover, she was Cara’s fierce ally.

“My god Cara, this girl is so beautiful she could be your younger sister, “ said Rebecca enthusiastically, moving from behind her desk to give Mandy a hug pressing her large boobs into Mandy’s tiny ones.

Mandy blushed, as Mrs. Danby had hit on one of her hottest fantasies, and because the forceful hug of a woman she had never met, made her whole body tingle.

“Yes she is going to break hearts,” sighed Cara standing close enough to slide a hand under her nieces skirt but resisting. “Look Rebecca, I have to make a few phone calls, why don’t you have Mandy help you with filing for a few minutes. You can tell her about your most famous cases, you know blood on the court room floor.”

Rebecca finally released Mandy and smiled, “What a wonderful idea, would that be okay with you Mandy?”

Mandy took a step back and nodded, feeling oddly aroused in the presence of the attractive middle aged woman. “I would like that very much.” Mandy said.

“Good then,” said Cara pushing back a strand of hair on her niece’s forehead and placing a kiss on her temple. “”I’ll she you in about half an hour then.”

Cara smiled to herself as she turned and left the office. She knew that Rebecca would enjoy drinking in the visage of preteen Mandy squatting and bending while she slowly did some filing. It was another small favor Rebecca would need to repay sometime in some way.

Back in her office Cara made a call to a lesbian porn actress she knew very well. Tasha was a real professional; in fact she had a second career as a Hollywood stunt woman to the stars. Of course she had a different name for every job, as a matter of fact Cara realized she didn’t even know Tasha’s true name. No matter, since Tasha insisted in being paid in cash.

“So are you set, have you gone over the scenario I gave you? We have to make it look very real, I mean Mandy has to think you are danger to her and to me, do you understand?”

“Cara baby, you know how I roll, this little bitch won’t know what hit her, and then she will have the time of her young fucking life,” Tasha let out a sly giggle that sent a chill up Cara’s spine, and a tingle through her cunt.

“Good, remember, turning off the guest room light is the key, the latter is below my balcony and the sliding door will be open.”

Cara could feel her pussy dampen at the thought of what was going to happen tonight she made another call to gourmet caterer and ordered a cordon bleu to be delivered precisely at 8 p.m.

When Cara retrieved her niece from Rebecca’s office, Mandy’s face was flushed and I noticed her nipples were bulging against her thin bra and blouse. She was standing directly in front of Rebecca’s desk and Cara could have sworn that she was patting her leather skirt down in front of her. Mandy took Cara’s hand and squeezed it tightly as if it were a life line. Rebecca’s face was also flushed and Cara recognized the hot and bothered look on the lawyer’s face. Cara let the unmistakable of lady cum was into her nostrils. There was no doubt in her mind that Rebecca had just cum hard, but what had her innocent niece Mandy done to make it happen?

“Well,” said Cara, “Let’s call it a day Mandy, I’m sure Rebecca will agree you have done enough work for the day, won’t you Ms. Danby?” said Cara smiling at Rebecca then at Mandy.

“That motion is sustained,” said Rebecca, quickly licking her lips, she reached her hand across and took Mandy’s in both of hers. “Mandy Dear if you need a summer job, there is no question our firm would love to have a young girl of your intelligence and good …judgment helping with filing and such.”

Cara noticed that a $100 bill slip from Rebecca’s hand to Mandy’s “That would a great pleasure,” said Mandy smiling at Rebecca. Cara smiled too; her niece was showing a side of herself that her aunt had never seen before. This was going to be an interesting night.

On the cab drive back to her apartment Cara, and Mandy made small talk with Mandy about her day in the firm. Cara glanced down at her young niece’s legs which were bent and slightly open, but not wide enough to see that sweet young pussy.

“I should have warned you about Rebecca,” she said faking regret, “She’s very much used to getting what she wants.”

Mandy turned to her trying to read her aunt’s face, “Hey, Aunt Cara, no worries I thought she was great, I learned a lot from her.” A wide knowing smile lit up her face and it was Cara’s turn to try to read he hot young niece.

They arrived at the apartment building and were greeted by the doorman.

"Hullo, Ma'am, Fine ev'nin." he said, opening the door.

"Hello, Matthew."

Cara turned to Mandy, “You’ve never been to my new apartment, its only on the first floor, so let’s take the stairs.”

