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Airman on Duty at a Radar Installation
Housewife on a South Pacific Island Chapter 1

When I graduated from High School I was an average kid with average grades and average ambition. I worked for a year for Maintenance Company and decided I didn’t want to do that for the rest of my life so looked into enlisting in the Armed Forces thinking it would train me to do something and I also would get to travel. I enlisted in the Air Force and during basic training took some tests and was accepted into Radar School. After completing the course and getting higher than average marks was assigned to an island in the South Pacific that had a radar station.

The Island was very small, maybe 1 mile wide and a couple miles long. It had no native population and I increased the Air Force population to 8 when I landed. The radar installation was away from the bunk house and took a 2 man crew that worked 8 hour shifts. So as it worked out we worked 8 hours and were off 24. The bunk house was just that with a cooking and eating area, and two small rooms, one was the Lieutenant’s bedroom and the other his office. I settled in, the guys recognized that I had no experience but was smart and a quick learner. And I loved being there. The weather was warm, the beach was beautiful and we could swim out maybe 50 yards and still touchdown. I spent a lot of daylight time at the beach.

One morning after my shift was over I decided to take a swim before getting something to eat. As I walked towards the water I noticed one of the guys, Al, lying on a blanket off to the side. He had nothing on and had a very hard cock in his hand. Now I need to go back a little. When I was in high school and the year after, I had a buddy that was sort of gay, or maybe bi-sexual is more accurate. To my knowledge he didn’t have an affair with anyone except me. And I had found I too was bi-sexual because I enjoyed sleepovers with him. I enjoyed playing with his cock and banging him and enjoyed when he did the same to me. As I stood there on that sunny beach that morning and watch a friend stroking his hard cock I remembered how wonderful it felt to have a cock in my mouth. I was more thinking about my need for that than I was about the consequences. I walked over and stood right by him, my feet almost on his towel. His eyes were closed as he slowly stroked away.

With no further thought about anything except sucking him I said, “Would you like some help with that”?
To say the least he was startled. He tried to find something to cover up with but couldn’t so finally just laid there and continued to jack off. His reply came a little later. “What kind of help are you offering?”
I just smiled at him as I dropped to my knees then sat back on my heels. “I think showing is better than telling,” I said as I took hold of his cock. He put his hands behind his head and just lay there turning his pleasure over to me. I had his 8 inch hard meat in one hand and began massaging his balls with the other. I pushed his legs apart and moved over between them. Then I bent over and ran my tongue around the head. From his reaction I don’t think he was expecting anything more than a hand job. But he got more, a whole lot more.

With my friend a few years ago I had enjoyed teasing. I would lick a little, run my lips up and down the shaft, and squeeze his balls and such. I did the same to my current guy and he started to feel a little anxious. So I settled down to a full blowjob and to make him cum. A little bit after I started fucking his cock with my mouth he stiffened and I felt a blast of cum fill me. I continued sucking and he continued cumming for several seconds. He was done and tried to pull away from me but I wouldn’t let him until I was sure I had sucked every drop of his juice out. It was as I sat back up that I noticed two pair of feet standing close to us with two guys with shorts in one hand and their cocks in the other.

I thought to myself, what have I got myself into? My next thought was, what difference does it make it’s too late to worry about it now. So with a smile on my face I looked up at the two guys. Al got up and headed for the barracks and the two guys, Frank and Rod, returned my smile as they lay down on the towel, one on each side of me. Not a word was said as each of my hands started stroking nice hard cocks.

As I played with their cocks, licking and sucking one while stroking the other I thought that I had become the camp whore. The other two guys that weren’t on duty probably already knew that I gave blow jobs but like before I thought, it’s too late now. The stroking and sucking went on for about 15 minutes before Frank started filling my mouth with my reward. I didn’t have time to finish him before Rod told me he was cumming. I took his load and then alternated between the two cocks until I was sure I had sucked them dry.

Walking back to the barracks my thoughts were blowing thru my mind. What should I do? Should I ask for a transfer? Should I stay here but tell the guys no more? I decided to nap a bit if possible because my shift was coming up. I started to lie down on my bunk and heard someone on one of the top bunks. I couldn’t see him from my position so just started to stretch out when I heard, “Hey Ben, can you help me out here?”

