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This particular story takes place during my first semester of under grad at college, a story about a young man who by chance of circumstance has an eye-opening experience. I was in a poly-sci class when I saw a petite blonde come into my parifieral vision. She wore a denim skirt, a white tee with band writing on it also a sexy pair of heels to match the shirt. To my surprise she sat directly infront of me, how lucky could I be that the best looking girl in class chose to sit near me. So from then on she sat in the same spot, after a week or two of holding my tongue, I decided to talk to her after class.

I was nervous, shoot she was kate Hudson in the face and had the body of a model, “So how do you like the class?”
She replied, “its political science, does anyone like it”
“Well you may be right but wanting to be in Law, I have to be at least paying somewhat attention during class. But with you sitting in front of me, does tend to cause a fair amount of distraction.” I replied with a large smile on my face.
Almost rolling her eyes at my comment she said, “well I’m sorry I cause you problems in class, but my name is Naomi. I also was curious, since its your major, if you could help me out with studying?”
“Sure, I’d love to help ya out with anything and by the way I’m Dan,” I replied quickly before exchanging numbers with the girl.

I went on my way, heading to another class all the while just waiting to hear from her about studying, at the end of that day I received a call. It was her, she had called the same day she gave me her number, I thought it had to be just about classwork. After finishing on the phone I was told that we could study tomorrow at the library, and that she wanted to get food too if possible. To me it felt like a date, with some time spent towards getting homework, so I decided I would put on the charm. A day went by and I called her to make sure we would still meet at the set time, which was still the plan.

At this time I was talking to my cousin she had asked me about the evening, “so what are you up to this evening?”
“Well I was asked by a girl in our poly/sci to help her study, so probably that,” I stated to my older cousin who I looked up to.
She looked at me with some disgust, “okay, but you and I both know, you copy off my tests and I practically do your homework for you.”
“This is known by us, and not her. Besides we both know I’m smart enough to do the work I just choose to be lazy and give a minimal effort,” I said.
She replied “I hope the best to you but mainly her, don’t let her fail though.”

After getting back to my dorm I caught up on some required reading for a history class I was taking at the time, when I heard a knock on the door. I figured it to be a friend, but was surprised to see Naomi, but this time she looked drop dead. A pair of black leather skin tight jeans, a gray blouse with a black vest to match, also something like 4 inch black pumps, it felt more like a video shoot than a residence hall at a university.

“So Dan I was thinking that we could grab a bite before we start to hit the books?” Naomi asked with a cute smirk.
Being that I had hit up my next door neighbors vaporizer, “Naomi I would love grabbing a bite, I’m starving.”
We walked over to the food area of the university center, I got a slice while she had Spanish cuisine. After something around an hour of eating and talking, it was decided that we needed to head to the library. Something after about two and a half hours working on local and state laws my interests became more occupied on my study partner.

As we decided to take a break from cramming for an upcoming test Naomi looked at me deep, “so I maybe be out of bounds in asking this but are you seeing anyone currently?”
Analyzing what was the correct answer to such a simple question, even though I had been seeing a few other ladies, only one of which was somewhat serious, but being that I’m a guy, “I am not really seeing anyone exclusively and what about yourself, I’m sure a pretty girl like you can have her choice?”
“Well I was recently seeing someone but it ended about as fast as it started,” Naomi said.
I was puzzled at this I thought maybe it was just a one time thing or the guy was a dick maybe, and lead to “well from eating with you and spending a short time studying with you it sure seems like his loss, possibly my gain if we continue studying together.”
Naomi gave me a look I hadn’t seen, at least from her, a look of almost yearning or something along those lines, “Dan you seem very genuine, and I think you’re an attractive guy so if things went anywhere I’d want to be upfront with you.”
As she said this I had no idea what she meant, “I guess that is a good thing, being upfront, but what do you mean?”
She looked almost nervous at this point, “I have had some many chances with what seem like great guys until they find out one thing and they run for the hills, I’m just, I’m different.”
“Naomi, I like to think variety is the spice of life and besides I’m not normal, who would want to be?”
“Okay you to be understanding and kind, so here goes, I’m not totally a girl you could say,” Naomi said while almost welling up.
I took a moment to gather my thoughts as to not sound like an asshole, “I don’t know exactly what you mean, but I’m sure its fine.”

