Fun with Terrie, Carrie and Paul joins us
This chapter is called “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” because thing are good, then they go bad, and then things get ugly.

The good starts with me being sixteen years old, its Thursday night my parents are gone until Sunday. I also will have two houseguests joining for the evening, that being Terri and her cousin Carrie.

Terri was my next-door neighbor and we had grown up together since we were babies; she was also sixteen at the time this took place. Her cousin Carrie was seventeen; Carrie and her mom were visiting from California. Her dad left her mom and ran off with some woman out there. Carrie's mom came to see Brenda her sister Terri’s mom. Brenda was as hot and sexy as Terri was. I believed she liked me or at least she had been flirting with me lately.

Terri and I had been experimenting with sex for about 3 years now. I had always thought that Terri had learned most about the sex fun we had through dirty magazines. However, I had just found out that she learned a lot more watching her mom and dad having sex. I also found out that her mom and dad belong to some club called “The Lovers Club” where members practiced open relationships as well as free love. Wife swapping was what Carrie told me they called it out in California.

I had found out that Terri had also been having sex with her mom since last year. She told me that she could also have had sex with her dad. However, she told me she did not want too have sex with him and did not plan to have any. Carrie and Terri had been having fun together since about the same time we had been having fun whenever they got together.

The girls were going to spend the night at my place as Terri’s mom and dad were having a party. This way the girls did not have to stay in Terri's bedroom during the party. It may be better for you to read my other chapters to catch up on all that you have missed so far.

Terri, Carrie and I were sitting on the sofa again when I asked, “Well what shall we do now?”

“Let’s get high,” Carrie yelled out as she reached for that large pipe.

Terri asked Carrie what was with the big clear pipe. Carrie told us it was a bong and that you fill it with some water and ice. She told us that it cooled the smoke making it mellower when inhaling it. Carrie put some water and ice in it and then she stuffed the bowl full of weed. She took her lighter and she hit the bong; it rather rumbled when she hit it as the smoke filled the water in the bottom of the bong.

Carrie passed it to Terri, as she said, “Now don’t hit it real hard.”

Terri hit the bong and then passed it to me. I took it and wanting to play Mr. big shits I took a big long hit. I was off the sofa hacking my lungs out as the girls laughed at me. We passed the bong around some more getting high while we listened to Pink Floyd.

We all were feeling good in a little bit; the three of us all cuddled up together on the sofa. I happened to see that long plastic vibrator lying on the coffee table. I picked it up looking at it curiously.

“Just what is this good for?” I asked.

Carrie took it from me as she replied, “It for when your man is not around,” smiling at me.

“Show him Carrie,” Terri said as she cuddled up closer to me.

Carrie stood up and she took off her shorts leaving her in pink panties. She moved down to the other end of the sofa and propped her self up against the arm of the sofa. Carrie pulled her legs up onto the sofa spreading them wide apart. I could see the outline of her meaty pussy lips through her pink panties.

Carrie picked the vibrator up and she rubbed it against her pussy through her panties. I could see those meaty pussy lips moving as she did. Terri was leaning across me watching Carrie rub at her pussy with the vibrator. Carrie tilted her head back and her eyes closed as she used the vibrator on herself.

“Turn it on Carrie,” Terri said to her.

Carrie turned the bottom of the plastic toy. The thing started to hum and vibrate in her hand. Carrie placed it back down against her pussy. She worked it up and down between those meaty pussy lips covered by her panties.

“Ahhhh,” Carrie moaned as she pressed it harder against her pussy.

I felt Terri grabbing at my cock through my shorts. She told me to take them off so I did and I sat back down. Terri grabbed my hard cock with her hand. She pumped on it a few times before I felt her slipping my cock into that wonderful mouth of hers. Carrie was rubbing at her pussy with the vibrator harder and faster as Terri sucked on my cock.

Carrie was moaning and moving her pussy against the toy. Carrie moaned out loudly as I watched her thighs squeeze together trapping her hand and the vibrator between them. Carrie started to jerk which caused her big tits to jiggle as she did. I loved watching her big tits as they rolled in circles as she reached a climax.

Terri stopped sucking on my cock as she watched Carrie as she had an orgasm with the vibrator. Carrie opened her legs back up and as she moved the vibrator to one side. I could see a big wet spot at the crotch of her pink panties.

“Look John, she got her panties all wet,” Terri, said as she started to pump my cock with her hand.

I looked down at Terri as I replied, “Why don’t you go get those wet panties for me,” as I smiled at her then to Carrie.

I had been collecting Terri’s panties for some time. I had then hidden under my mattress. I would sometimes sleep with them near my face smelling her pussy as I went to sleep in hopes of dreaming about her. I also would wrap them around my cock when I jacked off.

Terri crawled right across my cock as she got between Carries opened legs. Carrie rose up a bit as Terri slipped her panties off. Terri tossed her panties back to me. I lifted them to my nose as I sniffed at the wet spot on them. My cock twitched, as I smelled her juices on her panties. I saw that the girls were watching me so I licked at the wet spot as well. They both had big smiles on their faces as I licked at Carrie's panties.

Terri was starting to climb back over me when Carrie’s hands went to her head as she asked, “Where do you think you are going?”

Carrie pulled Terri back between her legs. Terri placed her hand at Carrie’s pussy rubbing at it as she did. I watched as Terri started to pull on Carrie’s big pussy lips. She stretched them out making a huge butterfly out of them. Terri then slipped one of her fingers into Carrie’s wet pussy.

“Ahhh,” Carrie moaned as Terri pushed her finger deep into her pussy.

Terri started to work her finger in and out of Carries pussy. I wrapped Carrie’s panties around my cock as I started to jack my cock off with them. I ran my other hand up the backside of Terri’s leg. I played with her inner thigh as I jacked my cock off with Carrie’s wet panties.

“Finger me too John,” Terri cooed out as she pulled her shorts down.

I helped her take her shorts and panties off exposing her ass and hairy pussy to me from behind. Terri went back to fingering Carrie’s pussy as I took Carrie’s panties and rubbed them at Teri’s pussy. I rubbed at her pussy for a while with the panties mixing her pussy juices onto them. I sniffed and licked at them before I tossed them to the floor.

