Incest and murder destroy the family
“Madam foreman, has the jury reached a verdict?” Intoned the Judge.

“We have,” Your Honor.

“On the first count; murder in the second degree, how find you.”

“We find the defendant not guilty, Your Honor.”

“On the lesser included charge of manslaughter, how find you?”

“We find the defendant not guilty, Your Honor.”

“On the lesser included charge of involuntary manslaughter, how find you?”

“We find the defendant guilty, Your Honor.”

Jenna’s head slumped to the defense table, a compromise verdict for a terrible, sordid tale.

Months earlier.

Unquestionably, unequivocally this is the most embarrassing moment of my young life. I’m Jenna Johansson, I’m seventeen years old, I’m tall, standing 5’10” in my stocking feet (well not really, I never wear stockings), I weigh 115 pounds, I have auburn hair, high cheek bones, green eyes, relatively small breasts, a flat tummy, flaring hips and people say, a beautiful face. Most people think I’m a clone of my mother, Kathy; in fact we could be twins.

I am in the throes of a fantastic orgasm when I hear, “Oh my God, what’s going on here?”

I snap my head sidewise, my mother is standing in the doorway; “Mom, leave, please,” I plead; I certainly don’t need my mother as a witness.

“Jenna? Joseph? What is this?”

“Mom, please,” I plead, “Just go, okay?”

She continues to walk toward us; she seems dazed.

“What’s going on?” She asks.

What’s going on is quite evident. I’m on my back, my legs are splayed and I’m engaged in sexual intercourse. Now, that in and of its self would be bad enough but my partner is my sixteen-year-old brother Joseph.

Once again I beg, “Mommy, please go, I’ll explain.”

She just stands, mutely watching.

I feel Joey sliding out of me, I try to keep him with me, atop me; I can’t and I know what he’s going to do.

He’s my lover, for over two years we’ve had a relationship. Joey tells me it’s okay if I want to date and even have other sexual experiences but he wants only me. Well, there is a caveat, he’s had a sexual attraction to our mother as long as he can recall. All of his friends are envious; Mom is a true MILF to all his buddies and he’s no exception. I didn’t want him to leave me, I was afraid for her.

Mom’s still dressed for work, she’s wearing a skirt and blouse and matching shoes with two-inch heels. She has an excellent position as the executive assistant to the president of a large insurance company that headquarters in out city. Why she’s home at one o’clock in the afternoon on a Friday, I don’t know; but she is.

Joey gets up. He walks to her; she’s silent, in shock at what she’s witnessing. He puts a hand on her shoulder and turns her saying, “Mommy, this isn’t a place for you.”

He has a hand on her shoulder, the other pressed to the small of her back as he turns her, “Come with me,” as he leads her out.

My worries are confirmed, as he directs her I hear him say, “Let’s go to your room,” as I see the hand from the small of her back slide downward; he’s caressing her bottom as he directs her movements. I wait several minutes, I’m nude so I pull on a robe and follow. I have no intention of intervening, I’m a voyeur; I’m going to watch.

At her bedroom I find the door ajar, I can see. I position myself in the shadows, I’m invisible to the two of them in the lighted room; I look; I listen.

Mom’s skirt is rucked up above her hips. Joey is massaging her abdomen, slowly circling her then I hear him say, “Lift your hips for me.”

“Joey, no, you’re my son, this isn’t right,” she says as she lifts her hips. He slides her panties down and off; taking them to his nose, he inhales.

“A fragrance sweeter than any flower,” I hear his say.

“Joey, please,” I hear her.

He pets her gently between her legs, “Can you open for me Mommy?”

“No, please don’t,” her words as her thighs part.

“You’re beautiful Mommy, the most beautiful Mommy in the world,” as he moves between her thighs.

He runs a finger along her vulva; even from where I stand I can see that she’s liquid.

“So wet, so hot and wet. You want me don’t you Mommy?”

“Joey, please no.”

“Lift your legs a little.”

She pulled her knees up, displaying herself, offering herself while she still begged, “No Joey, please don’t.”

I watched as he slid his erection along her slit. He found her vagina; I saw the muscles in his buttocks tense then he flexed his hips and moved slowly forward.

Without a doubt what followed was the most sensuous scene I’ve ever witnessed. My hand fell to my crotch as I watched.

Joey took his time, he moved forward, inch after agonizing (my agony, I was so damned aroused) inch slid into her. I could see as her lips were parted and she accepted him. Mom had been celibate for quite some number of years, she softly moaned as he penetrated her. When he had filled her he leaned forward.

