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This chapter sees the beginnings of some changes, particularly for Rick and Phil and their relationship with Rick's sluts. Carole really gets into the swing of things and helps the girl's turn the tables for an evening, with some interesting results!

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We arrived home and Carole’s car was parked in the drive so I headed inside, keen to see how she and Bec had enjoyed their shopping trip, and more than a little interested in what they had brought.

As I’ve mentioned before Bec has sensational taste in clothing, especially lingerie and sexy outfits, and had updated Mom’s wardrobe to reflect our new liberated lifestyle. She had a real eye for classy-sexy style, and considering she was only fourteen I could see a future for her in fashion as the outfits she and Mom wore got my attention every time!

Carole came over and gave me a long hug and a deep kiss while Bec gave Phil a similar welcome, but before I could ask about their morning Mom took them by the hands and whisked them into the kitchen. “We’ll be back in a minute guys! Take a seat and we’ll make lunch. You have to keep your strength up for tonight!” She smiled over her shoulder as she led Bec and Carole away.

Phil and I exchanged WTF looks, and he flicked on the TV while I grabbed a couple of Cokes. We settled in to watch a baseball game and Phil was keen to talk about our encounter with Roxy. “Can I ask you something?” He enquired, and when I assured him that was ok he continued. “I was really surprised when you told Roxy you might not call her. Don’t get me wrong, I respect you were honest with her but she was one hot looking babe, even dressed the way she was. I mean, if she was dressed nice with makeup and her hair done she’d be an absolute knockout!”

I thought about this briefly before I replied. “That’s true man, but…….if you think about it………things are happening really fast, and I don’t want them getting out of control.” He gave me a curious look. “Look, we’re having an amazing time with Mom and Bec. We get to fuck them however we want whenever we want, I mean, how many guys can honestly say that! Now Carole is here too, and do you see her going home tomorrow and never coming back again?”

“She’ll be back man!” He replied enthusiastically. “I’d love to that sure about winning the lottery!”

I nodded in agreement. “That’s precisely my point Phil! When Carole showed up last night my first thought was to call you and get you over here, and I would have been fucked if you hadn’t picked up or been busy or something. That would have meant one cock for three cunts and that doesn’t add up. We all like to think were studs and can cum forever but I’ve gotta tell you, four fucks, maybe five on a good day, and I’m done! The other thing is, I’m really wondering how things will go with Carole.”

“Not sure I follow you buddy, what do you mean?” He asked.

“Well, she’s bought some hot clothes, shaved her pussy and had it pierced. Don’t you wonder how she’s going to explain that to Coach Bradley? Kinda hard to hide details that like that isn’t it! And is she going to be happy to let him fuck her again? We’ve gotta face the fact that we may have started something that could end badly for her family, and while she’s more than capable of making her own decisions I’m not feeling that good about how it could end up.”

Mom brought in a big plate of sandwiches and realized we were in the middle of something, so she gave us each a smile, blew us kisses and headed back to the kitchen.

Phil was looking thoughtful. “Yeah.” He breathed. “I guess I’ve just been enjoying things and thinking about myself. I hadn’t considered that side of things but you’re right, it’s got the potential to be a serious crash-and-burn!”

I nodded and continued. “I’d be bullshitting if I said I wasn’t flattered about Roxy’s offer and who knows, I might call her sometime and invite her to come over. But I think we need to see how things go here first, at least for the next couple of weeks.”

“You’re 100% right, I can see where you are coming from now.” He responded. “If you invited Roxy over and she wanted more, that could create problems. Your Mom seemed to enjoy knowing Roxy was watching us fuck, but it could be different if she wanted to join in.”

“You got it man. Look, this all started when Mom told me she wanted to be my cum-bucket, and that’s exactly how she put it to me. So she made the first move, not me. Then Bec came home and caught me fucking Mom’s ass, and when she got over the shock she decided she wanted to join us. Sure, with Carole we blackmailed her into fucking us, but she made the decision to come back for more, we had nothing to do with it. We really need to keep this in perspective otherwise we could fuck up big time. All three girls like us to treat them like sluts and fuck them hard and dirty and even piss on them, but who’s really in control here? If they turned around and said “no more!” what do you think is going to happen? We go back to jerking off over porn, or trying to get some girl at school to put out, that’s what, and I have no interest in that anymore!”

