SID.... my buddy... HUH... Sid is a funny guy at times... but a little weird, he is in his mid-thirties. Sid’s wife is in her late twenties...

Sid married later than most... not because he is ugly or anything; but, I have been told by his exes, that he has peculiar tastes... as they politely phrased it. [Good thing they did not know my tastes, they would have high-tailed it... pronto.]

Sid and I met several years back through work... He is about 7 years older than me and a much nicer guy. He does not think so but I know. We hang out once in awhile and have gone together to various functions...Sid and his and whichever woman I happen to be with; until they get a dose of my perverse nature.

I was married once until she fucked off with some nigger. She was the only woman who actually enjoyed my perverse nature... Or so I believe.

One night after work Sid and I were having a couple and he led the conversation it a direction I did not expect. He was very coy about it and I played along with him. Sid had a desire to see someone fuck his NICE wife. He knew I had a reputation so I guess he fostered our friendship...

And here I thought he liked me...after all I am taller than him so he should look up to me, right?

I acted a little hesitant to draw him in once I saw his eagerness... after all... I was getting the prize and I intended to take full advantage of his lust.
Sid and I had a few more –Boys Nights Out- and the discussion always wound up at the same local... my bedding his wife.

The problem was that she would not do this willingly so she needed to be out... drugged or severally drunk. I saw this as an advantage...more leverage and I manoeuvred the conversation so as to strengthen my position.

I know - I know this makes me look like bad, some kind of demon. But fuck..., getting pussy your not suppose to have... Now I understand why mice give up their lives for a piece of cheese.

What was decided was that we would go slow; my idea. I did not want anything to go wrong and cause unwarranted trouble...Sid reluctantly agreed. We decided to go on a couple of threesomes. I would show up at some outing or other and the three of us spend some time together...this was to allow me to get to know her a little... I wanted this... Sid was a little reluctant but I convinced him it was best...

He seemed in one hell of a hurry to get his nice wife fucked and I wanted to manage it... after all who knew what might really going on in his head...this I kept to myself.


She liked going to large outdoor festivals so Sid and I planned our first casual meting... which I must say went off well.
Our second clandestine meeting was Independence Day at city hall were the fireworks were taking place... boy was it packed...I had never been to one of these events... Sid-s wife loved this kind of thing... go figure... and so it went...

WE threesome-d two more times... Sid-s wife wondered where my girlfriends were; I told her I was between girl friends... Plus:
---- That gave her double the male protection when out on the streets... [She glowed at that comment].

Sid-s wife is quiet I learned... All our previous double dating had been at party-s. She knew people there so I was not really involved with her.
I learned by casually directing my conversations with Sid-s wife that he was not up to any really strange shit... He just wanted the Cuckold thing...big time.

She had no idea about that part of course, or all of the other things that were coming her way... which Sid did not know either...

Only your-s truly knew the full story ... sly dog that I am.

Sid and I decided that we would aim for the pre-Christmas party season... basically Thanksgiving thru New Years... That would give Sid time to experiment with various drugs to see which would put her out deep enough for a fucking and not be dangerous to her health.

THERE were four parties we were going to attend together. I brought along a date to the first one... Who was summarily dropped off at her home near 1:00am ..., the day was December 5th...

Her name is Janice, a nice young woman... I would like to point out that she had a very good time and likely would have been a target of mine except Sid and I had previous plans.


LOOKING back; after I had agreed to fuck Sid-s wife in front of him I began my manipulation of Sid in small steps. After all he was using me so turnabout is fair play, right?

Sid and I had been spending more than our usual amount of time together over the past few weeks... Plotting her rape..., I mean taking advantage of a past out women is not exactly sanctioned by the church.

I decided to test the waters before this thing went too far... Sid and I were finishing up when I ask him to sit in my vehicle for a short chit-chat... He looked at me kind of funny but came to my car... which was parked about fifty feet from his Van.

Sid looked nervous:
--- Sid, your wife has a head of gorgeous dark brown wavy hair, I love it. What does it look like inside her panties?

Sid blushed:
--- Sid, I said. You want me to have sex with her in front of you and you are embarrassed to tell me about her pubic hair? Perhaps this is not a good idea man.

He sat there very uncomfortable with my line of questioning.

Sid struggled to get out some words, I waited:
--- It is just that I have never talked about Jo like that before... I mean she is my wife man and I love her...

--- I know, that is why I am asking; is this a good idea?

Sid just sat there;
--- Does she shave, I asked?

--- NO!

---- See, that was not so hard, tell me more... Is she very hairy? For example, how big is her bush?

Sid held up his hand, and nervously folded one finger leaving three..., about like this... He looked about nervously to see if anyone was watching.

--- Nice. I said... I bet she is beautiful Sid.

--- Yes she is...

Sid answered a few more questions I had for him but he was nervous throughout the entire inquiry. Last of all I said, again:

---- Sid, are you sure about this... you seem very reluctant to talk about your wife, Jo.

---- Ya, I know... I crave it... I cannot get it off my mind... Sometimes I get such a hard on at the thought of you..., with her... I have too... I know it must seem strange but I have to... God I want to see you fuck her. I want to see you do dirty things to her Wayne.

--- Ok, it-s set... I will seduce Jo through the pre-Christmas party festivities. That will give us the perfect cover.

He said nothing:
--- You ok with that Sid?

--- Ya! Yes I am... [Sid smiled from ear to ear.]

I have never met a man so eager to give away his wife... The same wife he loved. Yet, I know it happens all the time, just not in my experience.


The next time I met Mrs. Sid was fantastic; talking with her, knowing about her pubic hair, the size of her nipples. I knew she did not like to swallow but had, she had never had it up the ass, her scare from her appendectomy; and so on... details of her that she did not know I knew...
When we danced she commented on how soft my touch was...her waist...hands, etc... Slow dancing not that athletic bull shit.

