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Me and Ray have one more hot day together
I woke up the next morning in the most comfortable position I could be in. Ray and I were curled up on the couch. Our socked feet were connected and our hairy legs intertwined. He was still asleep but his warm hand was in my boxers still holding onto my morning wood. We had just had a night of passionate sex, and I gave him his first and greatest experience with a guy. I turned over and kissed him on the lips, which opened his eyes. It was about 11 am when we woke.

"Good morning," I smiled to him. He fondled my cock a little bit before streching his muscly body and responding.
"Morning, stud," he said with sleep in his voice and a huge grin on his face.

I got up from the couch in nothing but my boxers, boner, and fuzzy green socks and streched. Ray playfully kicked me in the ass and I walked to the kitchen while he drifted in and out of sleep. When I got in there, I saw a note on the table from my brother. It read "Jogged to the gym, try to stop sucking eachothers dicks before i get back ;)" I laughed and then walked back into the living room and cuddled up with ray on the couch.

"Wanna wake and bake?" he asked. "Theres more than enough leftover bud."
"Hell yehh, why not." I got up from the couch and ran to my room and got my bowl. I opened up the window. It was an overall warm winter, and it was a great day. The sun was out and it had to be about 40-45 degrees. I came downstairs with the bowl and a lighter and made new plans for us.

"It's nice out, lets smoke in the hot tub."
"That sounds fucking fantastic," he responded, gettting off the couch showing off his morning wood through his boxers. He came up and made out with me a little, and i felt his cock through his boxers.

We grabbed the weed and headed downstairs and into the yard, only in our boxers and socks. It was a little chilly when we were basically naked, but I knew the hottub was already warm. We stripped off our socks and went in just in boxers. I packed the bowl and we started smoking. Soon enough we were exhaling our hits into eachothers mouth and kissing while we did it. The jets of the hottub and our kissing while smoking was so hot, and we were both hard. After two bowl packs we were pretty high and just making out heavily while feeling eachother up through our boxers. He got on top of me and grinded his ass on my cock. He slid his boxers off and then took mine off. We continued to kiss and grind as we were.

After a few minutes he reached between us and massaged my hard 7.5 incher and guided it into his hole. He slid down onto my cock slowly, moaning in ecstasy. When it was all the way in he started riding my cock so smoothly in the water. He was doing all the work and making us both moan. He started to move faster and faster. I tilted back in heaven as he nibbled on my neck and ear. He pulled my head back up and kissed me long and hard.
"Uhh, Uhh, O GODD, mhmmmm, Joey fuck mee!" moaned ray
"You love riding this fucking cock dont you?" I breathed
"O godd yes, Joey i'm your bitch."

To subdue our moans, we made out the rest of the time. After about ten minutes I exploded into his ass (and into the hottub). We smoked a little more and stayed in the tub for a while before going inside.

"I really need to shower," said Ray with a kiss.
"Me too actually, we fucked three times in less than a day without showering," I smirked
"Do we have enough time to do it together before your bro gets home?" he asked
"Who cares? He saw us on the couch today and we'll lock the door."

We got out of the tub, dried off, and went up to the shower. Holding eachother basically the whole way. We turned on the shower and got in. We were kissing and touching the whole time and washing eachother. By the time we were basically clean, I was ready to go again (there was something about Ray that turned me on like no other). I felt bad that I never let his hard 7 incher fuck me, so I figured it was time. As we kissed and things heated up I guided his hand toward my hole. He looked semi-confused, but he went with it. Soon enough he slid his finger up my tight hole. One finger turned to two and soon I was ready for him to enter me, but he wasn't. He lowered his head and taking lessons from me, he started to go down on my ass, putting his tounge deeper and deeper. I was moaning like a bitch as this young teen was about to fuck my hole with his big cock.

Ray took some shampoo and put it all over his cock, and lathered it into my hole. I put my leg up on the ledge to make more access for him to fuck me. I guided his cock to my hole and slowly moved his dick into me. He started out slow, but once I was loosened up, the horny teen picked up speed and fucked me harddd. He pulled my head back and kissed me hard as he fucked.

"Fuck me ray, fuck mee, give me your big cock!"
"O yeah Joeyy, o yess" I moaned

His balls were smacking hard against my ass for about five minutes until he let out a deep breath and said he was going to cum. I pulled his dick out of me and turned around and took him into my mouth and blew him. He lasted less than five seconds before shooting about 5 ropes of cum directly in my mouth and on my face. The hot water was running low so we quickly got clean again and got out. We got our towels and dried off.

It was about 3:30 when we got out of the shower, and I realized my brother was definetly home. We opened the door and steam exploded out of the bathroom. We walked toward my bedroom to see my brother on his laptop, sweaty, and waiting for the shower.

"Are you guys going to just bang non-stop?" He asked
"Yes. Yes we are." I said sarcastically and walked by

Ray had to leave the next morning, that night my brother had a girl over and us 4 all got really drunk. I fucked him twice, and once early in the morning before he left. When it was time for him to go we made out passionatly. I knew as his first, he would love me forever, and I just knew I would always care about him. Eventually we would fuck again, I hoped.

He gave me a dirty pair of his underwear from when we fucked along with one of his shirts, and I did the same for him. I slept with those underwear the first night just to have his scent.

PLEASE KEEP COMMENTING. This may be the last story of this series, but I have many more stories to come!

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I like jacking off with my thumb in my ass


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Great series ... I've enjoyed reading it soooo musch ... Thumbs (and a something else) up !!!

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Is this guy ever going to find a steady fuck buddy?!

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this is the dude no incest its gross im not a part of it i find it fucking nasty

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it would be far more hot and sexy if u involved your brother he was a secret one but then he gave himself and u fucked him too!that would be the best sh1t ever !!!:)

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