“Fuck man, me neither!” Phil replied. “I was really hoping you’d call me and ask me over. No way I’d want to go back!”

“Phil, when I first asked if you wanted to join us and help Bec and I fuck Justin over, I had no idea it would keep going. But I asked you because I figured I could trust you to keep this between us, and because I honestly thought you were a cool guy. Nothing’s happened to make me regret that, and I really enjoy hanging with you! We just need to remember that plenty of guys would give a fortune to be where we are, but it only works because everyone is getting what they want. I figure if we are going to bring in anyone else we put it to a vote first, and it would have to be unanimous. If one of us isn’t happy about it then we don’t go there. It’s not as if there aren’t plenty of other things we haven’t tried yet!”

He gave me a broad smile. “You got that right! Fucking your Mom at the lake was amazing! I think I could get to like outdoor sports!!!”

We left it at that and enjoyed our lunch and watched the game. The girls were still in the kitchen, and while we couldn’t make out what they were saying there was plenty of laughter which had me curious. I hadn’t forgotten Mom’s veiled suggestion on the way back from the lake, so I headed through on the pretense of getting fresh drinks. As soon as I walked in the conversation stopped, so I went behind Mom, put my hands around her waist and pulled her back against me. She tilted her head back as I kissed her neck. “Exactly what are you sluts up to?” I asked. “And don’t insult my intelligence by telling me nothing!”

“Just boring girl-talk Sir!” Mom suggested, clearly trying to brush me off and making a lousy job of it!

That earned her a slap across the nipple which got her attention. “Ohhh….I love it when you do that!” She hissed. “We’re planning something special for you, and I’ll tell you if that’s what you want, but it will spoil the surprise!”

“You are just a fucking tease aren’t you bitch!” I smiled. “Are you planning on having me walk around with a hard-on all afternoon? I suppose you cunts are willing co-conspirators as well?” I asked Bec and Carole.

Carole came over and kissed me. “More than willing Sir!” She breathed in my ear. “We have something very, very special planned for you. And we haven’t forgotten about Phil either!”

Bec decided to chip in. “Sir, can you please allow us to keep this a surprise?” She asked. “Just think about it as fucking with a blindfold on. You something fantastic is going to happen, you just don’t know what!”

Teasing a teenager like this was nothing short of cruel and payback was going to be a bitch, but as I said to Phil, it works best if everyone gets what they want so I really didn’t mind. I went to the refrigerator and grabbed a couple of pre-mixed cans of Bourbon and Coke and then faced my teasing trio. “Ok you sluts, I’ll go along…..for now, but it had better be good!”

Mom smiled. “If it’s only good we’ll be disappointed, it’s going to be fucking fantastic! Now, can you please get out of the kitchen so we can get things underway…..Sir!”

I shook my head and smiled as I headed back to Phil and catch up on the game. He saw me coming and gave a curious glance.

“Man, I have no idea what they’re doing, but I think we may be in for an interesting night!” I told him.

Phil gave me a huge smile. “Rick, every night at your place is interesting!”

That had us laughing so hard the girls popped their heads around to see what we were doing, so I gave Mom a broad smile. “Just boring guy-talk….bitch!”

She winked and they went back in the kitchen, and we got back to the game.

It must have been around four o’clock when the game finished, and I was thinking about another round of drinks when Bec and Carole walked in. To say they looked stunning simply didn’t come close, in fact I couldn’t think of a superlative that adequately described how hot they looked! Bec was wearing a traditional sexy French-maid costume, complete with short tulle skirt that just concealed her cunt, white lace top that provided a teasing glimpse of her pert B-cup tits and proud nipples, and black stockings that accentuated her slim legs and led my gaze down to a pair of killer black stilettos. Her hair was up formal-style with bangs framing either side of her face, smoky eye-shadow and mascara that made her eyes look enormous, and sultry make up. Her lip gloss was a bright cherry-red, and she was carrying a silver try with two long-stem glasses of wine.

“Good evening Sir, good evening Phil.” She greeted us before looking at me.

Sir, with your permission we’d like to commence this evening’s activities. May I offer you some refreshments?”