I slipped two fingers up into Terri’s wet pussy from behind making her moan. I started to run them in and out of her already wet pussy. Terri had Carrie moaning as well; I glanced over her to see that she was running three of her fingers in and out of Carrie’s pussy. Carrie’s pussy glistened with her wet juices as Terri fingered her.

“Lick me Terri,” Carrie said moaning.

Terri got up more on her knees as I slipped off the sofa standing behind her butt at the side. I was stroking my cock as Terri put her face down into Carrie’s pussy. I had one hand wrapped around my cock jerking on it as I slipped my two fingers back into Terri’s pussy.

Terri was licking wildly at Carrie’s pussy with her tongue. Terri pulled those meaty pussy lips apart to sink her tongue into her hole. Carrie started to pull her head into her pussy as Terri tongued her. I pushed my fingers deeper into Terri. I pressed them downward as my fingers found that rough spot in her pussy.

“AHHHHH John," Terri moaned out as I started to rub at that spot.

Terri was pumping her ass back toward my fingers as I ran them in and out. I made sure my fingertips were riding on that spot. Carrie started to squirm as Terri licked at her pussy. My hand gripped my cock tighter and went faster as I stood there jacking it off as I fingered Terri's pussy.

I felt my knees go weak as my cock throbbed once then it started to shoot cum out. My cock shot ribbons of cum arching high into the air. Some splashed into Terri's hair with most of it splattering onto Carrie’s thigh. Terri just kept licking at her pussy as I shot my load.

“Ahhhh Terri,” Carrie moaned as cum splashed on her thigh.

Carrie closed those thighs around Terri’s head. Her head drifted back as her eyes went closed. I knew she was having another orgasm as Terri lapped at her pussy. I rubbed hard at that spot in Terri’s pussy.

Terri yelled, "AHhhhhhh," which was a little muffled by Carrie’s thighs wrapping around her head.

I felt warm liquid splashing onto my fingers as Terri jerked on them. I withdrew my finger and I got behind her. I buried my face into her pussy from behind. I ran my whole face against her pussy from behind as I pulled her butt cheeks apart. Her pussy was soaking wet from her juices as well as my face.

I heard Carrie moan then Terri would moan as I stuck my tongue up into her pussy. I took my tongue in and out of her wet pussy a few times. I withdrew my tongue running it up to her cute asshole. I was licking at her asshole with my tongue when Carrie pushed Terri's head from between her legs.

“No more,” Carrie screamed as she jumped from the sofa.

Terri fell forward removing my tongue from her backside. Terri rolled over onto her back. She threw her arms around me pulling me down on top of her. She kissed me deeply as I smelled Carrie’s pussy from her face then tasted her pussy as she slipped her tongue into my mouth. We rolled around on each other for a while before we both sat back up.

“Damn girl I almost peed in your face,” Carrie said to Terri as she danced around in front of us holding her crotch.

“Well go pee then,” Terri replied to her laughing.

Carrie started to head off to the bathroom as Terri said, “Go help her John,” giving me a smile.

I ran up behind Carrie in the hallway grabbing at her ass. She jumped and yelled when my hand grabbed at her ass. Carrie turned into the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. I followed her into the bathroom.

“What you want to watch?” Carrie asked me smiling.

I shook my head yes, as I dropped to my knees in front of her. Carrie opened her legs, as she stood up a bit. A stream of pee came flowing out from her pussy. It splashed off those big meaty pussy lips as it splashed into the water. Carrie reached down and she opened her pussy with her hands. The pee shot straight out of her pussy hole never touching those big pussy lips hanging there.

Carrie straighten up some as she said, “Here John, have some.”

Carrie’s pee squirted almost straight from her pussy hitting me in my face. Carrie laughed and so did I. I stood back up as I grabbed a towel wiping at my face. Carrie stood up wrapping her arms around my neck. She pulled my face down to hers as she kissed me just once.

“You do know I am falling in love with you,” Carrie said giving a little laugh before she ran from the bathroom closing the door.

I just stood there looking at myself in the mirror. I really like Carrie and I had some feelings for her. However, I did not love her. I wanted Terri to be the one saying that to me not Carrie. I stared at myself in the mirror for a long time before I returned and joined the girls on the sofa.

“Let’s call for a pizza,” Carrie cried out.

I called the pizza place and they told me about 40 minutes until they delivered it. The three of us sat there just talking about everything under the sun. Carrie even told us that she hoped that her mom would decide to stay here. Carrie was smiling at me as she told us that.

I was glad when I heard the knock on the door. It was the pizza man, I paid for it then we all went into the kitchen. We ate some pizza and the girls told me that they were going to go change. I was sitting back in the living room when they came walking in.

The baby doll outfits were nice however I said, “I like you girls in the nude,” as I smiled at them.

There was not much of their outfits to take off before they were standing in front of my in their birthday suits. They joined me on the sofa again. Carrie lit the bong again passing it around. We were all high as Terri whispered in my ear.

“John, take us to your bedroom,” Terri said.

I was up off the sofa taking my shorts back off as we walked down the hallway. I took the girls into my bedroom and the three of us climbed up onto the bed. My mom and dad had recently gotten a king bed. I took their old queen bed for in my room. The three of us fit perfect and nicely in the queen bed.

We lie there kissing and feeling each other up. I would suck on Terri’s tits then move to Carrie’s big tits. I was kissing Carrie when Terri told us she would be right back. In a minute, Terri returned with the vibrator and a couple packs of rubbers.

Terri handed Carrie a pack of rubbers as she said, “You can have him now but you are going to use one of these.”

Terri looked at me as she said, “Do her John while I watch,” as she turned the vibrator on.

Carrie rolled over toward me and we embraced on the bed. We were kissing and slipping tongues into each other’s mouth as we rolled on the bed. I saw that Terri was using the vibrator between her legs as she rubbed at her tits with her other hand. Her eyes were following our every move.

Carrie rolled me onto my back and she took my hard cock into her hand. She pumped at it a few times. She then tore open the rubber and she slipped it down over my cock. Carrie looked at me as she told me that the rubber fitted tightly onto my cock before she rolled over onto her back.

