This is a story about how a family comes closer than any other. There is something different about this family they have a demon that comes to help along their progress.

It was the summer when I was 11 I lived with my mom and 2 sisters it was pretty crappy living with all women but I kept to myself. It was a great summer though I was 12 and had just figured what masterbation was all about. I had been listening to an espisode of Loveline and figured it out but that's a different story. I was completely content I stayed in my room and since I had a computer I spent many hours watching porn on the computer but soon it was not enough.
I saw a movie were a man sniffed panties and was turned on by it I thought that I must have some to sniff. I volunteered to do the laundry and I took panties from each of my sisters and my mom. It was extascy I loved the smell and I shot hot ropes of cum in each of them and I repeated the process but it still wasn't like getting laid though. I had to find a way to get laid funny thing is it wouldn't be anything I did that got me laid.
I have never been popular at school and even the unpopular girls didn't want to date me so there was no chance of getting laid. I often thought of raping a girl at school to get laid because I firgured I could not get in too much trouble since I was only 12 but I found it not feasible. Getting laid seemed so far out of the way till the one fateful night.
It was a Saturday night and I was looking up some porn and I heard my mom stumble in drunk like most Saturdays. My mom had a hard life and was messed up because of it. He father had farthered 2 children with her when she was 12 and 14 before he went to prison. She then got put in to a foster home in which was very strict and would beat her. Now at 28 she was a drunk trying to get laid as much as possible.
Anyways my mom stumbled in she was pretty good looking kinda chubby she was about 5 10 180 pounds blonde hair and she had double d breasts. She usually wore slutty clothes she was wearing a tube top and a short skirt.
When she stumbled in I paid it no attention and kept on jerking it. I was caught up in some hot pregnant porn and I didn't realize my mom was standing there. She asked me what I was doing she was piss drunk but I was startled I fell backwards in my computer chair. I saw from that angle that my mom was wearing no panties I was instanly turned on and got hard.
"It's ok baby its normal for a young boy to do this" Mom said. "But it would be a shame to waste that bonner."
My mom came over to me I was frozen not know what to do she kept talking in a very drunk voice muttering about how she was hungry for cock since she had not got any tonight. She bent down to me and put her mouth on my cock and it was the most amazing feeling she used her toungue on my head and deepthroated it. It felt so good I can't put it into words. My mom stripped and I saw all her body it was beatiful from her blblonde hair to her nicely shaved pussy. She then got on top of me and grabbed my cock lined it up and put it in her warm pussy it was not to tight but it felt good she road me hard and I shot ropes of cum in her for what seemed forever after that she passed out she woke up at some point to go to bed but left her clothes and I had a memory of the best night of my life so far but better was to come.
The next night I was sleeping I was woken and I saw a naked girl that looked to be 8 or nine she had blonde hair and a beatiful pussy. I had been turned on by the site of young girls lately and this made my cock hard. I called out to her and asked who she was.
"I am a demon I have taken a form you might like. The devil wants to reward your immorality of the sexual nature. I will give you powers to be even more immoral. I will give you 3 powers the powers to make a woman drawn to you.The second is to stop time and the third is if you touch a woman the will want to have sex with you. I will stay with you and guide you.
The girl then pulled off my boxers and started sucking me it felt so good because her mouth was so small it made me want to cum. She used my toungue better than my mom and depthroated it better too. Then she laid on her back then she had me lick her teaching me how to do it right I gave her an orgasm by licking her clit and fingering her. Then she fullfilled one of my other fantasies she got over me and started peeing on me I loved it. It was like she new everything I liked. She then laid on her back and invited me in I got up close to her I had to force my head in because her vagina was so tight. We I pumped for a few minutes and cane. She then stood up and said "That's a good start but we will have to work on your time."
The next day came and she walked out to get food I told her not to go because my mom and sisters would see but my mom greeted her.she said she had used mind control on my family to make them think she belonged. After that day my mom had me sleep with her to do the deed with her before she went to sleep. Then I would have sex with my demon who chose the name chelsea. Sometimes she changed her appearance to suit my needs.
I decided that then that I needed to have sex with my sisters one 16 one with brown hair down to her mid back c cup breasts and an athletic body from playing softball her name was Amber. I caught her after practixr. She told Me to get away but I touched her and her attitude changed she brought me into her room and took off her cleats. I started to suck on her toes that was another one of my fetishes and it turned me on. I then took off her softball pants and he blue thong panties. Her beatiful shaved pussy was there she got completly naked and I procededed to eat her out. Then she invited me in but not in her pussy but in her ass. With training I lasted much longer until I came in her tight ass then I stuck it in her pussy and pumped till I almost came but she wanted me to come in her mouth. I filled her mouth up with so much cum she couldn't take it and it dripped out onto her tits we cuddled but my day was not over I had my sights set on my sister Brittany.
I caught her in the shower she yelled at me but I touched her and she ea turned on I brought her back to the bed. I ate her out and gave her her first orgasm. I then put my penis in she screamed she bled since she was a virgin. Chelsea made it so that it wouldn't hurt so much she began to enjoy it we just did missonary since she was a virgin I came quick since she was tight but I came agian in her mouth letting her taste cum for the first time.
Things changed in my life from then on my mom got pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful arburned haired girl and we named her Kaite at 13 I had my first child. For years I went around finding girls to have sex with I knocked up both of my sisters and the produced my offspring. We home schooled Kaite and when she was 8 me her and Chelsea moved out into a studio apartment. We all slept in the same bed but it was ok Chelsa and Katie got along well. I made rules around the house that no clothes were allowed around the house. This made me lust after my little girl. I knew I need to have her. I started reading her bedtime stories and I asked if she wanted her daddy to feel good so I stated jerking it on her tummy she would start to beg me to cum on her saying please come on me daddy! I then asked her if she wanted to feel good so I then ate out my little girl. This went on till the fatefull night were I first penetrated my little girl.
Katies favorite thing was to watch porn and I know she was itching to try it. I found my opportunity when one night she wet the bed she woke up.crying when the soaked bed turned me on. She commented how my pp was hard. I asked her if she wanted to help me get some relief she said she would I had her lick my head and she said it tasted funny it was probably the precum. I then ate her out and told her that I was going to make love to her but I am only 8 she said but I procededed anyways she screamed and bleed when i stuck it in. She started to enjoy and scream yes daddy which turned me on because I loved to be called daddy I came in her and then I went back in and then came in her mouth. We cuddled afterward and I saw Chelsea in the background smiling.

If you like this story more are to come were Katie gets pregnant
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