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-This involves underage persons, if this offends you DO NOT READ IT!

My name is Jeff Biggs, I’m a school teacher at the Lewis School for the Blind, a private girls school for blind students from elementary through high school.

The regular school year has finally ended, it’s now July and summer classes are underway. I’m glad because I only have one class to teach this summer. I’m in the classroom from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. All the other classes are in the morning, from 8:00 am to noon.

I only have 5 students this summer, so it’s not so bad……actually it’s been pretty good so far.

That’s because the oldest girl in my class is a cute 14 year old named Angela. She’s had a huge crush on me for a couple years. I suppose if I were a man of great honor and integrity, I would set Angela straight in a tactful but firm manner.

But I‘m not such a man, I find myself doing everything I can to take advantage of the situation.

The other four girls are Brooke and Elsa, both 8 years old, and Clara and Doris who are each 11 years old. Angela is an attractive girl with short blond hair. She’s slim and tall for her age. She had a growth spurt this year and hasn’t filled out yet. She has small perky breasts, a tiny waist, slim hips, and beautiful long legs.

As luck would have it, she lives on the outskirts of town near my house. So when I offered to drive her home from school each day, her mother was more than thrilled.

In talking to Angela everyday, I’ve found out she is quite pissed off at her mom and dad. That’s because her parents won’t let her start dating yet. A boy who lives on her street had asked her out a couple months ago. Angela’s certain her parents won’t let her date just because she’s blind, not because she isn’t old enough yet, which is the excuse they gave her.

I’ve listened to her complaining, given her a good deal of sympathy, and I have now become close to her. Yesterday we pulled off the road on the way home and kissed for the first time. I spent most of last night jerking off with the image of her in my mind.

Today I arrive to class early, anxious to see Angela. All five of the girls are taking their lunch break on the lawn out back.

The campus isn’t very large. We only have 70 to 80 students each year. It consists of one horseshoe shaped building with a lawn in the back, a few tables and a jungle gym. It’s located right downtown, but there’s a high wall along the back of the lawn which gives us privacy from folks passing by.

I walk outside and find Mrs. O’Malley. She’s one of the teachers from the morning class. She always stays till I arrive.

“Hi Mrs. O’Malley. How was your day?”

“Boring as usual,” she responds, “the kids are a little restless today. The air-conditioning isn’t working properly.” She picks up her things.

“Well hopefully they won’t revolt,” I say, trying not to stare at Angela.

Mrs. O’Malley walks off, “I hope not. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I wait till I can hear Mrs. O’Malley make her way out to the front parking lot and drive away before walking over to where Angela is eating. The two eight year olds have finished eating and are playing on the Jungle Gym on the far side of the lawn. The two 11 year olds are lying down on their backs, gabbing about music. Angela is sitting at a table to my right, eating by herself.

I say hello to the girls laying on the grass as I pass. I kneel down for just a moment to look up their skirts. Clara is wearing sexy red bikini panties and Doris is wearing her usual white cotton underwear.

I don’t which ones I like better. Clara’s look so sexy and Doris’s look so innocent. They both look great with this year’s uniforms. Much to my delight, we’ve switched to plaid skirts and a white button up shirt with a blue tie this year. They look fantastic.

About ten feet from Doris and Clara is Angela, just finishing up her sandwich. As I walk up behind her she says, “Hello Mr. Biggs, how are you today?”

“I’m fine Angela.” I run my fingers through her short blond hair. Angela tilts her head back and smiles. I lean over her, “And how are you?” I rub her back and then lean towards her and kiss her neck.

“I feel hot. The air-conditioner isn’t working today.” I slide my hands down her sides, briefly brushing the sides of her little tits.

I look over at Clara and Doris to make sure they’re not paying any attention to us. They’re still gabbing on about some band I’ve never heard of.

I put my arm around Angela’s slim waist and take hold of her hand. She turns her head towards me, I lean closer and kiss her soft lips. She moans as our tongues touch. I pull back briefly, “shhhh”, then I resume kissing her. Very quietly.

She reaches up under my shirt and feels my chest. At that, I begin lightly massaging her breasts through her shirt. I slowly reach my hand lower to her stomach and then to her skirt.

