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dressing for halloween with my best buddy
***************Halloween Party ********************************

My friend had a haloween party at his moms house in the finished
basement, what was also his bedroom/livingroom etc etc.. I was
dressed as a female devil. I had on a red wig, red lipstick and red
eye shadow, a long red dress ( the kind you buy at a halloween shop
in a package with other accessories) but I cut the red dress into a
very short mini dress with a slit up the side and it was pretty
tight. I also wore a pair of red tights(no underwear under them) and
redfour inch high heels.
My buddy was dressed as a Rock star , there was about 20 people at
the party all drinking and having fun. I must of got felt up about 10
times that night all by guys who said they were only joking....yeah
When the party was over and everyone left I stayed and help him
clean up. when we were just about done I said i wanted to go
upstairs and wash up. I removed my makeup and left just my dress,
tights and heels on then went back downstairs to help finish up.
Then He went up stairs to clean up( we were both pretty buzzed)
he came back down wearing just a pair of shorts ....nothing else. I
got hard looking at his nice chest and body( and it was quite obvious
in my costume) Anyway we finished cleaning up then went to the
bed and sat on it and had a few more beers. I told him his costume
was HOT , But where was all the rock groupies?? He said the only
groupie left is me,, I told him my feet were killing me from these
shoes and would he mind if i took them off? He asked me if I wanted
my feet rubbed, I said that would feel great.
I got rock hard again as he rubbed my feet thru my tights and he
knew it. He worked his hands up higher to my hard cock and rubbed it
thru the tights, I thought i was gonna cum.. Then he tore a hole in
the crotch and took my hard cock out and started to suck on it, I
went for his shorts and had them off in no time. We layed on the bed
in a 69 for what seemed like days. I came in his mouth and he was
ready to cum also. Then i stopped I reached around and ripped the
hole bigger in my tights and asked him If he would like to fuck this
groupie??....he laid me on my back and crawled in between my legs and
put my legs over his shoulders as he entered me, it felt
awesome!!!!! as he was fucking me he was rubbing my tights up and
down my legs, That made me SOOOOOO hard.I then felt him tense up
and he shot a big warm load deep in my ass. I started to come also
at the same time. It was sooooooo hot I loved the feeling. we
washed up again then we went to bed me still in my cum drenched
tights and him naked..All night long I felt his hard cock pressed up
against my ass....and I loved it.
The next morning he woke up to see me sucking his cock, then we
69'd again. I put my dress on ( thats all I had worn to the party)
and we went up stairs, His mom made us breakfast. she made a comment
about how "cute" I looked in tights. I blushed and thanked her. then
he got dressed and we went back to my house to "watch a movie"
He has agreed to dress up for me next time,And be my groupie. But
thats another story....It happened 4 years ago but I still remember
it like it was yesterday.