I climbed on top of her kissing at those big round tits of hers. I moved up kissing her on the lips as my cock brushed against her pussy. I felt her hand take hold of my cock. Carrie guided it to the entrance of her pussy. I pushed forward as she left go of my cock. Carrie wrapped her arms around my neck as she pushed her hips toward me.

“AHHhhh fuck me John,” Carrie cried out as my cock slipped deeply into her.

I started to push my cock in and out of her wet pussy. Carrie's pussy was clamping down tighter on my pussy as I fucked her. I was soon driving my cock deep and harder into her pussy. Carrie was rolling her head from side to side, as I did. I was more interested in watching those big tits of hers.

They were rolling around in a circle as I fucked her. The deeper and the harder I fucked her the more they rolled. Carrie’s pussy was making wet sounds as I drove my cock in and out. Carrie looked up at me as I fucked her. She had a smile on her face and I could see the gleam in her eyes. I knew she was enjoying my cock.

“John, take me from behind,” Carrie said to me smiling.

I withdrew my cock as she got onto her hands and knees. I was getting ready to get behind her when Carrie looked to Terri. She motioned for her to come to her with her finger. Carrie had Terri lay sideways across the bed as she got between her legs.

Carrie put her face down between Terri’s thighs as she removed the vibrator from her hand. Carrie’s big round ass was sticking high in the air as I got behind her. I licked at her pussy a few times before I got behind her.

I placed my cock into her pussy and I shoved it in. My cock buried itself deep and hard up her pussy. Carrie moaned loudly into Terri’s pussy as it did.

Terri’s hand went to Carries head pulling her into her pussy as she said, “Fuck her John, Fuck her hard,” as she blew me an kiss.

I started to slip my cock in and out of Carrie’s pussy from behind. I started slowly at first then I built up a good pace. Her pussy was still gripping at my cock as I fucked her. I placed my hands up onto her hips as I started to pound her pussy from behind.

Carrie was whimpering as she licked at Terri’s pussy. I was slamming my cock in and out of her pussy as hard and as deep as I could. My hands would pull at her hips each time I drove my cock up in her pulling her back on it. I could feel my hanging balls swinging up into her each time I drove my cock home.

“AHHHhhhh Carrie,” Terri screamed out as I watched her head rolling from side to side, as she released her hands from Carrie’s head.

Carrie just kept lapping at her pussy as I slammed my cock into her from behind. I noticed Carrie’s ass hole seemed to be winking at me as I was fucking her. I stuck my finger up into my mouth getting it wet with my saliva. I took my finger and I ran it around her asshole a few times.

I timed it just right as I drove my cock deep into her pussy; I shoved my finger deep into her asshole. Carrie moaned loudly raising her head from Terri’s pussy. I wiggled my finger in her asshole as I fucked her hard. Sweat was dripping from me as I kept fucking her tight pussy deep and hard.

I knew I would be shooting off anytime now as I felt her pussy going nuts on my cock. I wiggled my finger some more in her asshole it was then I realized that was my own finger I was feeling tapping on my cock and not her pussy going wild on my cock.

“AHHHHHH FUCK,” Carrie screamed out as her body shook.

“AHHHHH CARRIE,” I screamed out as I felt my cock twitching and throbbing.

I buried my cock as deep as it would go into her pussy. I started to finger fuck Carrie’s asshole with my finger. My cock throbbed as it shot its load into the rubber around my cock. I just held my cock in her letting it go soft inside her pussy. My cock slipped from Carrie’s pussy followed by a loud wet fart as Carrie fell forward.

Terri sat up in bed as she asked, “Carrie did you just fart?”

“NO, it was my pussy,” Carrie moaned out as her pussy broke wind again.

Terri rolled around Carrie on the bed who lay there face down moaning. She kissed me as her hand went to the rubber around my cock. Terri pulled the rubber from my cock. Terri looked at the end filled full of cum as it hung from her fingers. She took the rubber and she dumped it out all over each of Carrie’s butt cheeks.

Terri pulled me down as she went down to Carrie’s butt. Terri licked at her butt taking cum from it. Terri did not even have to ask me, as I knew what she wanted. I joined her in licking up my own cum from Carrie’s butt cheeks. When we had all of it cleaned off Terri wrapped her arms around me as she kissed me deeply and with passion.

Terri broke our kiss as she asked, “Well how was it Carrie?” slapping her on the ass.

Carrie rolled over and with a big smile on her face she replied, “So very wonderful, I had never felt like that ever.”

“Good,” Terri said. “Now it’s my turn,” she added as she reached for my cock.

“Hey give me time to recover,” I replied before I felt my cock started to get hard again in her hand.

The rest of Thursday night I fucked both of them through out the night and into the morning. Carrie was the first to roll up into the fetus position and fall asleep. That left Terri and I embracing on the bed as we kissed.

Terri broke our kiss as she said, “Thank you John,” as she rubbed her hand along my face. Terri rolled over so I was cuddling her from behind with my chest against her back as she added, “John I do not know what I would do without you.”

“You do not have to ever worry Terri,” “I will never leave you,” I replied as I cuddled up to her running my hand through her hair.

Terri dozed off next leaving me the only one wake. I kissed at her ear as I whispered that I loved her from the deepest part of my heart. I buried my face into her hair as I fell asleep holding her in my arms.

I was the first one out of bed the next morning. I left the girls sleep as I got up. I took a shower and as I was getting out of the shower, the girls walked into the bathroom.

“Hey you should have told us you were showering,” they both said as they pushed me back into the shower.

The three of us showered together until we ran out of warm water. I rather enjoyed the cold water hitting the girls tits as it made their nipples rock hard. I even left them use my tooth brushes something I probably would not do today. We all went back into the bedroom where I was getting a shirt and shorts from my dresser drawers.

“You do not need any clothes on,” Terri said as she took me by one hand and Carrie took my other.

The three of us walked out into the kitchen nude. The girls told me to sit down and that they would fix me breakfast. Terri opened the door to the refrigerator where she got bacon and eggs out. Carrie looked in the breadbox where she took the bread out. She also fixed the coffee pot.

The girls put the bacon into a pan on the stove. When the bacon started to fry the grease was splashing them both on their tits. I went into my bedroom and I got them each one of my old football jerseys. I came back into the kitchen with a pair of shorts on myself.

