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a special couple
********************** my "first time" ***********************************

When I was a senior in high school I would get drunk at parties then come home and
put on pantyhose and go for walks in the woods in just my pantyhose or go to
the Adult book store and go into the booths for some fun. One time I was in a
booth in just my pantyhose and a t shirt stroking my cock and a cock popped thru the
glory hole. It was nice and smooth, shaved and pretty long. I started playing with it
then put my mouth over it and sucked it nice and slow, wanting it to last forever.
after some time the guy pulled it back and walked out of the booth, then seconds later
there was a knock on my door. I opened it up and he walked in. When he saw what i was
wearing he smiled and had his hands all over me. After a few minutes of rubbing and
touching he asked me if I wanted to go to his house and play with him and his wife. I
said sure I would follow him in my car. He only lived about three blocks away from the
ABS.When we got to his house I kinda chickened out and told him I was scared. He said
think about it and come back tomorrow night.
I went home and jerked off two more times thinking about what might of been.Saturday
night rolled around and i decided to go for it. I took a bath shaved my legs(I love
the way pantyhose feels with shaved legs) and then I put on a pair of ultra shiny/glossy
silver pantyhose with a black nylon mini skirt and silky shirt. I put my jacket and
sweatpants on over them to hide them. It was about a fifteen minute drive to the other
side of town. When I got there I was very nervous. I knocked on the door and the guy
answered the door I asked him if he remembered me and was the offer still good. He said
sure come in. His wife came in and introduced herself and he said this is the guy i met
last night and he wants to have some fun with us.
Their names were Jim and Ally they were both 29 and he was about 6' in shape and quite
good looking. Ally was about 5'8 or so, very tall and thin. Small tits with long dirty
blond hair.We sat on the couch and talked a bit then Ally said come with me upstairs we
have to get dressed and get ready for the "fun". She led me upstairs and when we got into
the room I took off my coat,shoes and pants. She was a little suprised what i had on
underneath my clothes. She took off my shirt and put a bra on me with some padding to
give me "tits". She then went into the closet and came out with a bunch of shoes, some
with heels and some flats in all different sizes. I found a pair of black heels that were
tight but I could get them on. She then handed me a long brown wig to put on. Then she had
me sit in front of the vanity and she went to put mascara on me. I leaned back and said I
dont want makeup on. She then said ok but Jim would be really,really dissapointed. She kinda
made me feel guilty. So i said Ok just a little. she put blue mascara on my eyes, red
lipstick on my lips and blush all over my face. I looked pretty hot (in my eyes) as I saw
myself in the mirror. Ally had me get up and walk around the room to get used to the heels.
I was prancing around the room when I noticed Ally comming out of the shower naked.Her
pussy was clean shaven The sight had my cock at full attention. She noticed and walked over
to me and rubbed it a bit then said save that for later. She got dressed in white lace thi
hi's white bustier and white heels.She sprayed some perfume on herself then some on me, then
she pulled out a scissor and cut a hole in my pantyhose to let my cock out.I was angry because
they were my favorite pair and pantyhose was tough to buy for me.
As we headed down the stairs Jim had the lights dim, he had some porno on the TV and had a
bottle of wine on ice.He was wearing just silk boxers.When we approached him he asked how his
favorite girls are.I told them I was nervous and never dressed up before or been with a guy
and a girl at the same time.He said relax and I didnt have to do anything I didnt want to do.
He then handed his wife and I a glass of wine, we toasted then all three hugged. Jim was
between us rubbing our asses as we hugged. Then Ally took out his cock and started to play with
it,he was rock hard in no time. Then she took my hand and put it on Jims cock. I rubbed the
hard smooth head and it felt so good.
Between the wine and me being dressed a a girl I was feeling real horny and sexy. Jim then
kind of pushed me down to squat in front of him and said "suck my cock baby"As I was taking him
in my mouth Ally stood right next to him and kissed him. I was now sucking his cock and
fingering her pussy at the same time.She then came down next to me and helped me suck his cock.
I reached for her tits but she pushed my hand away and said us girls are here to pleasure Jim.
We licked, sucked and played with jims cock for a while, Ally fed it to me as Jim told me to
suck it like the whore I am.Between Ally and Jim talking dirty to me I was so worked up I
thought I was going to cum. Jim then had me kneel on the sofa and asked Ally to lick and finger
my ass. He then stood on the couch by my face and put his hard cock into my mouth as his wife
fingered my ass and jerked on my cock. She then said I think she is ready for you Jim. I didnt
pay much attention to Jim putting on a rubber then sticking it back in my mouth. He said get it
nice and wet.I didnt know what was about to happen then he had me lay on my back and I saw him
get between my legs. He then pushed the head against my ass and forced his cock into me. It was
tight and hurt a bit then he got a rythem going and it felt great. He was holding my ankles
open as he was fucking me and my cock was rock hard and flopping against my stomach every time
he fucked me.Ally then came over and was jerking my cock as Jim fucked me. It didnt take long
for me to shoot ropes of cum all over Allys hand and my stomach. Right after that I felt Jims
cock throb in my ass and he yelled out a loud grunt as he came hard in my ass.He then just
let his cock get soft in my him and Ally both kissed me together.All three of us
then sat on the couch, with me in the middle and rubbed each other as we watched the porno.
I then bent my head down onto Jims lap and sucked his cock.I had my ass up in the air and
Ally was fingering my ass as I sucked her husbands cock.I then felt Jim start to throb in
my mouth and I knew he was about to fill up my mouth with his cum. He let loose another load
and I sucked it all up, meanwhile Ally was wiggling her finger in my ass and it got to be too
much and I came all over the couch without anyone even touching my cock.
We spent the next few hours sucking and fucking. Ally let me eat her pussy after Jim fucked
it. But she wouldn't let me fuck her.I went back to Jim & Allys house a lot more times after
that until I went away to college. I never got to fuck Ally but Jim did fuck me real good with
Allys help.I looked them up a few years later and found out they got divorced and sold the house.
But It was a hell of a lot of fun dressing up and being taken by them both.What a way to start my
sexual experiences!and to this day I still think about them when I dress up.

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2013-04-20 20:09:50
i love it!!!
Nearly as good as Wat my sister and her boyfriend did to me when i was 14!!!


2012-02-08 04:01:52
it gets worse each pathetic story

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