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Author's: This story is completely made up, names, events, etc. It's something I decided to write due to the fact that half of this story does happen in real life, while the other half (murder) only happens part of the time as a result. Criticism is accepted, but please be respectful. I realize this story isn't long, and I apologize. I'm still learning with my writing of stories.

Semper Fi!


"It feels good to finally be going home." James, a gunnery Sergeant said out loud, which was followed by nods of agreement. "What are your plans for when we get home?"

Cameron, often called Cam, just ignored them, and pretended to be asleep. Cam was a Marine, on his way home from being out on sea for more than a year. He was 28, and had a nice figure for his age. Cam was never a slacker, and often would spend everyday in the gym for at least two to three hours. If thrown into a UFC match, he'd be able to hold his own, and most likely win. Given the other guy wasn't stronger, of course. His wife of three years, Shayna, was always against his choice to be a Marine. She had never been supportive of him, claiming he was being 'selfish' for doing this and risking his life.

Cam had met Shayna when he was 20, and she was 17. Shayna had a natural blond color, with piercing green eyes. Figure wise, she had perfect c-cup breasts, curves in all the right place, and an ass that made Cam go crazy. They had started dating a month after they met, and had a strong relationship. At first, Shayna was never fond of marriage, but quickly changed after being with Cam for so long.

Cam knew he was possibly making a mistake by leaving her for war, but this was something he wanted to do his whole life. The plane ride itself was long and tiring, and by the time they landed, Cam found himself wobbling slightly on the ground as he walked. When you spend a year on an aircraft carrier that is always moving, you tend to get the moving walkway affect into your system. Cam hadn't bothered calling Shayna so he could surprise her, and a surprise it would be! Cam, still in uniform, waited for a bus to come, and picked up his bag seeing one approach.

The driver of the bus smiled, looking him over. "Just getting home?"

"Yeah, feels great." Cam said.

"Welcome home, and thanks for your service."

"Thank you." As Cam reached to get some money, the bus driver shook his head.

"It's on the house, if you serve for our country, it's the least I can do."

Cam was flabbergasted at his generosity, but thanked him and went to the back of the bus, watching as sights passed. The drive wouldn't be too long, but it gave Cam enough time to reflect of the year. Upon first arriving on the carrier, Cam was nervous and intimidated by the ship itself. It was a massive piece of work, sporting cannons, jets, and every so often helicopters. In that year alone, Cam learned the cafeteria on the cruiser was horrible, and reminded him of school food, he learned how loud jets can be on take off and landing, and he learned sleep wasn't easy to get on a ship like that.

Aside from the default problems you learn about, Cam had been close to being shot once, lost a few team mates, and found himself in a hostage situation - with him being the hostage. That was the scariest moment of his life, and he felt he'd never see his wife or family again. Before joining the Marines, Cam had very little experience with guns, and that experience was going out two times and hunting with his now-deceased father.

Cam was snapped from his trance as the bus stopped at a stopping which was close to his house. He thanked the driver, and walked to his house, admiring the view. The houses, the streets, it all looked the same. People who were outside smiled, some waved, while others gave a nod of approval. Approaching his house, Cam saw two cars, one belonging to his wife, the other, he assumed, was a friend's.

The door was locked for one reason or another, but thankfully, his wife had a bad habit of leaving a key under the mat. Walking in, he quietly set his bag down, wanting to surprise her. Cam heard giggling, and smiled, thinking Shayna and her friend were watching a show, or gossiping. Upon reaching the bed room, he opened the door slowly, and the sight before him brought a single tear to his eye. The sight was his wife, naked on the bed, and some guy on top of her, his cock buried into his wife's vagina.

Shayna's eyes shot wide, and she looked to her husband, the man on top of her taking no notice until she said something. "C-Cam.."

At this point, Cam wasn't sure what to do, thoughts ran through his head that ranged from killing the man, killing the man and his wife, and several others. Finally, Cam turned away, and began walking out of the house, ignoring his wife's pleas.

"Cam, please, stop, let me explain." Shayna, covered in only her towel, chased after Cam. She had never expected him to be home so soon, and what he witnessed was her giving into her needs of sex, of a man around. She knew she had fucked up big time, and feared she'd lost her husband.

Cam went into the garage, and got in his Ford F150, and drove off, not even caring he'd ran into both their cars in the process. Cam drove to a lake nearby, and stood in front of it, falling to his knees as he cried for the first time in years. could she do this? Cam let himself fall further until he was flat on the ground, his face in the dirt. Anger, sadness, loneliness began to fill him as he realized what this meant.

