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a sex filled christmas party
********************************** Christmas Party 2008***********************

My wife and I recently went to a friends christmas party.They were a new couple
who we met out one night and had been out about 3 or 4 times before with them..
My wife wore a sexi tight red dress, black pantyhose and 4 & 1/2 inch high
heels. the sight of her put a instant lump in my pants. I was so horny seeing my
wife.I wore shiny black pantyhose with a black leotard under my pants and
shirt( I didnt tell my wife but she knows I wear ).When we got to the house
there were about 40 people or so there( we only knew the host & hostess) all
having a good time drinking partying and so on. My wife got quite a few looks,
which totally turns me on.there was one couple in peticular who we chatted with
most of the night,(julie & mike) they were a lot younger than us probably in thier
early 20's. she was hot as hell. A blond with a perfect tight body in one of
those sweater dresses that came just below her crotch and he was a good looking
guy as well. we all drank too much and were having a good time. then about 2:00
am those of us who were left(about 12 people) went downstairs to their party
room where they had a poker table set up.the host (tom) said we all were gonna
play poker. I was the first to jump in a seat. my wife sat next to me on one side
and julie sat on the other side, then everyone else sat down as well. I pulled out
my money and tom said put it away we are playing strip poker. My jaw dropped,
(because of what i was wearing under my clothes) i started to get up but my wife
held my arm down and said to stay party pooper. Everyone else was yelling at me
to sit down so I did.we played a few hands and luckily I had lost only my shirt
(the black leotard looked like a undershirt).Every time someone lost a peice of
clothing they had to stand up and go stand by this platform next to the table so
everyone could see them. After about a hour or so my wife was down to her
pantyhose & heels and so was the blond but she had on her bra also. Everone was
down to their underpants,lingerie..etc etc. Except me and another woman.then I
lost the next hand, I was scared shit of what these "strangers" would say or think.
I walked over to platform ,looked at my wife with sad eyes. and undid my belt and
stepped out of my pants. All eyes were glued on me as I stood there in black
pantyhose and a black leotard. I was soooooooo embarassed. A few of the guys
laughed and said ilooked pretty.they were teasing me for what seemed like hours,
my face was beet red. Finally Julie stood up, walked over to me and said she thinks
I look sexy and its nice to see a man secure enough to wear what he likes.Then
she took my hand and took me back to my wife rubbed my leg under the table
letting me know it was ok( I love her so much).Julie was rubbing my other leg. I
got so hard instantly with the two of them rubbing my pantyhosed leg.As luck would
have it I lost the next hand, I got up on the platform and took off my leotard and
was standing there in just my pantyhose, with a rock hard erection. I was so turned
on i didn't care any more what anyone thought. I stood there for a few more seconds
and rubbed my cock thru my hose then sat down. AS the night went on just about
everyone was down to nothing with the men agreeing that the ladies could keep on
only their g stings, stockings if they were sexy by one the men lost their
underwear, until it was my turn. I went up on the platform and started to take off my
pantyhose, then one of the guys yelled that its sexy and they all agreed that the
"girls" could keep their lingerie on.They all laughed and told me to keep it on.
At that point everyone was done stripping what they were everyone knew what
was next .....the loosing hand had to perform a sex act on the winning hand. Tom the
host won. and it was down to my wife and me to see who was the loser.I lost but my
wife got up to go to the stage(took one for the team) she gave him a very sexy blowjob
while everyone watched, I was so turned on watching her. We have had a few threesomes
and swingging experience with a couple in the past.The next few hands were played and
we saw julie eat out another woman, I was so fucking hard watching that that I thought
i was gonna cum. Then I lost the next hand and mike won the hand. He was on the stage
with a raging hard on about 8 inches or so and shaved balls just waving it around (like
come and get it). My wife got up to go service him.then someone yelled its not fair
that julie had to eat a woman and I get another free they all were kinda chiding
me to go up there.Tom said since i was dressed like a girl I should have no problem