“Here girls put these on at least for now,” I said as I tossed them my jerseys.

They slipped them on; they were more like a skirt on them both. They both looked cute in my number 56 jersey. I could still see their tits jiggle as they made breakfast. They served me breakfast and joined me at the table as well.

“John can we keep these jerseys?” Terri asked rubbing at my number on it.

“Only if I can have your panties,” I replied with a smile.

The girls and I ate breakfast and then they got dressed. They told me that they were going to run home to check in. I told them to give me an hour or so as I had to clean the house back up a little. They told they would help, however, I told them I could handle it, as I knew where everything went and what needed cleaned.

I cleaned the house and I fell onto the sofa. I was tired from cleaning and the girls did wear me out a little. I thought as I felt my cock twitching. I closed my eyes just for a second, which turned into a few hours. I awoke to a knock at the door. I figured it was the girls so I opened it.

“Hey buddy I got home early, what’s up?” Paul asked standing outside my door.

I left him in and I told him about Terri and her cousin Carrie. I also told him about my mom and dad being gone until Sunday. I told him about the fun I had with the girls at the lake and about last night.

“Damn it, fuck I missed all the fun,” Paul said shaking his head.

“Maybe not there is always tonight,” I replied giving him a wink.

Around this time the front door open and it is the girls. They both walked in and I can see Carrie giving Paul the look over. I could tell by the look on her face that she was not impressed with him. Terri walked over to Paul giving him a kiss on his lips.

She turns to Carrie as she said, “Paul this is Carrie my cousin.”

Paul got up and he walked over to Carrie. Paul went to give her a kiss but she turned her head so that the kiss landed on her cheek. Paul went back over sitting down in the chair in the living room. Terri got up, walked over to him and she sat right in his lap.

Leaving me alone on the sofa that was until Carrie flops down next to me with those big tits bouncing. Terri has her arms around Paul as she sat there telling him how she had missed him. I slip my arm around Carrie pulling her closer to me. Carrie cuddled up next to me as we watched Terri making a fuss over not having seen Mr. Fat boy for a week.

I was starting to get hot under my collar so to speak, as Terri went on about missing Paul. Terri had not even looked at me since she had walked in through the front door. Carrie started to rub her hand on my chest; I looked at her laying there with her head at my side looking up at me.

I leaned down and I kissed her fully on her lips. I broke our kiss to see if Terri had even noticed she had not. However, Carrie noticed my kiss because suddenly she was sitting in my lap with her arms draped around my neck kissing up a storm with me. Carrie was soon squirming on my lap as our tongues played in each other’s mouth.

“Would you two rather me alone,” Terri said loudly our way.

“Now girls there are enough men to go around,” I replied giving Terri a little smile.

“Yeah I got me one and he got himself one,” Paul said as he turned Terri’s face back towards his kissing her.

Carrie pulled mine back to hers but instead of kissing me she wrapped her arms around me as she whispered in my ear, “I am glad I got you instead of that,” before she kissed me deeply and with passion.

Terri must have had enough because she got up and she walked over pushing Carrie from my lap as she sat down onto the sofa next to me. She told Paul to join her over on the sofa. I ended up in the middle of Carrie and Terri.

As Paul sat down on the sofa Terri said, “We could have stayed over there but someone does not know how to keep their hands off something that belongs to me,” as she gave Carrie one of her looks.

When Terri turned her head back to Paul, I saw Carrie stick her tongue out at her. I also felt her hand sliding up and down my thigh. Paul was telling us all about his stupid vacation with his parents. How fucking lame I thought; I had just spent the night getting sucked and fucked by these two girls and he is telling us about his stupid family vacation.

Paul told us he had to get back home but that he would be over later around seven tonight. Terri walked him to the door giving him a kiss. Carrie was rubbing my cock as she did. I did not remove her hand mainly because it felt good.

Terri turned at the door as she said, “Come on Carrie we have to go as well.”

Carrie gave me a quick kiss telling me she would see me later or it might have been that she would have me later. I was not for sure which it was. However, I could see that Terri had that look in her eyes. I knew Terri was pissed about something. Terri left Carrie out the door and she closed it locking it as well. Terri turned toward me and with fire in her eyes; she walked over to me. Terri slapped me hard across my face with her hand.

“What the hell was that for?” I asked her loudly.

“For trying to make me jealous using Carrie,” Terri yelled at me. “I was just being nice to Paul, that was all John,” Terri added standing there with her arms folded in front of her.

I stood up and I took her into my arms as I replied, “I'm sorry,” as I looked into those blue eyes that were not so sparkling.

“Sometimes I don’t whether I will keep you as my boyfriend,” Terri replied staring back into my eyes.

“Your boyfriend,” I said as I saw the sparkle return to her eyes.

“Yes John, after all you do love me from the deepest part of your heart, do you not?” Terri asked as a smile came over her face.

“So you were not asleep,” I said as I pulled her tight into myself.

“No just resting in the arms of my angel from above,” Terri replied before kissing me deeply and with passion that made my insides burn.

Terri broke our kiss as she said, “Others may have fun with you however I am the only one to have you,” as she kissed lightly at my lips.

“I have to go mow the lawn, my mom asked me too,” Terri then added as she walked toward the door.

I grabbed her by her arm as I replied, “How about you let your boyfriend do that while you rest up for tonight,” as I smiled at her.

Terri smiled at me once more before she walked out the front door. I stood there feeling great. Terri was finally my girlfriend and I was her boyfriend. I wanted to shout it to the world. However, at the same time my mind thought about Carrie as well. This was strange, as I never thought about anyone except Terri.

I went out into the garage still thinking about Carrie. I got the mower out and I went to work cutting their grass. I started in the front yard working my way to the back. I was wondering where the girls were at. I soon found out as I started the back yard.

The women were lying out on the patio in lounge chairs. Terri and Carrie were in skimpy bikinis. While Brenda and her sister were in tit revealing one pieces. I had only managed a few quick glances at them as I mowed. My eyes were mostly on Brenda and her sister when I would make a pass by them as they sunned on the patio.

They both had on black one-piece suits that not only showed plenty of cleavage but plenty of tits as well. Brenda’s sister had nice big round tits just as Carrie had. On my next pass, Carrie ran out to me with her tits jiggling wildly. She grabbed my arm and she told me she wanted me for a second. I turned the mower off and she walked me back up to the patio.