I nodded and we took our glasses before she placed the tray on the side-table. As she moved back to stand beside Carole I marveled at how mature she looked. I could understand how men found themselves in serious trouble for having sex with underage girls, as I would swear on a stack of bibles she was at least eighteen, if not older!

But if I was impressed with Bec’s appearance it was Carole who captivated me completely. A ruffled yellow halter dress that shimmered as she moved hung from her tanned shoulders, and led my eyes downward through the deep V of skin between her breasts until the fabric finally rejoined just above her navel. It was so short that I could just see her glistening pussy lips below the hemline, and a pair of white stay-up stockings again led my gaze down to a pair of matching yellow pumps with heels that must have been five inches high. Like Bec, her hair was up, her make-up smoldered at me, and matching drop earrings and neck chain added the finishing touches. I had no idea that one ensemble could scream “Come Fuck Me!” and whisper “I Am Pure Class” at the same time, but this one did. Bec had achieved a new level of perfection and I made a mental note to compliment and reward her later.

Bec spoke again. “Sir, I would like to present your new slut for your approval. She has been prepared in accordance with your wishes, and asks for your indulgence this evening so that she can demonstrate her commitment to you.” As she spoke Bec lifted the hem of Carole’s dress, displaying her freshly-shaved and glistening cunt to me. Carole slowly turned and Bec separated her ass checks allowing me to confirm she had a butt-plug nestled tightly in her shitter. She continued to turn slowly until she was facing me again. “She also has new accoutrements she wishes to show you, may I demonstrate Sir?”

I wasn’t sure I could speak, so I merely nodded. Bec eased one of Carole’s shoulder straps to the side, and displayed a freshly pierced nipple with a gold ring to my increasingly lustful gaze. Allowing the folds of the dress to fall back in place she repeated her teasing display with Carole’s other breast, which was similarly adorned.

“Your new slut wishes to know if Sir approves of her new jewelry.” Bec added.

I cleared my throat before speaking. “I most certainly approve, thank you! I imagine that would have been painful for you?” I enquired.

Carole hesitated before speaking for the first time since they entered the room. “I believe that is of no consequence Sir as I was more than happy to do it, and I hope it pleases you.”

I appreciated the effort she had gone to, but she still had to learn that when I asked a question I expected an answer, so I told her so. “I understand that slut, but you haven’t answered my question!”

She was surprised at my response but recovered quickly. “I apologize Sir! Yes, it was painful, particularly with the second piercing as I knew how much the first one hurt. However……it was also…..exciting? Even now my nipples are quite painful, but the sensations are extremely erotic, and I have to say I’m enjoying the feeling!” She smiled.

I smiled back at her, and a quick peek at her slippery gash confirmed she certainly was enjoying the feelings! This was interesting indeed, and I was sure some serious nipple and breast torture would be something we could both enjoy; at least once she had recovered from her encounter with a needle this morning. A session with some candle wax flashed through my imagination and my cock twitched at the lustful thought.

Bec spoke softly again. “With your permission Sir, we’d like to take you upstairs now?” I had what felt like a tent pole in my shorts and knew moving was going to be difficult, but it was going to happen at some point so I stood and permitted Carole to take me by the hand. Bec turned to Phil. “Tanya will be with you shortly Phil.” She said with a sensuous smile. “I believe she has something VERY special in mind for you tonight!” I would find out later just how special Tanya’s surprise had been!

I gave Phil a wink and Bec took my glass of wine, leading Carole and I upstairs. Now I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but after Mom and I had been fucking for a month or so she insisted we swap bedrooms. I protested at the time but she was adamant, telling me that I was the man of the house so I should be in the master bedroom with the huge ensuite bathroom, so eventually I gave in.

Bec opened my door, and I had to stop to take everything in as my sluts exchanged knowing smiles. Soft music was playing on my computer and lit candles were everywhere, bathing the room in a subtle glow. I could smell something, Sandalwood or perhaps Ylang Ylang, I wasn’t sure but the effect was simultaneously soothing yet highly erotic. I felt a gentle tug on my hand and realized Carole wanted me to enter the room. As I did Bec left, closing the door behind her as Carole led me into my bathroom.

This room had received similar preparation with candles positioned around, and the bath three-quarters full with frothy bubbles floating lazily on the surface. I couldn’t believe my sluts had achieved all of this in a couple of hours, as it would have taken me days and the result wouldn’t have come close. What’s more, I’d been sitting downstairs all afternoon and had no idea!

