My first experiences....
This is my first story submitted here, so be kind.


My first sexual experience happened in my parents basement with a school from girl named Amy. She was a latin girl who I had met on our schools forensic team. When I was a sophomore, she was a junior.

Amy wasn’t the most beautiful girl in the world. She wore too much makeup, and she had smaller breasts and a really flat ass. But what she didn’t have in physical sexiness, she made up in kinkiness. She had been teasing me for months. Before I asked her out, she would sit on my lap in the cafeteria at lunch. I was young, inexperienced, and had no control over when I got hard, and what caused me to get hard, so when she sat on my lap, it was almost an instant boner. The first time she sat on my lap, I thought for sure she would feel it and be disgusted. I was surprised when she didn’t move, but I figured it just meant she didn’t notice. A couple of days later, she sat on my lap again. This time when I got hard, she grinded against me. That caused my boner to get even worse. A couple of times she looked back at me and flashed a smile, as if to say “Yeah, I know what you’ve got going on down there. I like it.”

This was practically an invitation to ask her out. So one day after school, I did. It didn't take long for her to take the lead. She kissed me in the hall at school, with everyone watching, including some of my guy friends who would have told you I was the least likely of the group to get a girlfriend so young. On our first date, I asked her out to a movie. We started making out in the movie theatre, and she moved to second base almost before I even thought of making any moves myself. Her hands were all over my crotch trying to feel my penis, I was almost completely shocked. But only almost. This girl really had it in for me.

Later that spring, she came over to my house to “study.” Or at least that’s what I told my parents. My little brother was warned to leave us alone, and we were allowed to study in my basement. Unsupervised.

It didn’t take long for us to dispense with the studying and turn on the tv. I eventually got out a deck of cards, and we started to play texas hold em. This was back when Hold Em was a major force on television and there were tournaments being broadcast on TV on almost every channel. Everyone knew how to play hold em. Before long, she suggested that we play strip poker. I balanced my desire to see her naked with my fear of being caught by my father, and decided I didn’t care much about being caught, but seeing this girl naked was a must.

But the cards weren’t with me. After a few hands I was down to my boxers, socks, and undershirt. She had taken off her sweater only, and was wearing a white tank top that showed off her limited cleavage. When we heard movement upstairs, I quickly threw my cloths back on just in time for my father to come down stairs. He said he was looking for a box. Bullshit, he wanted to make sure we weren’t doing anything.

She sat on the carpet in front of me while I sat on the couch. Dad was in the other room making noise to try and be convincing, but he couldn’t see us. I was rubbing her neck and my hands developed a mind of their own. They began rubbing her chest, and then they moved south underneath her bra. She gasped at my daring and looked up at me with her sexy eyes. I pulled my hands back when dad re entered the room and returned up stairs, apparently satisfied that we weren’t doing anything. As soon as the door closed, Amy was all over me.

She straddled me on the couch was kissing me all over. I pulled up her shirt to expose her bra. She giggled as I struggled with the clasp, eventually getting the thing off of her. Her breasts were better than I originally estimated. They were perky and bouncy, and she had puffy nipples that stuck out a little. I was fascinated with them, but she seemed to like playing with them just as much as I did. I licked and bit one while she twisted her own nipple on the other.

My cock was stiff as a rock by now. She had reached down with one hand and was stroking it through my jean shorts. I had to get it out of there, so I unzipped my pants.

“Close your eyes,” Amy said.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because, I want you too.” She said. I asked her about this later, and it turned out she wanted me to look away only because she was shy. It wasn’t her first cock that she had played with, but she was nervous nonetheless.

I closed my eyes and felt her reach inside my pants to find my dick. I was my turn to giggle when she couldn’t find the front of my boxers. I reached in and freed my cock for her. I opened one eye just wide enough to see her staring at my dick, with something like lust in her eyes. My penis isn’t huge, but it’s a respectable six inches or so. The look in her eye was that of a young woman still enamored with the mysteriousness of sexual adventure. She licked her right hand, and reached down to my dick to begin my first handjob.

She had never given one before, so it was a little awkward. She gripped a little too lightly, and focused too much on the tip of my dick instead of the shaft. Still, the feeling of someone else’s hands on my penis were so arousing I could barely hold back.

It wasn’t helped by how she spoke while she gripped me. “Oh my god you are so hard,” she would say. “I can feel you getting harder, I love it. I want you so bad. I want to fuck you so hard.”

