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i told my wife to fuck the intern at work
.............................................................................................. wife said she was going to out for a drink after work with a bunch of workers because it was the
interns last day. I asked if JIM the intern who kept hitting on her was going. She said yeah, do I mind if she goes.
I told her not at all, i even sugessted she wear a shorter & tighter dress to work today to give him a "peak'. well, when
Brandy came out of the room dressed for work I almost fell over. she looked like a hooker, 4" black heels, black thi
highs very short and tight black dress with lace across the top.she looked sexy as hell.
When i got home from work I ate something, put on a pair of nude pantyhose and watched some porn
thinking about my wife and what she was doing. I fell asleep and then was awaken about midnight when I heard the
front door open. I heard my wife talking to someone, they sounded pretty buzzed, not drunk but you could tell they
were drinking. I was under the covers pretending to be sleeping when Brandy(my wife) and her co worker melissa
come into the bedroom they tell me to come out in the livivng room for a drink with them, I say no you guys go ahead,
they keep at me then my wife takes the covers and pulls them off the bed and says dont be a party pooper. As the
covers come off I am laying there in nothing but nude pantyhose with a raging hard on sticking straight thru the
hole in my pantyhose.Melissa lets out a giggle and says he's wearing pantyhose. Brandy says yeah he always
wears them, he likes the way they feel. then Melissa says wow he such a big full cock, If I had that at home i
would never go out. She then turns to my wife and asks if she can touch it. Brandy says sure, melissa then
slowly starts stroking it very lightly.While she is doing this Brandy comes over to me and lifts her dress up
to show me she has no panties on. He pusssy is oozing out cum and it is running down her leg. She then tells me
that jim (the intern) was all over her at the bar and she was flirting with him.He then asked her if she wanted
to get some fresh air so the went outside to his van. He told her her loves older woman and he thought he was
so fucking sexy the first time he saw her. he leaned in and kissed her. She kissed him back and reached to
masssage his cock. She said it was so big and hard she had to see it. He took it out and she sucked him.He
then opened the van door and she bent over inside it while still standing outside. He went down and ate her
pusssy til it was dripping wet then he entered her and fucked her right out in the open parking lot for
anyone walking by to see.she said it felt so good he was rock hard and huge. she suprised him and said she wants
him to fill up her pussy with his cum, so her husband can see it. she then said they finished up went
back inside stayed a bit then her and Melissa headed home, while she was driving she could fel the cum dripping
down her thigh. she then put her pussy over my face and told me to taste it. I licked the cum out of her pussy.
Then Brandy told Melissa to go get some beers and freshen up. She was going to take a bath so you guys have
fun. Brandy and Melissa left the room. I heard Brandy get into the bath. Melissa returned with 2 beers.
when she walked into the room, she was wearing high heels blue thi highs blue garter belt and a lace
blue bra.She looked hot as hell. melissa is about 5'6" 110 pounds long brown hair nice full tits very
small tight waist. she came over to the bed to hand me a beer,I grabbed her arm and pulled her onto the bed.
we kissed some then I worked my way to her pussy. I licked,kisssed and lapped up her juices till she was
on the verge of a Orgasm, then I put her on her back and slowly entered her. she had her arms folded under her
tits kinda framing them, she looked so great. As I was fucking her i had her feet over my shoulders and was
kising her nylon clad feet and legs. Then I felt her body tighten up and felt her pussy squeezing my
cock as she climaxed. that feeling along with the feeling of my pantythose rubbing against her nylon
clad legs set me off. I pulled out and shot three huge ropes of cum all over her tits.we both agreed
the sex was incredible and we had to do it again soon. Brandy then came into the room and said it sounded
like you both had fun. Melissa said it was great and we will have to go on a double date with us and
Jim real soon,My wife said definatly yes! Melissa got dressed thanked my wife nd see ya on Monday at
work.brandy then climbed into bed and slowly stroked my cock as she asked me to give her details
of our romp. I told her everything as she stroked me til I was hard. then we fucked and went to
bed.We were both turned on and we both cant wait to have sex with Melissa and Jim in front of each


2012-11-29 01:33:34
Please, learn to use paragraphs.

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2012-04-23 15:27:17
to the guy who keeps posting he cant write seems to me your reading all his stories so he must have some skills lol

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2012-02-10 18:28:16 can't write...all your stories are poorly written and just bad reading material

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2012-02-08 04:06:29
lousy fucking story........... why can't husbands and wivesbe truew to each other and not have to fuck other people

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2012-02-07 13:07:09
Might be great, but I did not read it without paragraphs. Use them.

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