Maurice-s Story:

After Clint left the extra bedroom in this suite I sat for about ten minutes before leaving. I could hear Clint-s exclamations as he besieged the bound victim. I was confident Bernie could handle Clint.

I left the room quietly thru the second suite entry door, 1205B. I headed down the hall past 1205 and opened room # 1204... 1204 was almost directly across from 1205... I stood in the hall and listened for a few seconds... All was quiet so I proceeded into 1204.

Sitting down in the chair nearest her...beautiful blonde hair covering her face..., completely....her face nestled into a pillow...sleeping.
I have been in his business for over sixteen years and I do not remember a woman with such style and grace as Jennifer. Looks aside; her presence draws people to her while at the same time lifting standards of behaviour around her..., well most of the time. [Maurice recalls the jackass who groped her ass.]

Jenny is a beautiful woman, of that there is no doubt...looking at Jenny, Maurice ponders the situation... Bernie and he must spirit Jenny away.
--- I do not usually make mistakes but I did tonight, Maurice chides himself.

At the party tonight I accidently ran into a couple of guys I do business with from time to time. They saw Jenny and TOLD me they wanted to spend some time with her; and TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. These guys do not fuck around...

They are porn people and they would really fuck Jenny up. They would destroy this beautiful human being, and record it on disc...laughing all the way to the bank. I am a low man myself but these guy-s make my skin crawl; Maurice says to himself.

Why would I do business with people who make my skin crawl, the answer; favours. People come to me looking for a way to have sex recorded on disc with them in it; amateur, whatever... so I send them to PrettyPictures.Inc / dotcom.

Over the years I have sent them perhaps a dozen clients... gratis. It keeps them off my back and away from Bernie... She used to go out with one of them and he never got over being dumped... Bernie is a bit of a babe.
How in the hell she could even stomach the guy was beyond me... Women can be overly generous it seems.


Bernie and I went into our emergency regiment; in overdrive. In two hours we had our plan in place and were ready to go.

WE had made up a contingency plan about ten years ago in case we got into a jamb... We owed Olga big time for this, she knew we would pay up. Now..., I just wait and hope no one sees us leave. It is getting near 4am and we need to get Jenny out soon.

Pretty Pictures will be unleashing their hounds come day break if they do not hear from me. Pretty Pictures is affiliated with the Russian it is popularly referred too. Just a bunch of sick assholes in reality...

I would try and save any woman from those Slavic scum-bags... but a woman like Jenny does not come along that often..., they would rape her to death.

IT is 6:27pm Sunday evening; Jenny, Bernie and I are on the run... Our mode of transportation is a lovely, spacious Black limo; courtesy of one of my long-time buddies of La Cosa Nostra.
[You do a favour for those guys and they never forget, or let you forget. And they are dependable in a crunch].

Bernie is a wiz at coordinating pretty much anything, and this is a bit of her genius, this running we had to do with no preparation time. Spiriting Jenny out of town before 5:00am... I am so proud of Bernie.

Bernie had purchased some sweats for Jenny, low key apparel. The top had a hood. We paid for everything using a special credit card we had just for this occasion. Bernie and I had done quite well in our business...we had money.

The driver, Warren, had gotten permission from his boss to pay for all our other needs. I would make up for it at the end of our journey. They will pick up some of the costs, a friendly gesture, and I will owe them... I do not mind though. I would do anything for my Italian friends.

AS you can imagine there is no love lost between them and PrettyPictures.

It just goes to show ya how much the world has changed... Me being black and Bernie not having one drop of Italian in her... give or take former customers of hers... she used to be a pro...

We could not have rushed to the airport; they would have posted someone at the airport...tracking Jenny. AND how do you get a drugged woman on a plane?


As we drove along I thought back to those early hours this morning;
.....I had carried Jenny to the elevator, in the elevator, and from the elevator to the limo in our escape. We made sure her face was covered...Jenny did not waken until early afternoon. I had given her more drugs to keep her under our control.

When Jenny woke up she was a little confused. I expected her to freak out. Jenny cuddled up to me in the limo and went back to sleep. Both Bernie and I were pleasantly surprised. Eventually Jenny lay her head down on my lap; Bernie lifted her legs up onto her lap and covered her with a sweater.

I mouth the words;
--- I love her..., to Bernie, not to my surprise Bernie mouthed the same words back to me. Jenny is in good hands at last, I thought to myself... No anal rape or porno disc-s for this lady.

We pulled into a Motel owned by friends for the night. Warren took care of things. We rented the biggest unit they had. Jenny, Bernie and I slept in one King-size bed; Warren slept in the other King-size bed, the one nearest the door.