“Mommy. I’ve wanted you forever, I’ve never been happier than I am at this moment. You’re even more spectacular than my dreams could conjure.” He began to gently stroke her.

My fingers were stimulating me in the same rhythm he was maintaining. Slowly he stroked her, slowly I fingered me; she had the better of it, I had an index finger, she had seven inches of youthful penis. He talked to her as he stroked her, expressing his love and burning desire for his Mommy.

She never once expressed a desire for what was happening to her. She continued to whimper and plead with him not to do what he was doing; yet her body laid lie to her words.

I watched as she began to roll her pelvis against him. She mewled softly as he filled her. She started to rock hard against him moments before she locked her legs around him; she pounded against him and quivered as she was rocked by the first climax she’d experienced in over five years.

He kissed her, “You truly are a beautiful woman, I’m the luckiest guy in the world to be here,” he said as he began to stroke her just a little harder.

He knew she’d just experienced a climax; “Did that feel good?” He asked.

She swung her head, she acknowledged, “Yes.”

“Wrap your legs around me again,” he said as he began to pump her harder.

She pounded against him, he pounded into her, she wailed as her golden fluids flowed, he roared as he pumped pulse after pulse of his hot cum into her.

He held her in his arms for a few moments, kissed her and departed with an, “I love you Mommy.”

I waited until Joey was long gone, downstairs to watch sports on TV before I entered the room. Mom hadn’t really moved; she was still lying in the mattress, she was also gently sobbing. I rubbed her back.

“You okay Mom,” I asked.

“Jena, no, I’m not okay, I don’t even really know what just happened.” She had curled herself into the fetal position.

I gently rubbed her back, “Relax Mom, I’m here for you,” I told her. She was naked from the waist down; I lifted the sheet over her.

“Oh God Jenna, what have I done. I let my son have intercourse with me. I didn’t fight him, I just took it; I’m so ashamed.”

“Joey can be quite persuasive, can’t he? Mom, he’s been my lover for over two years. He took me in much the same way as you. I was telling him no yet was responding to his instructions.”

“What happened Jenna?”

“I’d just had a shower. My panties were on and I was pulling on my bra; I didn’t see him at first. He put his hands on my shoulders and said, “Don’t hide them from me, they are perfect.”

“He lowered his hands from my shoulders and cupped my breasts, “God you’re stunning Jenna; along with Mom you are the most beautiful women in the world.”

“He circled my waist with one arm, turned me and said, “Come,” he led me to the bed and lay me down.”

“I asked him not to, yet I knew it was going to happen. He stroked me through my panties; I responded, I lubricated and still I was saying, “Please no Joey.”

“Just like me, what I said and how my body reacted were at odds.”

“That’s right Mom, just like you. He took my panties off and just admired me for several minutes before he nudged my thighs apart and knelt between them then said, “Lift your legs a little for me, will you Jen?”

“I did, he entered me.”

“You were a virgin?”

“Afraid not Mom, I’d done it twice before; that’s why I was on birth control; by the way, are you on anything?”

“No, of course not, I haven’t been sexually active in several years; there was no need.”

“There is now, Joey won’t use a condom, get a morning after pill tomorrow and get an appointment with your gynecologist for an IUD ‘cause I can tell you from conversations he and I have had, he’d like nothing better than to put a baby in you. Mom, he’s adored you and lusted for you for years, he wants to father a child with you and with me. I told him he was out of his mind; there’s no way I’m having a kid ‘til I’m out of school; he said he’d wait.”

“You said you two had been lovers for over two years?”

I guess I got a dreamy look in my eyes, “Yes we have, he comes to me at least three nights a week. Mom, I love him, there’s nothing I won’t do for him, in fact there’s nothing we haven’t already done.”

She looked at me questioningly, “Nothing?”

“Mom he’s my lover, what he wants I give him; what I want he gives me. That’s how it is.”

“You do oral? She asked in amazement.”

“Spectacularly, my God, Joey may have the most talented tongue in the history of mankind.”

“You mean he does that to you? Your father wouldn’t do it for me; I’ve only given; never received. Does it feel really good?”

“It’s far and away my favorite, I cum so hard sometimes I think I’m gonna shake myself apart.”

She’d turned, she was lying on her tummy looking at me as we talked, I was still rubbing her back; she sort of turned up her nose in distaste as she asked, “And anal?”

“Yes Mom, and anal. Joey likes it.”

“I’ve never done that; does it hurt?”