Yesterday was the first time we kissed. For weeks we’ve held hands at recess time and I can’t help but caress and touch her whenever I get the opportunity. I don’t know how far she wants this to go and I can’t ask her now with the other students around.

I pull her skirt up and slowly move my hand to her thigh, giving her the chance to pull away from me if she wishes to. Fortunately she does not. Caressing her thighs, I move my hand close to her crotch. I lightly brush my fingertips across her panties. I can feel her pussy lips for a brief moment.

Angela then lowers her hand down between my legs. Her fingers press against my cock, feeling the shaft and then the head of my dick. I’m quickly growing hard.

Unfortunately we’re almost out of time. I’m going to have to go into the classroom with an erection now. At least there aren’t any other teachers here to see me in this condition since I‘m the only adult here. I whisper quietly in her ear, “It’s time for class”.

I reluctantly get up and announce to the rest of the students, “Okay girls. It’s time to start class. Come on Doris, Clara, and you too Angela.” I walk across the grass to the jungle gym where Brooke and Elsa, the two eight years olds, are playing. As I approach I say, “Come on girls, time for class”. Of course they ignore me.

Brooke is hanging upside down from the monkey bars. Her skirt is hanging down, exposing her cute blue panties with little dolphins printed on them. After a good look, I pat her on the butt and say, “Come on Brooke, I know you heard me. Time for class.”

“Awwww, it’s too dang hot to be inside all day.”, she whines.

Scooping her up in my arms, I say, “ I know, but we have to get started.” Elsa climbs down. Holding Brooke in my arms, I take Elsa’s hand and we walk towards the classroom. Brooke has her arms wrapped around my neck. My hand is on her little butt, holding her against me. I remember when Angela was about her size, when she first started as a student here six years ago.

The other girls are already in their seats when the three of us enter the room. It is hot. I put Brooke down and turn the air-conditioner up all the way. Even though I know it‘s not working, it will at least circulate the air. I open the windows.

“Girls”, I announce, “because it’s so hot, you can take off your ties.”

Clara giggles, “Can we take off our shirts too?” She’s become quite a flirt for an 11 year old. Just a year ago it seems, she was interested in little more than telling silly knock-knock jokes and blowing bubbles with her gum.

“Sure, I don’t mind.” I respond.

Doris says indignantly, “I ain’t taking mine off Mr. Biggs.”

Before I can correct her English and tell her I’m only joking, Elsa says, “Well, I’m taking mine off.” Brooke adds, “Me to, I don’t have nothing to hide.”

I scold them, “No girls. You can’t take off your shirts, just your ties.” I immediately think to myself I should have let them.

They remove their ties and set them on their desks. Angela begins unbuttoning her shirt. She then takes it off and neatly folds it up and sets it by her computer. I stand there just staring at her. Next she slowly removes her bra and sets it on her shirt. She says nothing. She just remains there with a smug smile on her face, probably wondering if I’m going to react or not.

Her tits are beautiful. They’re not very big, but her nipples look so good. Nice, big areolas. I’m not sure how I’m going to make it through the day. Angela just keeps smiling wide as she starts up her computer, knowing that I’m staring at her chest. The other girls are putting on their head phones and turning on their computers.

Each desk has a computer with headphones which the students use to listen to their lessons. Each one studies their own lesson plans at their own pace. I just make sure they’re making progress each day and try to answer any questions that come up.

I walk over to Angela, placing my hand on her shoulder. I’ve only felt her tits through her shirt before. I bend over and kiss her on the forehead. She tilts her head up and we kiss. Moving my hand down, I caress her tits. I can hardly believe how soft and tender they feel.

“Mr. Biggs,” Elsa says, “I’ve finished the lesson I’m on. I‘m ready for the next one.”

“Alright Elsa,” I walk over to the cabinet with all the lessons and get her next one out, then hand her the disk. I sit down at my desk. I wish there was a way I could get Angela out of here and into bed. When I take her home after school, we only have a few minutes to spend together before her mother will miss her and wonder why it’s taking so long.

I’ve tried to think up some excuse I could use to take her out of class and spend the day with her. I can’t come up with anything that would work though.