“John this is my mom Cindy, mom this is John,” Carrie said as she squeezed at my arm with her hand.

I replied, “Nice to meet you,” as I extended my hand out.

Cindy sat up in her lounger as she said, “My dear boy that won’t do,” as she got out of the lounger.

As Cindy got out of the chair, I was looking right down her swimsuit. Those fucking tits were huge. I knew where Carrie got hers from as I stared right down the whole front of her swimsuit. Cindy wrapped her arms around me and she hugged me tightly as her tits smashed into me.

“My daughter has told me what a charming person you are,” “It is refreshing to see her after a nice boy like you and one so handsome,” Cindy said softly into my ear before she released me from her tit hug as I got to calling it.

I glanced at Terri who was shooting daggers at me with her eyes before I returned to mowing the yard. I went back to working on the yard trying to avoid even looking toward the patio. I knew if I did and I popped a boner I would be in bigger trouble with Terri. I finished the yard and I saw that Terri was the only one still outside. I could tell by the look on her face she was not a happy camper.

I sat down in front of her as I asked, “Is something wrong Terri?”

“YES, I am beginning to think I can not trust you around my mom or my aunt,” Terri replied. “Both of them would jump your bones if they knew that they could,” “You should have heard them as they checked you out mowing back here,” Terri added giving me a serious look.

I took her hand in mine as I said, “Terri I would never do that as I do not want to ever loose you,” “I promised you I never would and I will never break any of my promises to you,” as I looked into those lovely blue eyes of hers.

Terri wrapped her arms around my shoulders as she replied, “John the love I have for you is so special to me and I never want to loose you,” before she kissed me deeply.

I kissed her back with passion until I broke our kiss as I said, “Terri I love you and I will never leave you ever,” looking into those sparkling blue eyes.

I was holding her as Carrie came back onto the patio and she sat down next to us as she asked, “So what is the plan for tonight?”

“Well first I need to go see if my mom will let us spend the night again,” Terri said as she got up giving me a kiss before she went inside.

Carrie looked over at me as she said, “John I know you love my cousin,” as her hand went to my arm. “I just want you to know that I wish you were mine.” “If it does not work out I will always be here for you,” as she gave me a light kiss to my lips.

I took a hold of her hand as I replied, “Thanks Carrie I will remember that,” as I looked into her whether sad face as tears started to run down her cheeks.

Carrie jumped off the chair and she ran back into the house before I could ask her what she was crying for. However, I was glad that she understood my feelings, however for some reason my heart ached as I thought I might have broken Carrie’s heart. I also questioned myself for the first time about my love for Terri. If I loved Terri, why did I care why Carrie was crying?

I sat there for a while with very mixed emotions for the first time ever. To be truthful I did know what I was feeling as I got up and I pushed the mower back home. My mind seemed to fill with all types of questions with no answers I fiddled in the garage for a while trying to get my mind off what I was thinking. Terri and Carrie came walking in while I was in the garage.

“We can spend the night again,” Terri said as she hugged me.

I looked at Carrie as I hugged her back. Carrie was smiling at me and for the first time I realized I might have more feelings than I thought I had toward Carrie. I did not see that glow around her, however, I did see just how lovely a girl she was as she stood there looking at me.

Carrie walked over to us as she asked, “Can I get some of that too?”

I opened one of my arms letting her in before wrapping my arms around them both. The three of us stood in the garage kissing each other. The girl’s lips taste equally good to me as we did. They both kissed me deep with plenty of passion as well as tongue. I also was enjoying feeling their tits against me as my cock twitched in my shorts.

“You get to have him all to yourself tonight Carrie,” Terri said to her with a smile on her face. “That is if I get to have Paul tonight,” Terri added looking at me.

I looked at her as I replied, “If that is what you want,” as I felt mixed emotions over taking me again.

The girls told me that they were going shopping with their moms and they would be back later. They both gave me a deep long passionate kiss before they left. I stood there in the garage alone again. I looked around and my eye fell onto my fishing pole. I grabbed it and my tackle box as I locked the house up closing the garage door.

I walked up to the lake and did some fishing. I found out that day that I could clear my mind of every thing by just wetting a line. I searched my mind, my heart and my soul while at the lake. They all told me to stay true to Terri. I loved her more than anything or anybody. That was other than maybe fishing as I reeled in another big fish. I soon got lost in my fishing and I realized I had been up here for hours as the sun was starting to go down. I hurried home to find Terri, Carrie and Paul sitting on my front step.

Terri jumped up when she saw me and she ran to me as she asked, “John, Where have you been?”

I held up my fishing pole and tackle box as I replied, “Duh,” giving her a dumb look.

“Hey buddy, do any good?” Paul asked from the steps.

“I sure did,” “But my greatest catch is right here,” as I leaned toward Terri kissing her lightly on her lips.

“Yucky John you smell like fish,” Terri replied going back over to Paul.

She was right I could smell all the fish I had caught that day. Carrie got up from the steps and she walked over to me. She wrapped her arms around me as she pulled my face down to hers. She licked at my lips with her tongue.

“I like fish it reminds me of something,” Carrie said as she smiled at Terri.

The four of us busted up laughing. I put my pole and tackle box in one hand as I wrapped my arm around Carrie’s waist. I walked her up to the garage door as I told her good one as I winked at her. The four of us went inside the house. I told them I would be out in a few minutes as I was going to jump into the shower.

Carrie looked over to Terri as she asked, “Would you mind if I joined him Terri?”

“Go for it girl,” Terri replied.

Carrie and I walked to my bedroom where she helped me out of my clothes as I helped her out of hers. I licked and kissed at her big fucking tits for a while as we stood in the bedroom. We finally made our way to the bathroom where I turned the shower on and we both got in.

Carrie grabbed the soap as she said, “Let me wash you.”

I did, as she wanted. Carrie washed me all over my body from head to toe. She saved my cock for last, which was hard, and throbbing by the time, she took it into her soapy hands. Carrie kissed me deeply and slipped her tongue into my mouth as we stood under the cascading water as she washed my hard cock. She stepped to the side letting the water rinse the soap from my cock.

