A Bully gets what he wants
Authors note* I made this story for a girl who contacted me asking to be in a story. Girls if you want to be in my story and your a sheject feel free to contact me via message and we'll talk about it. Plus I get asked questions alot so if you have any questions weather they be about my personal life or stories I'll answer them all no matter what :)


Being The Bully

"Hufff!!!" I knocked the wind out of Denis as I shoved him into the locker. "Pay Up!" I said to him. I felt sorta bad for the kid. A year younger than me. And I was the one bullying him. I felt in a way he deserved it. He walked around Greenvill High with his pants sagging low. Singing rap lyrics. God he tried so hard to act black but there was just one thing stopping him. HE WAS THE WHITEST BOY IN SCHOOL!!! God he got punked every day by different people. But he knew and I knew that I was the worst. It didn't happen like you thought it did. You probably think I saw him acting stupid and capitalized on it. Your do I put this so you understand...He's just...That guy. You know. You have a "That Guy" type of person in your life. Like everything they say or do you hate. Like they could tell you they where the brother or sister of Jesus Christ and you would still want to clock them. He was that guy to me. "Pay Up!" I repeated. "H-how much?" Denis asked. "Ten." I said Cooley looking down the halls watching out for someone or anyone. "WHAT IT WAS 5 LAST WEEK!" He said. "Well I need two bowl packers so 10." I tightened my grip on his shirt and got more in his face. Denise's hand reached into his pocket and pulled out a waded up 10 dollar bill. "H-Here just put me down..." he said handing me the money. I grabbed the money and put it into my pocket. I grabbed Denis by the head and threw him to the floor. "Don't you have class to get to? Fuckin move it." I demanded as Denis got up and sprinted down the hallway and out of site.

I moved it behind the school where Jake the regular dealer was sitting smoking a cigarette. "Hey a Dime." I said to him handing him the ten. "Your gunna like berry yum, yum. It's that shit that Luda was rappin about." Jake said handing me a Dime. "I don't listen to that rap shit." I said putting the dime in my pocket. "I could tell." Jake said laughing. I took a look down at what I was wearing. Spiked Combat boots, Black chained Denim Jean baggy shorts, and a GWAR shirt. Plus my shaved blonde head and pierced tongue only added to the appearance. "Whatever." I said walking away out onto the soccer field right next to school. I sat behind the bleachers and fished my signature pipe out of my pocket. It looked like a bone for the shaft and a open skulls mouth for the head. Two fake ruby eyes and it's mouth was in a sick grin. I put the dime in my grinder that I got out of my other pocket and grinded my dime up nice. I packed the bowl full and took a hit when I heard something weird. "YA HE'S RIGHT THERE!!!" At first I thought "Oh shit the dean..." But when I looked it was only Denis with some girl...Some really hot girl. Shorter than me, But taller than Denis. She was wearing black eye liner and she had Gauges in her ear. I didn't see any other piercings though. Her black skinny jeans and converse mad there way towards me. Her buttoned collard shirt was open and she was only wearing a white tank top under it. Her juicy tits jutted out of her shirt. Her black hair went down to her shoulders. Even though her skin was milky white her face was red with anger. "Shit." I thought. "I really need to be serious. But Jake was right this is some good shit. One hit and Im already almost gone." I took another hit as Denis and the girl ducked under the bleachers. "Are you picking on my brother?!?!" She asked. That sentence knocked the smoke right out of me. I started laughing. "A-Are you serious HAHAHAHAHA you called your si-sister?!?!?!" I died laughing. I fell over almost knocking the weed from my bowl. I felt a her converse press forcefully into my stomach. "So you are, arnt you?!" The girl said more pissed off. I sat up and looked at her. I took another hit of my bowl and blew it in her face. "Listen If your here to bitch at me for what I do get in line, your behind like 7 other people." I said. "So what gives you the right to do what you do huh?" She asked getting in my face. "Lack of caring...Lack of respect...and Lack of self control." I said getting a stern look in her face. "Denis." The girl said to Denis not taking her eyes off me. "Ya Caitlin?" He asked. "Take a good long look at this waste of space." She started. "Ya Denis take a good long look at this waste of space." I repeated back to Denis. "This is the face of a hurt man." She said.

