Daydreaming about how I would have liked to be as a teenager
Amy the Exhibitionist

Part11 – My first few months at University - third part


I had deliberately told Ella that the session started 15 minutes later than it actually did, so when she arrived, Katie the others were already in the water. I took Ella into the men’s changing room. When she saw that there were men’s clothes there she was a little hesitant about getting naked. I asked her if she trusted me. She said that she did, we stripped and I held her hand and we waked out to the pool.

Ella tried to cover her bits when she saw all the boys there. When they saw her the game stopped and they all came over to find out who she was.

As they were getting out of the water I told her to relax and enjoy being seen by some gorgeous young men.

Five guys were stood around her, all wanting to say Hello.

I introduced everyone and we all jumped in. Ella stayed beside me for a while, but soon started relaxing and having fun. After about 5 minutes she swam over to me and told me that one of the boys had just grabbed one of her breasts and put his hand between her legs. I smiled and told her to enjoy it.

A bit later, Katie went off to the water inlet with Henry. Katie put her ankles on the side of the pool and Henry held her in place.

Ella spotted them and asked me what they were doing. I told her to follow me. We got out of the pool and went round to where Katie and Henry were.

Ella quickly realised that Katie was getting close to having an orgasm, but didn’t know how or why. I told her to watch and wait while I went and got Ben.

When we got back, Katie had cum and her and Henry were swimming away. I told Ella to get into the same position that Katie had been. She dived in and as she lifted her ankles out she said, “Ooow.” Ella had just answered her own questions.

Ben moved in behind her and held her in place. As soon as he put his hands on her boobs he said, “Nice tits Ella,” and started massaging them. I told Ben that Ella felt inadequate in the boobs department. Ben told her that she shouldn’t and that she has fantastic tits.

The water inlet did its work, and with a contented smile on her face, Ella had an orgasm.

Ella and me swapped places and I got the pleasure that I needed.

After I’d cum, Ella said that the others had left the pool. Ben and me got out and we all went to the showers.

Ella’s face was something else when she saw 5 naked young men and a naked Katie getting finger fucked. I held her hand and led her in, telling her to relax and enjoy herself.

The next 15 minutes saw Ella get finger fucked by all 5 guys and her giving 2 blow jobs. Katie and me took care of the other guys while they took care of us.

Ella was very relaxed as we got dressed and left.

I’ve started wearing my Ben Wa balls quite a lot. They have made lectures less boring. I’ve also bought a Pocket Rocket that I wear quite often as well. I carry the remote control in my bag and Ben and Katie sometimes take it out and get me worked up when I’m talking to strangers.

Another thing that I like doing with it is to put the remote control on the table in front of me wherever I am. Some people look at it and obviously have no idea what it is. Others look at it and grin. One Professor was walking round the room as he gave his lecture. When he got to me he picked it up and started playing with it as he talked. I was getting redder and redder as I fought to contain the pleasure that I was receiving. Fortunately (perhaps not) he put it down after a couple of minutes and continued round the room. I quickly switched it off. He’s never said anything about that ‘incident’ so I don’t know if he realised what he was doing or not.

Another email from Ella

Dear NEWP Sorority,

I didn’t know if I had to write a report about my medical. I don’t remember Amy telling me that I had to. Just in case I was supposed to, here it is.

I was nervous when I met Amy outside the doctor’s office. As we sat waiting I was trying to remember the last time that I had been to the doctor’s. I think it was when I was 14 and I went to ask to be put on the pill.

The doctor is a nice man and I started to relax as he asked me the questions that I was expecting. Although the nerves came back a bit when he told me about the ‘additional procedures’.

I wasn’t at all embarrassed when he told me to take my clothes off, nor when he got me to stretch and bend and then do the splits. I was glad that I had kept myself fit at school.

I did get embarrassed when I was laid on the couch and Amy went to get the doctor’s bag and left the door open. Those young men were looking right at my spread pussy. I assumed that Amy left the door open on purpose and that the embarrassment was part of my overall hazing.

I’ve never had an orgasm when I’ve been at the doctor’s before, but when Dr. Lawrence started squeezing my nipples I just knew that it was going to happen. My pussy started tingling and I felt good all over.

The speculum felt good, but it was when the doctor started rubbing my clit that I just relaxed and let it happen, and happen, and happen, and happen. He was so good with his fingers.

I found it a little bit embarrassing going to the toilet to get the urine sample. The group of people that were in the corridor seemed quite surprised to see a naked girl walking along.

I was a little surprised when Amy had to have that additional NEWPS test, but I can understand why NEWPS needs that information. Amy certainly enjoyed it.

I don’t know if you have received the doctor’s report yet, but I do hope that he gave me a clean bill of health. He didn’t give me any indication of any problem.

I really am looking forward to my next hazing.

As I said in my last email to you, if there is anything that I can do for any of you please let me know.

