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her special birthday party
********************My Neice ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

Recently my wife and I went to a club with my neice and her friends
to celebrate her 21st birthday. She was dressed in a super short
mini tight low cut top, heels and super shiny pantyhose. My wife and
I watched her and her friends all night long, including doing a
multitude of shots with them, we all were feeling pretty buzzed and
beyond. When the night ended. My wife's neice and her boyfriend came
back to our house(she was staying over night , cause it was too far
for her to drive back to college). we all stumbled into the house, I
had to carry my wife into the bedroom, I plopped her on the bed and
she was passed out drunk!!. meanwhile liz(my neice) was in living
room with her boyfriend(steve). After about 15 minutes of feeling my
fully clothed wife up and getting no response, I went into living
room. The lights were off and i heard some moaning. I saw melissa on
all fours leaning over the couch and steve was fucking her from
behind. I stood there playing with myself as i watched them. Then
liz and I made eye concact, she motioned me over. I was pretty
buzzed, so i went over and positioned myself under her inbetween
steve's legs halfway on the couch and floor. I started to lick her
shaved pussy as steve fucked it. then I started to lick his cock as
it went in and out of her pussy, while messaging his balls with my
hand( he seemed to like that) he was moaning also.
After a bit he said he was gonna cum, he pulled out of her and put
his cock in my mouth and filled it up with hot cum. I took it all got
up and went into the bedroom, horny as hell and hard as hell also.
my wife was still passed out cold, then I heard the front door
open and close. I went out to living room and there was liz in a
bathrobe alone, she said Steve had to go. I asked her for help
getting Mandy ( my wife) into bed for the night. We went into the
bedroom and melissa removed my wifes strap heels I undid her skirt
button (she was on her belly) then we rolled her over. There she was
just in a shirt and seamless wolford nude pantyhose. Melissa
couldn't help but stare at her shaved pussy thru the hose. I noticed
and said dont it look awesome? I rubbed it, and told her that the
wolford hose feel so much silkier that the other ones. go ahead and
feel it, with that liz rubbed my wifes pussy, it only lasted
about a few seconds ...but what a hard on i got. I told her I loved
the way shaved pussy looked .... and tasted. she chuckled... We put
my wife under the covers and turned off the lights. and she still didnt
move,...she was out of it.
I asked liz if she wanted to do one more Birthday shot before
going to bed, she agreed. we went into living room. and i got the
vodka. She said she wanted to do a "spring-break" shot. I said ok
what is it??? she laid down on the couch opened up her robe and
poured the shot in her belly button. She looked so HOT laying there
naked with her hot tan tight 21 year old body. Her tits were nice and
full, hard nipples and shaved pussy mmmmmmmmmm. I went over to her
and sucked the vodka from her belly button. it spilled all over
her , she said make sure i get it all. Next thing i know i am
sucking her pussy and she is moaning real good. I was in heaven.
after a few minutes I feel her body tighten up and she starts to
Orgasm. I suck it all in. she then begs me to fuck her while she
cums. I am in her in seconds. I grab her hips and fuck her nice and
slow( I want it to last forever) I am getting close to cumming from
watching her tits bounce as I fuck her. I tell her I want to cum on
her tits, she sez no she wants to "repay" the favor for what i did
for steve. so I pull out and put my cock in her mouth. It felt almost
as good as her pussy. she sucked me hard and swallowed all my cum.
I pulled off her and told i HAVE to fuck those beautifull tits that
i have been fantasizing about for the last 5 years, she blushed. I
tit-fucked her, got hard again and cummed all over them....what a
the next morning we told my wife she was sooooo drunk( she said
she didn't remember anything) she pulled out my dick and sucked it
in front of her neice, then she climbed on me and fucked me in front
of her. She apoligized to liz and said she gets horny when she
drinks. liz said it was OK she enjoyed the show....Then I said
lets all promise not to tell anyone what happened last night,
especially liz's parents( my wife's brother)...

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2012-02-09 02:52:32
TL;DR Was there a story in that wall of text?
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2012-02-08 02:04:31
Have you ever heard of, if you go there you can learn how to spell neice correctly. It is spelled niece.


2012-02-07 23:25:48
WTF is this crap? I didn't even bother to read that. Learn how to format at least somewhat humanely.


2012-02-07 17:09:04
WTF - ever learn how to format? Separate paragraphs? Anything? As for using the Young tag - well, I suppose being 21 is young to you, but not in the true sense of this site. Sucked.

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2012-02-07 11:50:15
Where's the Young in this story?

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