That confused me. "Excuse me?" I asked caught a little off guard. "Who hurt you?" She asked me studying my eyes. I looked into, light blue eyes. "Why don't you ask your bother that?" I said avoiding the question. "Oh wait because your looking right at him." I said with a chuckle. Caitlin cocked her hand back and than stopped. "Do It..." I cheered her on. "Embrace the hate." I said looking at her. "No...Because than I'd be like you. You see Denis and I have something you don't." She said. "Periods?" I asked. "No...Self Control...A Conscious...A Heart." Caitlin said. That last part stung but I would be damned if I was going to let her see that. "Well you and I have something Denis the Menace over here doesn't have." I said to her. "Vaginas?" She asked. What a not-so-clever comeback. "Spines." I said to her before plopping back down on the grass and grabbing my lighter taking a hit of my pipe, letting the smoke hit me. "Let's get out of here." Caitlin said as Denis followed behind her like the little puppy dog he is. I saw her bend down to grab something in the grass. "Shit." She mumbled as she bent down to pick whatever it was up.. I couldn't believe it. Her thong crept out over her Skinny jeans. I felt my dick twitch a few times. I'd love to slide my dick in between her nice juicy ass which jiggled as she walked away. I wanted to know Caitlin...I needed to know fuck her...and most importantly...get her to be mine.

The final bell for school rang and everyone was at there lockers getting there things ready to go home for the day. Today was Tuesday and Halloween was Friday. I walked up to Denise's locker and grabbed him by his shirt spinning him around to face me. "You think your sister is going to save you?" I asked. "Ive beaten the shit out of girls much smaller than her for less." I lied through my teeth but it was all apart of the plan. "P-Please dont hurt me." He begged. My grip got softer. "Denis, did you know im a man who likes to make deals?" I asked him. He quickly shook his head no. "I want to make a deal with you." I said to him. "W-What K-Kind of deal?" he asked. "Simple, When your sister bent over I saw her thong, Didn't you?" I asked. He nodded. "Well to make shit simple I got hard." I knew those words made him flinch. "I'll tell you what. If you can give me your sisters thong by tomorrow...than I'll leave you alone for that day." I said. Denis stood his ground like a quick little spit fuck. "No way man that's my sister." He said. "Well maybe your sister can Ice down your arm when Im done breaking it!" I said tightening my grip on him. Denis looked at me in the eyes for a few before bowing his head in defeat. "Fine..." Was all he could say. "Good boy." I smiled letting him go.

Later on that night I went on facebook and searched up her Profile. The bitch didn't keep it locked. I searched through all her pictures. There where some with friends. Some with her family. I clicked on an album that said "SUMMER 2011" I clicked on the first picture which was her in a 2 pierce bikini that was two sizes two small. She was posing in her back yard. Her legs went for days and I just wanted to stick my dick in between that cleavage and fuck it for days. Her mouth was open and her eyes where wide like she just realized something surprising. I wanted to shove my cock in her mouth and face fuck her. I unbuttoned my pants and shoved my hand down my boxers and started to stroke my dick to that picture. I imagined her on her hands and knees begging for me to shove my dick in her pussy. Crying to swallow my cum. What a filthy whore. "Caitlin." was all I could say before the cum in my balls boiled and I busted. "You will be mine." I said before closing my lap top and jumping to my bed so I could sleep.

Waking up the next day the same. Got out of bed, picked up whatever shirt was lying on the ground. Put on the least dirty pair of shorts I had and put on some shoes and washed my face, spiked my Mohawk and left. I walked to school not bothering to bring my backpack. I entered Greenview high and walked to my locker with my head phones turned on loud. I grabbed a few bucks I stashed away in my locker to get me through the rest of the week. I turned around and I almost shit myself as Denis was behind me with his head down. "Fuck, Kid Learn to tap someone on the shoulder. Shit." Denis took out an Envelope and pushed it towards me. "Whats this?" I asked clueless. Denis walked away with his head down. I opened the envelope cursing Denis in my mind when I saw something familiar. The black lace...The little fuck actually took his sisters thong. No body was looking but the blood was rushing to my cock. I took the panties and shoved them down my pants feeling it rub against my shaft. I closed my eyes imagining Caitlin on her bed. Rubbing her wet pussy in this thong. I wonder if she squirts...I wonder if shes shaven...God I wonder if shes pierced. I kept shaking my leg letting the material slide up and down my dick. I imagined her wearing that short black skirt with no panties. snaking her hand under her shirt grabbing her boob. Her eyes closed, shoving two fingers inside her. God, my ball's tightened and I blew my load right there. Im glad the panties where in the way and caught most of it. Than it dawned upon me. This will set her off.

