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the librarian is so shy but not for long
Trixa works at the library. She always worked the late shift. One day, walking home, she hears someone following her. Her heart was betting fast. The footsteps were getting closer. She turns and looks and sees a tall dark figure. The figure gets closer to her she froze in fear. The figure got closer. She turns and starts to run away. The figure still followed her. She turns to look and slips and falls. She feels this strong hand, grab her arm she scared but dose not scream. A manly voice asks, "her are you ok?" she nods her head, her voices a bit shaky, "yes". He said, “sorry if I scared you. I was trying to give you back you wallet. Trixa looks at it, " my goodness. How did you get that? She said trying to pull herself back together. He said, "You dropped it." she replied, "oh thank you so much. She began to calm down. He said well I should go. She said "well thank you, this wallet men so much to me." he said "no problem." she says "is there any way I can repay you." he said no, it's alright. She begged him to let her repay him for his help. She felt really bad for thinking he was a bad guy. He finally gave in and told her ok. She invited him out for coffee. They go to a near by coffee shop. They sit and they talk and she's looking at him his gorgeous lips moving, she feels warm her heartbeats faster. She suddenly wonders what it would be like to kiss him. Hello? Hello? He says. She replies oh I’m sorry. Btw what is your name? He said "Abner" she said very nice name. She says my name is Trixa. He smiles seductively, very beautiful name. She said, no it's not, but thanks. Trixa, can we meet again? She blushes and nods yes. He says how about tomorrow? She says sure. He says ok then I will meet you here. He pays for the bill. She says wait I was going to pay for that. He says you can get it next time. She smiles and says ok. She got home exited to see him tomorrow and looks through her clothes. She usually wears loose fitting clothes, not any thing that would stand out. She has a thin body small breast and a small behind, she is 5'8, and she has cherry red hair down to her shoulders. She always wears it up. She wears some average looking glasses. She never wears makeup. She wonders what he's doing. She tries to put on make up. She looks in the mirror and is unhappy. She wipes the make up off. What am I thinking? He is so handsome he's just being friendly. His blue eyes and blond hair and gorgeous body (he looks like a surfer type.) she blushes again. She lays in her bed unable to sleep. She woke up getting ready for work. She puts on her clothes and doses her hair like normal. Cleans up her house and runs errands then she is off to work. She tried to put him out of her mind. She is done working. She locks up the library. And walks toward the cafe where she was going to meet him. She turns around and walks towards her house. She plays it in her mind about how he's not there and she would be broken hearted if she showed up and he was not there so she wanted to live in the delusion. She pretended that they met and she told him she could not see him again. He was crushed and she left him there. She was lost in thought and did not notice she was being followed. She snaps out of it then hears the footsteps again. She tries not to panic. She runs in her home and locks the door.
She peeks out the window and see no one. She calms down and got up. She walks to the bathroom to wash her face. She leans down and splashes water on her face. She looks up a sees something out of the corner of her eyes. She walks to her room to investigate. She tries to turn on the light. It dose not work. She became a little scared. Suddenly she is grabbed from behind. Something is covering her mouth. She can't breath. She is starting to feel sleepy. Her body goes limp. She’s out cold. She wakes up in a dark room. At least she thinks it's dark. She can't see. Her eyes are covered. She tries to move around but can't she's in a weird position. She thinks, "omg wth is going on?" she tries to scream but can't. Something is in her mouth. She feels it with her tongue. She thinks it's some kind of ball with holes in it so she can breathe. She is realizing that she must be in trouble. Some one brushes her body she knows some one is there. "Herro herro pweez et ee oh" she began to plead with who ever was there. And electronically changed voice to her to get comfortable she will be there for a while and if she dose as she is told she would go home soon. A tear rolled down her face. She said, "I ha oo eee". He said go ahead and pee. She said, "wahh?! I nee da oi et." he said, "no you don't. Go right there." she shakes her head no he said see already u are being bad ur not obeying me. Looks like I will add to ur time here." she said, "ut I can" he said, do it now or later its up to you but your not going anywhere. She cries and the hot liquid ran down her thighs soaking her clothes. There is now a puddle on the floor between her legs on the floor. He has her in one of those things that can flip you upside down and turn u around 360 degrees. He chuckled, " you dirty girl. Now I have to clean you up" he gets a sponge and a bucket and gloves. He would set the sponge in the puddle of pee then let it soak up then he would squeeze it into the bucket making sure that she can hear what was going on. She is bothered at the thought of him touching her pee. Tears roll down her face. He continues till it's done. Then he got up and washes the sponge and bucket then put warn soapy water in the bucket and went back to her.