Staring at her tits again I start rubbing my cock. It quickly becomes fully erect. Damn it’s hot. I take off my shirt. Then I quietly remove my pants and underwear. Walking back over to Angela’s desk, I massage her neck with one hand as she listens to her lesson. With my other hand I slowly stroke my cock.

I kneel down next to her and put my arm around her waist, then slide my other hand under her skirt. I massage her thighs and then move towards her pussy. As I slip my fingers under her panties, she pulls her skirt up and then slides her panties down. I finally explore and feel her pussy. I move a finger up and down her wet slit. She leans back in her seat and spreads her legs wide apart. She’s told me she’s a virgin, but I don’t know if her hymen is still intact.

My finger finds no obstruction. I slowly finger her pussy for awhile. She squirms and moans softly. Each time she moans I touch my fingers to her lips and whisper “shhhh” in her ear. She does her best not to make too much noise. After a few minutes she begins breathing heavily. She stretches her legs out kicking the table leg. She gasps as she throws her head back.

Doris asks, “Angela, are you alright?“

I pull my fingers out of her pussy. Angela freezes, then mutters, “Yeah, I just dropped something.” With both of us frustrated now, I just caress her and we kiss for awhile.

I have a hard on and am ready to fuck her tight little body. But how am I going to do that in the classroom? It’ll make way too much noise. Maybe I can get away with a blowjob, if she’s willing, that is. We’ve never talked about it so I’m not even sure if she’ll want to put it in her mouth.

There’s only one way to find out. I take her hand and guide it to my cock. She smiles as her fingers take hold of the shaft of my dick. She reaches up with her other hand and cups my balls and gently massages them. I move her hand back and forth on my dick as I breath deeply and slowly and quietly.

To my surprise, she parts her lips and leans forward, kissing the head of my hard cock. Turning her head up for just a moment, she flashes me a sly smile.

I then place the head of my dick against her lips. She opens her mouth right up and I slide inside of her warm moist mouth. Her tongue glides over the head of my cock and then flicks about on its shaft.

I moan. She immediately pulls her head back and looks up and puts her finger to her lips, letting me know to be quieter.

I slide back into her mouth and begin rocking my hips back and forth, and I caress her head and run my fingers through her hair. As I pick up the pace, the slurping sounds become louder and louder. I slow back down again as I don’t want the other girls to realize what we’re doing.

Enjoying the incredible feeling of her young mouth, I again pick up the pace. However, once again the slurping noises and a couple of gasps become too loud so I slow down. Maybe I’ll have to settle for a good jerk.

Brooke takes off her headphones and says, “Mr. Biggs, I have to go to the bathroom.” A bit startled, I pull my dick out of Angela’s mouth.

“That’s fine Brooke, you can go.”

As Brooke gets up out of her seat she adds, “Mr. Biggs, I have to go real bad. Can you take me?”

Ughh!! Sometimes Brooke does this, she waits till the last second before she asks. The bathroom is all the way on the other end of the building and up a flight of stairs. It takes her too long to navigate her way with her cane.

I quickly grab my shirt, put it on, and button a couple buttons on it, “Okay Brooke.” I slip my shoes on and grab her hand and lead her out the door. It feels weird, walking down the hall with no pants and a full erection, holding the hand of an eight year old. If one of the other teachers or administrators show up, I’m dead. But no one will, no one ever does.

She must have to really go bad. She’s holding her hand to her crotch.

I pick Brooke up in my arms, being careful not let her legs brush against my erection. I quickly carry her down the hall and up the stairs to the bathroom. I wait outside till she’s done. I’d go in and watch, but the tile floors and tile walls magnify every little noise. Holding her hand, we walk back to the classroom.

When I step back into the room, Doris and Clara are standing by the window, “Come on girls, back to study.”

“It’s too darn hot Mr. Biggs.” Doris complains.

“I know, maybe we’ll take an extra long recess.” Recess is still a ways off though. “Now back to your seats.”

They reluctantly walk back to their seats, “Okay Mr. Biggs.” I sit down at my desk. My dick is settling down now, but I really want to cum. A blowjob just isn’t possible right now because of the noise. Doris is only seated four feet from Angela. I pull my pants back on. I guess I’ll just have to wait till recess.