I walked down the hallway searching for 5 minutes before I saw her at her locker getting some books or something out of her locker. I walked up behind her and snaked my arm around her waist. I buried my face into her neck. "Miss me?" I asked. She broke away giving me a sick look. "Ya I missed you like a rash." She said rolling her eyes. I Just wanted to give you a present." I said smiling. "No thanks, I don't want crabs." Caitlin said. "No ya don't. But..." I said before going in my pants and grabbing her thong. "I thought you might want these back." I said smiling swinging her cummy thong back and forth in the air. Caitlin jumped and grabbed it angrily. "WHERE...where did you get this!!" She demanded "I didn't get it anywhere. Denis got it from your room and was nice enough to hand it over." I said chuckling. I stared in aww as some of my cum from the panties got on her hand. She brought it up and sniffed it a little. "T-This isnt what I think it is, Right?" She asked. "Oh no its not." I said wide eyed like she got the wrong idea. "It's just my cum." I said smiling. "UGH SICK." She said tossing her panties in the locker. "It's just cause you do that to me." I said kissing her neck to which she forcefully pulled away. "WHY THE FUC-" Caitlin began to say but stop and took a deep breath. "What...Yell at know you where gunna." I said matter-of-factly. Caitlin put her hand on my cheek and just said "Who hurt you?" She asked before turning and walking away. "....WHY DO YOU KEEP SAYING THAT?!" I demanded to know. But didn't get a response. I walked away and turned the corner when I remembered her locker was open. Might as well see if there is anything worth taking. I walked back around the corner than pulled back. Caitlin was back at her locker. I poked my head out to see what she was doing...she had the panties in her hand. Caitlin looked around to see if anyone was watching. "No way..." I thought to myself. I grabbed my cell phone and brought it to the camera mode. i zoomed it and started rolling. Caitlin bent her head down and sniffed the few wads of cum that where on them. "NO WAY!!!" I thought to myself again with wide eyes. Caitlin took her finger and picked up a glob of my cum. I saw the look on her face, She was curious. She put her cum covered finger in her mouth and I saw her throat contrast as my cum slid down it. She dipped her finger back to the thong gathering all the cum little by little and licking it up like a good little whore. Caitlin threw the panties back in the locker and walked away. "This is insane." I kept repeating to myself.

The whole day I was on auto pilot. I kept thinking about her sucking my cum. My dick was rock hard and I couldn't think straight during lunch. I needed to get my rocks off. I had about 60 bucks on me and knew what to do. This kid...Tim. He was a little sick in the head. He had this girlfriend, Maddie. Maddie was this real Psychotic chick. She was in the Greenview Asylum all through Middle school. But just becuase she WAS psychotic doesn't mean she LOOKED psychotic. She usually wore skinny jeans or short shorts. With some kind of black or costume made converse. And she had like an endless supply of blood on the dance floor shirts. Her ass was nice. Not to big but just enough jiggle to it. And she had I want to say Starter C Cup breasts. But what was weird to me...was that she was for sale. Yes Tim allowed people to use his girlfriend. I swear he was more like a pimp than a boyfriend. I walked up to a lunch table where the people sitting at it just stared at me. I looked to time. A Clean Cut suit and tied type of guy. I tapped him on the shoulder and he greeted me with a smile. "Hey Man, How you been?" He asked. "Good I guess." I admitted with a smile. "Heyyy." Maddie said with a smile and a look in her eye. I nodded to her. "So why you here?" Tim asked me. "How much?" I asked. Tim cracked a smile and nodded. "10 for a Hand 20 for mouth 50 for sex any hole. But 60 for blow and bang." He said. I fished out 20 bucks. And gave it to him. "Baby...Take care of my friend here." Tim said but the bell rang. "Fuck."I cursed under my breath. "Baby don't get upset." Maddie said cuddling up to me. "We have the same science lets just sit together." She said with a smile. God I needed a hole to shove my dick in. I walked to Science class. The unique thing about Science is, is that we don't have desks. We have tables that cover our front. So when we sit down you cant see under the table unless your behind us. I sat down in the back. Maddie and I where late to class so we sat in the back and listened to Mrs.Kane's lecture. I looked straight when Maddie leaned over and kissed my neck. "Just relax...I've done this before." She said very slutty like.