Yours obediently,


Flashing one of my Professors and Labs group
Okay, I couldn’t help myself. At one lecture last week I slouched down in my chair and sat there with my knees about a foot apart. It was ages before he looked at me and saw my pussy. It was all wet because I was wearing my Ben Wa balls, and they had got me worked up on the way there. I saw a bit of a smile on the Prof’s face as he kept talking.

At the end of the lecture he asked me to stay back, but just as I got to him a couple of men came in and he started talking to them. After a minute he turned to me and said that he would talk to me next week. That’s tomorrow. I wonder what he’ll say.

I’ve made a bit of progress with the 2 Labs geeks – accidentally. Well I’m pretty sure that it was an accident. One of them moved a stool that I was just about to sit on and I ended up flat on my back with my legs apart and one hell of a bruise on the back of my head.

The 2 of them rushed to me and knelt either side of me. One told me to stay where I was while he went to get help. I started to lift myself onto my elbows and shouted to him to stop because I felt okay – apart from the headache. He’d got to his feet and stood there looking down at me.

As I looked up at him I realised that he wasn’t looking at my eyes, but a lot lower down me. I looked at the other guy and his eyes were looking at my lower half too. I looked down my body and saw that my lab coat was unfastened and my skirt was up round my waist.

I lay there and said, “Just give me a couple of minutes for me to get over the shock and I’m sure that I’ll be okay. I stayed there watching them looking at my legs and pussy. One of them was getting redder and redder. Just before I thought that his face would explode I asked them to help me up. Each of them held one of my arms and they lifted up to my feet.

I had to say, “Hey, it was me who is supposed to be suffering from shock, can we please get on with this goddam test,” to get them to come back to reality.

I’m thinking about what I can do next.

My second, first hazing
I was in my room one evening, naked as usual, and planning on doing some studying, when Katie came in and told me to go and take a shower and get dressed because we were going out. She wouldn’t tell me where.

We had only gone about 100 yards when Katie gave me a blindfold and told me to put it on. She told me that I was going for my first St. Damian hazing. We walked a little further then Katie spun me round a few times so that I lost my bearings. We slowly walked for about another 10 minutes before Katie told me that we were there.

She wouldn’t tell me where there was. She led me up some stairs and round a few corners the stopped and asked me if I still wanted to go through with it. Silly question.

Katie opened a door and we went in. I could hear a television and a few boy’s and some girls talking. When some of them saw us some of them started cheering. This quickly spread and before long I realised that there were more than a handful of boys there. I thought, “fuck Katie, where have you brought me, a fucking football stadium.”

Katie shouted to get their attention then read what we had written for our first hazing.
Katie then told them that because I had already completed a similar hazing elsewhere, I had to do a few extras. She told them that I would award a couple of raffle prizes. I was totally confused by this.

Katie then said that she had a part of a pack of playing cards and that she was going to hand out one card to everyone there. She said that she had written on a piece of paper the name of some of the cards and what the holder’s prize was. When she read out a name of a card, the holder was to come forward and accept their prize.

There was a long pause, presumably where Katie was handing cards out, during which I was thinking WTF has Katie got me into? How many fucking students are there here? How many of them do I know? Am I going to be able to go anywhere without someone there having seen me doing all this? What is one of them asks me about it?

I was getting more excited, and wetter.

Katie then asked for someone to move a table to the middle of the room.

Katie then said, “Pledge, STRIP.”

I did, and could hear all sorts of comments about my tits and shaved pussy.

Katie guided me over to the table and whispered that it was a normal height table. She backed my bum to the table edge then told me to lay back. It was cold.

Katie didn’t need to tell me to raise my legs and start frigging, I just did it.

More comments and a bit of cheering.

As I was getting into a rhythm, all the thoughts that I’d had earlier went through my head again. Was I really doing this? It seemed unreal.

I cleared my head and concentrated. Not that my body needed me to try hard. My pussy was aching for attention.

I started moaning and it wasn’t long before I was shouting, “YES!” and, “Fuck!” and a few other expletives.

There was a bit of cheering, but less than I expected.

Katie gave me a minute to calm down then told me to lower my legs to the floor. I did, but kept them wide apart. My bum was on the edge of the table and I could feel my pubic bone sticking up.

Katie then announced that the raffle was about to start. There was a rustle of paper then she said, “The first lucky winner is The 4 of Spades.”
I could hear a bit of a cheer and a few groans.

Katie then announced that the Pledge would now get on her knees on the floor and give the winner a Blow Job.

I hadn’t a clue what was going on until Katie said ‘Blow Job’. I then realised that Katie, and presumably Ben, wanted me to think ‘was it him that I gave a BJ to’ when I was with someone in some innocent situation around the university?

The winner came forward; I got on my knees, felt for his zip and gave him a BJ. He held my head in place and shot his load down my throat.

Katie then announced the next winners and I performed the task that Katie and Ben had set me up for. The winners and tasks were: -

The 5 of Diamonds
Katie announced that the Pledge would get back on the table, lay back and open her legs wide.

Katie helped me back to the table and I was rewarded by being fucked by a large dildo. The winner kept going until I’d cum.