I stood up and looked over to the direction where the voice had come and saw Mitch, the only black on this assignment, leaning up looking at me. I couldn’t see but was quite sure he was jacking off. “What’s going on?” I asked.

“I seem to have a little swelling here and can’t get rid of it,” he said with a laugh. “Thought maybe you might know what to do.”

As I turned down his aisle I could see what his problem was. He had a massive cock. Ten inches at least and bigger around then an average banana. Mitch lay back down, took his hand of his cock and left it standing straight up waiting for me to take over. This was the biggest cock I had ever seen. Cut with a large head, larger than the shaft by quite a bit. He must have been stroking it for a while because juice was oozing out. I couldn’t wait to taste it so without touching with my hand I licked around the head and back and forth over the cum hole. It was unbelievable the size of his balls as I gently squeezed them. Lemons at least. Then my mouth went down on his cock, barely getting the whole head in. It would have been much better if I was sucking him from the side but apparently it didn’t make any difference to Mitch because only minutes after starting to suck he pushed my mouth down as far as it would go and I could feel hot cum filling it up. I took my mouth off his cock so I could swallow and cum was still coming out. Licking it off the length of the shaft and sucking him dry ended my little help session.

I crashed on my bunk and was almost instantly a sleep. My alarm was set and I had a couple hours before checking in and hoped I would sleep both of them. But my dreams were interrupted by something hitting my forehead and something rubbing my lips. I opened my eyes and saw that two cocks were causing the problem. Arnold and Dick were smiling down at me as their cocks explored my face.

“Can it be our turn now?” Arnold asked.

“Before you have to go on shift?” from Dick.

“Why not,” I said as I took a cock in each hand. The bunk was high enough that all I had to do was turn my head and a cock was in my mouth. I stroked one and sucked one as the guys held onto the bunk above me. I was just getting into it when my alarm went off meaning I had 20 minutes until check in. I told the guys they were going to have to help me out so they both started jacking off. I played with their balls while the stroked their cocks harder and faster.

“I’m gonna cum,” Dick said so I turned my face towards him and his cock was in my mouth in an instant. He fucked my mouth a few strokes and then his cum hit my tongue. His load was small but good. I held his meat in my hand while I sucked it and gave it a final lick with my tongue. Arnold started slapping my head with his cock and I turned just in time to see a big rope of cum shoot out of his dick. Fortunately my mouth was open and most of the cum scored. I sucked a bit and then told the guys I had to get ready for my shift.

As I brushed my teeth and washed up I thought about the day. I had sucked 5 cocks and taken 5 big loads and that was wonderful. But what was going to happen when the Lieutenant found out he had a cock sucker in his unit. I went to work knowing I would probably be heading for my last shift. Tomorrow I would be flown out and probably face a court marshal. Frank was my shift partner and was already on when I got to the Radar Center. I checked in and took my seat next to Frank. After checking all the gauges and other stuff Frank asked me if I had seen Lt Morgan yet. I told him know and wondered to myself why he would ask me that. He didn’t say anything more and I didn’t ask.

We had a couple of busy periods during our shift, some unidentified planes and a couple others that came to close but other than that it was pretty boring as usual. When I got to my bunk for some sleep there was a note on my pillow which said, “Get some sleep then I want to see you in my office.” Signed Lt Morgan.
I crawled under the sheet but had difficulty getting to sleep, worrying about what would happen at my meeting with the Lt. I finally slept waking about 7 hours later. I showered, put on a clean uniform and headed for the Lt’s office. I checked the schedule on the bulletin board and he was due to go on shift for three hours.

I appeared in his doorway and said, “You wanted to see me Sir?”

“Yes I did Airman, come in and set. The last few days.” He began, “I have noticed a definite change in the attitude of the men. They seemed more at ease with each other and with the situation here. I asked a couple of them if they knew why and one said he thought it was because of the decrease in sexual tension. That they all had a way of releasing it.”