The first time I touched Jo-s waist it felt like part of my soul moved through my arm into her body. I was so excited I was ready to launch a nuclear strike.


AS for me; I have made a career of seducing women who were married, single, drunk, drugged, stupid or just plain vulnerable; or some combination of the above. To say I am a snake in the grass wound be doing a disservice to snakes.

WHY do I love it?
Because; I know that tomorrow she will be sitting with her loved ones; my cum inside her...stomach...ass...cunt...I do not care. I love fucking them. The best part is most of the time they have no idea who fucked them... So they have to struggle with their own conscience...

Occasionally I see them within a few days and watch them squirm, not knowing that I am the cause.


My favourite up to Jo was a young woman named Megan. Her husband was one of those guys who wanted to be cool. He was a nice guy just out of his depth. He used to throw parties every three months...give or take, at his house; well his and Megan-s. They were married and had just celebrated their fifth anniversary.

So on this particular summer night we partied at their house. I brought a date. It helps to cover my real intentions. I was not targeting Megan actually; I had someone else in mind.

There was a fight and my target left...her man stayed a while then he also left. The party rolled on and some new guys showed ...uninvited guests... I could see Brad, Megan-s husband, was nervous so I took control...quietly.
I had been into this scene since my mid-teens. I quit the drug part of it because it fucked me up to much, which is when I discovered my true calling... debauchery.

These guys were classless assholes. They were copping feels openly and causing one hell of a lot of trouble. I befriended them...tended to their needs...drugs, booze, whatever. OD them...wiped them out. I personally hauled their asses out to the boulevard... They made such a fuss the neighbors called the cops on them... GONE... [The moral of the story, do not fuck with my plans].

This stood me in good favour with those left at the party. My hero status aside...

We were well past midnight well the partiers began to fall. One couple crashed on the sofa... Blanked there... Two women slept together in a big arm chair...blanked there. Their boyfriends eventually bit the in his car...the other on the lawn. It was a warm summer night.

Some walked home...lived near-by... That left Brad and me. My date had taken a cab home hours earlier. Brad was tickled pink. He felt I guess that he had graduated to a new level...go figure.

I started clean-up; sucking up for my next invitation, when Megan reappeared. She was still drinking, but she was off the wine and into the hard stuff. She helped a little but was too pissed to do much good.
I heard a crash and ran to find Brad had fallen into the bathtub. He was unhurt, best as I could tell; so I left him there...Megan seemed not to drunk.

I cleaned up, Megan talked. I could understand her at first but after about 20 minutes she was slurring pretty good so I politely nodded and tried not to make a stupid reply. She was getting pretty unsteady on her feet.

Megan said ouch, or a version of it; for some reason. I turned to see what was wrong and she was pulling at her dress it seemed to see her breast. She said something...I have no idea what.

I went behind her and unzipped her dress figuring something was wrong... She pulled her dress off her shoulders and showed me a bruise on the side of her tit. [I was to learn later that those assholes had pitched her tit; hard].

I could not understand one single word she said. But I did understand a hug from a woman with her dress off her shoulders and her bra loose... Exposing most of one breast... I knew who I was going to fuck tonight. [I did actually think this one over. Brad and Megan-s parties were my best hunting ground].

I helped Megan to her bedroom. She headed for the ½ bath so I took the opportunity to check around and make sure everyone else was out...none interference...

I return to find her still in the bathroom I waited; in my boxers.

Megan reappeared. She looked at me and headed straight to bed...falling face down. I moved her about getting the bed sheets over her. She helped and soon Megan was under the covers... Moments later she had company.

I slipped my hands under her bra and being careful not to hurt her bruised breast I slipped the thing over her head... Megan helped with this part.

I took hold of the elastic of her panties and began to pull them off her. Megan resisted this part... to no avail ... I ripped the fuckers off her...

I wedged my hands between her legs and force them open...God she had lovely thighs... I never noticed before... I got my face between her thighs and force her... I licked her pussy... She struggled but not like at first.

When I got up and tried to fuck her she struggled again... I forced her. I was not rough with her, just insistent. NO was not an option.

Taking Megan was fucking great. She was wet so I knew she was aroused, if only a little. She was new. Megan was no slut. The feeling of pushing your cock into a good woman is unmatchable. I pinned Megan to the mattress and slowly fucked her snug pussy...thighs rubbing against me...multiplying the pleasure.

After a few seconds Megan quit struggling...her head looking to one side...I fucked her. Slow gentle strokes... I wanted to taste this pussy, and savour it.

I took my time. I could feel her getting wetter. I am sure Megan had an orgasm...quality unknown.

I kept fucking her for quite awhile. I came inside Megan. One of my really heavy orgasms... Fuck I love her cunt.

I stayed in her until I was soft. Kissing Megan on her cheek I praised her and thanked her. I find that flattering a woman after she has been fucked gives positive results...sometimes just no jail time.

I could not see what the fuck I was doing so I turned on the bed lamp. Megan was asleep. I got dressed. I found panties for Megan in one of her drawers. I washed her crotch with a warm cloth and put her clean panties on...adding confusion to her wakening.

It was too late to go home so I curled up on the carpet in the living room...stealing a cushion from the woman on the sofa...and a feel off her. Her man had left her alone and gone somewhere else to sleep.

With all the shit that happened here tonight he leaves her alone...
--- DOH!

I thought about messing with her some more but Megan had been such a treat I just did not have the drive to do another babe.


So Sid-s wife and her lovely pussy are going to be mine and maybe her ass if I can sneak it in... Sid can take the heat from her.
--- Merry Christmas Wayne.

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