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*****************************My Birthday ******************************************

For my birthday, my wife asked me what I wanted( I threw her
a huge 100 people party for hers) I told her I didnt want a party, but
that I wanted a threesome with another woman. We have had a couple of
threesomes, all with other guys. She is straight and said she is not
comfortable with another woman joining us.but would be open to another
guy joining us again and doing whatever I wanted. I have a huge
pantyhose fetish and love wearing them. I told her this time I wanted
to dress up fully, she agreed saying "it's your Birthday". she told me
to find a guy and book a hotel room for the up comming weekend. I
booked the suite at the local hotel and figured I would go to the ABS
and find a guy there willing to play.
That Saturday morning I showered and shaved( my balls, cock,ass and
legs). Then I puy on a pair of suntan pantyhose, sweatpants,shirt and
boat shoes. I then went shopping. My first stop was the department
store for shoes. I was too shy to go to a shoe store and buy womans
shoes with a guy helping me. so I found a place that had shoes on
racks by sizes. I went to the biggest sizes and found a pair of
flats that fit. there were a few older woman giving me strange looks.
but there was also this guy(in his thirties, I guessed) watching me
try on shoes. He approached me with a pair of strappy open toe heels
and said these would look much better. I thanked him and tried on the
heels as he watched me. I rolled up my pants and put on the heels and
it was quite obvious I was wearing pantyhose. He said they looked
great on me..(could it be this easy to find someone to join us??) We
talked some more and I invited him to join us that night for some fun
He agreed and said he would love to help me buy the rest of my
outfit. I turned him down and told him I wanted him to be suprised
when he saw me later. I got his number and told I will call later. I
finished my shopping and headed home.
After I got home and packed a overnight bag,my wife and I headed out
the door for the hotel when she stopped me and said I should wear
my heels,
so I can get used to walking in them. When we arrived at the hotel
she went in to register, I waited in the car. once in the room my
changed first. She put on supertight short shorts, shiny black
and a tight t shirt with sneakers( I love that look). Now it was
my turn,
I put on sheer Black thigh highs with a garter belt, high heels
a tiny black mesh g string over my garters. My cock had to be pointed
sideways so
it would fit in the g string. then I put on a lace black babydoll
that was tight on the top and scrunched my chest together to give me
some tits, it came down to the top of my thi highs in the front and
just barely covered my ass cheeks in the back. when I came out and
showed my wife she said i looked hot, but i'm not done yet. I said yes
i was. she then pulled out a long brown wig. when i saw that my cock
jumped another notch. she put it on me, then led me to the mirror
and put eyeshadow on me and blush and red I looked
good!! I wanted to fuck
I then made the call to Lance( they guy I met in the store) and
told him to call me when when he gets to the side door of the hotel
so he can be let in with the key.
As we were waiting for lance to arrive my wife took out the camera
and took some pics of me all dressed up. He called and my wife said I
should go open the locked outside door. The side door was about 5
rooms down from
our room so I agreed. she followed me with the camera. I felt so
totally feminine and naughty dressed this way as I walked down the
hall.I just felt like a was a weird feeling..but good one.
when I opened the door lance saw me and his mouth just hung open. I
gave him a kiss and a hug and he grabbed my ass as we hugged. we
walked hand in hand back to the room, when my wife handed me two
dollars and said I should get us some sodas. The ice and soda
machines were about 50 feet down the hall and around the corner. I
was afraid someone might see me, but also very excited. With Lance
egging me on we went. when we turned the corner there was a middle
aged guy in a bathrobe getting ice. He was shocked at first, then he
couldnt take his eyes off me, smiling the whole time. I purposelly
bent over to put the dollar in the machine and give everyone a good
look at my ass. Lance had his hands all over my ass. I noticed the
other guy had a hard on jutting from his bathrobe and was rubbing
it.My wife was taking pics the whole time. She asked the guy if he
wanted to come watch in our room, he jumped at the chance.we headed
back to the room. The guy was told to sit in the chair by the bed and
watch. Lance and i went to the bed.I took off his shirt, pants and
then every thing else. He was semi erect, I knelt down in front of
him and took his cock in my mouth and he got hard instantly. He was
about 7 inches or so but had a pretty thin cock.I sucked him for a
while then we both stood face to face and just felt each other up all
over. He then laid me on the bed on my stomach and ran his hands up
and down my legs and rubbing my ass. he then pulled off my g string.
and I felt his tongue in my ass. that was the first time i ever had
that done and it felt great he did that for sometime then he added
some lube and inserted a finger in me, then two then three. I was
rock hard and was about to cum. he then lifted me up onto all fours
and entered me from behind. His long skinny dick felt real good going
in and out of me. I was yelling for him to fuck me harder. He grabbed
my hips and fucked me quicker and harder. I looked over and my wife
was taking pics the whole time and the other guy had his cock out and
was jacking off. My wife grabbed his hand and led him over to me and
put his cock in my mouth. I was getting fucked by lance and at the
same time sucking this guy off, as my wife snapped away with the
I felt Lance tense up, he pulled out and shot a load all over
my ass cheeks. seeing this the other guy started grunting. I took his
cock out and he shot his load all over the floor( I didnt want to
ruin my makeup and wig). We all collapsed on the bed. after a few
minutes we washed up and my wife told me and the guy to go get some
ice. I went in my babydoll heels and thi highs no g string and he put
on his robe. We got the ice and no one saw us in the hall. when we
got back mt wife was kneeling in front of lance (who was standing)
and he was tit fucking her he was rock hard again. she had him lay
on his back on the coffee table and she helped me squat over him
and lower onto his cock that was sticking straight up. I was
squatting up and down as he fucked me in that position and my hard
cock was bouncing around with each squat. she had the other guy
stand in front of me and I sucked him while bouncing on lance's cock
I felt such a build up in my balls from that position. that I pushed
the guy back to watch me. I shot a huge load all over Lances chest
and neck and
as Lance pushed in me with each stroke i shot another spurt again
and again. Seeing this lance shot his load in my ass and as i
squatted down on him cum was oozing out of my ass. Of corse my wife
was right under us taking close ups of the action.
I then motioned for the guy to come to me and sucked him. It didnt
take long as he shot his load all over my face and red lipstick
mouth, the wife got nice close ups of the action.
Everyone got changed and left after that and my wife and I fucked
for hours after that. The next week she gave me a album with all the
pictures she took of that night and said happy Birthday, now you can
enjoy that night over and over again looking at the pics>>>>

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Would love to hear from her horny little would love to hear from a horny little CD Dressed in stockings and heels who needs Her little pussy filled with cock 2147968545


2013-04-20 23:21:03
Always proof read writings, Enjoyed the story,

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2013-04-15 15:47:11
nice story wish I was there

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2013-03-25 08:06:23
great .had the same happen to me.
would Love to join you and your wife..
want to see the pictures to

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2012-07-28 18:32:14
fantastic, more pantyhose and maybe pissin would be nice!!!!

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