I walk over to Angela and caress her back and neck as she listens to her lesson. I hear the noise of an ice cream truck moving up the road towards us. This gives me an idea. “Hey girls, I’ll be out of room for a few minutes. Be good and keep studying and you’ll get a special treat when I come back.”

“Okay Mr. Biggs,” they chime in unison.

I quickly leave the classroom and go out the front door of the school. Walking out to the street, I wave down the ice cream truck. I buy four Popsicles and run back inside. In the classroom I pass one out to each of the girls except Angela. Of course they’re thrilled.

While the girls unwrap their treats. I go to Angela’s seat and drop my pants to the floor. Taking hold of her head I push the tip of my cock against her sweet pink lips. She opens right up again and takes my cock into her tender mouth. I softly moan, “Mmmm, that’s good.”

Doris says, “Yeah,” as she licks her Popsicle just a few feet away, “It sure is good. Thanks Mr. Biggs.” The other girls add their thanks. My cock is now fully hard again and sliding in and out of Angela’s mouth.

Our little moans and slurping noises blend in with the other girls who are licking and sucking away on their Popsicles. I run my fingers through Angela’s silky hair.

I let her go at her own pace and just enjoy it. I try my best to take in all the sights and sounds in the room. Angela’s head moving back and forth as my dick slides out her mouth, then disappears into it again.

Little Elsa’s bright blue tongue licking her blue Popsicle. Little Brooke’s tongue darting around, quickly trying to catch every drip from her Popsicle before it falls on the desk.

Doris, with her full lips wrapped around her Popsicle. And then there’s Clara, trying to impress me. She giggles as she tries to deep throat her Popsicle. Then she scrunches up her face, tightly squeezing her eyes shut……I guess it was too cold.

With all that I’m watching, I begin building to an orgasm. I hold Angela’s head a little tighter and quicken my pace. I finally erupt, pumping a load of semen into her mouth. Her eyes widen as my cum fills her mouth. She does a great job of swallowing most of it. She uses her hands to catch what she misses.

I pull out of her mouth and pull my pants up. I sit down at my desk, catching my breath. When everyone finishes their Popsicles, I tell the girls, “Okay, back to work.”

Angela says, “Alright Mr. Biggs. And thanks again. That was the best Popsicle I ever had in my whole life.”

Smiling, I say, “Yeah, it was the best.” I lean back, relaxing at my desk and watching the girls. I lean over to my left so I can see up Clara’s skirt at her red panties. I love this job, it keeps getting better everyday.

After a while, I stand up and stretch. My dick is ready for some more. I quietly unzip my pants and pull out my dick. I slowly wander around the room, stroking myself as I go. I stop at Doris’s desk and slowly stroke my dick just inches from her head.

Making my way to Elsa’s desk I wonder what she’d do if I came on her cute little face. I imagine my cum dripping off her pudgy little nose. It probably wouldn’t end well, so I better leave that as a fantasy unfulfilled. I bend down in front of Brooke’s desk and look up her skirt. I think to myself, “Maybe someday, when she’s old enough.”

I walk over to Angela and caress her naked back. I love her soft, silky smooth skin. Looking at my watch I decide to call for an early recess, “Hey girls, listen up.” I wait till they all take their headphones off. “We’re going to take recess early. Also, since it’s so hot, we’re just going to spend the rest of the day playing outside. It’s just too hot to study any more. Just don‘t tell anyone we decided to goof off the rest of the day.”

“Oh good!” Clara says.

Elsa adds, “Don’t worry, we won’t tell nobody.” It will be more than an hour before any of their parents show up. I put my dick back in my pants and head outside holding Clara’s and Brooke’s hands. Angela follows behind us, holding hands with Doris and Elsa.

Outside the girls split up as usual. Elsa and Brooke head off to the jungle gym. Clara and Doris walk off towards the grass, gabbing away to each other about shampoo and hair conditioner.

I turn around to watch Angela as she walks towards me. Her naked breasts are bright white in the direct sunlight. I embrace her slim torso, wrapping my arms around her waist and pulling her tightly against me. She too wraps her arms around me, gripping me firmly as her lips find mine.