I almost had forgotten what she meant until I heard the sound of the pencil drop and Maddie's little "Oops" She said before sinking under the table. I felt my zipper being pulled down and my button being undone. I looked forward but couldn't concentrate. Maddie ran her hands up and down my boxer covered cock before going in the hole and setting my semi-hard dick free. "ahhh...I missed this." She said planting a kiss on the head of my rod. It sent shivers up my spine. Maddie licked up my shaft and swirled her tongue around my head before sinking her head down taking my cock head in her hot mouth. "Uggghhh" I moaned out loud by accident. Everyone looked at me. "Something you want to say to the class?" Mrs.Kane asked. Maddie buried my cock in her mouth a few more inches. "N-noo Mrs.Ka-Kane." I said with my head down. "Okay than." Mrs.Kane said before returning to her lecture. Maddie giggle sending shock waves up my spine. I put my hand under the desk and grabbed her head guiding it at steady pace. Every time my cock would reach the back of her throat she would gag a little. Mascara would run down her face with tears. I took her head off my dick still trying to look like im still interested in science class. I brought Maddie down to my balls and she took the hint. She started to lick my balls and took one in her mouth. She sucked lightly while jerking off my cock. Images of Sam flew into my mind. I closed my eyes and imagined that it was her down there, On her knees under the table. The thought of her black lipstick covered lips were wrapped around my dick. God that was a great image. I just kept thinking of Sam as I shoved my dick back in Maddie's mouth and roughly forced it down her throat. "UGH" I said a little roughly under my breath as my balls tightened and I shot my thick load into her throat. I heard her give a slutty moan as she swallowed. I pulled my dick out, put it back in my boxers and zipped up my pants. I gave her the 20 dollar bill and she smiled. "Thank ya kindly." She said as she crawled out of the back door of the class without being seen.

I sat back in Science class and went through the whole day on auto pilot when it came time to leave school I had to stop by my favorite persons locker, Denis. He didn't notice I was there. Denis was cleaning out his locker and singing some type of rap song to himself...Pathetic. I spun him around and slammed him up against the locker. "I have a deal for you." I told him bluntly. "Not interested...let me go." He said as he started to shake my hand. I re-gripped and held him tighter. "Even if it means leaving you alone for the year?" I asked. He stopped and looked at me quizzically. "Does this have to do with Caitlin?" Denis asked pleading that it didnt. "Ya it does." I said with a chuckle. "What..." Denis said putting his head down. "Snap a naked picture...than give it to me tomorrow and I'll leave you alone for the rest of the year." I said letting him go. "Lemme think about it." He said getting back to normal. "Take your time." I said coolly. "Just remember...tomorrow is freshman beat down day..." I said laughing as I walked away.

The day went on as usual. Nothing interesting. Today was Thursday and that meant tomorrow was Halloween. I woke up and went to school in my pajama bottoms and my American Idiot Green Day 2005 World Tour t-shirt. I walked into school late and went into my locker. I found a picture face down with a note paper clipped on the back. I picked up the picture and turned it over. I was completely shocked. I figure he would have taken the picture while she was sleeping or didn't notice. But in the picture there she was Stark naked with a scowl on her face. Green eye shadow and black and green lip stick. Had she been willing to take this picture? Her breast where not saggy at all but stood nice and plump. Her pink nipples where standing at attention. She had a slim waist, Nice and sexy . I noticed her pussy. Shaven not much there. God, I wanted her. I put the picture down and I picked up the note and read it.

Your fucking pathetic. You got what you want now LEAVE MY BROTHER ALONE!!!
- Caitlin

I ripped up the note letting my blood boil. I turned away from my locker and sank my fist into the locker next to me. Making a small dent. I was pissed. I walked the halls of Greenview High school with no Direction. I was just thinking. I still had a few more dollars so I walked behind the school and met up with Jake. We went half's on a dub and Smoked it in my bowl. Jake and I weren't friends. But we had known each other since 7th grade so we were cool. Jake took a hit from my pipe and laughed. "So she took the picture?" He asked. I handed it to him and laughed. "Ya she did. I think willingly. Little does she know that she just basically signed away her freedom." I said with a chuckle. "What do you mean?" Jake asked. "Don't worry about it, Just take your hit."