Jenny slept in the middle. She got up during the night to pee crawling right back in between Bernie and myself upon her return... The booze and drugs had taken their toll... Jenny was beat.

In the dim light of the night light, Bernie and I smiled at one another. Once Jenny had re-positioned herself in bed, Bernie and I cuddle with Jenny. There was a slight moan from Jenny.

Bernie and I both moved our hands to Jenny-s hip. We clasp our hands together with a gentle squeeze. Holding hands, cuddling Jenny, Bernie and I fell asleep with Jenny sandwiched between us, lovingly.


Monday we drove to El Paso to stay the night. We got a room in a swanky Motel; did some shopping and went out that night for dinner. Warren..., Bernie.., Jenny..., and I..., we ate Italian.

Jenny had asked what was going on and where was Clint. I told her point blank about the porn guys, my affiliation with them.., and the dangers involved.

I did explain that Clint was taking a different path... true in many ways.

Jenny was upset until we told her the destination; her aunt Doreen-s.

Bernie is thorough. She researches our clients... We are very careful both for ourselves and those who come to see us...One can never tell.

Jenny-s reaction to the news she was being taken to see her aunt:
--- Great... I have wanted to see Aunty Doreen... this is fortunate in that respect. Jenny said; she was beaming.

Jenny had a lot of questions as one can imagine. Going to the theatre at night and waking up in a limo in Texas would do that to anyone. Hell, just driving thru Texas is questionable.

Bernie and I answered her questions honestly. I told her right from the outset that the contract forbids me divulging anything about Clint-s side of it.

--- Jenny, I cannot, and will not talk about Clint.

BOOM ! ...... Jenny blew up. She yelled at me and told me to let her out of the car. My response was to point out that the signed contract; signed by both Clint and herself... required Bernie and me to take all steps necessary to keep both of you un-harmed, period. I was not letting her out in the middle of no-where...

--- This is kidnapping Maurice, I am calling the police.

I handed her the cell phone;
----Here Jennifer, call the fucking police... [ My temper got the best of me...]

I grabbed the phone away from her... [She had a surprised look on her face.]

--- Here, I will dial the fucking number for ya... the cops will take you home or send you home Jennifer. A few hours or days later you will wake to find some men hauling your ass out the door to be raped multiple times. All of it on film, or disc... whatever will be fucking lucky if they do not kill you.

I was going ballistic; a hand clamped over my mouth reducing my remaining tirade to a muffled roar.

[Apparently I look funny when I blow-up because both Bernie and Jennifer burst out laughing at me... I have had my mouth clamped shut by Bernie many times before so I was used to it ... the laughing was new].

Bernie took her hand away from mouth;
--- Pull the car over Maurice and let-s take a breather, we could all use some air; she said.

I pounded on the car roof... Warren slowed; we eventually pulled in to an access road used by the farmer of this spread to enter his field. I flung open the door, still really pissed off... I had my cigarettes in my hand, without thinking I throw them; at high velocity, into the gutter... which had water in it.

---------FUCK !

Warren exited the car;
--- You alright Maurice, he asked.

---- NO ! ... I sure in the hell am not, I answered... [With attitude]...

I walked toward the field. It was a beautiful day; weather wise. I was still fuming.
I heard Warren behind me;
---- Here Maurice.

He handed me my cig-s... which he had fished out of the water...they were dry. Warren and I had a cigarette together on the edge of some Texas famer-s field.

I looked a Warren;
------ WOMEN !

Warren nodded, enough said... every man knows the feeling. Warren and I enjoyed a quiet cigarette together overlooking some rural Texas farmland. I looked back once to see the women talking as they stood beside the limo.

---- Women these days Warren, they do not know who the boss is...

---- Or maybe they do and that is why I have the keys with me Maurice. I do not want to be hitchhiking in the middle of Texas... [ WE looked at one another..., I could not help it... I laughed and so did Warren..]

--- When I see an attractive woman Maurice, I know someone is putting up with her shit.
--- Exactly, I answered.

Eventually we headed back to the limo;
--- You sit with Warren Maurice. We got some girl talk going on here.

---Fine by me... [Still miffed at Jennifer]... Feeling unappreciated or what.

It was a nice drive thru Texas the rest of the day. Warren and I talked little, sports mostly when we did though. He liked the Dolphin-s... Fucking figures..., dumb wop.

It took me a couple of hours and a nap before I got over being pissed at Jennifer.


An Evening out:

We stayed until closing and we all were a little drunk. During our night of celebrating we were paid a visit by a couple of lads, checking up on us.

They seemed a little off with my black color, however when I suggested that if God had not put the Mediterranean Sea between Africa and Sicily I would have been Sicilian, they laughed and seemed ok with me...
Jenny did give me a look over the God part... Oh well !