********************* Carribean Halloween ***************************

My friend Dave and I were off to go Fishing in the caribbean. this
was my 1st trip without my wife, and Dave and I have been friends
since High School. Anyway we went fishing and drinking and all that
good stuff. Then on Haloween night there were plenty of costume
parties. I told Dave that I looked up some online and there was a
local bar that looked like a good spot. I told him that I reserved 2
Doctor costumes before we left last week, so we had to go or loose
the deposit.
Now was my chance to do something I wanted to since High School---
suck Daves cock. I seen it in the shower plenty of times in the gym,
and wanted it every time I saw it.
Once we were settled into the hotel room, He went to the pool and I told
him i was going to the store where I reserved the costumes. I had secretely
packed 2 costumes before we
left in my suitcase. ( with my wifes help-she knew about my plan. And
as long as I wasnt down here fucking other girls, she was ok with me
trying out my bi side with Dave) Only the costumes were nurse's
costumes instead of doctors costumes!!!.
When Dave came back to room he was all excited, He had seen posters
and flyers talking about the "greatest and Biggest Halloweeen Party
on the Island. When he saw my face he asked me whats the matter?
I acted all pissed off and said the shop had given our costumes away
and this was all they had left.I then showed him the two costumes.
He said no way, But I convinced him to wear them, cause nobody we know
will be here on a Island 2,000 miles away. He showered and came out
in just a towel(mmmmmmmmm) and came over to the bed to look . I had 2
short white nurse dresses, wigs, makeup, Sheer SEAMLESS white
pantyhose and white slip on shoes.
He looked at me and shook his head, I said come on it will be
fun.I said I watched my wife get dressed and told him I would help him. I
took off my shorts and he removed his towel then we both slipped into
the pantyhose. I got a HUGE erection as soon as I did, and he saw it
and asked if i ever did this before. I said yes my wife dressed me up
as a hooker last year, and I love the silky feel of the hose. He
agreed it felt nice. now we both went to mirror to do the makeup and
wigs. he was getting hard also. we then put dresses on and it was
obvious about our hard ons. I said we have to get rid of them. So off
comes the dress and i start rubbing my cock in just my hose. I see
his cock getting harder from watching me, then he does the same. I
reach over and start to rub his balls thru the nylon and he closes
his eyes as he keeps stroking his cock and me on his balls. then i
feel him twitch. so I pull his pantyhose down and grab his cock and
put it in my mouth as he cums.. He looks wide eyed at me as i am
sucking and swallowing his cock. He asked me if i ever did that
before. I said no but thought about it. he said it felt really good
and he liked it. I said maybe later we can do it again. He watched me
jerk off I came in 1 minute as i was touching his hosed cock. we got
dressed and headed to the party.
SO once we were dressed we called a cab( all islands have over used
cab service) when we got there the place was pretty crowded,
we went to the bar and sat on a couple of stools. Within minutes a
couple guys came over and asked us to dance. I jokingly said "only if
you buy us a shot and beers" they said OK. Dave looked at me funny, I
told him to just have fun and besides its was pretty dark on the
Dance floor so he agreed ( we also made a pact that whatever happens
on this trip is kept just between us).
I was jelous that the priest who was dancing with Dave was feeling
him up all thru the dance, as was I by the baseball player who was
dancing with me. We danced quite a few dances tht night and got pretty
buzzed from the free shots and beers.It was mostly harmless fun and
It was about 3:00am and we were waiting out front for a cab, when a
car pulled up with a young guy about 22 or so( he was dressed as a
Indian) asked us if we needed a ride, we took it back to the hotel.
Once we got there we thanked him and asked if he wanted to come up to
the room for a beer. Once we got into the room Dave and I flicked off
our shoes and got him a beer. He was in a small leather/cloth bottom
and he had leather strings around his arms and a indian headband on. He
had long brown hair and a super tight, toned and tan body.
we were all drinking having a good time, then he pulled out a joint.
I told Dave to stand up I wanted to take off our dresses cause they
were rentals(not true) and I didn't want to bring them back smelling
like pot. So the two of us were standing there in just our white
seamless pantyhose, and he came over and handed us the J. with the
three of us standing face to face we passed it around. I made the 1st
move and started massaging Daves cock, the indian smiled as he watched
us. Then i had one hand on the indians ass and one hand on daves ass.
Within minutes all three of us are feeling each other all over. I untie
Tommy's (the indians name) costume and his sheath falls to the ground
and exposes a beautiful tanned long hard cock.It was skinny and rock
I laid Dave back on the bed and i climbed in between his legs and lick
his hard cock thru his hose, as im doing this i wiggle my ass in the
air in front of Tommy. He comes up behind me grabs my hips and pushes
his cock in between my ass cheeks and humps me against my pantyhosed
ass.Then i feel him rip a hole in my hose< i reach into the bedstand
and pull out some KY and hand it to him, he smiles. The felling was
sooo awesome as he entered me while i sucked Dave off . Dave came, then
opened his eyes and realized that Tommy was fucking me. He got up and
crawled under me and we 69'd as I got fucked I think Tommy and I came
Dave asked me how it felt and i told him incredible.We all washed up,
then went back to the bed, this time Tommy laid down as Dave and I gave
him a tongue bath all over.I asked dave if he wanted to try it, he
turned red and nodded. I had Dave and Tommy both get on all fours on
the end of the bed with thier ass's in the air. I lubed thier ass's
heavly with Ky and fingered thier holes. They both got hard immediatly.
and started to play with each other. I plunged my cock into Daves ass
first, he moaned real loud. It felt so tight, everything i dreamed
about for over 10 years!!. I fucked him good while i was fingering
Tommys ass. I then switched to Tommys ass and fucked that hot tan ass
while finfering Daves ass. going back and fourth. I was about to
explode now I was thinking do I want to fill Tommys hot young tan ass
or Fill Daves??
I took Daves= a fantasy come true. We fucked and sucked all night
Tommy left then Dave and I continued the next 2 days having our own
fun.I mentioned to Dave that I might be able to talk Brandy(my wife)
into joining us one time( she already agreed to it if i could pull it
off, she is dying to have stud Dave fuck her hard as I watch ). He said
Kool, but she would never go for it, she is too straight!....If he only

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wow i was rock hard from start to finish

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