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I enjoy driving in the snow and had taken off driving in the woodland country to get away from it all, in spite of the near blizzard snow storm we were enduring. I had been driving the back roads enjoying the snow when I rounded a bend and saw the Bronco sitting just off the road. I approached and once closer recognized the vehicle as belonging to a friend of mine, Caura. I pulled to the side of the road just in front of her and jumped out to go see what was going on, as the storm showed no sign of lacking while the temperature was starting to drop quickly. In the fading sunlight I walked back to see the relieved but shivering form of my friend.

“I am so glad to see you! I took off from home in a bad mood to get away from the ass and didn't check my gas, got any or can you give me a ride into town?”

“Sure just grab what you need and we will head out, the roads are starting to get way to hard to get down” Caura gave me a smirk at the wording and gathered her things and together we headed to my truck. The truck died just as we got to it but was warm inside the cab and once everything was situated I tried to restart it. The truck would not start however and we were now stuck together.

I looked around as I was in an area known to me. I thought I remembered there being a hunting cabin near here. Telling Caura to stay I pulled my too light weight jacket closed and took off into the woods. I still could see the trucks when I first caught sight of the cabin. I walked back and told Caura “come on, that truck will be extremely cold soon and the cabin will be much better shelter” I tied a red rag onto the truck handle and we made for the cabin. I led the way as even though not really dressed for walking in the deepening snow I was dressed much better for it than Caura. The door to the cabin didn't even have a lock and we entered. The sun almost down we barely had any time to look around. I found a pack of cupcakes and some dry wood and tender, Caura found some whiskey, matches and a bear skin rug, not one of those nice ones like in the movies, but a dusty dirty one like you would expect in a hunting cabin. We gathered our supplies and I started to work on a fire as soon as I could as the cold was numbing. I got a fire started and the heat started to feel good.

Caura and I huddled together in front of the fire starting to enjoy the heat, but then the heat started melting the snow packed on our clothes and in our shoes. There was no choice but to get out of our soaked clothes. We gave each other that look, the one that says, ok we are both adults here, and got naked and once again got close to the fire and then to each other. The tension was thick as Caura was married to my best friend. This was not the ideal situation that it would have been if Caura was an attractive single lady. Caura was good looking no doubt but even more attractive to me what her personality. Caura was sensual and sexual and flirtatious in a way that could make you swallow while never in a serious way. Now I was trapped, naked, in a small cold cabin, with a beautiful woman 5'7” double D and nice hips flaming red hair and hourglass figure. Well all that didn't matter at the moment cause we were both near hypothermia and needed any warmth that could be had, so into each others arms we went sitting before the small fire.

When we finally stopped shivering, we talked a little and decided to eat what we had and have some of the whiskey to help us get through the night. By the fire light I checked and if we kept the fire small there was enough wood to last through the night and we got up and hung our clothes up so they would dry and set her shoes and my cowboy boots nearer the fire in hopes they would all dry. Caura and I then found that we could still sit on the rug and if we huddled very close we could then also pull the rug up around ourselves. A few more drinks of whiskey and we started to feel warm again and not long after that, warm enough to drift off. Several times through the night we woke up and put a little more wood on the fire. After the fourth time adding wood and having a little whiskey our lips came together by accident. We looked into each others eyes by the firelight and suddenly our lips came together on purpose. Our hands that had just held us close together for warmth now searched each others bodies, exploring butts and curves and muscles. Her hands felt my back and arms and thighs and chest even exploring my nipples, My hands felt her wonderful butt and the curve of her form and her wonderfully huge tits with large hard nipples. I leaned down and sucked one of Caura's wonderful nipples into my mouth trapping it behind my teeth with my tongue as I sucked, then holding it with suction and teeth licked it back and forth, the most wonderful moan came from Caura's mouth. Then Caura pushed me back and traced light kisses down my chest and stomache. Caura hesitated for only a second, during which she looked at me before sucking the entire length of me into her mouth. Caura's tongue squirmed on my cock and her lips pulled tight as she gave the most pleasing amount of suction to my cock, and then she started moving her head up and down, her lips coming almost off the tip to plunge back down my cock, her tongue dragging the underside of my cock, until I could feel the back of her throat. Now I moaned. I moaned as loudly as I have ever moaned, Caura was extremely skilled! Just as I thought it could get no better! I felt a finger tracing its way over my balls and headed for my asshole, Caura played with my ass as she continued to minister to my cock with her awesome mouth. I didn't last long. I came so hard spots appeared in my vision and the room spun. When everything calmed back down was when Caura did something that is a little across the line for me but in the moment it was perfect, Caura slid up and kissed me feeding all my cum back to me. I almost came again.

Once I had a better grasp on reality [ the room stopped spinning ] I sat up and then I lay Caura back onto the rug and climbed between her legs . Trailing kisses down between her breasts and across her stomach I kissed until I got a breathe of her amazing nectar. I smiled and groaned and felt the stirrings in my groin. Kneeling up, I grabbed her legs and sucked a toe before trailing kisses along her leg toward her sex. Stopping just before I got there I sucked a toe on the other leg and started kisses toward her sex along this leg. Just before I would kiss your lips, I stopped and blow a slow warm breathe across her. I inhale her exquisite aroma deeply. My tongue slowly and very softly slides along the crease of her lips rewarding me with more flavor. My tongue then slides as deeply into her as I can get it and pushing hard spreads her lips as it travels up to her clit. I hear moans that excites me even more. Sucking I draw her love button into my mouth to be tantalized by my tongue swiping it quickly with the lightest pressure occasionally slowly pushing my tongue down on her button then returning to the quick very soft swipes and occasional trip deep into her. I am soon rewarded with load moans, pussy spasms and thighs hugging my head tight. Easing up till her thighs part I smile to myself and slide two fingers into her warm before starting to lick in earnest again. I work her pleasure with my mouth and fingers until I feel her once again close to explosion, then stop, listing to her groan her aggravation until she feels my cock pushing against her. I feel her hands grab me and urge me further, I ease as slow as my lust will allow deep inside her warm tight wet pleasure palace. It started slowly but soon she was urging me faster and I was driven by the wonderful feelings her pussy was giving my cock, it was milking me as I was pounding her. My balls started to tighten and I felt another orgasm building quickly. I heard her moans getting louder as grunts and growls came from me. My orgasm started and I drove my cock deep and held it there as the power swept over me and my muscles everywhere tightened and my head jerked, and even deep in my own bliss I heard her scream her pleasure and felt my cock gripped so tightly.

We woke with the light starting through the small windows and the fire and the firewood almost out.

End part 1 should I continue?

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