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A story of several young men and women, all across the globe, being kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery by the infamous Master Petrovsky. In this chapter: Petrovsky remembers his one, true love and disappoints Basil. Jack brings in a new slave, who might be a virgin. Pink goes out with Howard. Winter makes another visit to Viper in the basement. And the other slaves enjoy dinner.
March 27th, 2002
Petrovsky sat in his office, filing papers and flipping through slave files. He had many slaves during the past twenty-five years in the business, but most was either dead, or sold. He recalled his favorite slave, his love, Dogwood. The boy had been brought to him at an early age, and he had adored and cherished his personal slave. However, in those years protection was rare, and Dogwood contracted AIDs from a client. The boy suffered for two years before finally succumbing to the disease at the age of seventeen. Petrovsky missed him dearly, and often pretended Basil was his lost love, but he didn’t compare to Dogwood. No one did. But still, Basil tried his best to please him, and he would just have to deal with second best.

A knock sounded at the door. Petrovsky zipped his pants up and kicked at something beneath the desk.

“Come in.” Petrovsky called out, closing Dogwood’s file. The boy was absolutely beautiful, and the house master was at the very least happy that he would eternally be pretty.

Jack cracked the door open and slipped inside, silently shutting the door behind him. “Hello, Master Petrovsky. I have gotten another slave like you asked. Young, curly blonde hair, European, Polish most likely. Possibly a virgin.”

Petrovsky smiled. “How young?”

“She couldn’t tell me through all the tears.” Jack rolled his eyes. “But she looks younger than Basil, and he isn’t yet sixteen.”

“How did you come across her?”

“She was walking home from school, I think. She had a backpack, I left it in the van. I snatched her up before anyone noticed. It was a clean catch.”

“I hope so. If she is as young as you say her picture will be broadcasted everywhere. I don’t want her to leave the house for a while. Let’s have the doctor make a house call so he can verify her virginity. If she is pure then she will sell amazingly. Everyone loves a young girl.” He chuckled.

“So how do you suppose we break her and go about her training? I have yet to deal with a virgin.” Jack sounded absolutely excited about the task.

“Her mouth and ass may be used, but go easy. Young girls do not need to be broken in the same way women do. They need comfort and affection, that is the true way to their heart. Bring her in.” Petrovsky demanded.

Jack nodded and went to the door, sticking his head out. “Please send her in, Mistress Demi.” A moment later a small girl entered, Jack directing her gently by the shoulder. Her hair was in long, light curls down her shoulders and back. Her frame was small, and her skin creamy. Her eyes were puffy from crying and she was trembling.

Petrovsky stood from his seat and went over to her, kneeling to her level. “Hello, girl. What’s your name?”

“Maddy..” She whimpered, shying from him.

“No, sweety. It isn’t.” He brushed a stray curl from her face, smiling at her. “Your name will be Cloud. You belong to me now, okay, Cloud?” The girl simply stared, confused. Petrovsky struck out, grabbing her chin and lifting her head so their eyes met. His smile did not waver, but his eyes were terribly cold. “Do you understand, Cloud?”

“Yes..” She cringed, tears springing to her eyes.

“It is ‘yes, master’..” He commanded.

“Yes, master.” She replied, tears streaming freely down her face.

“Good, girl. Jack, have Mistress Demi take her to one of the upstairs suite, and instruct her to treat the girl kindly and only with affection. No sexual interaction until I direct otherwise.” He let go of Cloud and patted her on the head, returning to his desk. Jack left the room, holding the girl’s hand and whispering soothing words.

Petrovsky watched as they left then looked beneath the desk, at where Basil was staring up at him. “Well, boy, get back to it. You aren’t full yet, are you?” He asked, eying a dribble of cum at the left edge of the slave’s mouth.

“No, master, never.” Basil unzipped his master’s pants and watched with hungry eyes as his dick sprang out to greet him. Basil took the member into his mouth and moaned around it as he sucked it to his gullet.

“What would you like for you birthday, Basil?” Petrovsky asked, stroking the boy’s hair with rare affection.

“Only you.” Basil mumbled around the dick in his mouth, slurping greedily on the shaft.

“That is what I like to here. You’re a good boy.” The master murmured as he looked down at his slave. In this position he almost looked like Dogwood. With a little tanning and growing out his hair just a touch, perhaps dying it a few shades darker… he would be almost as good as Dogwood. Petrovsky came in his mouth, holding the boy’s head to his crotch and forcing the sperm down his slave’s throat, not that he needed a lot of persuading. Basil greedily gulped it down, swirling his tongue around the head and moaning softly. “You may go, Basil.” His master pushed the boy’s head off him and backed the chair away so Basil could crawl out from beneath the large, oak desk.