After that, I decided to hit the head to regroup my thoughts, I grabbed us coffees too but the whole time I pondered on what she said. I’m a small town kid and the term not totally a girl means, but how bad could it be she was gorgeous. We got back to studying and as another hour went by it was completely dark out. Naomi said that she had had all of the studying she could take for a night and asked me to walk her back to her dorm. In relation to my dorm and the library it was on the opposite end of campus, but being it was a warm evening and a gal who needed assistance I couldn’t do anything but walk with her. It took a while but we reached the front of her dorm, I told her goodbye, only to be asked up to her room.

As we reached her door again I though I had overstayed my welcome and said “Naomi, studying was great but I think I should maybe get going.”
“Like I said I would love for you to come in, maybe have a drink and just talk some more see where things go?” she asked.
I figured that a beer or two would hurt so I agreed, “Well I could come up for a while but not too.”
“So you’ve been slightly quieter since I told you what has the same reaction with most men I tell, so what is up?” Naomi said as she handed me a beer.
“I don’t think I totally know what you mean. What did you mean?” I asked nervously.
Naomi said “ like I said I’m not totally a girl, by that I am hermaphroditic.”
“Not to sound like a jerk but I don’t have an idea what that is or what exactly it entails, I am interested if you would elaborate?”
Her reply was heartfelt, “well when I was born I had and still have both sex organs, being I have a vagina like every other girl as well as a penis. A lot of the time they remove one or the other, but the surgeries can cause complications, so my folks decided to leave the way I was and raise me just like my sisters. I didn’t know I was different until I was around 5 and noticed my sisters were missing something I had.”
It took a few seconds, which felt more like minutes maybe even hours until I blurted out, “Does it work, whoa I’m sorry Naomi, but I am new to this and it just came out.”

She took a moment as well, “it works, and it can get hard when I get excited. But also having a vagina, which works too, if you were curious I can both give and take.”
“So like you have had sex with guys, where you give it, that’s cool I didn’t know that was possible,” I said with some excitement.
Naomi at this point seemed as happy as I was, “well if you think that is interesting with someone like me you could fuck my vagina and I could fuck you at the same time. But I just don’t want to get into something if it didn’t have potential, even though I’m this way it doesn’t mean I don’t want to have a family and husband one day, ya know?”
I could understand what she meant and found the first part interesting, “well I know we just met recently and have hung out this one time, but you seem to have something other girls don’t, and not the penis thing, but substance.”

With saying that sitting alone on her bed she practically leaped on top of me, giving me a deep passionate kiss. As she did this the pair of shorts I was wearing became very tight from a mind blowing erection. After a few minutes of making out, I started letting my hands roam first on her neck to her chest and then her tight stomach. A few more minutes passed with her still straddling me, and I felt something proading into my torso and thighs while she grinded on me. It finally then dawned on me that it must be her tool, which didn’t bother me as I was busy still kissing her full, luscious lips.

Twenty minutes or so had passed when she took of my shirt, which I followed quickly in doing it to her as well. To my surprise she wasn’t wearing a bra, with her small dime to penny sized aerolas that were very dark on her fair skin, to say it simply they were awesome to look and tasted even better.

Naomi got off of me and look somewhat upset then said, “Dan things are moving really fast, I just want to know that if this goes the full way that you wont bolt right afterwards, and never hear from you again?”
“Naomi, the last thing I want to do right now is go away, and if it does or does not happen I will still be interested in the a.m.”
“I just needed to make sure, because I could see us being something more than a one and done situation. Don’t want to seem needy or anything but I am a girl, comes with the territory.”
As I kissed her neck saying, “don’t worry about a thing and lets just enjoy each other’s company.”

Kissing and grinding a while longer she took off my shorts, then her pants we both sat in our under garments, both not being able to hide our erections. Without hesitation she reached into my briefs with her left hand, while with her left took my right and placed it into hers. With her rubbing my hard, long erection I followed suit by first brushing against hers as well as feeling my way down to her pussy. It was strange yet fairly awesome, now both hands on her one on dick the other on vagina. By this time she told me to lay down on my back as she began to give me oral pleasure, after a few minutes of this I had her in a 69 as I was staring straight into her pubic area.