“The first time or two it was uncomfortable but now I want it every now and again.”

“I don’t think I could do that,” she said.

My hand was on her back, I slid it lower and massaged her buttocks; “You’ve got such a cute bottom Mommy, I imagine Joey agrees.”

“What do you mean, “You imagine Joey agrees?”

“Mom, today he laid claim to you, like marking his territory; he’ll be back to make love to you soon.”

“Oh God Jen, he whispered, “I’ll see you tonight.” What do you think he meant?”

“Mom, come on, what do you think; he’ll be back tonight.”

“I’m sorry Jenna, what should I do?”

“You really only have two choices, don’t you. You can contact the authorities…”

“Jenna, I couldn’t do that. They’d arrest him.”

“Well, you can do what I’d do.”


“Take a nice warm bath, freshen your lipstick, spritz on a little perfume, dress in a shorty nightie with no underwear and enjoy a couple of glasses of wine while you wait.”

“I’ll be back up in a little while, right now I’m going to start dinner,” I told her as I left.

Joey was slouching in front of the TV watching Sportscenter on ESPN.

I hopped into his lap.

“Is she better than me?” I teased.

“No fair, I can’t make that comparison Jen; you’re the best, no question, but I’ve wanted her for so long it was a dream come true.”

I jumped up, “Come on, I’m gonna fix dinner. We’re having pasta, I’ll cook while you fix a salad and grill some garlic toast.”

I’d opened a bottle of Chianti to serve with the meal. The table was set when Mom came downstairs. She’d changed from her work clothes; was wearing just a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, it was evident that she was braless.

She seemed quiet and subdued, almost embarrassed as she sat with us.

Joey poured us each a glass of the wine then said, “Here’s to the luckiest guy in the world; me; having dinner with the two most beautiful women on earth.”

Mom reddened a little then said, “Thank you Joey.”

He got up from the table and stood behind her with his hands on her shoulders, “It’s true Mommy,” he told her as he gave her a kiss on the neck. She didn’t attempt to pull away.

After we’d finished Joey and I cleared the table and started washing the dishes. Mom poured herself the last glass of wine and, taking her glass with her said, “I think I’ll go up and have a bath.”

I tickled Joey and jibed, “Can I watch?”

“You already did, don’t think I didn’t know you were outside the door earlier.”

“Yeah and wow, that was hot.”

After we’d finished the dishes we went into the living room and watched the evening news then Joey said he was going up. I had nothing to do so I put on a movie and relaxed.

Joey climbed the stairs and walked by Kathy’s room. The door was ajar and a night-light glowed from within. Kathy was lying on the bed facing the door; she saw him pass.

He went to his room, undressed and showered then, nude, he went to her door.

He stood in the doorway for several minutes as wordlessly she gazed at him. He began to walk toward her.

As he joined her on the bed she said, “Joey, this isn’t right, we shouldn’t do this.”

He just smiled. “Mommy I’ve dreamed of making love to you for as long as I can remember. I think you’re the most spectacular woman in God’s green earth and I want you for always.”

He took her into his arms, held her and stared into her eyes, “Tell me you didn’t enjoy it earlier.”

“How could I do that, you made me climax twice? It felt so good but that doesn’t make it right, does it?”

He quieted her with a kiss, a passionate kiss. Her lips were sealed; he probed between them with the tip of his tongue until her mouth opened, he tasted her sweet breath, his tongue dueling with hers, she breathed heavily as her arousal soared.

She was dressed in only a little shorty nightie; he lifted it, taking it over her head, exposing her body to his sight and touch.

“Fantastic, perfection, God you’re incredible,” he whispered.

Her breasts were pale, blue veins visible; she was small, peaches, ripe peaches, but firm, swollen with desire, her nipples were erect; Joey took one between his lips as his hand massaged the other.

“Oh Joey,” she moaned.

He kissed down her body. Her tummy was flat, her skin smooth as silk, her mons covered with a wild tangle of auburn curls, he parted her labia.

His tongue laved her liquid vulva, she was already lubricating heavily, he savored her scent and flavor; his dream woman, it was his ambrosia, his nectar and he sipped of her.

He tasted her, licking along between her major and minor labium then finding her swollen clitoris he took it between his lips and sucked it in. As he continued to suck the tip of his tongue rapidly flicked her little pearl.

Kathy began to quiver, her taut tummy rippled, her uterus, vagina clenched, she pounded her pelvis against his face and she screamed, “Oh, oh, oh, oh,” as wave after orgasmic wave flowed through her.