The rest of the day went on in the blink of an eye. I actually went home before school ended and prepared for Friday...Halloween. I didn't dress up in a Jason mask or carry Freddy Krueger Claws. I woke up during Halloween at around 3 in the afternoon. It was pouring rain out. I got up, took a shower, and got dressed. I put on Black denim jean shorts and a black shirt covered by a Black and Gray Skull hoodie. I took one look at myself and mentally prepared myself for the evenings events.

The rain was cold and the thunder loud. There where no trick-or-treaters or prankster out tonight. I kept walking for an hour getting soaked. I don't know why though. I walked down Elm Street to a white and red house. It was Denise's house. I walked up the wooden steps and listened as they creaked. I knocked on the door waiting. "Showtime!" I thought to myself.

I heard foot steps and I saw the door opened. "Happy Hal-...What the fuck are you doing here?" I heard Caitlin ask. She was drop dead sexy. She was dressed in a black shirt and a black shirt with a white one under it. She had on sexy black and white stripped Ankle socks and old style penny shoes. "The fuck you supposed to be?" I asked. "Wednesday Addams, Whats it to ya?" She asked with a scowl. "Eh." Was all I said before walking into her house without permission. "DENIS.....DDDEEENNNIIISSSS" I yelled. No answer. "Hey asshole, What the fuck are you doing here?" She asked shoving me against the wall. "I'm here to apologize to Danny boy." I said with a sick smile. "He's not here...He's at his friends. So Leave." She said with a stern look. "Than we can be alone." I said bending my head down and kissing her neck. "Get the fuck AWAY!" She said pushing me back. "And get out." Caitlin walked towards the door and opened it. I walked towards it Cooley. "Fine, I'll leave...And I'll guess everyone at school will like to know what a cum slut you are." I said with a smile walking.

She slammed the door and grabbed me by my shirt. "What the Hell did you say?" She asked. I smiled reaching into my pocket and pulling out my phone. I found the video and pressed play. Turning my phone around I showed Caitlin the video of her licking the my cum off her panties. Her eyes went wide and made a dash for the phone. I pulled back and smiled. "trying to grab my phone doesn't do anything. I already sent it to my Email along with the picture." I said trying not to laugh. "YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!!" She screamed. "Why thank you." I replied with a laugh. I walked into her kitchen and opened the fridge. Looking inside I grabbed the first bottle of beer I could see. Popping the cap off the kitchen counter and taking a drink. "What do you want from me?" Caitlin asked. I spun around and she was standing in the door way. I looked at her small kitchen table in the kitchen. I kicked on of the chairs her way as I grabbed the nearest char towards me and sat down. "Come on, Lets work it out." I said with a smiled. I sat down taking a drink. Caitlin carefully sat down not taking her eyes off me. "What do you want?" She asked. "What are you going to offer?" I asked. "Uhh..." Was all she could say. She chewed her bottom lip. "I'll do your homework until we graduate. I know your grades are shit. But im in EVERY class before you. So I'll do all my work and give you a'll graduate with flying colors." She said hoping to convince me. "Your warm." I said to her. "Uhhh....Every day during lunch I get permission to leave school and drive to get something to eat. I can take you with me...No more disgusting bad lunch." Caitlin said in a convincing voice. "Your warmer." I said with a smile. "Ugh WHAT DO YOU WANT!" She screamed in frustration. I smiled getting up and walking over to her. I put my hands on her shoulders slowly massaging her neck. "Just listen." I said quietly. "Now I don't know how I never noticed you. I Mean maybe because your a senior and im a Junior and we're in different directions of the school. But ever since you tried to play good sister to Denis I cant get you out of my head." I slowly massaged her neck letting my left hand dip a little low in her shirt. "From your raven black here to your full lips...I'm infatuated with you." I whispered in her ear. My left hand went into her shirt grabbing her left breast through her bra drawing a moan out of her. Caitlin's eyes where closed and I heard her little gasps for breath. I licked her neck, Bit her ear and continued. "This is what I want...Now the school work and car sound like great add on's but this is what I want." I took a breath and turned her towards me looking at her in the eyes and taking my hand out her shirt. "I want you....Anytime....Anywhere....I want you mind, body, and soul. I want your only purpose from now until I decide other wise to serve me and make me happy." I said to her.