Carole eased my t-shirt over my head, and I was about to slide my shorts down and give my severely confined cock some air when she lightly slapped me on hand stopping me, and then took care of that herself. “You have given us all so much Sir!” She whispered in my ear. “Tonight we ask you to relax, enjoy, and please permit us to show our appreciation.”

She led me to the bath and helped me immerse myself in the scented water, before sensuously removing her shoes, stockings and dress in a seductive semi-striptease before joining me. She slid in behind me and lay back against the edge of the bath, gently pulling me back until I was lying against her. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the many sensations washing over me; the soothing warmth of water, the soft music wafting in from the bedroom, the subtle scent of the perfumed candles, and Carole’s arms holding me to her.

I had been pampered by Mom and Bec in differing ways many times, but this was completely new. I was receiving a lesson in a whole new level of sensuality, and it was an amazing experience that I don’t think I could adequately describe. Sure it was sexy as hell, but there was so much more to it than that. My cock was as hard as a steel bar, and as I brushed my fingers over the head I could feel my pre-cum flowing freely. And yet I was in no hurry to bury my shaft in a warm, compliant hole; I was happy to give my sluts a night of control knowing that I would be taken care of. I briefly wondered if Phil was enjoying himself half as much as I was, and smiled in the knowledge that Mom would be taking good care of him.

Phil was forgotten as Carole’s hands slid slowly up my chest until she reached my nipples, and she started alternating from one to the other, using her soapy fingers to stretch each one with gradually increasing pressure. There seemed to be a direct line between my nipples and my cock, as I’d always enjoyed giving and receiving nipple play and it never failed to increase my excitement.

“You are an amazing, sexy, smoking-hot woman!” I groaned and leaned further back against Carole. “I’m just letting you know that if you keep this up, I think I’m going to cum.”

She giggled in my ear like a naughty schoolgirl. “Really? I could make you cum just by playing with your nipples?” I nodded in agreement. “You mean……like this!” She whispered as she stretched them both away from my chest, and squeezed them hard between her thumbs and forefingers.

I don’t know if she thought I was joking, but she soon found out I was serious when a huge jet of cum flew from my cock and hit us both in the face. Several following spurts spattered us again and again until both our faces were covered in thick, creamy cum, and my stream finally slowed and finished draining on my chest.

“Oh my God!” She hissed in my ear. “That was so hot!!! I thought you were joking!”

I chuckled as she started licking the cum from my face with long, slow swipes of her tongue. “I did warn you didn’t I!”

She paused for a moment. “I think I’ve found your Kryptonite, Superman!” She giggled, and then went back to cleaning me.

At that point Bec returned with a glass of wine for Carole, one for herself and a top-up for me. She saw the cum on our faces and smiled at Carole. “I guess you couldn’t wait for me, could you!”

“Guess not!” Was Carole’s straightforward reply, as she picked up the soap and a washcloth and started cleaning my body. When I was done she washed herself, respectfully declining my offer to do so, and then asked suggested we move to the bedroom.

Bec was already in the bedroom, and Carole had me stand still as she toweled me dry, and then took care of herself. Bec had been busy, as a large towel had been spread over the bed and she had extinguished several candles to bring the light back to a very sensual level. She was sitting on chair beside the bed sipping her wine, her legs spread to provide a clear view of her sweet, teen pussy. When she saw us she slid one finger deep into her mouth, her cheeks sucking inward as though she was deep-throating a cock, and then she started sliding it up and down her gash in a long, slow strokes. “I hope you enjoyed your bath Sir!” She hissed.

I gave her a huge smile. “I think that was the best bath I’ve ever had, thanks to you both!” I responded as I turned to face Carole. “So what now, seeing as you seem to be in charge tonight?”

“Lay face down on the bed please Sir, Bec is going to provide you with….some visual stimulation, just to make sure you don’t go to sleep while I give you a massage.” She whispered to me.

I was starting to get the hang of this, as their every moment and action had been slow and gentle. It was as though we were savoring a fine wine or a perfect meal, the emphasis was on enjoying every mouthful, not rushing through to get to the next course. I honestly didn’t expect to cum in the bath from nipple-play alone, and I had been as surprised as Carole that it had happened, and that I’d cum as much as I did! The bonus was I no longer had a twitching cock screaming for release and I could enjoy this experience without any distractions.