This visit occurred before we were drunk. It came as a revelation to me that we were under new management... The lads in those nice suits had different leadership than Warren...west coast variety.

[ I was to learn later that Jennifer-s aunt-s friends had stepped into the picture. WE had come under the protection of one of the most powerful organizations in the - US- and the world by extension...]

We got to our unit and sleeping arrangements changed. Bernie asked Jenny, not Warren, nor I..., if it would offend her if she slept with Warren;
---These past couple of days have opened my eyes Bernie, you go ahead; fuck your brains out. I will lie with my protector. Jenny then turned and hugged me, my heart raced.

Jenny went to the bathroom to change for bed. I was in bed in my boxers. Jenny climbed in with me and slid over to me straight away. She cuddled up to me and gave me a sweet kiss on my cheek. Jenny pulled the covers up high covering her head, and pulled one of the spare pillows up to cover her ears.

I smiled at her; she smiled back with a bit of a shoulder shrug. I understood. Soon Warren and Bernie where at one another, it didn’t bother me but could see Jenny could hear. It was difficult for her to listen to others having sex. I slid my hand under the pillow and covered her uppermost ear. She smiled and said; ---Thanks.

Jenny eventually fell asleep. Bernie and Warren fucked for maybe half an hour. Bernie must have had at least three orgasms. Warren once..., he sure grunts...


During the middle of the night, I do not know what time it was, Jenny got up to pee. When she came back to bed I lifted the covers for her to get under. Jenny snuggled up to me again only this time she was in the spoon position.

I put my arm around her to hold her and to my delight she pulled my hand to her breast.
I whispered;
--- Quietly?
.................. Jenny-s answer;
---Yes please.

Yes please; I thought, jeez is she ever a lady. I moved my hand to unbutton her night shirt only to find the buttons where already hand found a bare breast..., or was it a piece of heaven. God they felt beautiful.

--- Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..., a quiet mmmm; says I.

Just the thought of touching a woman like this releases a man-s chemicals; wreaking havoc upon his mortal soul... Or something like that...
Her nipple...savouring it, pressuring it...rolling it between my fingers and thumb...slowly..., slowly..., slowly...feeling her breast... The rise of her nipple...,fucking Christ this is heaven.

Hearing Jenny-s breath catch in her throat excites me. Jenny covers her head with blankets to muffle her responses. I pull the covers over my head.

Pressing my face to the back of her neck...smelling her fragrance...her hair...soft...fucking beautiful...
I whisper;
--- Mmmmm, you smell great...

Jenny presses her head back into my face... I can feel her excitement rising... Jenny-s nipples are long this night...fuck I like playing with long nipples.

Jenny throws the covers off;
---- I cannot breathe..., she whispers

I adjust...moving my left hand under her neck, cupping her right breast... My right hand moves down Jenny-s tummy to her mound and around between her legs.

Jenny gasps;
---- Please hurry...

I lift her right leg and press the tip of my cock against her. She is tight but I slip in easily... Jenny is ready.

She gasps loudly as I take her.

Slowly, and with gentle stokes I begin screwing this beautiful woman.
--- Oh fuck, Oh fuck..... Oooohhhhhhhhhhhh...un-fucking believable...

She arches her back seeking to pull me in as far as she can...she has moved her bottom leg under my calf...her legs and ass working together...pulling us closer...

Jenny-s ardour grows..., and grows... that beautiful ass grinding into me.
--------- Ugh uhh uhh uh uh uh uh ugghhhhh....

She takes my hand from her breast placing it over her mouth.

Her tight ass...toned and firm...those thighs...smooth...flexing...her calves hooking my legs...God what a feel a woman like this fuck.

--- Lift yourself. She says.

I lift myself and Jenny slips her lower thigh under me...moving her ass back... she wiggles getting comfortable... Now I can feel everything.

God she is something. Those thighs...her ass...her cunt...she opens her legs wider...

There are no words to describe the next couple of minutes. Suffice it is to say I was in heaven. I managed to hang on for her...but does not happen that often but our orgasms were bang on.


Jenny and I lay there, for perhaps twenty seconds... Without thinking I said;
--- If hope I die before I wake, I am in heaven for Christ sake...

That little error cost me a pretty good elbow from this angel.

Bernie bounded over to our bed;
---- Oh baby...., you did it... you are so beautiful... I love the sounds you make... Fuck I love you.

Bernie is never one to beat around the bush, so to speak.
---- Uh huh! Jenny replied.

Just then Warren turns on the table lamp throwing light onto everyone... he moves swiftly to our bed... looking Jenny in the eye;
--- Atta go girl... Warren says.

--- I am sure God would be ok with this Jenny; I say.

---That-s what I keep telling myself. [Jenny answers].


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