I fidgeted in my seat wondering what the Lt was leading up to when he continued, “I pressed them further and they all agreed that you were very good at what you do and they are looking forward to a continuing relationship with you. I have not had the opportunity to release my tension, which I have a lot of, so…”
As he reached this point in his special he got up and came around to the front of his desk. Leaning back against it he looked at me and smiled a smile that told me exactly what I needed to do. I dropped to my knees in front of him, rub the growing bulge in his shorts and reached for the belt and zipper. In seconds his shorts and underwear were on the floor and his cock was in my hand. I looked up at him as I stroked and he was just enjoying my efforts, eyes closed. I felt a definite relaxation in his body when I closed my mouth on his cock and began sucking and licking around the head. He felt really good and I was hoping I would have enough time to really enjoy giving him head. But I didn’t. He was like a couple of the other guys; I barely got started before my mouth was filled with my reward.

I sucked and licked his dick until it was completely soft and the Lt said, “I think you got it all.” I got back to my chair and was told “That will be all Airman and thank you.” I got up and left his office. The guys were starting to fix dinner so I joined them and soon it was on the table. After the six of us had eaten I got up to clear the table but the Lt to me to remain seated. Then he said,

“Listen up, Airman,” he said, looking at me, “The men and I have made a decision. As I told you earlier we all agree that there is less tension around here since you have demonstrated your abilities. We are going to rearrange the schedule so that you have no shifts in the radar center. Your duties will be to cook all the meals, clean-up the kitchen and keep the bunk house clean. You will also be responsible for keeping the men relaxed so your time will be divided into 12 hour periods, noon to midnight and midnight to noon. Each man will be assigned a period. Every fourth day you will be mine and every fifth day you will have a day off, not assigned to anyone. Does this sound OK with you?”

“Yes, right now it does but can we leave it open for adjustment at a later date?

The Lt looked at the men and they all nodded so it was agreed. The Lt continued, “Sgt South,” referring to Arnold, “Will have the first period, the rest of the men will be assigned by length of time in service. This will be posted on the bulletin board.”

It was shortly after noon and I looked at the Sgt. He gave me a smile and said, “I guess you are mine for the next 11 hours and 12 minutes,” as he looked at his watch.

“I guess I am,” was my reply. I didn’t know whether to ask him where he wanted to go, or go over to him and get down between his legs where he was sitting or what. Then there were guys moving the Lt’s desk form his office into his bedroom and other guys moving his other stuff. And a couple of them took down one of the bunk beds and moved one of the beds into the now vacant office.

“I forgot to tell you,” the Lt said, “I decided you needed your own room for a little privacy so this is your new bedroom.”

The Sgt pointed to my room and said, “Shall we?” I led the way and was soon positioned between his legs with hard cock to play with. I stroked a little, sucked a little and licked a lot. Whenever he got a little tense like he was going to cum I backed off and let him rest. This went on for probably 30 minutes until finally he wouldn’t let me back off and shot his load down my throat. After there was nothing left to suck out he sort of pushed me away. I just sat back on the floor.

“What are we supposed to do now?” he asked.

“I don’t know, I wasn’t in on developing this plan. All I know is that you have me for 12 hours to do whatever you want.”

“See you later,” he said as he headed out the door.

“Wait,” I asked, “What am I supposed to do now. Am I free to do what I want, like if another guy wants some attention, or do I just wait for you?”

“Do what every,” was his answer.

My watch told me I had about an hour before a meal was to be ready so I thought I would see what we had left to feed the guys. Our supplies didn’t arrive until tomorrow. I had my menu pretty much in mind and was starting to prepare something when Rod came in and grabbed a carrot. As he sat munching he asked me if I was available or if I was committed to just the period guy.

“I don’t know,” I told him, “I wasn’t in on writing the rules.

“Well, I need some help with this.”

I turned around and his shorts were on the floor and his hard cock was doing a dance. He kept flipping it up and it was like giving me the come over here signal. Of course I had to obey whatever I was told so I dropped to my knees right there in the kitchen and began preparing his sausage. I just stroked it for a bit while I played with his balls and when I noticed some precum I licked it off. Rod finally got impatient and pulled my head down and pushed his cock into my mouth. He laughed as I gagged because he pushed it too far. I glanced at my watch while working on his cock and decided I had to get the meal started. I sucked a bit longer and then told Rod he was going to have to do it himself for a bit. That when he was going to cum let me know and I would finish him off.

