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i shoot with more than the camera
**************************************************my neice's photoshoot **********************************

I ran into my neice(my wifes brothers daughter) at the mall recently and she asked me why we(my wife and I )
dont come around anymore. I told her it was my
fault. she asked what that ment, and i told her your aunt doesw not "feel comfortable" around you. she asked
why and I told her Mandy(my wife) caught me
masturbating while I was looking at a picture of her(my neice). she blushed some then asked me what picture
was it. I told her it was a picture of her
from a party where she was wearing a tight blue dress with black pantyhose and high heels. She just smiled
and said well I miss you guys and then left to
finish shopping. about a week later I get a call on my cell phone from Liz (my neice) she wanted to
suprise her husband on their one year anniversary with
a sexy portrait( I have a part time photography business and take all the family shots) I said sure
and told her i will come by later on in the week to
her house. Now Liz is about 24 and has full tits a great ass and tan all over, she is 5'6" about 115
lbs with long light brown hair.Ive known her about
15 years and she was a cute kid and now she is a sexy grown girl.I have fantisized about her many times.
I arrived at her house around noon time with my
equipment wearing sweatpants and a t shirt-with black crotchless pantyhose under them. I knocked on the
door and Liz answered in her bathrobe. we talked
about what she wanted then we went into the bedroom. I set up a my stuff then liz took off her robe and
climbed on the bed. She had on a pink babydoll that
showed off her full tits.I started shooting some pics then she went to change into another outfit, she
returned with a black bra, black panties and black
thi hi's and heels. i got a huge erection but kept shooting away. she
asked me what I thought would look sexy. I asked her if she trusted me and she said yes. I went into her
drawer and pulled out a pair of black pantyhose. I cut
out the crotch and told her to put just them on then come out. she came out with her robe on then I
asked her if she was ready. She took off her robe and
climbed on the bed. I snapped a few pictures and also noticed her pussy was shaven smooth. she asked me
to pose her and I did. then I said somethings not right.
She said yeah I am naked and your fully clothed. I said youre not naked you have pantyhose on. she said
its still not fair. I said I'll tell you what I will
even the score. I flicked off my shirt and shoes, then I pulled down my pants and my hard cock plopped
out but she smiled and said you got pantyhose on! as my
cock dangled out of my crotchles pantyhose she smiled and said now were even we both have on the same
outfits. I told her to come over to the dresser I need to
do a few things. I applied a lot of blush on her. I then used a brush and brushed some blush on her nipples,
they got hard as i was brushing them then I got some
red shiny lipstick and applied it to her lips. while I wasw doing this i put some baby oil on my fingers
and rubbed her pussy. I told her the pictures would look
better if her pussy was excited and had that wet look.I kept on rubbing her wet gash as I applied her
lipstick. her lips looked so shiny and "wet" I was so close
to her face that I leaned in and just kissed her. she responded back and grabbed my hard cock. so we
were kissing and rubbing each other for a while. then i had
her lie on her back with her arms kind of framing her tits, then i put her on her belly with her ass
in the air and legs slightly open to expose her wet pussy
I put her in a few more poses as I snapped away with the camera. I then had her on her back with her
holding her legs wide open. I took a bunch of pictures then
got some more baby oil and masagged it into her bald pussy.I was playing with my hard cock as I was
taking pictures, then Liz said this is much better than a
picture to jerk off to huh? I put the camera down and stood between her open legs in my pantyhose with
my hard cock in my hand jerking off.she then said I bet that
feels good.I said you have no idea how long I have been dreaming about this. I then kneeled down
between her legs and rubbed my cockhead against her sopping
wet/lubed pussy. I leaned in and kissed her "wet"red lips and cupped her tits, she moaned some so I
grabbed my cock and pushed it against her pussy and it slid in
so easly, I think we both moaned at the same time as it entered her. I fucked her nice and slow as
I wanted to feel the whole sensation up and down my cock with
each stroke.I was kissing her the whole time we were fucking. Liz then wrapped her legs around my waist
and pulled me in closer to her , the feeling of her
pantyhosed legs rubbing against my pantyhosed legs was too much. I felt a incredible sensation deep in
my balls, I pulled out and shot what seamed like the biggest
load of my life all over her tits.I took a few pictures of her covered in my cum for my personal
collection.I got a warm washcloth and wiped her pusy clean of
the babyoil and she asked what i was doing. I said Liz i have been fantasizing about this for over5 years
and I would always regret not doing thiswhile I have the
chance , she laughed and said youre making me blush. I then dove down and ate the most heavinly pussy
ive ever eaten. I licked her pussy for over 30 minutes
and. We fucked some more, I titty fucked her, licked her
asshole she gave me a killer BJ whe had a awesome time and did everything we could think of.It was the
best sexual experience/feeling I ever had in my life.
a few weeks later I brought over the portrait of her in a sexy (but fully covered) nightie. she loved it.
I told her to think of "our day" everytime she looks
at it.she said she has a place picked out for it over the bed. when she gave it to her husband he loved
it. when he asked who took it. she said she found a
photographer at the camera store. He said jokingly you should of have uncle Bob do it. if he only knew.....

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2012-02-09 02:29:48
sux. didnt even bother to read as it is unreadable formatting!

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2012-02-09 00:50:39
Yeah I tell my niece that jack off to her picture all the time. The shittiest story I have read in a long time.


2012-02-08 04:00:12
what a load of badly written crap

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2012-02-07 22:11:40
pretty hard to read. the spacing and spellng are awful. i see you've posted alot of stories on oneday. you should slow down. remember quality over quanity.

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2012-02-07 22:10:52
Since when do guys wear black crotchless panties and pantyhose

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