I wasn’t quite ready to come yet, so I opened my eyes and started to talk back. “You’ve seen my cock, but I haven’t seen you yet.” She knew what I meant.

She looked back at me coyly, biting her lip. She thought for a moment, and said. “I’ll show you, but I want to see how you stroke it first.”

She didn’t need to say it twice. I immediately started stroking my dick with my left hand. She stood in front of me and watched for a moment. Her tits were still out, and her nipples were pointing out from the cold of the basement. The cold didn’t stop her from unbuttoning her shorts. When she dropped them, she exposed that she was wearing a black lacy thong that was see through in the front. I held my breath as I saw that she was perfectly shaved and smooth. I started to stroke faster as she took a step towards me. My right hand ran up her legs to her pussy which looked like a perfect camels toe. I was close to Cumming when the door to the basement opened again.

We both scrambled to get our cloths back on. Luckily the TV was on loud enough that my brother didn’t notice anything strange. He said he was just coming downstairs to get a soda pop from the basement refrigerator. I hated him in that moment for interrupting. But Amy’s face said to me “Don’t worry, we aren’t done yet baby.”

As soon as my brother was back up the stairs, Amy crawled back to me and reopened my pants. My dick was still rock hard, and I was beginning to get blue balls. She looked at my dick and took it in her hands, but then said something I’ll never forget. “Have you ever gotten head?”

“No,” I replied.

“Do you want some, or do you want to do that next time?” She was teasing me again.

“Get to work,” I said.

She didn’t need telling twice. She started licking the shaft of my cock up and down. She reached into my pants and started playing with my balls too. She wanted me to shoot my load all over the ceiling I guess. Soon she took the head of my dick into her mouth and was washing it with my tongue. She giggled as she tasted my precum for the first time.

“you are so hard,” she said when she came up for air. “what am I gonna do with you?”

That’s when I asked her a question Id been dying to all night. “Spit or swallow?”

She smiled again. “Well,” she began, “Only mean girls spit. Nice girls swallow. And I’m real nice.” I almost blew my load right then.

When she went back down on me, she began to deep throat me. She worked harder and harder on me until I put my hand on the back of her head, pulling and pushing her by the hair to get her rhythm right. She told me later that my pulling her hair while she was going down on me got her so wet that she could barely stop herself from tearing her own pants off to fuck me.

When I felt myself close to cumming, I announced it to her. She began sucking harder. When I was there, I whispered “Here it comes, I’m cumming.!”

She swallowed every drop. I must have shot eight loads at least into the back of her throat. Later she told me that it felt like someone was shooting a water pistol into the back of her throat, such was the force of my cum.

After I came, she continued to work on my cock, even though it was beginning to soften. I had planned to play with her pussy that night, and to return the favor she had just done me, but we were interrupted again by my little brother, who asked if we would come upstairs and watch a movie with him. I was bummed out, and I could tell that she was too, but we couldn’t say no without raising suspicions, so we went upstairs.

As we went up, she said to me “we are doing this again, you know. Soon.”

I smiled to myself. This was going to be fun.

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2013-01-26 01:53:55
you know this is a work of art. i wish i could write this good.

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2013-01-26 01:52:34
you know this is a work of art. i wish i could write this good.


2013-01-15 03:26:26
As for the story itself, it was a solid first effort. Take some time to deal with the typos and story structure and keep writing. You have imagination, with time and effort, you can be a talented writer. No matter if some moronic internet fucktard says otherwise.


2013-01-15 03:25:25
As for the story itself, it was a solid first effort. Take some time to deal with the typos and story structure and keep writing. You have imagination, with time and effort, you can be a talented writer. No matter if some moronic internet fucktard says otherwise.


2013-01-15 03:21:14
So, 'nightwatcher' you haven't posted a single fucking story on this website, yet you feel that you are somehow qualified to judge those who have taken the time to create something out of thin air and put it out there in the hopes that some will be entertained by their efforts.

The most positive thing that you've written is that some stories 'aren't as shitty as others'. You are an absolutely worthless critic. Your words are a black hole of stupidity that do no one any good whatsoever.


Now that I have dared to speak to you as you deserve, I expect to become the target of your puss-filled diatribes. No worries, at best you will be a minor annoyance, at most, a negative click on the board. I might not notice you at all. Fucktard.

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