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wife and i go on a sexy walk
***********************************************our walk****************************

Recently my wife asked me if I jerk off, And I said yes, she then asked me what i thought
about while doing it. I told her my many fantasies. She agreed to help me fullfil one.
I got home from work last week, it was late, my wife told me to take a shower and put on
the outfit she laid out in the spare bedroom for me. When I got out of shower i went into
the backroom and found A pair of black tights (with hole cut out for my cock) a black
leotard , oversize hooded sweatshirt and sneakers. I was trembling as I got changed, My
cock was rock hard sticking out of the tights but covered barely by the nylon of the
leotard. I went into the livingroom and my wife was dressed the same way, Black tights,
black leotard sneakers, and a oversize hooded sweatshirt. she took my hand and lead me out
the door. It was now about 9:00pm and dark out so I felt "safe" walking in public.
We walked down the main street with lots of cars passing us some even slowing down to get
a look. I was so turned on being out in tights for anyone to see with my wife by my side.
We then passed the woods and I started to head for them( my fantasy was to fuck out in the
open woods close by the street dressed ini tights) but my wife took my hand and said she had
something better. We walked about 2 more blocks towards more houses. Then we turned down
one street( now I knew where we were going) we walked up to a old friends house . He was a
little older than us male who about 4 years ago we had sex in front of him and our first
threesome. We havent seen him since then( other than a quick hello in the store passing by).
She knocked on his door and he opened it. He had quite a surprise look on his face. I dont
know if it was because we showed up or because of what we were wearing. Anyway he invited us
in and offered us a drink. after some small talk , how ya doing etc etc . My wife said it was
rude of us and we should of taken off our shoes at the front door, he said no problem, but she
insisted so we both took off our sneakers and put them by the door. So now we both are walking
to his living room with our bare feet in tights. He handed us our drinks and my wife and I sat
on the couch and he sat in a chair across from us. Then my wife stood up and said it was warm
in here. He offered to turn the heat down but she said no dont we both will take off our
sweatshirts. well we did and His eyes were glued to my wifes body in her tights & leotard checking
her out head to toe. and pulled off my sweatshirt and he had a big smile once he saw I had on the
same outfit and a huge erection pushing against my leotard. My wife came up from behind me and
reached around the front and started rubbing my cock thru the nylon. He kinda just sat back in
the chair and watched.She then popped out my cock from the leotard and started to jerk me off
while standing behind me. I then pulled her in front of me and ran my hands all over her body,
when i reached her tits I pulled them both out of her leotard.and was playing with them as I was
grinding my hard cock against her ass. He now had his dick out and was playing with it as
he watched us. I then unsnapped her leotard and exposed her pussy , visible by the hole in her
tights. we were both standing up in front of him as i was fingering her pussy while grinding my
cock against her ass. I then bent her over and shoved my rock hard cock into her pussy from behind.
We were fucking right there in front of him while we both watched him jerk off while looking
at us. I then kinda stepped foward edging us both closer to him, then my wife took his cock in her
mouth and blew him while I was fucking her wet pussy. It seemed like we all came about the same time.
We had another drink. got dressed and left, He wanted us to stay the night and all three of us have
some more fun. We told him maybe next time.As we were walking home, we both had the snaps on our
leotards unbuttoned. (the sweatshirts came down to barely cover us )we stopped infront of a house
that was dark and with a big tree blocking the view to the street. we kissed deep caressing each other
, then I put my cock inside her and fucked her right there on the sidewalk. we saw headlights
come by we just hugged eachother close and the car passed by then we finished fucking untill I filled
her pussy with another hot load of my cum. we walked home hand in hand . As we lay in bed that night
talking and reminising about the earlier events. we both became aroused again at had the greatest fucking