He was there, at her vagina as her fluids flowed, they were his, his reward, he drank. He continued his ministrations until she begged him to stop; she was so sensitive it was more than she could endure. He slid up beside her, kissed her and asked, “Feel good?”

She couldn’t deny the feeling, honestly she answered, “Joey I’ve never climaxed like that before; it was wonderful but that still doesn’t make it right.”

He didn’t reply, he simply rolled over between her legs and entered her.

Her eyes were open, she watched him as he watched her. He slid slowly into her.

“Velvet, damp velvet, so soft, so slick so hot; Mommy, oh Mommy, I love you,” he murmured as he inched deeper.

She smiled, her pleasure reflected on her face then she turned away as though embarrassed by the fact that she was deriving such a delectable satisfaction from such immoral behavior.

Joey began probing into her as he stroked her hips and sides, relishing in the feel of her silken skin. He moved to her breasts, kneading them, caressing them tweaking her nipples.

When Kathy started rolling her pelvis, bucking up to meet him Joey thrust harder and faster; she was building toward orgasm, she wrapped her long legs around him, pulling him hard against her as she trembled. He adored the feel; her vagina was contracting with her orgasmic spasms, squeezing him. Kathy was moaning out her pleasure when Joey’s climax rocked him. He groaned as he pumped pulse after ropy hot pulse of his cum into her. He pumped her until he’d emptied himself then lay beside her.

“Was that good for you Mommy, did it give you a nice feeling? It was wonderful for me. I have the sexiest, most desirable Mommy in the world.”

Kathy didn’t answer. Yes, it had felt grand, her orgasms were spectacular but she still couldn’t totally accept that her lover was her sixteen-year-old son.

In the darkness I listened as she said, “Please Joey, no, don’t do that.”

I heard his answer, “You have such a beautiful bottom Mommy, perfectly heart shaped, fantastic.”

She gasped, “No Joey, pleeeeese.”

“Come on Mommy, I want in you from behind, get up on your knees.”

I listened as she mewled as he slid into her, I heard as he pounded against her, his climax was noisy as he laid claim to her; her body was his.

At that moment I hated him. I was jealous; not because he was with her instead of me…I couldn’t have cared less. No, my jealousy was because he was having sex with my Mother. I was amazed and shaken when it hit me; I wanted her, I wanted her to touch me, I wanted to touch her, I wanted her physical love.

I’d never harbored anything but heterosexual thoughts in my life yet my panties were being soaked as I imagined Mommy’s touch. I continued to listen, the banging of the headboard against the wall ceased. Joey’s shower went on then off, the light in his room was extinguished. Still I waited a few more minutes; it was silent; I went to Mommy’s room.

She was nude, lying atop the sheet quietly sobbing. I lay beside her rubbing her back.

“It’s okay Mom, you’re okay.”

“I’m not okay Jenna, I was embarrassed and humiliated that I’d allowed this to happen but now I’m fearful of what Joey has in mind for me.”

“What happened Mom, what did he do?”

“Oh Jenna, I was certain he was going to sodomize me; he made me feel so defiled, so demeaned, utterly debased. He was toying with me, amusing himself making me tremble and beg.”

“Mom?” I questioned.

“Jenna he was fingering my anus while he whispered, “Oh yes Mommy, you have such a spectacular ass, I’ll bet you’ll be tight and hot.”

“Then he rolled on top of me and rubbed his penis up and down my crack simulating sex. He wanted me to know he could take me if he wanted me but, instead, he put me up on my hands and knees and did me doggie style.”

I pulled up the sheet, covering her and hugged her. “It’ll be okay Mom, I’ll talk to Joey; get him to stop the threatening behavior. You do understand though, he won’t stop having sex with you, don’t you?”

She snuggled against me, I continued to stroke her back and flank, “Thank you Jen, I can live with the sex, I’ve accepted that I do enjoy it but I just can’t abide the other, I’d be totally mortified if he did that to me.”

I stayed with her until she’d finally relaxed and dozed off then I went to talk with Joey; to recount our conversation.

“Joey, Mom’s bottom has to be off limits; she’s paranoid, thinks you’re going to take her that way and her psyche can’t handle it, so, please leave her alone.”

“Ah Jen, she has such a beautiful, fuckable ass; just like you.”

“And if you want it that way come see me Joey. Sex with her, no problem, anal sex with her; big problem, understood?”

“You’re no fun but, okay, okay, no anal.”

Over the ensuing weeks Joey kept his word. He’d come to my room for what he wanted and, of course, he still was in bed with Mom several times a week.