Cara opened the door to the stairwell and Mandy went through moving up the stairs. Cara held back slightly just far enough to get a good peek up her sweet hot nieces skirt. She smiled to herself when she noticed that indeed Mandy was without panties. No doubt the $100 frojm Rebecca was for the panties and a good look at her soft pink pussy.

Cara was still smiling when she unlocked the door to the apartment and ushered her niece in lightly patting her on her firm butt. Mandy looked around and trying to sound mature said, "I love your place."

"Thank you. Let me take your bag to the guest room and you can relax, we have some catching up to do.”

Mandy was still tingling all over from her experience with Rebecca, how she had come up behind her and whispered in her ear, “Do you know just how fucking hot you are Mand.

Rebecca’s hand s were on Mandy’s firm ass squeezing urgently. “I’m going to go back to my desk and If you want $100 for more of those sexy shoes you love so much you will lift your skirt, take your panties off and hand them to me. Then you will part your legs and show me your puffy little cunt, opening those slick lips and show me your sweet hole and clit, while I smell and taste your cunt on your panties and finger fuck myself to a wonderful cum, do you understand?”

Mandy had nodded, her breath heaving in her chest. After a few seconds she turned and did exactly as Rebecca had told her to do. It was such a turn on for Mandy to see Rebecca to press the soft damp crotch of her panties to her nose and mouth as she lifted her skirt and parted first her legs and then her wet pussy lips.

A rush of energy rushed through Mandy as Rebecca pushed back her desk revealing that she had taken off her skirt and panties and was furiously rubbing a very wet pussy with one hand while she held Mandy’s underwire tightly to her nose with the other. Mandy wanted to touch her own throbbing clit but found her self frozen under Rebecca’s lustful gaze.

“Oh fuck so beautiful, so fucking hot, look at that tight pink cunt, put a finger inside, deep inside and taste it for me…tell me what it tastes like Mandy.”
Mandy felt like se had walked into some strange porn movie, she found herself tracing her clit with her index finger feeling the slick firmness of her little button then she slipped the same finger down her slit and into her hot little pussy.

“Ohhh,” she sighed and after twisting it one way then the other removed it and held her glistening finger under the fluorescent lights. First she rubed the wetness over her soft lips as if she were applying lip-chap then she let her qick narrow tongue slowly circle her lips. “Yesss,” she hissed before slowly sliding the end of her finger over her outstretched tongue before letting it slip into her wet, warm mouth.

“Oh fuck you hot little tease,” sighed Rebecca who now had three fingers pounding her slopping cunt, making slurp and suck noises.

“It taste’s uh… like a mix of cotton candy and peaches, “ Mandy half sighed returning the wet finger deeper into her little pussy, “Would you like a taste of my sweet little cunt Ms. Danby?” said Mandy with a wicked smile.

“Oh fuck baby, I’m so close, give me a little taste of that preteen cunt, oh fuck I need it!” Rebecca, had both of her hands busy on her pussy three fingers fucking hard and her other hand was pulling on her throbbing clit through Mandy’s silky panties.

Mandy held her dripping finger under Rebecca’s nose so she could smell her pussy, then she let the finger slide over her full lips and into the lawyer’s waiting mouth. Rebecca’s whole body stiffened as she sucked like a starving infant on the young her creamy finger. Mandy gasped as Rebecca removed her fingers from her cunt and jammed Mandy’s soft panties up the cunt hole as cum squished around the thin fabric and onto her chair. Mandy could feel her own young cunt convulse in sympathy, not a cum but flash of pleasure through her entire body.

Mandy held her skirt up until the torrid climax subsided and Rebecca was able to sit up in her chair and move into the desk. At that moment Cara had knocked and walked in.

“A hundred dollars for your thoughts,” it was Aunt Cara interrupting Mandy’s revery of what had happened at the office. She had sat down on the low couch and closed her eyes, unaware that she had exposed her tight wet cunt to her Aunt. Mandy wondered how long her Aunt Cara had been standing there. Mandy squeezed her legs shut, sending a hiss from her soft lips at the slippery deliciousness of her engorged cunt lips.

“Will you help set the table Mandy, our meal will be here any minute. With some effort, Mandy got up from the couch. Her body was on fire, as she sensed her girl juices slowly sliding down her firm young thighs.

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