Divorce. There was no way he'd forgive his wife for this, no chance in hell! Anger took over his emotions, and after two or three minutes, he got up, and got back in his truck. Driving like a mad-man, he drove back home, appalled to find the bastard's vehicle still there. Cam stormed into the house, kicking the front door open, and charged for their room. Kicking down the door, he charged the other man, throwing him against the wall, and proceeded to violently hit the man.

Shayna had walked back into the house, feeling horrible for what she had done, and fought with the man whose name was CJ. "Leave, please...leave." She wasn't sure where Cam went, but knew he probably went to blow some steam, or just be alone. She glared at CJ who was still naked and laying on the bed. She got up, and started getting dressed, and was about to tell him off when she heard a loud noise, then another as her bedroom door busted open. "Stop, Cam, stop." She yelled, and tried to pull Cam off of CJ.

"Fuck off." He hissed, shoving her away. He tossed CJ to the ground, and stomped his face, breaking his nose. Turing around, there was a look on his face that could only be described as evil, and went into another room, grabbing his .44 Desert Eagle, and loaded it. The gun had been his favorite weapon, and he'd always hid it in the house in case someone broke in. Entering the room, he heard a gasp from his wife, and the man. "If either of you move, I won't hesitate to put a bullet into you."

Cam approached CJ, and pistoled whipped him several times until he was unconscious, then looked to his wife. "Why?"

"I..I..I needed sex, I was lonely..and.."

WHACK! She hadn't even finished before the pistol struck her cheek. "You bitch, I gave everything for you, i loved you, I wanted us to have children! You were so hell bent on getting revenge for my leaving for the Marines you opened your legs to someone else? Fucking slut."

Shayna cried, and offered no other excuse. She was scared, and had no idea what he'd do.

Cam went downstairs and got some wire, and made them into a form of handcuffs, and cuffed CJ's hands behind his back.

"Wh..what are you going to do with us?" Asked Shayna, fearing for her life.

"Haven't figured it out exactly yet." He said in a softer tone. and cuffed his wife to the bed. He wanted so badly to kill CJ, but reminded himself he was a Marine, he killed the enemies who tried to kill him, not cheaters. With a slight evil smile, he shot CJ in both legs and arms, which woke the man, who offered blood curling screams. "Thank you, Shayna, for doing this.." He said softly, and left the room.

"Cam, come back, please." Shayna ignored CJ, mainly because he was a bloody mess, and feared if she spoke to him, it would set Cam off.

Cam sat down in one of the spare rooms, fingering the Desert Eagle, trying to decide his options. His mind raced, his heart ached. He needed to stop thinking, he needed to relax. Gun in hand, he went to his truck and drove to a bar, where he drank himself into a stupor. He didn't care what happened from here, he just felt alone. After getting drunk to the point where he'd forgotten his troubles, he got into his truck, and drove all over the road until he got to a hotel, paid for a room. He awoke next morning with his head hurting, but his heart hurt even worse.

He looked around, temporarily forgetting what had happened. Rubbing his head, it came flooding back, and he sighed loudly. Immediately, he got dressed, and went back to the bar, hammering down shot after shot, and drinking any other alcoholic beverage he could find until the bartender told him to leave, that he "had enough to drink". Cam felt different, and went to a gas station, wobbling around with the beer. The gas station attendant took notice, but ignored it.

With his beer in hand, Cam went back to his apartment, and drank for the rest of the day. This routine happened for the next several days, with Cam often avoiding the police who picked up on a daily drunk driver. The beer wasn't enough, even with being drunker than he ever imagined, he still couldn't get the pain away. It had been a few weeks since it happened, and Cam was drunk off his ass, not even able to stand. His body was cold, he was shaking, and again, he cried. Wanting nothing but the pain to go away, he crawled to his gun, and placed the barrel under his chin.

"I'll always love you, even with what you did.." He whispered, and pulled the trigger, his hands going limp, the gun dropping.


2018-03-23 22:53:02
He should of cut the guys balls and pecker off and shot the bitch in her evil heart

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2015-09-22 15:01:34
I hate the ending........... he should have beat the shit out of both of of them and then shot them both.Him in the balls and her in the nipples,shot them off

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2012-04-21 02:43:30
I hate the ending........... he should have beatr rthe shit out of both ot of them and then shot them............ fucking women are all pigs who will cheat on their husbands evry time they get a chance

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2012-02-06 17:17:58
Your story is far better then what I can do. Just a little error in detail, Marines are in the Marine Corps, Solders are in the Army. They despise being addressed as the other. Again, good story.

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2012-02-06 14:15:10
Its so sad!!! But it really does happen in life!!!! The patriot fight a war for his country and when he comes home, he finds out that his wife was having sex with someone asshole!!!!

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