I guess a little reality was forced in her because she stood up and said with an unsure look. "No Way...Not a chance in hell!" I walked up and shoved her into the kitchen wall. Grabbing her by the waist and shoving my tongue in her mouth. At first she tried to fight it but soon gave up and opened her mouth letting my tongue explore her mouth. After a little while I broke the kiss and looked at her. "Say yes...and Not only will I not send the video and picture to everyone in school. But, I'll protect your precious little brother Denis and you from anyone in school." I said sweetening the deal. "How do you know I cant take care of us both?" She asked. Because sticking up fro your brother lead to this." I started as I grabbed her tit through her shirt causing her to moan. "And Maybe you can take care of yourself but a little protection would never hurt." I said. She looked at me squeezing her legs together "Give me a few days to think about it..." Caitlin offered. "How about a demonstration...Go upstairs." I told her. "What?" She asked. "NOW!" I said to her in an angry tone. She turned around and quickly and quietly went upstairs. I looked around the downstairs of the house for a little bit. I walked into a room which I figured was Denise's room. I picked up the wallet off of his tv and opened it. Yup it was Denise's. I grabbed the 60 dollars in his wallet and walked away. I walked into the living room to see a small black wallet with a bloody skull on it. I opened it and of course it was Caitlin's. I looked at her drivers licensee. How the hell is she 18 and in a higher grade than me? I asked. Eh fuck it. I took the 250 out her wallet grabbed my beer from the kitchen and made my way upstairs.

I saw four doors in the hall way al of them closed except the one at the end of the hall. I walked down the hall and entered the room to see Caitlin staring at the walls of her room like it was her first time being in her room in a long time. Posters on her wall of bands like GWAR, BMFV, Green Day, Marilyn Manson, and The Ramones. At least she had good taste in music. I put my beer quietly of her nightstand table and walked up snaking my hand around her waist and putting her short skirt covered ass on my jean covered hard on. "Ready." I said. I saw her nod. I grabbed her tits through her shirt feeling them and pinching them through the shirt. I grabbed the neck line on the shirt and with both hands and ripped the shirt completely off the front of her body which caused her to gasp. I noticed clear bra keeping back her C cup tits. I ripped off the bra and attacked her tits with my hands. Mauling them and pinching her nice hard nipples. She was gasping and week at the knees. I bent my head down to her neck and sank my teeth into her skin and started to bite and suck giving her a deep, dark, purple hickey. I opened my eyes and saw her hand in between her legs. I grabbed her hand and threw it away from her legs. "Don't touch yourself unless I say so." I growled into her ear. After a few seconds of silence I heard something that surprised me. "...Yes master." Came out of her mall voice. That really got me hard I wanted this bitch bad. I grabbed her in my arms and through her on her bed forcefully. I took off my shirt and shorts so I stood there with my tent sticking out of my boxers. I immediately got on top of her and pinned her arms to the bed. I looked around my room and surprisingly found rope. "Why do you have rope in your room?" I asked. "I do rock climbing in the summer." She informed me. I grabbed the purple and green rope and tied her hands to the bed post. "What are you doing?" she asked. I smacked her in the face making her gasp out of surprise. "SPEAK WHEN SPOKEN TOO!!!" I yelled at her. I kissed her neck and down to her chest. I traced my tongue around her nice round plump tit until I reached the nipple. I circled my tongue around the aureola making her gasp and moan. I took her nipple in my mouth sucking on it lightly and grazing my teeth on it. Caitlin was moaning loudly and squirming around. I traced my tongue across her chest to the other tit and did the same thing.