I lay on the bed and Carole knelt beside me, and soon I felt her rubbing massage oil into my feet and ankles. I moved my head and smiled at Bec, who was watching us through slitted eyes as she slowly stoked her increasingly wet pussy. I loved my little sister and really enjoyed how easily she juiced up.

I reached over, figuring I just reach her cunt if I stretched a little, only to have her slap my hand away as Carole had earlier. “Tonight Sir, you can look but you don’t get to touch!” She teased. “At least…not until later perhaps!” She added with her trademark sexy smile.

I laughed at her comment. “You cunts have got this all worked out haven’t you!”

Carole replied. “Yes we do Sir. So the sooner you get used to the idea the more fun we can have!”

She worked up legs, again agonizingly slowly. She seemed to able to feel every knot and tight muscle, and would work on that area until it was totally relaxed before moving further. By the time she was massaging my ass cheeks I felt like a bowl of jello, and when she poured oil in my butt crack and eased a finger up my ass I was in a state of complete surrender. As Carole started working on my lower back I was still watching Bec, who was flushed and had two fingers deep in her dripping gash while her other hand was tweaking and pulling her nipples. She looked me deep in the eyes as she cupped her tit and stretched up toward her mouth. She tugged until she could just reach her nipple with her teeth, and then released her hand so her breast was stretched to an amazing extent.

“Oh God Sis!” I groaned. “You are so smokin’ hot! You are such a teasing little cunt aren’t you?” She nodded her reply, at least as far as she could without losing her grip on her stretched nipple. “Cum for me you little slut! Cum for me and see if you can spray me from there! Come on you slutty little cunt-fucker, show me how far you can pump your fuck-juice!!!” I roared in encouragement.

Her face and tits were flushed almost as red as her lip-gloss, and she was grunting and groaning as her fingers slammed into her oozing gash. Her breath was coming in gasps that were getting shorter and shorter, and while Carole hadn’t stopped I could sense she was watching Bec as closely as I was. Suddenly Bec opened her mouth and released her nipple, throwing her head back and jamming her fingers deep up to the knuckles as she came. “Ohhh Fuck…..ohhh Fuck!…ohhh….Fuck! FUCK!! FUCKKKKK!!!”

To my surprise and delight she succeeded in meeting my challenge, and her first spray of cum gushed past her fingers and spattered on my face, giving me my second cum-facial for the evening! Her second spurt also hit the target, with the next only just falling short. I used my tongue to savor her taste as Carole reached my shoulders, and inhaled deeply to absorb Bec’s scent filling the room. There is nothing that smells as intoxicating as a woman when she cums!

Carole leant down and whispered for me to roll onto my back, and she started massaging my feet and ankles. Once again she found every knot and tight muscle and eased them to a state of total relaxation before moving up my body. I had temporarily forgotten about Bec until we heard her gasp, and I looked over to see that her first cum was merely an appetizer. Her cunt muscles had relaxed from her recent cum, and using her oozing juices as lubricant she had managed to thrust her entire fist into her tight little fuck-box. I could see her wrist sliding against her pussy lips, and she was rotating her hand slowly as she pushed in a little deeper. Her eyes were shut tight as she gave herself over to decadent self-pleasure, and I could feel my cock growing as I watched her wanton display.

Lustful sensations were coming at me from all directions, as Carole applied a lip-lock to my cock head and carefully massaged the shaft of my cock and my balls. When my cock was rock hard and covered in oil she allowed me to slide free from her lips, and I looked down to see her easing the butt-plug from her sphincter’s tight embrace. Bec must have been watching this as interrupted her own pleasure to come over and wrap her small hand around the base of my rigid cock. She held it in place as Carole carefully knelt above me and started to ease down, with Bec ensuring my shaft was perfectly aligned with Carole’s gaping shit-hole. The head of my cock slid easily into Carole’s ass, and she slid down my pole in one slow movement until I was buried balls-deep. She gave herself a few seconds to adjust to my intrusion, and I looked up to see a dreamy smile on her face.

“Thank you Bec!” She hissed. “Oh shit! This feels so fucking hot, I never knew how much I would love having a hard cock deep in my ass!”