I knew from experience that Rod sometimes to a long time to cum so I left him jacking off and started cooking. I had things pretty well in hand when Rod hollered he was ready. I dropped to my knees and took over with my mouth, fucking his cock rapidly. Shortly he started shooting his goodies deep down my throat which I enjoyed as usual. He was soon soft and empty so I let him go. I finished the meal and shortly 5 guys were at the table ready and waiting.

The meal went smoothly and the guys complemented my cooking like they usually did. Just as we were about to get up and leave the table the Lt said,

“As you all know tomorrow is supplies day. We have something extra included with this delivery. We are having a special inspection. The Captain and his aide will be here for a couple hours. I’m not worried about anything, the reports are all in order, the barracks and grounds are super clean so we shouldn’t have any problems. Just make sure you personally are ready. That is all.”

As I finished up I was a little worried because I had never been thru a special inspection. I was done with my work for a while so stretched out on my bunk. It was still Sarge’s period so he dropped in and wanted to fuck my face. I was off on my own thinking about tomorrow when he dropped his load in my mouth. As he pulled his shorts back on he said, “Boy if that wasn’t like fucking the mouth on a blow up doll. Where in the hell were you?”

“I’m just concerned about tomorrow and the inspection. I’ve never been thru one before.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Sarge said, “He’ll walk around outside then in here and over in the Radar Room and he’ll probably include in his report that a rock was out of place or something like that. It’s just a formality that allows him to get out of the office once in awhile.”

I guess the conversation relaxed me a little bit because I got thru the day and night without further problems. In the morning I showered and couldn’t keep my eyes off of a couple of semi-hard cocks but dressed and went outside with the rest of the guys. I don’t know why we worried about getting all dolled up because everyone got hot and sweaty unloading the boxes of supplies. The sea plane landed and taxied to shore pulling up on the beach. The first thing was helping the Captain and his aide off the plane without getting them wet. Then we unloaded everything. Like Sarge had said the Captain walked around outside looking at things then checked out the Radar rooms. When he headed for the barracks he stopped and said, “You men meet with Lt Harris, pointing to his aide, I’ll inspect the barracks with the Airman here, pointing to me. I about fucking died.

We wondered around for a few minutes inside then the Captain sat down at the table and motioned for me to set opposite him. The first thing he asked was,

“How long have you been stationed here?”

“Four months, Sir,” I replied.

“Then can you explain why you stopped signing off on the duty roster about three months ago?”

I thought for a while an answered, “Well Sir the others really like my cooking so they decided that they would take over my shifts in exchange for me doing all the cooking and cleaning. They refer to me as their housewife, Sir.”

“So you are the reason this place is so spotless, even the kitchen.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“And do you help the men in any other way?” he asked.

“Well once in a while when they have a clothing problem, Sir.”

“What kind of problems do they have, Airman?”

“Usually it’s just a minor problem with their buckle or zipper, Sir.”

“So you fix it. Anything else?”

“Well occasionally there is some swelling, Sir.”

“Where, in their penis?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir, in their deep area inspection tool. And sometimes I have an itch or discomfort in my throat.”

“So,” the Captain said with a sort of sarcastic smile, “They check out your throat with said too, is that right?”

“Yes, Sir, and if they find some redness or something else they treat it with some special lotion.”

While this conversation was going on, especially the last part, the Captain had his hands in his lap where I couldn’t see them. Then he said, “Why don’t you come around here Airman and check out my swelling?”

“That is really swollen Sir,” I said when I saw his really nice 8 inch cock hard in his hand.

“Will you see if you can do something about it?”

“Yes Sir,” I said as I kneeled down between his knees. I stroked him a couple times, checking out his cock. Nice uncut head, a little larger than the shaft. A bit of clear liquid oozing out of the piss hole which I bent over and licked. I took his cock nearly all the way down my throat then backed off and kept the head between my lips as I licked the sensitive underside. I began fucking it taking it all the way in and then backing all the way off. After about 5 minutes of this the Captain asked,

“Do they ever check out your other opening?”

“No Sir, no one ever has,” I replied.

“Well I think I had better in that case, just to make sure everything is OK,” he said smiling.

“But Sir, you’ll have to get me ready to take this big cock,” I said as I waved his cock side to side.