I kissed down to her stomach until I reached the top of her skirt. "Spread em." I instructed without looking up at her. She did as she was told. I flicked the skirt up and pulled down her dark satin panties. I She was fucking wet. I roughly shoved two fingers inside her tight twat an shoved them in my mouth Savoring the taste. I wiped the wetness from her pussy on her panties and shoved them in her mouth. I bent my head down until I was eye level with her cunt. stuck my tongue out and licked her slit up and down causing her to moan. I flicked my tongue across her clit making her buck her hips to my face. I grabbed her legs puttin them on my shoulder. I dove face first into her pussy licking all the juice I could find. Caitlin was moaning and bucking like crazy. I shoved my tongue deep into her cunt trying to bury it as deep as I could. I licked my thumb and while I was tongue fucking her my thumb was rubbing her clit as fast as it could. Than I shoved two fingers in her cunt and licked around her clit taking it in my mouth. Sucking and nibbling it lightly. Caitlin was in pure pleasure. It was only a matter of time before I heard her mumble in her panties. I picked my head up. "You gunna cum?" I asked. "Mhmmmm Mhmmm." She nodded fast. "....Not yet!" I told her I got up and took off my boxers My hard cock stood at attention. Caitlin stared at it not taking her eyes off of it. I walked up and slapped my dick across her face. leaving trails of pre-cum all over her cute face. I took the panties out of her mouth. "Open!" I told her, She did as instructed. I put the head of my cock into her mouth. I got on the bed and slowly let my dick sink down into her hot, moist, wet mouth. Her tongue snaked around the head of my tool and licked up and down the shaft. In a matter of seconds my pubes where in her face. She had taken my dick all the way into her hot slutty mouth. "Ready you fuckin slut?" I asked. I heard her moan as I reached behind and pinched her nipple hard sending vibrating waves up my cock. I leaned forward and slowly took my dick out until the head was in her mouth and than forcefully shoved it back in her mouth. I cept fucking her whore mouth for all its worth. I closed my eyes and listened to the sweet sounds of gagging and moaning. Her tongue was working miracles on my rod. I felt my balls tighten But I didn't was to bust just yet. So I pulled out of her mouth with a slutty *POP* sound. Traces of spit still connected my dick to her mouth. smacked her in the face multiple times with my saliva covered cock.

"God Ive wanted this for a long time." I said getting down and positioning the head of my dick against the entrance of her pussy. With a little pressure I popped the head it. I kept it there for a few seconds. "AHHHHH" I moaned throwing my head back and closing my eyes. Her hot tight cunt immediately wrapped around the head. I slowly put inch after inch of my rod in her twat. After a minute my pelvis met her's. "God this is amazing." I said under my breath. "Im glad it pleases you master." I looked up at her and she was looking at me with a little smile...I think im going to like this bitch. I slowly started to rock back and forth letting my dick slide in and out of her. She was gasping and moaning and I was grunting. I started slow but slowly picked up speed until My balls where bouncing off her ass. I looked down at her breast bouncing up and down with the thrusts. I dipped my head down while I was fucking her biting her tit hard making her scream in pleasure/pain. I fucked this pussy for all it was worth. I put my hand down and started rubbing her clit since she was a little tied up at the moment (cheesy joke...ha ha) Her moans turned to screams and begging for more until I heard the words I wanted to hear. "P-Please let me cum." She begged. "I dunno..." I said between gasps and breaths. "P-Please...I'll do anything.." She said as I was still hammering away at her. "You gunna be my little fuck slut?" I asked. "Yessss ANYTHING!!!" She yelled. "Anything I want I get?" I asked. "I only serve you master." She said. Pure bliss to hear. I grabbed her by her hips and started to hammer into her cunt like there was no tomorrow. The harder I fucked the hotter her insides became I never wanted out of her. I closed my eyes trying to get her walls hotter and hotter until Caitlin let out an ear piercing scream. I felt her walls tighten around my cock as I fucked. My balls tightened and I was going to cum soon. I pulled out quick and got near her face pumping my dick. "AAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!" I yelled as wave after wave of cum flew from the tip of my dick onto her face. I cept cumming like crazy until there was nothing left. I opened my eyes to see my little pet gasping and breathing heavy. Sweaty..cummy..and satisfied. I grabbed my boxers and my pants and put them on. I grabbed my phone and snapped a picture or my little cumslut which she gave me a slutty smile for.

I kissed her neck before throwing my shirt on. "Good job pet...I'll have more things for you on Monday....if you rub yourself this weekend you better call and ask permission to cum." I said before walking to the door. "WAIT....Arnt you going to untie me?" She asked. I turned and looked at her with a smile. "Thats for you to figure out." I said laughing before going downstairs grabbing my shoes and walking out of the house. The rain had stopped and the walk home was probably the best ive had in my life.

End Of Chapter 1

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