Bec gave Carole a long tongue-kiss which had my cock twitching in Carole’s shitter as I watched them. When she broke for a breath she smiled at Carole and stroked her face. “I was going to say my pleasure” She hissed. “But somehow I think the pleasure is going to be all yours! Now if you don’t mind my cunt is feeling very neglected, so I’ll go back and see how much of my arm I can slide in there!”

I watched as Bec went back to her chair and got comfortable. She spread her legs wide, tucked her fingers in close and slid her whole fist into her steaming twat in one slippery thrust. Oh man, I nearly shot my load when I saw how easily she could fist-fuck herself. It took every ounce of concentration to keep my cock under control, and I’d blown a huge load only half an hour before! She was such a hot little fuck-toy and I realized how lucky I was to have her as my sexy little sister.

I’m sure Carole could feel my fuck-stick twitching and she was careful not to move, helping me regain some semblance of control. She poured more massage oil and went back to my massaging my chest, and I was thankful she was careful not to spend too much time around my sensitive nipples. Having a sexy woman sit on my chest and give me a massage while my cock was buried deep in her hot shit-hole was an incredible mind-fuck. I was so glad I’d cum in the bath when Carole had given my nipples a work over, otherwise I think I would have just cum so hard I’d blow her head from her shoulders!

I marveled at Carole’s level of control and realized what a complex woman she was. She was just starting to throw off the shackles on her journey of sexual self-discovery, and yet she was totally focused on giving me pleasure at the expense of her own. My cock was buried deep in her ass, and yet she was comfortable just to sit there and allow me to regain some semblance of self-control before we went further. The look on her face made it clear she was experiencing control issues of her own which only made me appreciate her more, as she looked as though she was ready to give me the fucking of my life right now!

She smiled down at me as she massaged my neck and shoulders with slow sensuous movements, and started slowly grinding on my cock. In the background we could hear Bec gasping as she built up to another shuddering orgasm, and her satisfied scream as she spattered her fist with fuck-juice. Carole wiped her hands on a towel and brushed each of my eyelids ever so softly with a finger, indicating I should close my eyes, and she softly rubbed my temples.

With my eyes closed I focused on my other senses, and I was sure I could hear the liquid sounds of Bec slowly easing her hand from her sloppy cunt, and her gasp as it came free, allowing her cum to ooze down her thighs. My sense of feel also conveyed Carole’s ability to gently increase pressure on my cock by clenching and releasing her sphincter, and she was doing so while she continued to massage my forehead!

She leant down and softly kissed my closed eyelids. “I going to make you blow now Sir, and I’d just love you to fill my shit-hole with your hot, slimy cum!” She whispered in my ear. Just hearing her utter those words nearly took me there, and she pushed back on my chest until she was riding me cowgirl-style, sliding her clenched shitter up and down my shaft. I was doing my best to best to prolong the incredible sensations of heat and friction, but I knew I was fighting a losing battle. “Open your eyes baby, look at me.” She hissed.

I did so and saw her smiling down at me as she did her best to milk my cock. “I just have one word to say to you.” She groaned.

“And…what…would…that…be?” I grunted, still trying to hold back to the extent that beads of sweat were breaking out on my forehead.

She gave me a wicked smile. “Kryptonite!!!” She screamed as she gripped both my nipples and squeezed them as hard as she could! She slammed down and screamed herself as I felt her cum gushing from her cunt like a molten river of thick white lava.

“OH….MY….FUCKING….GOD!!!!” I shouted as I came, and came, and came! I was still pumping when I felt my juices ooze past my cock and down onto my balls, my heart rate was off the graph, and Carole was shuddering, moaning and squealing as she felt one spurt after another fire from cock and splash deep into her bowels. She was still trying to rip my nipples from my chest so I wrapped my arms around her neck and pulled her down to lie on top of me. Finally we stopped cumming and lay there, drenched in our sweat and fuck-juices as our heartbeats gradually slowed to something resembling normal.

“Open your eyes baby, look at me.” I told her, repeating her recent words to me. She managed to lift her head enough to look at me and I took her face in my hands. “There are no words that will describe how amazing that was, so all I can say is…thank you!”