Truth be told, Mom didn’t have the constitution for an incestuous relationship. The sex in and of itself gave her physical pleasure but mentally, emotionally; she was falling apart.

She’d fallen into a deep depression spending most of her time in bed; her impeccable grooming had slipped and she had acquired more than a passing fancy for Bombay Sapphire. I’d spoken to her, implored her to quit with Joey and seek professional assistance for her depression.

She was torn, she couldn’t do it; she wouldn’t deny Joey or herself their pleasure but she couldn’t excuse herself for what she was doing. I was concerned and the concern was deepening; I tried to get her to make an appointment with her doctor; I wanted her to have contact with a professional of some ilk, mental health or physical health as both were declining.

Saturday I went to her room and insisted that she bathe and wash her hair. I soaped her, scrubbed her scalp, rinsed her, dried her then styled her hair and spritzed a little of her favorite perfume between her breasts and thighs. She put on a pair of panties and a snow white gown then sat in the easy chair while I changed her bed linens.

I’d taken some of her responsibilities upon myself; I had to go out to do the grocery shopping. She lounged back on the bed; she planned to read.

When I got back I put things away and went up to check on Mom. But when I got there her door was closed though I was able to hear the sounds of sex from within. I went on to my room; Joey was obviously with her; Mom was moaning and Joey was grunting as he stroked into her.

When Jenna had left Joey had gone to his Mother’s room. She was reclining on the bed reading a Janet Evanovich novel. She turned and looked at him. Joey smiled at her saying, “You look lovely in that pretty gown.” Then he joined her on the bed.

He gave her a kiss then raised her gown and rolled her panties down and off, “You won’t need these for a while Mommy,” he said as he turned her onto her stomach.

Kathy immediately sensed that there was something different. Joey was massaging her bare bottom, telling her how fantastic she was how desirable; she had a foreboding of something sinister. He fingered her anus, she felt a cold slick chill; he was lubricating her.

“Please Joey, don’t do that to me,” she begged.

As he slid a greased finger into her he told her, “Mommy I want you so much.”

She was still pleading with him when she felt his weight on her back; he was on top of her then he was in her.

Kathy screamed; the pain was agonizing as he stabbed into her. He forced himself deeper until she had taken his all; he paused.

“Isn’t this nice Mommy, you have the most spectacularly tight ass, God, you’re perfect.”

Kathy could only moan and sob.

Now that he was sure that he had control of her, Joey lifted her by her hips.

“Pull your knees under you, raise your bottom and lower your head,” he instructed.

As though in a trance Kathy complied.

Once positioned he mounted her, squatting behind her he let her feel his weight on her hips as he began to pump her. Thrusting harder and deeper, he pounded her.

“Feel me in you Mommy, can you feel me way up in your guts, am I making you feel full, full of cock? Oh yeah, oh yeah, I’m fucking your sweet, sweet ass, I’m fucking Mommy’s hot, tight ass,” then he got down to the business of fucking her.

Rapidly he powered into her, pounding her. The only sounds, Joey’s grunts and Kathy’s low mournful moaning. After ten minutes or so, his cock jerked as he shot pulse after pulse of his cum into her.

“God that was absolutely fantastic Mommy,” he told her as he pulled out, “I’ll want to do this again, soon.”

She was still softly moaning as she pulled herself into the fetal position.

Joey tried to talk to her but she was unresponsive, her eyes nearly catatonic; he left her room.

I didn’t interrupt, I listened, after all, like I said, I’m a voyeur. Then the sound registered with me; Joey’s grunting, I’d heard it before; when he was riding me hard, performing anal sex with me. The sound stopped, I waited.

Joey came out of her room; he closed the door behind him and started down the hall.

“Joey?” Questioningly, “What did you do?”

“Jen Baby, she was ready, so ready, the best ever.”

“Oh Joey, you promised. You didn’t sodomi…”

The blast cut off my question. I dashed to Mom’s room.

She was sitting with her back against the headboard, the skirt of her gown flared, she looked so relaxed, so very, very beautiful.

In the middle of her chest, between her breasts a scarlet rose blossomed. Her hand had fallen to the bed; the pistol lay at her fingertips.

It was as if someone else were making the sound. My plea of, “Noooooooooo,” echoed.

Joey came in, “What Sis, what happened?”

“You killed her you lying bastard, you killed my Mommy,” I screamed to the accompaniment of three explosions.

Three black holes erupting crimson from Joey’s chest as he fell to the floor.

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