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1st part of a true story involving a boy, a girl and a whole lot of fucking.
This story is true, the names are not. The following events may have happened to me, they may not have.

Hi, I’m Robbie, I go to university in Kent, England. I’m 6ft 2”, 19 years old and well built. Now, going to university is hard, if you haven’t experienced it yet or never will, leaving your family behind for the first time is difficult, especially at 18. The most difficult part of it really is leaving your loved ones. For me it was my girlfriend, I’ll tell you a little bit about her, she’s blonde with purple bits at the end, slim and about 5ft 6” but that’s not her best attribute, she has 34D tits that I swear to god are the softest yet firmest things on the fucking planet and man, they taste good. Oh yeah, and her name is Eva.
Now, leaving your girlfriend hundreds of miles behind is tough enough, to go without sex for weeks on end is worse. She feels the same way too, so when she comes down or I go home, coming is pretty much all we have time for. Anyway, this is the story of the second time she came to see me, and the fun we had in my dorms…

As the train came to a halt I remember thinking “which one is she?”, then as she emerged through the sea of blonde girls, I saw my Eve. “Hey!” I waved, she smiled and gave me a cute little wave back and smiled at the goofy grin on my face. Once she fought her way through the ticket machines she came into the lobby and spun around looking for me, I was watching her from behind a plant and as she turned for the third time, ran up to her and hugged her from behind, ‘accidently’ squeezing her tits as I did so. She spun around and wrapped her arms around my neck, clinging to me. I should mention here that we had both (I hope) gone without sex for a good three weeks, so when she pressed her firm titties against my chest I got a semi-hard-on right there. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her right there, in the middle of the terminal, with my rapidly growing boner poking her in the stomach.

She broke the kiss, saying “Its so good to see you baby, I missed you like crazy”, then she seemed to notice my trouser problem and she got an evil glint in her eye, the same glint I used to see every time she would roll me over in bed in the morning and wake me fully up with a quick lick of my dick, which she would follow up on with a good half an hour of her bouncing on my cock, until she got tired that is and I would roll her onto her back where I could raise her legs over her shoulders and fuck her, getting in deep whilst rubbing her clit, which I can only imagine sent waves of pleasure running through her body as she always came very quickly. Back to the glint in her eye, she pulled me closer, breathing heavily and whispered “I’m starving, can we go back to your place?”.

15 minutes later I locked my dorm door, it’s just me and 5 others in my apartment, although we never see two so we’re quite close together, but we each have our own separate room in the apartment, which each have their own separate locks. As soon as the lock turned in the door, I heard her throwing her bags onto the floor, I followed suit and turned around to see her quickly stripping her top off, she gestured at me when I turned around and said “no no, turn around, I have something for you that I want to get ready before you look”. Curious, I raised an eyebrow at her but did as I was told, a minute later she breathed “turn around baby” and as I did, my eyes almost popped out of my skull. There she was, the hottest 19 year old in the world in just a white see through bra, silk panties that had a see through bit just where her clit would be and white stockings that ran all the way up her powerful, ex-gymnast legs to only a few inches shy of her panties. My boner rocked to its full 8 inches and all I could do was to stop myself from slumping against the wall as my mouth hung open. Instead I almost ran over to her and kissed her firm on the mouth. She broke the kiss and smiled a naughty grin, teasing me by exclaiming “oh, do you like my new outfit?”. I responded by kissing her again and grabbing her fine ass, she moaned into my mouth and wiggled her butt cheeks against my hands. I used that leverage to pull her easily up off her feet, which she wrapped around my waist and squeezed me tight
with her powerful thigh muscles. I’m telling you man, gymnast.

I grinned through our kiss and carried her to the bed, my boner straining against my jeans and rubbing against her panty-clad pussy. I threw her onto the bed and pulled my shirt over my head, “I’ve missed you” she said, staring at the bulge in my jeans. I jumped on top of her and wrapped her in my arms, we kissed like lovers, for 10 minutes we tongue-wrestled, then I started to kiss her cheek, then down her neck, then down her chest, whilst at the same time running my left hand down her gorgeous body until at the same time my mouth came into contact with the barely-big-enough bra cup that barely held her huge left breast and my left hand came into contact with her clit. What I found was that she was so wet she had soaked a patch through those devilish panties and into my jeans. First I used my other hand to pull aside her bra cup and used my mouth to suck her nipple, occasionally using my tongue to flick the tip and using my teeth to lightly bite what I didn’t lick. Then, whilst she arched her back at the feeling of my tongue on her nipple, I began to rub her clit from outside her panties. She gasped then, loudly. I looked up at her from where I was giving so much attention to her nipple and saw that her head was tilted back, with her mouth open and her eyes wide. I grinned again and began to bite her nipple a little harder, she likes it like that sometimes, and this was definitely one of those times!