“Thank you, master.” Basil lowered his head before turning towards the door, grabbing the knob. He looked back at Petrovsky, immortal love in his eyes. “Master?” He hesitated.

Petrovsky looked up, curious. Basil never spoke after their meetings, simply left when he had commanded. Normally the master would be enraged by such a presumption, but considering the oddity of the circumstances. “Go on.” He said coolly.

“I would like to thank you for choosing me. I know I am speaking out of place. But if you ever need me, for anything, I am here for my master.”

“Basil… sweety..” Petrovsky shook his head. “I appreciate it, but you are merely a slave. A toy for my use. You fuck and are fucked. Beyond that, my dear, you are nothing. Get out.” He returned to his papers and did not look up until he heard the door close.


“Hello, Pink. You look lovely.” Howard smiled widely at her and kissed her cheek as they entered the limousine, off to wherever place he had decided on for their date. It was unusual for Pink to have actual dates, not clients. She was giddy with excitement, and could already feel herself falling for the mysterious man.

“Thank you.” She replied, giggling. She hid her face, a light blush overcoming her cheeks.

“I’ve decided that we should go to the movies tonight, anything you interested in seeing?” He asked, sliding in beside her.

“I wouldn’t know what’s showing..” She replied, embarrassed.

“Then what is it you like to see?”

“Romantic comedies.” Pink responded, a fondness in her voice.

“Then we will find us a nice, romantic comedy. How’s that sound?” He asked, stroking her hair.

“Fantastic.” She stared at him, ecstatic. Pink was happy with Howard.


“Winter, come here.” Mistress Demi said from the doorway, staring at the dining room of sitting slaves. They were busy eating dinner, and hardly looked up from their plates. Winter laid his fork down and walked over to the mistress, his head bowed.

“Yes, Mistress Demi?”

“Go to Viper. Ask her if she will submit. If she refuses, do what you must to make her submit. I expect to hear her scream.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Follow me.” She demanded, heading out of the room. They went to the basement, and she unlocked the door, pushing him in and then following. The two looked at Viper, sitting on the floor against the far corner. Her legs were brought to her chest and her arms were wrapped around her knees, her head hidden. The ropes had become too much for her wrists and left off after Winter’s brutal attack the night before. “Viper, your friend Winter is here to visit. I am going to leave him here so you will have company.” Mistress Demi pushed Winter forward and slammed the door shut, the lock clicking.

“You look better..” Winter whispered, his hands in his pockets. It was true. Her bruises weren’t nearly as bad as the day before and he couldn’t see any signs of new wounds. However, Viper didn’t respond, so he went on. “I am so sorry, Viper. I didn’t want to hurt you. I don’t want to now. Please, just submit..” He begged miserably, more for himself than for her.

“You’re weak.” She replied, glaring up at him.

“I said the same thing to Breeze when she sodomized me with a pipe, back when I was in your position. But I was wrong. We aren’t weak. We are survivors.” He removed his shirt, hoping to scare her. She simply stared at him, her face blank.

“I don’t hear any screaming!” Mistress Demi’s voice came from the other side of the door, threatening and loud.

“You’ll die down here.” Winter grumbled as he walked over to her.

“Do what you must to me.”

“Very well.” He sighed sadly and unbuckled his belt, casting it aside. He then followed that movement by slipping his pants to mid-thigh, allowing his semi-erect dick to pop from his boxers. He stroked it thoughtfully and after sometime felt it rigid and amazingly hard. He grabbed Viper roughly by the hair and rubbed it across her lips, smearing pre-cum onto her face. She didn’t fight, nor make any forward movement. Viper simply sat there and took it into her mouth when he pushed forward. It was making Winter difficult to get off, but soon enough he felt his dick throb, and swiftly pulled it from her mouth. “Open your eyes.” He demanded, and she obeyed. It was a start. He came, spurting his seed into her eyes, causing her to cry out loudly.

Winter grabbed her by the hair and threw her from the corner. She fell roughly onto the ground with a grunt. Winter fell to his knees and moved behind her, pulling her butt into the air for a clear view of her cunt and anus. He quickly pushed two fingers into her ass, forcing her to cry out in surprise. “Please, Viper..” Winter pleaded.