He pulls something out of his pocket. It’s a Swiss army knife. He opens it up to the scissors part. He runs it over her clothes. He says" ur clothes are all wet. ur going to catch a cold." she shakes her head "no." he chuckles as he use the scissors to cut her bottoms off. she starts shaking. he got impatient and rips it. ur pee stinks" he said. her eyes widened. ur dirty I’m going to wash you. he puts the scissors away. then put the sponge into the hot soapy water and began to wash her. he started at her toes paying special attention to each toe. it tickled her and it felt good. she was surprised that she liked him touching her toes. she never had anyone touch her toes. she was getting more upset because she knows she should not feel this way. he takes her feet out of the bonds holding them and washes her ankles doing it softly. washing one part one the right leg then the same part on the left leg. he went as slowly as he possibly could. he felt himself getting hard and harder as he got closer to her pussy. he stands and washes her pussy over her panties. she jumps when she is touched. he smirks. she starts enjoying it she's still fighting the feeling. he says I can't wash you good with these on." he slowly pulls her panties down. she's trying to scream "don't touch them leave them on." he looking at her panties sees that her juices were starting to flow. he is fully hard now. he gets them all off and stands behind her and seductively washes her ass. she accidentally lets out a light moan. he says "mmm I see." she tries to wiggle. he says "let me smell to see if ur clean." she tries to scream "no!" he says " be still or you will be punished." she wiggles still so he spanks her. leaving a red mark and a handprint on her ass. she yelps and stops wiggling. he squeezes her cheeks. his patients are running thin. it's becoming harder and harder for him not to ravage her sexy body. he gets on his knees and grabs her ass again brushes his nose all over her ass so she know how close he is. he says , I can't get a good smell like this. he spreads her cheeks and licks her ass hole. she moans and squeezes her cheeks. he can't get the smile off of his face. he says , still dirty." her tear ducts are dry she can no longer cry. but that stung the little pride she has left. he walk to the front of her grabs the sponge again and washes her pussy again. he's making sure that his fingers are touching her pussy. he smashes the sponge on her clit, making one of his fingertips go inside her hole. her body tightens. he says are you wet or is it from the water. she stays quit. oh so now u don't want to talk. he slides his finger in her. opps he says. she stays still, hoping he will stop. he says u want me to pull it out? he wiggles his finger. her body tightens more. her insides tighten around his finger. he wonders if she is a virgin. he moves his finger in and out of her. his dick starts leaking pre-cum. he pulls out his finger. goes near her ear and sucks the juices off his finger. her cheeks turn red. mmm he says I think I want a better taste. she shakes her head no and tries to say please don't. he ignores her and gets on his knees and puts one of her legs on his shoulder and began to lap her pussy like a dog drinking water.
she flings her head back in pleasure. aaannnnooooo she moaned, she thought, omg this feels so good. her juices start to flow. he continues and rams three fingers in her, then pulls them out repeatedly. she continued moaning. ah so you do like it! he said. she tried to hold her moans in. ur a bastard! ahhhhh she screams as she came hard like a waterfall almost drowning him. he swallows it all. his face all messy, he stands and looks at her. ever tasted ur own cum? how about a kiss baby? he moves the gag then kisses her deeply. she tries to bite him. oh u still have allot of fight left. that's no good. he shows her a dildo. you want this in you don't you? she yells no stop. he says u know I like ur voice. I’m going to like it more when ur moaning again. he turns the vibrating function on. she flinches. please don’t put that in me it will break me. he says well I’ve got to loosen u up or else it will hurt when I stick