As she fell back on to the bed from arching her back, I used my thumb to pull the slim fabric of her panties aside and plunged my fingers into her soaking pussy, she gasped again, pulling me closer to her and rubbing my back with both hands as she became absorbed in the feeling. When I started to curl my fingers to rub the inside of her pussy walls she began to shake slightly and her eyes rolled back in her head, I recognised the signs of her first orgasm and immediately pulled out of her. She instantly moaned “oh no no no no! I was so close!” “I know baby,” I replied, “that’s why I pulled out, you won’t be cumming for a while yet!” then I slowed everything to mind-numbingly slow groping, I played with her nipples slowly, as before, circling her areola with my tongue and giving occasional bites to her nipple, but it was down below that I knew I could drive her crazy. I circled her pussy folds with my fingers, slowly moving closer to her clit and the hood that hid it. Then, after only a few seconds of this teasing torture, she grabbed my wrist and forced my fingers inside her, she groaned again and her eyes rolled back in her head. I took the message and started to pump 3 fingers in and out of her, but at the same time I used my right hand to slowly feel its way down her body until it rested just above her clit, then I swapped my left hand for my right for a few seconds, getting my fingers soaked from her juices and swapped them again, returning my left hand to stroking her inner walls. I then used my newly soaked hand to massage her clit whilst curling my fingers inside of her. Her back arched again and my mouth came off her nipple with the sound of a plunger coming off a wall, but I only increased the rate of which I rubbed her clit. Although it didn’t seem like it, 15 minutes had already gone past since she first stood in her new lingerie, and now it had more stains on it than my childhood wank sock.

Since so much time had passed, I decided that now would be a good time for her first orgasm of the day, since my mouth was free, I began to kiss down her front, passed her belly button and down towards her crotch, then I took my right hand off her clit and buried my tongue into her crotch. Whilst still pumping my fingers in and out of her, I began to lick her clit in anticlockwise circles, something I know drives most women mad. Eva is no exception. She moaned, loud and clear, I was sure at that point that my flatmates would hear, but right then, I couldn’t even care less. I didn’t have to wait long before she came, what must have been only a minute later, she clamped her thighs on either side of my head and tied her fingers in my hair, a second later than that, she screamed “OH SHITTTTTTT!” and I felt a huge shudder vibrate from her crotch, up her spine and into her skull. My fingers increased their rhythm and became even more soaked as she came. As soon as she had, she began to release my head and I immediately decided it was time to start fucking her. I knelt on the bed and began to undo my jeans, then I had to sit down to pull them off but once I did my fully hard stiff-as-a-rock 8” boner stuck out, ready to plough into this goddamn cute horny blonde. I grabbed both of her ankles and shuffled closer, putting them on my shoulders as I did so and slowly guided my cock into her (no condom was used – she was on the pill.) I could feel every centimetre of my dick sliding into her, she was so damn warm and wet but incredibly tight, I slowly bottomed out inside her, I could see her slight suppressed grimace, a side-effect of my wide girth, I gave her a second to get used to me and then slowly slid out of her. I repeated this two more times before I began to forcefully pick up the pace, within seconds I was pounding her as fast as I had been fingering her earlier. Her eyes rolled back into the back of her skull again and her mouth circled into a small O.

I was in heaven, I began to recite lyrics, as I often do, to stop myself from cumming, but I couldn’t ignore what I was feeling, I desperately wanted to suck on her nipples again though, so I stopped and lifted her towards me, after a half-second of fumbling behind her back with my left hand I threw her now unclasped bra away and bent forward to suck her right nipple, the one I had neglected earlier so cruelly. I was still inside her, so I resumed my pace of fucking that soon had her tilting her head back and staring at the headboard once again. As I came back for air I was struck by the best sight in the world, something I had almost forgotten about, with every thrust of my pelvis, pushing my dick further into her, her free tits bounced up and down in tune with the rhythm. I stared at the beauty of the spectacle, and almost as a reward for her sexiness, I used my left hand to once again rub her clit whilst simultaneously fucking her. She moaned again, even louder and breathed “yes, please don’t stop that baby, that’s just where I need it!” I grinned again and used my right hand to slide up her body until it rested on her left nipple where I began to pinch and twist it until, only a few seconds later, she exclaimed with a great deal of urgency: “I’m Cumming, oh my god I’m gonna CUMMMMMM!!”

Now, I hope you won’t think less of me for this, with us only been going at it for half an hour or so, but when she cums with my dick in her, her pussy clamps down on my shaft and it’s so incredibly difficult to stop myself from cumming. And so when she exclaimed “I’m Cumming”, I began to cum with her. “Me too” I grunted, “ogh cum with me baby” she whispered and a second later, began to shake. At the feeling of her orgasm I too began to cum, the sensations ripping through me like a tidal wave, we both pumped away for another minute or so, but soon enough we both fell down onto the bed and grinned at each other, we lay there for minutes, saying nothing, with my cock still inside her along with my cum and hers.

All I will say is this: sex-deprivation makes for the best fucking.

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2012-05-19 00:47:20
as far as you know, lol really trusting are ya??? lol jk good story bro


2012-02-10 17:51:49
@ lovesyoungpussy
I'm sorry, but this really is a true story, I can't write anything that hasn't happened for real, and as far as I know, thats not happening.


2012-02-06 17:09:55
continue with the story only have it revealed that while he's away at college she's fucking his best friend secretly.

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