“I know, I have to whenever I check out my wife there. Do you have any plastic gloves?”

“Yes Sir, I do,” I replied as I got up and opened a drawer close to the sink. I found a couple of gloves and then thought we needed some lube so the only thing I could think of was shampoo. With supplies in hand I stood in front of the Capt.

“Perhaps we should go to my room,” I suggested.

“Good idea,” was his reply as he lead the way.

His next suggestion was for me to drop my shorts and get on all fours on the bed. I did and his finger was soon rubbing shampoo up and down my butt crack and then entered my rosebud. I had done this a few times to myself but no one else’s had ever been there before. Next feeling was two fingers in a little ways and then twisting around and then pushing all the way in. I was really enjoying this feeling. And then a third was added. My mind was whirling about what was going on and I was thinking for Christ sake, hurry up and bury your cock in me, but it wasn’t my place to tell a Captain what to do.

The Captain then moved, with his fingers still in my asshole, along side of me and handed me a condom telling me to put it on. I gave his cock a little licking and then rolled the rubber down the shaft. He then moved back behind me and I could feel the head of his cock at the entrance.

“Are you ready for this?” he asked as he put more pressure on.

“Yes, Sir,” I whispered thinking he would shove it in even if I said no I wasn’t. Having never done this before I have no idea why there was so little pain. I had read that the first time can be brutal but I was receiving a lot of pleasure. Sexual pleasure like I enjoy giving. The Captain fucked me quite slowly at first but gradually increased the pace until I was getting a real pounding. But I was loving every minute of it, every stroke. My fucking went on for 3 or 4 minutes until he said, “Turn around.” I did just in time as he pulled of the rubber and pointed his cock at my mouth. I moved forward just as his cum started shooting into my open mouth. And he shot quite a load which I swallowed without hesitation. After sucking him dry and licking his cock clean the Captain stepped back looking for his shorts. We found them on the floor in the kitchen. He thanked me for my service and told me to stay in the kitchen because he was going to send his aide in to finalize the inspection.

The Aide was a very average Joe, maybe 6’ and 200 pounds. But I found him to be very blunt. After we looked around for a couple minutes he turned to me and said, “Let’s cut out the bullshit, we aren’t here to finalize a fucking inspection we are here for you to give me a blowjob.” As he was saying this he was undoing and dropping his shorts. I headed for my room with him right behind me and sat down on my bed.

“Do you want to stand or lay down here?” I asked.

He walked over to me and put his semi hard cock right in front of my face. I looked up and smiled at him as I took it in my hand and started stroking it. It was getting very hard very quickly with my hands on it. Then I started with his balls as I often do. Getting down with my mouth and taking first one and then the other in my mouth and gently sucking them. His cock was rock hard by now and I licked up and down the shaft and around and under the head. When I took it deep into my mouth he took my head in his hands and was pushing his stick down my throat. It felt so good but I wondered how much better in would feel up my ass.

“I’d really like this in me,” I whispered as I looked up at the Aide and smiled.

He didn’t say no so I pulled a condom out of the drawer and slipped it on his cock. With a little shampoo applied I turned around and got on all fours. The Aide was not gentle, he put the head at my asshole and pushed, all the way in in one stroke. Now I knew what pain was because it hurt bad. My cries of pain didn’t slow him down at all, I was getting fucked hard. I was so hopeing that he would cum quickly but he didn’t. After 3 or 4 minutes he slowed his pace a bit and then buried his cock all the way in and stopped. This was telling me he had just shot his load. He was quiet for a bit and then pulled out. My ass was sooo sore but I had to admit I had sort of enjoyed it. He just stood there I decided he was waiting for me to clean him up. I pulled the bulging rubber off and dropped it to the floor. Then I did my usual job, sucked him dry and licked him clean.

I wiped my ass with a towel and dressed. The Aide was already out the door. As I got outside the Captain was thanking everyone for such a great job and gave me a special smile. As he boarded the plane he told everyone he would return for further inspections and instruction. We all waved as the plane took off then began putting away all the supplies. Lt handed me a box and said, “This one has your name on it.”

I thank you for reading my story and will reveal the contents of the box in Chapter 2. If you would like to makes personal comments you can email me at itsbeenfun99 at yahoo dot com.

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