Part. 3

I quickly got dressed and opened the door. “hey, everything ok Nikki?” I asked.

“Yeah, everything is ok, Jason’s snoring, and I can’t sleep, you care if I join you guys?” Sure she could join us, I wonder exactly if she knows what we were doing.

“Yeah no problem” I told her. We all got into Sarah’s Queen sized bed, Nikki got in the middle. We all laid there in silence. Talk about awkward, me and Sarah both extremely sweaty.

I broke the silence when I said, “So Nikki, killer party right?”

“Yeah it was, seems like you guys were having a party of your own.” She said laughingly.

Fuck we were caught, “Oh uhhh yeah, about that don’t tell Jason, alright?”

Nikki replied, “Don’t worry your secrets safe with me, as long as you let me join you guys.” And with that she rolled on top of me and brought her face close to mine, “I want to be Sarah and yours slut.” And she kissed me passionately. We made out of furiously, Sarah interrupted us when she said, “Hey, don’t leave me out.” She then pulled Nikki off of me and began to make out with her. They immediately took off each other’s clothes, leaving them in just their underwear. Nikki had on a light blue hipphugger thong, and a matching bra.

Nikki has blonde hair, is about 5 feet 8 inches, and a bodacious bod. She is one of the sexiest girls I know. Her tits are 34 D at least, and her bubble butt is the finest ass I have ever seen next to Sarah’s.

They began to make out once again, each digging their hands into one another’s panties, finger fucking each other. “Ughhhhhhhhh.” Sarah moaned. All bets were off, they were pulling hair, and exploring bodies. The sexiest pair of lesbians I have ever seen. I took a page out of Sarah’s book when I said, “Hey, what about me.” They both stopped immediately and looked at me, and then one another. Before I knew it my pants were down, Nikki was sucking my dick, and Sarah was making out with me.

“Take the rest of your clothes off now.” I told them. They both began to strip. Nikki had a landing patch of hair on top of her pussy, and Sarah was completely bald. Nikki began to kiss up and down Sarah’s body, till she reached her pussy. Sarah moved to the top of her bed and Nikki began to eat Sarah out. Nikki stuck her ass out, inviting me to have a taste. I got behind her, wound up and smacked her ass hard, causing her to moan into Sarah’s pussy. Sarah let out a brief scream of pleasure. Hopefully no one heard that I thought. I began to eat out Nikki, licking the outsides of her pussy, before finding her clit, I then began to suck on her clit. Her pussy was soaked, it tasted very sweet, not as good as Sarah’s but hey, I wasn’t complaining.

“You gonna fuck me or what?” Nikki asked. How could I say no, I quickly lined my dick up, and started to push, she was so damn tight. With one push of Nikki’s fat ass, my dick slid all the way in, causing her to moan, once again setting off a chain reaction, Sarah sat up and began to pull Nikki’s face into her pussy harder. I began to rhythmically fuck Nikki, in and out, plunging as deep as I could with each time. Nikki began to take control, wiggling her fat ass up and down my dick. Probably the most erotic thing I have ever seen.

“Damn, Nikki, your pussy feel so good.” I told her.

“Don’t get a fat head Nik, he told me the same thing, now I think it’s my turn to eat your sweet pussy while he fucks me.” My dick pulled out of Nikki’s pussy with a pop, they switched positions, well almost. This time they were 69’ing, I began to fuck Sarah. I slammed the shit out of her, Sarah then pushed a finger into Nikki’s puckered ass hole, causing her to moan loudly. I then began to rhythmically fuck Sarah, while Sarah fingered Nikki’s ass hole. Sarah then got bold and slid to fingers into Nikki’s fat ass, this was enough to bring her to her first orgasm of the night. She flooded Sarah’s face with her pussy juices, Sarah sucked up as much as she could, I quickly slid my dick into Nikki’s pussy as soon as I got on the other side. Sarah continued to eat Nikki out while I fucked her. I slid in and out of her as fast I possibly could. Nikki began to scream as she began to have another orgasm. If it wasn’t for the fact that I had cummed so many times that night, there would be no way I would be able to last. Thinking of not wanting Sarah to miss out on all of the fun, I quickly picked her up off of Nikki and brought her to her desk, I shoved all of her papers and books off the side and through her on top, quickly sticking my dick into her sweet pussy. I fucked her as fast and hard as I could, “Fuck me harder Brian, harder. I obliged, I felt the familiar tingling in my balls and told her I was about to cum. Just as I was about to cum, I felt her pussy begin to tighten on my dick. This sent me over the edge, we both began to have the best orgasms of our lives, I shot my cum deep inside of her pussy.

Shortly after our orgasms receded, Nikki came over to us, pulled me off of Sarah and began to suck our juices off her pussy. She gathered them up into her mouth, bent over Sarah, and let them fall out of her mouth into Sarah’s awaiting mouth, they swapped cum multiple times as their tongues collided with lust.

To be continued??? Let me know, rating of 90, I'll do a part 4. If not, this story has ended.

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2016-07-25 06:18:49
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I'm Mike age 12. I love leading small children astray. We have the biggest front yard on our block. Lots of kids play in it. Most of them are little girls trying to learn cheerleader routines. When they do cartwheels or handstands their lose fitting shorts show their panties. Also, their tee shirts slide up to expose their bare chests. Today I told 3 girls the should play in my backyard. It has a high wall around it. I said you can play where your mom won't see you. In my backyard, I told them you can do all the things here that your mom won't let you do at home. I said you can pee in your panties, play naked hopscotch, and many other things she wouldn't like. I asked if they wanted me to undress them? They said yes. After about 30 minutes of playing naked, I said I bet your mom would really be mad if you had sex. I slowly made passionate love with them to make it hurt as little as possible. They said they know other girls that want to lose their virginity too. I love making whores.

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2013-04-15 00:44:46
Why ended? Its above 90... :(

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2012-11-12 19:45:07
why is it stoped ..? theses are very good
keep it up

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