She smiled and we kissed and she lay back down, her fingers tracing lazy circles on my shoulders. I have no idea how long we just lay there, it could have been minutes, it may have been hours. My cock had decided its work was done but it was still nestled in a warm, wet place, and Carole was in no hurry to set it free. Finally there was a none-too-subtle cough from Bec. “Ummm….while you two were busy Mom came up and told me dinner will be ready in ten minutes, and it kinda won’t reheat that well!”

“Well I know what we’re having and we shouldn’t be late…Sir!” Carole teased.

Bec spoke again. “Carole….you were going to teach that….that new technique you told me about?”

Carole smiled at her. “I did promise to do that, didn’t I!” She said, reluctantly easing off my shaft. She walked over to Bec unsteadily. “Oh God, my legs just don’t want to work, I guess they’re fucked too!” She giggled, and then she and Bec were whispering away, looking back at me as they did so.

Bec was nodding as Carole gave her instructions, until the lesson was complete and they came back to the bed. She took hold of my soft shaft and held it up. Carole was lying beside me. “I don’t know if I can take any more.” I told her honestly, as I was totally fucked out.

“Shhhh.” She hissed. “You’ll love this!”

Bec opened her mouth wide and just as Carole had done this morning, she engulfed my shaft without touching me until I reached the entrance to her throat. Talk about no secrets, now I had to deal with Carole teaching my other sluts her new sex-tricks! Bec looked at Carole who nodded in encouragement. Her tiny mouth closed around the base of shaft and her tongue went to work, cleaning around my cock as her mouth slid ever-so-slowly up the length of my shaft. When she reached the head she gripped the base again and gave the tip of my shaft a soft kiss.

She smiled at me. “Was that ok Sir?” She asked.

“More than ok, much more, but I’m going to have to kill the next person who touches my cock! At least, until I’ve had time to recover!” I groaned.

Bec started rubbing my cheek playfully. “Aww Sir! Don’t tell me you’re all fucked out!!!” She giggled.

“Yes!” I laughed in reply. “Fucked, drained, finished….and famished! Can we go and have dinner now?”

Carole took my hand and we headed to the bathroom for a quick shower, but we both enjoyed washing each other and then toweling dry.

I was amazed at what I had just experienced, or perhaps blown away would be a better description. Two of my sexy, slutty cunts had just fucked me to a standstill, and while it had been hot, raw and verging on pure animal fuck-lust, it had also been loving and gentle. I realized I had just enjoyed my first real mind-fuck, and it had been an incredible experience. We headed down to dinner where Mom had somehow found time to prepare a seafood feast, with shrimp, lobster, crab claws and enough bottles of wine to ensure no one went thirsty.

Mom’s outfit was completely different to Bec’s and Carole’s but was seriously hot just the same. She was wearing a black leather bustier that laced up at the front and had low cups that supported her breasts and provided free access to her cherry-red pierced nipples. She either hadn’t bothered with panties or Phil had removed them earlier, as her cunt and plugged ass were on proud display. However it was her footwear that really got my attention, as she wore a pair of killer black thigh-high boots that finished just below her glistening pussy. Cum was smeared all over her face and tits, so I gave Phil a smile and a wink knowing he had enjoyed himself, and he smiled back, shaking his hand in a “smoking-hot!” gesture.

We attacked Mom’s banquet like a horde of starving refugees, with any discussion at a minimum as we satisfied our hunger. Once the hunger pangs had been silenced things returned to normal, and the conversation and wine flowed freely as we recovered from a very satisfying evening. Mom stood and started clearing the table, that is until I called a halt. “What are you doing slut?” I asked her.

She stopped immediately, wondering what she had done wrong. “Ummm, I thought I’d clear the dishes Sir. I’m sorry, have I done something wrong?” She said quietly.

I looked at Phil. “Has your night been half as good as mine?” I asked him.

He smiled at Mom and whistled. “I’ve had the most amazing night Sir! I couldn’t begin to tell you how good it was!”

I looked back at Mom. “Ok, that settles it!” Mom hadn’t moved, still wondering what she’d done wrong until I gave her a broad smile. “There is no way you sluts are going to clean up after giving us such a great night. Now fuck off into the den and relax, Phil and I are going to take of this mess, right buddy?” I asked him.

“Least we could do!” He responded, getting to work.