Getting my first view, being upside of sorts, at her cock and pussy which was a great combo, her penis seemed to be smaller than mine around six inches, totally smooth and hairless as it went into a small pink vagina that smelled so sweat like honey. While she was still sucking on me I plunged in first licking at her pussy than seamlessly transitioned to kissing her on the tip of her dong. I then took it in, only the tip at first than after a few more minutes of practice and getting comfortable, I took it to the base having my nose end up in her slit. After us rolling for a while on her bed we ended up on the floor, Naomi looked up with kind eyes and motioned to me which seemed like she was ready.
After that first hour we decided that we could try out going further.

In a frenzy almost having an out of body experience I said, “Naomi I want to have sex with you really badly, but I don’t want it to just be about me. So typically what do you do or enjoy more?”
“Well, um, usually isn’t something that happens regularly it’s a hard sell after someone knows about me, but I have had it both whys where I take it from a guy or give it, I’ve had girls before too. To be honest I saw we just let it flow, start with you in me and see where and what our bodies take us to,” she said all the while looking so light and bright and fresh.
“Okay I’m game for anything baby, lets have some fun,” I said with the biggest smile on my face.

So we started and I was still on my back she climbed up onto me facing me, as she teased her pussy and her cock as well with mine before pressing the tip against her slit. I have had some tight girls in my days, but wow it was something like five minutes of coaxing before I felt her warmth. It felt as though she could’ve been a virgin, after a few minutes I had myself fully emersed in her box, with each stroke and thrust I could still feel her bumping against my pubic area. Once I bottomed out in her, we switched things up with her on bottom and her legs wrapped around my neck. As I sucked on her toes and pounded away on her I heard her let out a low moan as I felt an emense pressure near my bone, she was coming and convulsing to the point where she basically put in the scissors. As she her body finally quit her spasms and thrusts, she leaned in, kissed me and took my hand.

At this moment I still hadn’t blow my original load, when Naomi asked if I was ready for her, what did she mean? I think I had an idea, yet wasn’t exactly sure. So she led me onto her twin where I was instructed to get on all fours with my head on her pillow with my ass pointed up in the air. To ease my nerves before anything big happened, she came in from below to focus attention on my cock, all of a sudden one hand was inching towards my ass. As she began to work circles around my hole, without warning popped a digit in to the second knuckle, now that I was apparently wet and warm she then sat behind me.
She whisper into my left ear then giving it a nibble, saying it would be fine with some discomfort at first leading into extacy. Then I felt her against me, the warmth from her made the initial push hurt less. It must have been a few minutes before things were to a point where she was pumping me causing me to moan and groan in agony and enjoyment.

While switching positions me still below her but now we were facing each other and I could only smile and pull her down to kiss her deeply. A few more minutes passed with her in me, when she asked if I wanted to try a mutual fuck. This is where we’d each get some penile pleasure, I was sitting at the edge of her bed as she straddled me with her legs pointing away from mine. As she inched down onto me I felt her sliding into me, a few goes and the correct alignment and we were off to the races. We stayed intertwined and locked in the frenzy for what seemed like days, more like an hour as our noises and sounds seemed to almost mirror one another.
Naomi looked back at me with such love in her eyes, “Dan I don’t know about you but I’m so close I think we should cum at the same time.”
“That sounds great to me, just give me the signal when you’re good to go,” I said as she gave a head nod instructing to release my juices. As mine pumped into her pussy hers rushed into me and felt warm as juices began to drip out.

This was the first and not the last time I spent an evening in and with Naomi, we ended up seeing a lot of each other in fact.

Hope you enjoy this is I get positive comments and feedback I could maybe tell more.

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2012-02-07 00:34:25
can't see how they could fuck each other at the same time being as how she fucked his ass, but, still a pretty good story

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2012-02-06 20:46:27
Good story, but it would be impossible for them to fuck each other at the same time. I enjoyed all the same though.


2012-02-06 14:37:10
very interesting concept, and very nicely written. Please continue the good work.

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