pleasing mikes cock.I was secretly excited and my wife was secretly dissapointed..LOL I
went up and took Mikes cock in my hand and played with it, it was so hard and warm. Then
I lowered it into my mouth and sucked it deep. I licked the shaft up and down all sides
then put his full balls into my mouth. I then reached around and stuck my finger up his
ass. that seamed to get him harder.I was fingering his asshole as I sucked him deep. He
held my head with both hands as he face fucked me, then i felt his cock throb and I
shoved my finger deeper into his ass and that set him off. He unloaded a hot huge load of
cum right down my throat. I gagged a little but swallowed it all. I then cleaned his
cock with my tongue then went back to my seat. Everyone was looking at me with their jaws
dropped wide open. Then Tom (the host) said fuck the cards and it became a full blown orgy.
My wife ,Julie,Mike and me went over to the couch together and Mike told me that was the
best blowjob he ever had, my wife smiled and said I am very good at that and laughed. I
played with julie as my wife played with mike on the couch together. then I saw my wife
whisper into mikes ear. I was eating Julie who was sitting up on the couch and I was bent
over sucking her cunt.Then my wife came over and started rubing julies small tight tits.
I was so into julies pussy I didnt notice Mike was behind me rubbing his hard cock against
my pantyhosed ass. I lifted my ass up to meet his cock. He ripped a hole into my pantyhose
and I felt his cock head against my asshole.I pushed back against it and felt it slip
into me. He slowly entered me inch by inch until he was all the way in me. then slowly
started to fuck me. I was in heaven my eyes rolled back and I started to moan as mike
picked up the pace and started to fuck me faster and harder. My wife was telling mike
to fuck her husband good he likes it hard. Hearing that got me really worked up. Julie
was cumming in my mouth as her husband was fucking my ass. I was in heaven. I then opened
my eyes and saw everyone standing in a circle around us watching us.That excited me so
much more.I felt lots of hands rubbing my pantyhosed feet and legs. It felt like a thousand
hands were on me rubbing me all over then I felt Mike thob and I knew he was gonna fill
up my ass with his load. To my dissapointment he pulled out and shot his load all over my
wifes tits who was standing next to him. Seeing that i shot the biggestload of my life all
over my pantyhose everyone clapped. Mike said he wanted to keep my ass clean for the next guy my mind was in a daze did he say what i thought he said? then before I could get up
I felt another cock in my ass, It was a lot thinner but still felt good. as I was getting
fucked my wife told another guy to fuck my face. One lady pushed her husband foward and said
she always wanted to see her husband with another guy. I sucked him as I got fucked. When
he blew his load in my mouth I cam again all over my pantyhose. I went to bathroom and was
cleaning all the cum off my pantyhose with a towel when julie walked in and we french kissed
as her hands were all over my pantyhose. I got hard instantly, I love the feeling of being
rubbed while wearing pantyhose.She got me off with a hand job. we cleaned up then went back
to the group. It was a wild night I told my wife It was such a HUGE turn on walking around
and being with everyone while wearing pantyhose my wife kissed me and said I know honey...
Merry Christmas.

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2017-01-18 18:46:13
AWESOME....exactly what me and my fiance would love to be apart of

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2013-07-27 18:32:14

Wish that was me, i would love that so much!!!
I love wearing pantyhose and to get abuse by people is fantastic
please please write more, maybe add some piss fun!!!!
Piss in pantyhose feels so good


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2013-02-14 02:02:59
What a load of bull shit!

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2012-06-15 14:50:26
my nwife and I did some threesomes about 15 times with diferent friends of mine. Only one of my friends with a 7" cock got to fuck me but that was the most spectacular feeling I've had. Fucking your wife as you are getting fuck hard, makes you come with much more power and desire. I always wanted to get fucked by George who had a 10" cock, but only my wife had that pleasure

anonymous readerReport

2012-02-14 11:22:01
Wow what a party, I would have loved to have been you. Your wife sounds amazing too, how do I get invited to the next one!?!?!? Best story Ive read today Thank you

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