Mom came over and kissed my cheek. “You really had me going there for a second!” She smiled. “Thank you Sir!” With that the girls topped up their glasses and headed into the den.

Phil and I got to work, and for once it was my curiouisity that got the better of me. “So buddy, how did it go with Mom?”

“Man! Your Mom is fucking awesome!!! You saw the outfit she had on right? Well, when she walked into the den that’s what she was wearing, but she was also stroking a strap-on cock!”

Mom with a strap-on, now that was worth a picture for the family album!

He continued. “She told me about what Bec and Carole were doing for you, and assured me she going to make sure I didn’t miss out. She gave me a great massage, and she must have spent half an hour greasing and finger-fucking my shitter. I don’t know how many times I nearly blew my load, but I was sweating just trying to keep my balls under control!”

I laughed at the similarities, having just been through the same thing myself!

“She kept whispering to me not to cum yet, and I kept groaning that it was gonna happen, like real soon! Finally she sat on a chair, stroking her strap-on and looking at me with those big, beautiful eyes, then she told me come over and sit on her cock! So I did just that, easing down until I’d taken the whole thing, and then she covered her hand in lube and started jacking my fuck-stick. She started off real slow, teasing me, and then gradually built up speed. She never took her eyes off me and kept telling me she wanted a face-full of cum, she wanted to see me blow a really big load, and she couldn’t wait to taste my fuck-juice.”

“So buddy.” I asked, knowing the answer before I asked the question. “How long did you last under that kind of pressure?”

“Not fucking long!” He laughed. “Man, that woman milked my cock so hard she literally sucked the cum out! When I blew she aimed straight at her face and she was covered in cum, it was dripping down everywhere! I was so hot I was still pumping, so she aimed it at me and I wore a face-full as well! You had to see us buddy, we were dripping fuck-juice everywhere! When I’d finally finished we licked each other clean and then shared a sensational cum-swap kiss. I thought about what you said earlier, and how this only works because everyone gets what they want, so I slid off her toy cock, ripped it off her, threw her on the floor and went down on her.”

“She would’ve loved that buddy!” I enthused.

“You bet! I was tonguing and licking and kissing her greasy fuck-hole for ages, and she just kept pulling my head in deeper as she painted my face. I lost count of how many times she came, but I couldn’t get enough, her cum tastes so fucking sweet! I sucked her clit until it was sticking out like a little cock so I went down on her and till she screamed at me to stop!”

“She does taste good doesn’t she!” I agreed.

He smiled. “I was determined to repay her for showing me such a great time. Man! Your Mom is soooo fucking hot! Anyway we just lay there for a while, sweating like crazy and covered in cum, it was fantastic! Then she helped me up and asked me to help her get dinner ready. After that I would have walked barefoot over hot coals if she’d asked me to!”

“Kinda makes you appreciate how lucky we are doesn’t it!” I responded.

“Man, this is like something out of a dream. I would never tell anyone what goes on here, and if I did they’d tell me I was full of shit anyway!” We surveyed the kitchen which was sparkling clean and ready for breakfast tomorrow, so I switched on the dishwasher and we topped up our glasses and went to join the girls.

Mom and Carole were half-laying on the couch so I went and slid in between them, wrapping an arm around each of them as I gave them a kiss. Bec was lounging in an armchair so Phil went over to her. “Room for one more Bec?” He enquired.

She cocked an eyebrow at him and responded in her sexy-tease voice. “Well big boy, that depends! Are we talking inside or outside?” She smiled suggestively, and gave her cunt a stroke with her finger.

“Oh fuck!” Phil groaned as he looked down at his limp cock. “Outside….definitely outside!”

She giggled back at him. “Oh…’s all fucked out is he? Oh well, you can join me anyway and we’ll see if anything pops up later!” With that she eased to one side to give Phil some room.

We sat around for an hour or so until Phil started yawning, which quickly set me off, and soon Mom and Carole looked at each other and decided it was time to go to bed. Bec jumped up and took Phil by the hand. “You’re sleeping with me tonight stud!” She laughed as they headed upstairs.

Carole stroked my face. “Poor darling!” She said to me. “I guess you’re stuck with us two old housewives then!”

As I led them to my room I knew one thing for sure, I was A VERY LUCKY GUY!!!

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