******************************************Our Walk part 2****************************************

Our neighbor called us just about everynight since then. we didnt answer the phone.
Then one day he knocked on our door I was home alone and told him he wasn't supposed
to come here( we didnt want him blabbing to neighbors). He apoligized and begged us to
come over for new years eve because his two nephews were comming over to stay the night
before they go to vermont to go skiing. He said they were 22 and 25 and he thought we all
could have a great time, he also asked if we could dress up again like last time. I told
him I would ask my wife and we would think about it.If we are there we are there, but dont
wait for us.
Well new years eve came and we had no plans so I asked my wife if we could go for a drive
dressed up, she looked puzzled but said ok if thats what i wanted. We both showered ,
shaved(legs,balls,pussy ) and got dressed. This time I wore a black leotard with pink tights,
black ballet shoes and I had my long blond wig on , My wife had on a pink leotard with a
light pink short ballet wrap skirt with pink tights and ballet shoes. she said
I looked cute but needed more, so she took me into the bathroom and put blush, blue eyeliner
and a light color lipstick on me. My cock was gonna burst right there when i looked in the
mirror. we grabbed our coats hopped in the car and left, when I pulled up to our neighbors
home(tom) my wife looked at me and asked if we were gonna do"this"again. I said yes but also
a suprise. We knocked on the door and tom answered, We went to hang our coats up and he left us
and saidcome in living room when your done.We walked in the living room hand in hand.
When we turned the corner there was tom with drinks for us and his 2 nephews who
were on the couch in just shorts, no shirts. They stood up to greet us smiling as the shook our
hands. They also had hard ons that they were not trying to hide or cover up. tom introduced
us all,they were kyle & Kevin. They were very hot with great bodiesand from what i could tell
great packages as well. We all sat down and drank and had some small talk. Then Kyle stood
up pulled down his shorts and said my uncle told us you like to have fun. My wife and I both
stared at his hard cock just hanging there, He was about 8 or 9 inches but thin,. His brother
then dropped his shorts and he was about 6 inches but very thick. my wife and I knelt down in front
of them and took their cocks in our mouths, (I took the short thick one) we both were blowing
them and the both had their hands on our heads and fucking our mouths. Their uncle was watching
sitting on the chair playing with his exposed cock.
They almost came in unison(kyle was 1st) and we both took their young loads. then we
stood up and they kissed us, then switching back and fourth between us.
Then the boys had us on all fours facing each other, I was now kissing my wife as kyle
got behind me and kevin got behind her. I felt my leotard snaps come undone and my tights pulled
down a little. Then I felt a totally awesome feeling in my ass, Kyle was rimming my asshole(and I loved
it) I looked up and kevin was eating my wifes pussy from the same position. we both closed our eyes
made out moaning along the way. then Tom came up behind me and squirted some lube on my ass ( my wifes
pusssy was soaking wet and didnt need any). He then handed both boys rubbers. The feeling was unbelievable
as kyle entered me sliding his long thin cock into me I took it all. By the look on my wifes face I could
tell kevin was inside her. We both were moaning pretty loud as we both got fucked at the same time. we
started to french kiss as we got fucked, then Tom kneeled next to both our faces and put his cock inbetween our
lips. we both sucked him off together as we got hammered by our studs.Tom came 1st then the two boys came.
All three of them sat down on the couch with their soft dicks hanging. My wife and I got up and went to the
floor right in front of them and decided to give them a "lesbian" show and we went into a 69. I was
sucking her wet cunt while she took me down her throat. From their view it looked like two chicks in a 69 with me
in my wig. I looked up and saw all three were hard again and stroking their cocks watching us. My wife
came violently in my mouth as I sucked all her juices up. I was ready to cum then she pulled off me and I
cummed all over her tits. She went over to the couch and let the guys lick my cum off her tits the two boys
were sucking on a tit each as tom was fingering her cunt....what a sight. My wife and I dressed back up but
told the guys to stay naked for as long as we are there.
We spent the next few hours watching tv, eating, drinking. We all were pretty much feeling
everyone else up the rest of the night. A lot of hand jobs and a few blowjobs, dry humping( that felt awesome
when tom slid his hard cock against my pantyhosed ass). after the ball dropped. we wished everyone a happy New
Year and left.on the ride home we kinda looked at each other like what did we just do? then we both laughed and
kissed, realizing we both had a great time.

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