Carrie grabbed my cock and she pumped her hand on it as she said, “Take me here in the shower,” as she turned around rubbing her butt against my hard cock in her hand.

Carrie bent over and it seemed like my cock was right in line with her pussy. I did not have time to say anything as she backed her pussy up against my cock and her hand. My dick slipped right up into her pussy. I started to move my cock in and out of her as she bent over lower in the shower. Her tight pussy felt good on my cock. I pulled it back out as I realized I did not have a rubber on.

“Carrie I don’t have a rubber on,” I said to her.

Carrie looked back at me as she said, “Just make sure you pull out when you cum that’s all, I do it like that all the time,” as she bent back down in front of me.

I slipped my cock back into her pussy as I started to fuck her slowly. My cock felt very different fucking a pussy with out a rubber on it. I was soon banging her deep and hard from behind in the shower.

Carrie reached under her touching my balls as she said, “Ahhhh I love these banging into my pussy from behind,” as she played with my balls.

Carrie was soon moaning and pushing her ass back to me as I slammed my cock in and out of her pussy. I felt her pussy clamping down on my cock as she moaned out loudly. I had only been fucking her for a few minutes. I felt my cock started to twitch and I pulled it from her pussy. Carrie turned around taking my cock in her hand.

She dropped to her knees as she pulled at my cock using her hand. Carrie licked at the head of my cock with her tongue as she pulled at my cock. My cock blasted cum all over her face and into her open mouth. Most of it ran from her face as water from the shower rinsed it away.

Carrie sucked my cock into her mouth as she milked the last drops from my cock. Carrie stood back up letting the water from the shower rinse any remaining cum from her face before she wrapped her arms around my neck pulling me down to her.

Carrie kissed me then she said, “Remember John I will always be here for you no matter what,” looking deep into my eyes.

“Thank you Carrie I will always hold a spot for you in my heart,” I replied kissing her as I turned the shower off.

We got out of the shower and as we dried ourselves off as I thought to myself. Where did those words I had just told her come from my heart or my cock? Why did I even say those words to her? What is going on or was wrong with me? I thought as I stood there looking into Carrie's eyes. I saw that sparkle come into hers eyes, as I looked deep into them.

We both walked out to the living room with just our towels wrapped around us. Upon entering the living room, I saw Terri on her hands and knees on the floor in front of Paul. Terri’s head was moving up and down on his cock. Paul had his head tilted back in the chair until he heard us. He looked at us standing there watching.

Carrie walked over to get a closer look at the action. As she bent over a little, I reached over and I pulled the towel from her body. Those big tits swinging back and forth as she grabbed the towel from me. I heard Paul tell Terrie he was going to cum, we both watched as Terri removed her mouth and she used her hand on his fat cock.

“AHHhhh SHIT,” Paul yelled out looking at Carrie’s big tits.

He fired at least four or five big loads of thick heavy cum from his cock. His cum did not fly into the air high as it was just too thick. It just oozed out over his cock and Terri’s hand, which barely fit around his fat cock. I saw Carrie eying both his cock and cum as she turned to me with her mouth opened.

Carrie turned back to Paul’s cock and Terri as she yelled out, “Damn girl that’s a fat fucking cock and a big load of cum.”

Terri jumped as she removed her hand from Paul’s cock. I do not think she knew we were back in the room. Terri looked at me for a split second before she grabbed the towel from Carrie’s hand.

“Yes it is,” Terri replied wiping her hand with the towel.

Paul was still staring at Carrie’s tits when Carrie grabbed my towel from me. She wrapped my towel around herself, which left me standing there in the nude. Terri was right in front of me and as she turned around her face smacked into my hanging cock.

“JOHN,” Terri yelled as Paul and Carrie started to laugh.

“What?” I replied as I picked her off the floor.

I kissed her deep just before both of us started to laugh as well. I took her over to the sofa and we sat down. Carrie joined us giving me back my towel. Well I thought it was my towel. Until my hand felt Paul’s thick cum all over that towel. The girls busted up laughing as did Paul. I tossed the towel at Paul wrapping it around his head, which made us all laugh again.

After we all had a good laugh I said, “So Paul are you going to spend the night.”

Paul stood up and he replied, “Going to ask right now,” as he got up and walked out the front door.

Terri looked at Carrie as she said, “You better get dressed so we can go get our over night bags,” giving her a smile.

Carrie walked back to my bedroom leaving us alone; Terri asked me if I enjoyed myself in the shower. I told her yeah it was OK just a blowjob from Carrie as I smiled at her.

Terri grabbed my hand as she asked, “John you are OK with me having full sex with Paul tonight?”

I should have told her no, however , I just took her into my arms as I replied, “What ever you want,” before I kissed her.

The girls left and I was alone once again. I went and I slipped a pair of shorts on as well as a tee shirt. I returned to the living room and sat down on the sofa. I rested my head against the back of it as I thought; I hope I am doing the right thing. My mind also drifted to Carrie for a split second.

My thoughts interrupted by a knock at the door. It was Paul; he told me that he was able to spend the night as I left him in. Paul sat back down in the chair as I sat onto the sofa. I did not say much as we just sat there.

Paul looked over at me as he asked, “John if you do not want me having fun with Terri,” “I know she is your girlfriend.”

“My girlfriend,” “So Terri told you?” I asked him.

“Yeah,” “Hey buddy I understand if you don’t,” Paul replied giving me a little smile.

“It’s OK,” “What Terri wants I give to her,” I replied lost in thought as I was thinking at least she told him.

“Man that Carrie chick is fucking hot,” Paul said as he smiled.

“Yes she is,” I replied smiling.

Paul and I sat there talking about the girls. He told me that Carrie had some killer tits on her body. I told him wait until he saw that fucking hot ass of hers. I told him about the girls being Bi and that maybe they would give us a show.

Paul grabbed at his cock as he said, “Hell I would suck your cock to see that,” as he gave out a laugh.

I just smiled to myself as I thought yeah you might just have too. I also asked him if he had ever smoked weed. Paul told me no and I told him to get ready to because tonight he was. The girls showed up about then, they walked in and I saw they did not have their over night bags.

“Hey where are your bags,” I asked thinking maybe that they were not able to stay.