After a long kiss, we walk out to the far end of the lawn. Doris and Clara are wandering off to the left, towards the jungle gym. So I walk off to the right with Angela. We find a nice spot near the back wall and lay down. After kissing for a while, I roll Angela onto her back and begin massaging her. I slide off her skirt so she is now completely naked.

Angela asks in a whisper, “Are we alone?”

“Yeah, the other girls are over a hundred feet away. I’m going to lick your pussy now. You can make a little noise, but not too much.”

Angela giggles, “Okay, I’ll try to be good.” I remove my clothes.

Moving between her legs, I take hold of her slim hips and push her butt up. Cupping her butt cheeks, I begin licking her thighs and legs near her pussy. Softly moaning, Angela runs her fingers through my hair.

Inhaling deeply to enjoy the aroma of her young pussy, I then push my tongue into her, separating her pussy lips. I move my tongue up and down her slit.

Angela is moaning, but not loud enough to be heard across the playground. I insert a finger into her tight hole as my tongue narrows in on her small but swollen clit. I lift my head up for just a second to make sure the other girls are still at a safe distance, then resume more vigorously than ever.

Angela tries her best to stifle her moans, biting down on her fingers. She can’t hold back anymore. She presses her other hand against the back of my head, pushing my face hard against her pussy. Her legs stiffen and she curls her toes as she cums on my face. Panting hard, she moans, “Oh God!”

We embrace and kiss and cuddle. After she recovers, we explore each other‘s bodies further. Angela strokes my cock till it’s fully hard, then asks, “Mr. Biggs, will you please cum inside my pussy?”

I’ve wanted to screw her for years, since she first came to this school. I whisper to her. “I’d love to sweetie,” I kneel down between her legs. Checking on the other girls, I see Clara and Doris slowly walking towards us, along the back wall. Elsa and Brooke are still playing on the jungle gym.

I spread her legs wide apart and say, “Don’t make too much noise sweetie.” Leaning over her, I place the head of my dick against her virgin hole.

Pushing forward with my hips, Angela quietly moans and whispers, “I’ve dreamed of this for years,” as the head of my dick spreads her pussy lips apart. Sliding into her warm, moist tunnel, I push into her as far as I can.

Angela’s arms pull me tightly against her already crushed little body. She moans softly as I slowly pull my dick part way out of her, then push back into her. Pumping her pussy, I gradually build the speed of my thrusts. I check on the girls, Clara and Doris are still at a safe distance but continue to come our way. I keep pounding away at her pussy.

Although Angela makes an effort to be silent, the other girls are getting too close. I push into her pussy and hold my dick deep in her. I whisper in her ear, “We have to be quiet, Clara and Doris are near.” As they approach us, I hold Angela tight and roll over onto my back, so she is on top of me.

The girls are gabbing on about flavored lip gloss. After a minute they’re at a safe distance, so I whisper, “Okay sweetie, they’re gone for now, but we still have to be quiet.”

Angela remains on top of me and starts gyrating her slim hips, moving up and down on my cock. We go on like this nice and slow until Doris and Clara move farther away. I groan a little louder, signaling to Angela she can make a little more noise too.

She rides me harder and faster, groaning louder as time goes by. I can tell she is about to cum again. With Clara and Doris on the other end of the lawn now, I let myself go and grunt and moan as I shoot a load of cum deep into her pussy.

Once again she arches her back, tilts her head back and cums. She then collapses on top of me. We embrace and kiss. After a few minutes Doris and Clara walk by us again. I put my fingers over Angela’s lips so she knows not to make any noise, as they walk right by us.

Out of time, I whisper to Angela that we need to get going. We dress and kiss again, then head back to the room so we can get her shirt and other things.

I yell out to the girls to come on back in. Of course, Elsa and Brooke ignore me so I have to go get them.

After all the other parents come pick up their kids, I drive Angela home. She tells me about a pair of very sexy panties she has. Her older sister secretly bought them for Angela’s birthday. She’s going to wear them tomorrow. I can hardly wait. We pull onto a side street to kiss once more, just long enough to hold us over until tomorrow’s lesson plan.

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