Viper looked back, as much as she could with his spunk over her eyes and dribbling down her face. “Fuck you.”

Winter shook his head and removed both fingers, turning his hand into a fist and thrusting at her ass. After much effort and terrible screams he pushed through, his fist pounding into her with little to no lubrication, bringing heat to his face and tears to Viper’s eyes. Winter felt like shit.


“Apparently I have missed something.. but why do they keep calling on Winter to assist with Viper’s training?” Dazzle asked, nibbling on a carrot.

“He embarrassed Cadiir Vidal.” Lotus replied, shaking his head. “It was a big client for a new slave, but Winter should have known better.”

“I reacted the same way with my first client, Lotus.” Fauna frowned at him, sipping her water. “But the difference is that I nearly bit the man’s penis off.. all Winter did, if I heard correctly, was attempt to run from the room and shove aside one of the men Master Vidal brought.”

“How did that go for you?” Breeze asked Fauna.

Fauna laughed, whipping her head back. “Not that well, if you must know. Jack set me up with a client who owned a horse ranch.. I was there for a week. And in the infirmary for a week after that.”

“You fucking serious?” Dazzle said, staring at her.

“Mhm. Winter is getting it easy compared to what it could be.” Fauna replied, shoveling a spoonful of mash potatoes into her mouth.

“No. He isn’t.” Lotus muttered, looking up from his plate. “How does it feel when you must assault Pink on stage, humiliating her in front of all those people? How do you think I feel, when I am forced to punish any of you? Hurting those that don’t deserve it, that have done nothing against you.. it kills you.” He shook his head, glancing around at the group.

The group fell silent, unsure how to reply. But they knew he was right. Fuck, or be fucked. Fuck and be fucked. The life of a slave consisted of only that, and the bonds between the slaves.

“The new master comes tomorrow.” Rusty blurted out, breaking his silence.

“He does, doesn’t he?” Dazzle remarked curiously. “Wonder what he’ll be like.”

“How is any master like, Dazzle?” Breeze laughed.


“That movie was soo funny!” Pink exclaimed as she and Howard left the cinema, arm and arm. “I can’t believe Kirsten’s brother tried to seduce her boyfriend. At least he ended up with the wedding planner.”

“For a while there I thought he would convince Adam.” They laughed as a pair, causing Pink to momentarily forget about her true life, her life as a slave.

“Well.. It is ten, better start heading back.” Howard murmured, looking down at Pink.

“Yes.. I suppose you should.” Pink said sadly, looking at her feet in self-pity. She glanced back up at him and leaned forward, planting a light kiss on his lips. He returned it gleefully and directed her back to the limo, all smiles. A little while later and they were back at Petrovsky’s. They laid another kiss on each other, but it didn’t go beyond that. She went inside, full of joy and a terrifying hope.


“I tried, Mistress Demi.” Winter said after leaving the initiation room, slipping his shirt on. “She won’t submit.”

“Then she will eat nothing but cum and drink nothing but piss. You may go, Winter.” He nodded to her and rushed up the stairs, disappearing into the foyer.

Mistress Demi entered Viper’s room, her hands on her hips. Viper was on her side, hugging herself, eyes closed. “I was a slave once.” Mistress Demi spoke calmly, causing Viper to open her eyes. “I was born in Estonia. My family was a poor one. There wasn’t room for my sisters and me. The farm was too big, and we weren’t assets. They kept the boys, of course. They could do work. Heavy lifting, things like that. My daddy took me and my two older sisters to a large mansion in town, and left us there for a small fortune. We were all virgins, and I suspect my father prospered because of us. I was given to one of the Master’s sons, and forced to perform his every whim. Sometimes he would share me with his friends, or the neighborhood boys. But I got older, and he wanted to a new girl. His father sold me and I spent some time in France, travelling with my new master by the name of Petrovsky. But he wasn’t very fond of me, I guess I wasn’t what he had expected. So he went to his brother, Hector, and freely handed me over. That is how I came here. And because I was so obedient, he made me a master, too. You want that, don’t you, Viper?”

Viper looked up at her with cold eyes. “No.” She whispered faintly. “I want to die.”

At first Mistress Demi was taken back, shocked by the girl. But the woman quickly regained her composure and let out a shrill laugh. “I might be able to arrange that for you. Good night.” And with that the woman left the room.

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Love Winter & Viper's characters. A love interest between the two is definitely the way to go.

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