“All we need id this,” Carrie replied pulling that bag of weed and her small pipe from her shorts.

“And these,” Terri added as she tossed an dozen or so rubber onto the coffee table.

“Dam this going to be better than any dumb old vacation,” Paul yelled out.

“You got that right,” I replied getting off the sofa and wrapping my arms around the girls.

“Let’s get high,” Carrie yelled out as she packed her little pipe full.

The four of us got back onto the sofa. Carrie hit it first, then I did passing it to Terri who also hit it. Terri and I did not cough or choke. Terri handed it to Paul who sucked hard at the pipe filling his lungs. Paul was choking and coughing from hitting the pipe. I thought he was going to puke.

All three of us laughed as we all said, “Don’t hit it so hard,” in unison.

We passed the pipe around each of us taking hits from it. Paul got the hang of it after a couple more hits. We all sunk back into the sofa enjoying our buzz and the music I had put on. All of us were buzzing really well; Paul had the reddest looking eyes of us all.

“Let’s play some cards,” Terri said.

We all went out into the kitchen and we sat at the table. I got a deck of cards and before I sat back down. I decided that our party needed one more thing. I told them I would be right back as I headed down into our basement.

My dad kept a good supply of Coors beer on hand as him and my uncle always brought it in the next state over, as our state did not sell it. I came back up stairs with two twelve packs under my arm. Paul and I had been dipping into their beer all summer long. I figured there was so much of it they would not miss it.

“Cool some beer,” Paul yelled out.

I gave us each a can of beer before I put the rest in the refrigerator. We all opened our beer as I said, “Here’s to good time and good friends.”

I sat back down and Terri took the cards as she told us the game was strip poker as she dealt the cards out. The game was pretty even as Paul and I were down to just our underwear and the girls were in their bra and panties. Carrie lost the next hand. She quickly stood up and she slipped her panties off very fast before she sat down in her chair.

“Hey while you’re up I could use another beer,” I said to her smiling.

Paul told her he could too. Terri drank the rest of hers as she told her yeah me too. Carrie sat there smiling at us all. She then stood up and she walked slowly to the refrigerator shaking that ass of hers.

She got one beer out which she gave to me. She walked back shaking that lovely big ass of hers as she got another one, which she gave to Paul. Carrie made one more trip to the refrigerator to get Terri a beer with us all telling her what a fucking great ass she had.

Carrie sat back down and I realized she forgot to get herself one so I stood up with my cock rock hard pushing my underwear out as I went to the refrigerator getting her a beer. Carrie and Terri were looking right at my hard cock as I stood there with it practically in Carrie’s face as I handed her the beer. Carrie took the beer and she kissed my cock through my underwear.

“Hell with the card game lets go back into the living room,” Terri said standing up and taking the rest of her clothes off.

The rest of us dropped our clothes as we all went into the living room with Carrie and I being the last ones in. Terri told us to go sit on the smaller love seat giving us a smile. I sat down and Carrie sat down beside me as her hand went to my hard cock.

Terri was kissing Paul so I started to kiss Carrie. I slipped my hand down between Carrie’s thighs. My finger touched those big pussy lips as she parted her legs. I worked my fingertip into her pussy as she squirmed beside me.

“Wait John I have to pee,” Carrie said as she stood up heading to the bathroom. Carrie stopped as she got to the hallway and she looked back to me smiling, as she asked, “Aren’t you coming to help?”

Terri and Paul were sucking face so I went to Carrie and I grabbed her hand as we walked into the bathroom. Carrie and I no sooner got into the bathroom than she pulled my head down to her level and we started to kiss up a storm. As we kissed, she was still dancing around with her thighs tightly together.

Carrie broke our kiss as she said, “Lie down in the bathtub John,” smiling at me.

I got into the tub and I lay on my back. Carrie got in as well except for she was standing over top of me. Carrie squatted down with her pussy just off my chest. Her pussy looked great like that, as her big meaty pussy lips were hanging down from it. Carrie’s pussy was wide open with her beef curtains hanging there.

“You ready John?” Carrie asked smiling down at me.

I shook my head yes, as the first little tinkle of pee ran out of her pussy. It splashed on my chest. I watch the tinkle turn in a steady stream of pee ever so slowly creeping up my chest. Carrie started to bare down, which caused her pee to come out in torrents. Her pee sprayed me like a garden hose all over my face. I opened my mouth letting her fill my mouth then I spit it back out.

“You are such a dirty boy,” Carrie said as the last few shots of pee hit against my face.

Carrie’s pee slowed to just dripping off those meaty lips onto my chest. Carrie rather dropped to her knees straddling my face. Her wet piss soaked pussy landing right over my mouth. I stuck my tongue out right up into her pussy hole. I more or less just stabbed my tongue in and out of her pussy. Carrie started to rock her pussy onto my face.

“Ahhhh John you make my pussy feel so good,” Carrie yelled out as she rode my face to a quick orgasm.

Carrie got off my face and we got out of the tub. She used a nearby towel to clean me up. I bent over slightly taking her into my arms as my lips went to hers. I kissed her deeply before I slipped my tongue into her mouth. We swapped tongues as we kissed with my hard cock poking her in her belly button.

Carrie broke our kiss as she said, “I guess we better go see if fat boy has smothered Terri,” giving a little laugh.

We walked back into the living room finding the two of them in a 69. Carrie and I went over to the love seat sitting down. Carrie did say that Paul did have a fat cock but that she would take mine over his any day. Carrie took my cock into her hand jacking me off as we watched them together.

Terri was licking and sucking just on the fathead of Paul’s cock. Paul was pulling Terri’s butt cheeks apart as he licked at her pussy from under her. Terri’s ass hole looked very inviting from where I was sitting.

Terri pulled her head off Paul’s cock as she said, “I want you to fuck me Paul,” as she got off him.

Terri grabbed a rubber from the coffee table as Paul stood up. Carrie’s hand stopped pulling on my cock as she stared at his nude body standing there. Paul had just one shape all fucking fat; from his fathead to that fat cock to his fat legs and feet I thought as I watched Terri trying to get the rubber onto that fat cock.

Carrie turned to me as she whispered into my ear, “I can’t believe my cousin is in love with that,” before she turned her attention back to them.

