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my wifes gift
*************************************** our anniversary******************************

Last week was my wife's and I anniversary 12 years and still going strong. I asked her
what she wanted and she said something different. I told her I had a nice fantasy
for both of us to share if she was game.She agreed as long as it wasnt too wild.
I started my plan, I put a ad on craigs list for a young guy (under 25)who was hung.
After sorting thru bullshit emails I found Greg. He was 19 a sophmore in college
home for the weekend. I sent him a pic of my wife and Me and he said he Loves older
woman(my wife is44). I met him at a bar by my house forgetting that he wasnt 21.
When I got there he was at the bar drinking a coke, we introduced ourselves and I told
him it was a suprise for my wife's anniversary. He was a little sceptical, but I assured
him I was real and so was she.After one drink I went out to the parking lot where we
could have some privacy to talk. In my car I asked him how big his cock was and he took
it out to show me. My eyes got real big it was about 8 or 9 inches soft. I asked him if
I could touch it. He said he is straight but he doesnt mind if I touch him. I handled
it for a few minutes till it started to get hard, then I leaned over and put it in my
mouth. I sucked it up and down licking it all over. he was about 11 inches rock hard.
I felt the head throb a little in my mouth so I pulled off. He looked suprised, but
I told him I wanted to save it for later. I gave him the hotel info and we parted. I
went home and told wife I was going take her to a nice hotel for a special night( I
think she knew a third was going to be involved) we have done a few 3sums in the past.
When we got to the room I laid out a black babydoll nightie, black thi hi's & 4" heels.
She went into the bathroom to get dressed. I then took out a matching black babydoll
nightie, black thi hi's and 4" heels for me . once I dressed I put on my short black
wig and a black see thru thong finished the outfit. When my wife came out and saw me
she was smiling from ear to ear. She then led me to the mirror and applied some
lipstick and eye blush to me...the same colors as she had on.We started to kiss and
feel each other up then a few minutes into it there was a knock on the door. I took
my wifes hand and led her to the door,after looking thru the peep hole, we both opened
up the door together. There stood Greg with a huge smile staring at us both. I invited
him in and introduced him to my wife. He said she was super hot and I was looking sexy
as well. I whispered to Greg to go in the bathroom and then come out naked. He came out
with his cock bobing up and down as he walked to the bed. I then said happy anniversary
honey and led him to her. She told him to lay down on his back on the bed.She then
turned to me and said It's OUR anniversary. We both went right to his cock I was sucking
on his shaved balls as my wife was licking the shaft up and down, then we both licked
the shaft together til we got to the head and both sucked it together. Greg was moaning
when we did that.Then my wife climbed onto his chest and started to make out with him.
I was sucking his cock and licking my wifes pussy back and fourth I was in heaven!. Then
I put a rubber on him and took hold of his cock and put it into my wifes pussy. While he
was pumping my wifes cunt I was licking his shaft as it went in and out of her. She then
got off of him and she laid on her back and I mounted her then Greg came over and squatted
on her face and she sucked his balls and I sucked his cock as I fucked her.He then said he
had a foot fetish and wanted to suck my wifes feet. She is very tickelish and said no, he
begged. She then said if he fucked Sarah(what she calls me) she would let him and give
him a foot job. He jumped at it. Mandy had me go to the edge of the bed on all fours and
she put some lube on her finger and fingered my asshole, she had three fingers in there
and was working me pretty good.Greg then came up and Mandy grabbed his condom covered
cock and pushed it into my ass.It hurt at first but Greg slowly put it in deeper.It felt
so much better on the out stroke than it did going in, I was sooooo fucking hard it hurt.
Mandy asked me how it felt, I said I loved it, she then told Greg to fuck me good, He
grabbed my hips and really drove it into me.Mandy stood over me and pushed her pussy in
Gregs face so he could eat her as he fucked me.I felt his cock throb and I knew he was
going to fill me up. He grunted and pushed deep inside me and held it there as he exploded.
Mandy then came around and grabbed my cock and she just about touched it and I came all
over her hand. We all washed up had a drink and talked for a bit laying on the bed. Mandy
then started to rub Gregs cock with her nylon covered foot.It didnt take long for Greg to
get hard again. I watched as she gave him a awesome foot job Both feet arched on his cock
as he fucked her feet.She then leaned in and started to french kiss him deeply as he
fucked her feet.Not too long later he shot what seemed like a gallon of cum all over her
feet and legs. I then asked Greg if he wanted to take off Mandy's stockings and suck her
toes.He did and sucked her toes one by one doing so he was hard yet again.I let him do that
for a while then I asked him to stand up by the window.I then opened the curtains and I was
on one side and Mandy was on the other side and we both sucked his cock in front of the
window. There were a few people walking by not noticing(we were on second floor). Then one
older guy walked right by our window and stopped to watch, the only thing seperating us was
the window.My wife and I sucked him for about 5 more minutes till he came all over our
faces.We licked it up and kissed each other and played with it over his cock. the guy then
motioned if he could come in, we shook our heads no and closed the curtains. Greg said it
was such a turn on having someone watching us all. He then got changed and headed out. My
wife and I stayed the night and had some great sex thinking about what we just did.I have
the greatest wife and I am so lucky she is fine with me dressing and being bi.............................
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