me dick in. ur not really going to do that to me are you? ok I’m nice some times, I’ll give u a choice. either u give me ur front hole or u give me the back hole. she quickly says no! not any please! if u don't pick I will use both. she starts crying again. he grabs her breasts and massages them then shoves the toy in her pussy. aaaaaaahhhhhh! don't take it out! he continues to put it in her then moves it in and out. blood runs down his hand. oh shit u were a virgin? she looks away he drops the dildo. he unties her and throws her on the bed pulling his pants off. be good and I’ll make u feel good. she cries no please don't. u want me to tie you back up? he asked she said no. he climbs over her and slowly inserts his large dick in her pussy.
her pussy walls are so tight it was like she was squeezing his dick with her hands. he almost came trying to put it in her. if you do relax I’m going to cum in you right now. he said. she cried no don't I’ll get pregnant. she tries to loosen up but can't she is in too much shock. she screams in pain as he forces his way in her. oh shit he moans as he came in her. she slaps him as she feels his cum filling her up. she weeps quietly thinking it was over. he said ,"don't worry I’m still strong I can cum 3 times before I go soft. she gasped three?! he grunts ya that's more like it. my cum moistened you right up. now I can move easier. he slowly moves in and out. come on baby I can make this feel good for u just try to relax. I can't I don't want this. he rubs her clit. she lets out a moan she feel like she wants to cum but tries not to because of shame. she covers her mouth. her body moves on it's own. I think ur pussy likes my dick. she moans loudly grabbing his shoulders digging her nails in him. stop.! she pleaded as she was about to cum. he replied oh no baby it's just getting good. she digs her nails in him so deep he starts to bleed. he groans as it turned him on more he speeds up. she squeezes as she came hard. her cum pours out like a broken faucet. her whole body contracts. her face went flush with a hint of pink. she is about to pass out. he says not yet just a little longer and I’ll stop. he thrusts in her deeper and faster. she lost the will to fight back. she relaxes a bit. oh ya here it comes. he moaned. fuck ya ur pussy is the best! he shot another load in her. she lays there quietly as her torn and sore hole throbbed. he pulls out then watches the cum flow from her and mix with the romance of her blood. he seemed satisfied with himself. you want some water he asked her. she was in a blank daze and did not respond. he left her there and brought back water. she would not drink. he tries to snap her out of it he picks her up and carries her limp body to the shower and put her in and turn it on. she slowly regains her sanity, realizes where she is and starts screaming. he tries to calm her. he left her there to calm her self. she screamed till she lost her voice again. she drank the water from the shower and just sat there hoping that he never comes back. meanwhile he is cleaning up the messes they made. he moped the floors and put new sheets and blankets on the bed. he made some food for them to eat and spiked her desert so she would sleep thought the night. he wanted to give her time to heal. so he could start again. he walks back in the shower. ur awake I see. ur blindfold is becoming loose. she tries to rip it off so she could see her tormentor. she grabs it and sees him her eyes widen, you!?. I see ur a bad girl I guess I don't this any more. Takes off the voice changer. you should not have stood me up. and now u saw my face I’m not letting you go. she shivers in fear. he turns the water gives her a towel* come eat. she stayed there did not move. move now before I get mad, he said sternly. she jumped and got up followed him and covered up then sat at the table. I’m very glad that u saw me I was getting tired of hiding it from you.

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2012-04-01 19:08:42
could u make a continuation of the story please want2 see wat happens next

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2012-04-01 19:07:17
really good make another one please but use grammer check and spllig to and make more paragraphs hard to read one whole clump of words.

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2012-02-07 18:12:52
i am woman here me whimper

I hate when you can not even spell the title.

The word is HEAR.

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2012-02-07 13:36:27
thank you i will do better next time. these two are my first ones. i hope every one likes the content. i will make sure i get some one to proof read the rest that i post.

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2012-02-06 22:43:29
Spell check, grammar check, and use paragraphs. This was too hard to read.

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