I sat there in disbelief at what I had just heard or thought I had heard. I wondered if I had heard her right telling me that Terri was in love with Paul. I leaned over to Carrie as I asked her what she had just said.

Carrie hesitated then she whispered back into my ear, “I can’t believe my cousin wanted to have fun with that,” as her lips went from my ears to my lips.

Carrie kissed me deeply and she slipped her tongue into my mouth. I half heartily returned her kiss as I replayed her last two sentences in my head. Carrie broke our kiss as she turned back toward Paul and Terri.

Terri finally got the rubber around his fat cock. She lies back onto the couch spreading her legs. Paul climbed up on top of her. My god man I thought as his whole body covered her. All you could really see was his fat ass and two tiny balls hanging down. I could not even really see Terri under him.

Terri left out an, “Uhhh easy Paul,” as I saw Paul lunge forward pushing his cock into her.

Paul started to go up and down on her. I could hear little muffled moans coming from Terri. Hearing those moans did not really bring me pleasure. In fact they whether enraged me. I believed that Carrie might have noticed this as well.

Carrie brought her face up to mine blocking my view as she said, “John don’t watch them,” as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

Carrie straddled me pulling her self on top. I felt her hand reaching down to my cock. Carrie rubbed my cock at the entrance of her pussy a few times. The head of my cock slipped between those big lips. Carrie rose up a bit before she sat back down on me.

“Ahhhh John,” Carrie moaned out as she sat down onto my cock.

My cock slipped up into her as she started to work her pussy slowly up and down on my cock. Carrie only had just the head of my cock up in her. Carrie started to kiss me again as I kissed her back. My hands wrapped around her big fleshy ass as she worked more of my cock up into her pussy. Carrie broke our kiss as she took more of my cock up into her pussy.

“AHhhh your cock is touching bottom in my pussy,” Carrie moaned into my ear when my cock was as deep as it would go in her.

Carrie started to just rock on my cock. Her wet pussy was gripping at my cock as she moved on me. Soon Carrie started to bounce up and down on my cock. Her pussy felt velvety smooth as it wrapped around my cock. Carrie started to rotate her hips as she had while dancing as she sat there on my cock.

Carrie removed her hands from around my neck as she wrapped them under my thighs. She leaned a little ways back moaning as she did. Carrie really started to squirm onto my cock as her big tits flopped around in front of my face. I removed my hands from her ass as I grabbed a handful of tit with both my hands. I toyed with her tits as she started to bounce on my cock once more.

“Suck on my tits John,” Carrie moaned softly as she rode my cock.

I kissed at her tits, and then I licked at them before I sucked one of them into my mouth. I teased her nipple with my tongue as I suckled on them. I went from one tit to the other; I even smashed them together trying to take both nipples into my mouth at the same time. I could feel my cock starting to twitch and throb deep in her pussy.

Carrie leaned into me as she whispered into my ear, “Give me your cum John,” “Fill my pussy,” "Please John," as she started to shake and gyrate her hips as she rode my cock.

Carrie kissed me deeply and I kissed her back deeply. I felt my cock swell then it throbbed deeply in her pussy as it started to pump cum up into her. Carrie and I both fought the urge to moan or scream as we kissed each other hard. My cock seemed to blast four or five shots into her pussy. Carrie shook as she too reached a climax as my last few drops fired into her pussy.

“OHHHhh Terri,” I heard coming from Paul on the sofa.

Carrie jumped from my cock as she said, “I have to pee come on John,” as she grabbed my hand.

Carrie and I ran for the bathroom, she closed the door behind us. Carrie looked at me nervously like as she looked down between her legs. My eyes followed hers. Carrie parted her legs a little as globs of cum poured from her pussy. It ran out onto her thigh before it dripped onto the bathroom floor.

“I hope this does not take, I never had that much in me before,” Carrie said as she wiped cum from her pussy and her thigh with a towel.

I just stood there realizing what I had done and what the out come may be. I was speechless and paralyzed as well. Carrie sat down onto the toilet and she started to pee. I could still see cum on her thighs as she spread her legs apart.

“Sorry, I should have pulled out or at least warned you,” I said looking at her.

“It’s OK John,” “I wanted to feel it splashing in me,” Carrie replied. “I have left a couple of others do that and nothing has happened,” “I just did not want Terri to know.” “That was why I ran into here, Terri does not need to know,” Carrie said as she got off the toilet.

Carrie wrapped her arms around my neck pulling me down. She kissed me then told me to come on and to act naturally when we returned to the living room. This will be just our little secret Carrie told me as she opened the door.

The two of us walked back into the living room and we sat down in the love seat again. I looked over at Terri, she and Paul were kissing. I saw Carrie grab a pack of rubbers. She opened it and she unrolled the rubber throwing it to the floor. Carrie smiled then kissed me.

“Hey you two,” Terri yelled over at us.

Carrie broke our kiss as she turned to her as she replied, “What now?”

“You did use a rubber right?” Terri asked looking seriously our way.

Carrie reached down to the floor picking up the rubber and showing it as she replied, “Yep we sure did,” before she pressed her lips back to mine.

The rest of the night was rather a blur to me as I took to drinking to much beer and smoking to much weed. I did wake up between Terri and Carrie in my bed. I slipped my shorts on as I went into the bathroom I splashed some cold water onto my face trying to make my head stop spinning and hurting.

I picked up the towel from the floor and as I wiped my face; it came in contact with the dried cum on it from Carrie’s pussy. I looked at myself in the mirror as my thoughts filled with what I had done last night. I was still looking at myself in the mirror when the bathroom door opened.

It was Terri coming into the bathroom. I turned to face her as she wrapped her arms around my waist. I spun her around so her back was to the mirror as she pressed her head to my chest.

“Thank you John for giving me what I wanted,” Terri said as she hugged me.

I stood there with Terri in my arms as I looked at myself in the mirror as I replied, “I hope this all just works out,” as my eyes fell to the towel lying there on the sink.

That will end chapter 5. The good was telling Terri that I loved her. The bad being Carrie’s words telling me that Terri loved Paul. The ugly being that person I saw as I looked into that mirror the next morning.

Chapter 6 will be out soon. Please let me know if you are enjoying my story.

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