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how i met my wife and how we play
I was a delivery driver and one day i made a delivery to a office bldg in ny city. this time
i had to pick up a letter from the hr office.when i got there this sexy woman in a business
dress suit with heels and shiny black pantyhose was waiting for me. I was in she
handed me the letter and l was so nervous being with her that i dropped my clipboard and it
hit her leg. It put a run in her pantyhose.I apologized and asked her to dinner as a sorry.
she accepted. when i got home I showered changed and put on a pair of wolford satin pantyhose.
When i arrived at the resturant we were seated then i again said i was sorry about my
clumsyness and handed her a gift.when she opened it and saw the wolford black pantyhose
she said they are too expensive and she cant accept them.I insisted and then she said i'll
have to try them on after dinner for you. I got a imediate hard on. We talked about
everything during dinner then the talk turned to pantyhose.I told her i love seeing a sexy
woman in pantyhose they make your legs look so much sexier than bare legs , she agreed.
after dinner we went back to her place i walked her to the door and said goodnight. She then
asked if i wanted to see her new pantyhose on her..I fixed drinks for us while she
went to change. When she came out my jaw hit the floor. she had on the pantyhose and a black
lacey bra...thats it. she came over to where i was sitting and put her foot up on my knee.
I rubbed her foot,legs and ass.We kissed deeply as our hands were all over each other.
She was rubbing my cock thru my pants.. I excused myself and went to the bathroom..I figured i
go for broke and I came out in just my pantyhose. when she saw me she had a great big smile.
she attacked me and we had the greatest pantyhose sex I ever had all night long....
.11 years later ,still married and having pantyhose fun and threesums.

**************************************The Magic of Wolfords***************************

My wife and I recently went out to meet a few of my friends & wives at a resturant.
She wore Black satin Wolford tights a grey leotard, short black skirt and open toed high heels
.....she looked smoking hot! I loved the way the tights were shining in the light. We got to
the resturant early and were at the bar having a drink when Mike, his wife Gina and Dave
walk in. Daves wife had to do some work and couldnt make it. We all had a drink and Gina was
staring at my wifes legs, and said she loves the look of her tights. The two guys chimed in
and said yeah the look great. I said they feel so silky, have a feel. Dave jumped in and ran
his hands on my wifes thighs down to her feet. He did it with both of his hands, we all just
stood there and looked at him.I think he then realized what he did and was embarrased. The
hostess then came over and said our table was ready. We sat and chatted about everything then
after dinner Gina's cel went off and there was a problem with the sitter, she said they have
to go and check up on the kids. We stayed a while longer and chatted with Dave. My wife then
got up and went to the restroom. While she was gone I asked Dave if he liked the way my wifes
legs felt, he turned red and said he was sorry he got carried away. I told him it was kool,
and I think Mandy liked the attention you showed her.Plus it turned me on a little to know
you were turned on by my wife. My wife then returned and we ordered another round of drinks.
Then I took her leg and put it in Daves lap. He started rubbing her leg. He looked over at me
and I nodded approvel to him. Mandy said I wonder what you guys were talking about while I
was gone. I was about to say something then Dave interuppted me and said we were talking about
how you liked it when I rubbed your legs before. He then took off her shoe and was rubbing her
one foot and leg while she put her other foot in his lap masagging his cock with it. We were
sitting at a table with no tablecloth so any one could see what was going on. The guy at the
next table over was glued to the action as Dave was rubbing away at my wifes foot. This went
on for about 5 more minutes or so then Dave we had to stop or he was going to make a mess
in his pants. We paid the bil then went back to the bar. It was pretty crowded but we found
one stool for Mandy. I wispered into her ear. Dave asked what I told her, I said nothing.
Mandy took a sip of her wine spun around on her stool and motioned Dave over with her finger.
She spread her legs and he went up in between them face to face with her. She pulled him in
and kissed him deep then as they were french kissing she squirted some wine into his mouth
( a awesome thing she does). They kept on kissing, ignoring everyone around them. I then went
up behind him and took his hands and put them on her thighs. He took over and was rubbing he
silky hose up her thighs and had her skirt all the way up to her waist . They kissed as he
groped her right there at the bar while everyone around was watching them(including me).
A guy next to me said can I be next?? I turned to him and said I dont let my wife kiss just
anyone. The look on his face was priceless. After things were close to getting out of hand we
left. I whispered to the guy next to me "you can watch her blow him in the car". we went out
to our car with my wife in the middle and me and Dave having one hand on each of her ass cheeks
and her skirt up around her waist. It was dark but you could still see. Once we got to the car,
I unzipped my wifes skirt and took it off. I got a immediate hard on seeing her in her tights,
Leotard and heels.She squatted down and unzipped Daves pants and pulled out his allready hard
cock. She then started to play with it and lick it. As she is doing this I see the guy from the
bar comming over to us. He stands next to me and watches my wife suck Dave. I stand her up and
she is bent over sucking him. I unsnap her leotard and motion the guy to come closer. We both
start rubbing her ass and pussy thru her tights, she starts moaning as we do this. Two guys walk
by and stop and watch we ignore them and keep going.They stop for a minute or so then leave
when another guy walks by. He does a double take I motion him over he reaches in and rubbs my
wifes pussy for a few seconds then says hes meeting his girlfriend inside and he is late. I
step back and watch my wife suck Daves dick as the other guy is rubbing my wife from behind,
running his hands up her legs from her feet on up to her ass. Dave then pulls out of her mouth,
turns her around and starts fucking her tights covered ass, after 4 strokes(i counted) he
shoots a huge thick load all over her wolford tights.Then he kinda rubbed it into them with
his cock.She then turns around and shakes her ass towards the guy as he strokes his cock.She
then talks dirty to him and tells him to pull that nice hard cockand get it ready so he can
fuck her wet pussy right in front of her husband and his friend. He says he is so close to cumming.
She gets closer and starts real lightly rubbing his balls. This sets him off and he shoots ropes
of cum all over the parking lot, she squeezes his balls and tells him maybe next time he can
shoot that cum inside her wet pussy.He puts his cock away and asks for our number, I tell him
to look for us next time were here and maybe we could hook up. He leaves back toward the bar.
My wife gives Dave a nice kiss goodbye. I shake his hand and tell him to say hi to his wife
from us........
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