Queen of Hearts
Another Blow Job. This young man shot his load all over my face and chest.

Ace of Clubs
The winner will put this condom on and fuck the Pledge in any position that he wants.

I was instructed to get on my hands and knees on the floor, and was rewarded by a large cock being thrust in and out of me. It didn’t take long for the winner to start grunting, moaning and jerking. I couldn’t feel him cum in the condom. Unfortunately he didn’t last long enough for me to cum again.

2 of Diamonds
The Pledge will stand up and will be placed over the winners lap. He will then spank her 20 times on her bare butt.

It hurt. The brute spanked me hard.

9 of Spades
I was guided to the table and told to bend over it and hold the other side of the table.

The winner will then cane her 10 times.

WTF. Where did a cane come from? I was caned hard, but not quite hard enough or long enough to make me cum. I did have red marks across my butt for a couple of days.

8 of Hearts
Another Blow Job. All over my face and chest again.

7 of Diamonds
Back on the table with my legs wide open, and the winner got to finger fuck me for 5 minutes.

Jack of Clubs
While still on the table the winner had to insert my Ben Wa balls into their home.

I felt a rough hand push the balls in one by one. After each one, a finger followed and probed around inside me.

3 of Diamonds
The winner will dress the Pledge.

I wasn’t expecting that. He didn’t do a bad job either, even though he had a good grope of my boobs and pussy as he got on with it.

Katie announced that there were no more prizes and that the hazing was over. She thanked the young men for their help and to lots of applause and cheers, Katie led me out of the door.

With the blindfold still on, Katie led me back to our building where she took the blindfold off.

While we were walking I asked Katie where we had been, how many young men and women had been there and how many of them did I know? The only thing that she would say was that there were lots of people there.

I had visions of being in the universities café and some bloke coming up to me and saying, “That was you frigging yourself the other night wasn’t it?” or even worse, “That was a good fuck the other night, can we do it again tonight?” Terrifying, but at the same time, such a turn on.

We didn’t have to tell Ben all about it because he’d been there watching.

About a week after our last ordeal (LOL), I got an envelope from the Prof. It contained another DVD from the bondage exhibition. When Ben watched it he got very randy and bent me over the nearest chair and gave me a good fucking. Truth be known, if he hadn’t fucked me, I would probably have jumped on him.

Anyway, the following evening I got a phone call from the Prof. She reminded me of the consequences of the DVDs getting into the authorities hands; then told me to be at the usual meeting place, with Katie, on the Friday night.

As we walked there, both Katie and me were getting quite excited (in more ways than one) coming up with ideas of what we were going to be forced to do.

As usual, it was strip, then get into the car. After a 20 minute ride the Prof told us that we were going to be serving dinner at a Hockey Club. I felt disappointed. I had visions of loads of butch, heavily built women, all getting drunk and noisy.

As we pulled into the car park the Prof told us to strip, apart from shoes. She then led us in the back door to the kitchen. There was no one there, but the ovens were on and pans were boiling on the hobs. The thing was I could hear men’s voices, boisterous men’s voices. It was a men’s Hockey Club. My spirits lifted.

The Prof left leaving Katie and me not knowing what to do. I took a peek through the door to where I thought the noise was coming from. I could see about 50 men sat round 2 rows of tables, or stood at a bar at one end. There wasn’t another woman in sight.

After a few minutes a man who looked to be in his fifties came in and said, “I see the Prof’s come up trumps again. Right, you two look great, I can see that I’m going to have to look out for you two. If you have any problems you shout for me. I’m Pete by the way. I’m the president of this club, what are your names?”

We told him, then I asked him what he meant by ‘the Prof’s come up trumps again.’
Pete told me that the Prof always manages to get him a couple of naked girls to serve every time the club has a dinner.

I looked at Katie and she looked at me. As we were doing so, Pete asked us how the Prof had got us to do it. In stereo Katie and me said, “Blackmail.”

Pete said, “I do hope it wasn’t anything boring that you did. Some of the girls seem to have been sent here for doing nothing more than not wearing knickers.”

I said that I was surprised that he hadn’t had hundreds of naked girls there then.

“Yes, it does appear to be a growing trend doesn’t it?” Pete said. “Right then, you’d better get started, there are 46 hungry men out there and they want their food. I’ll help you get it on the plates then you 2 take it out there. As I said, any trouble, you tell me, Okay?”

When we took the first plates of food out there, the whole place erupted. Anyone would think that they’d never seen a naked woman before. The first few trips went okay then some of them found some confidence and started putting their hands on our legs, then higher up. By the time we were getting to the last few the hands had found our pussies. Neither of us complained to Pete.

When they were all eating, Pete told us that there was a free bar that night and that we had to go round asking if we could get anyone anymore drinks. He also told us that we could have whatever we liked.

We did, then started going round asking if we could get anyone anything. That’s what we started out saying but we had to change it to if we could get anyone any drinks because a couple of them asked for blow jobs.

Taking drinks orders took longer and longer because we were getting groped more and more. My puss was dripping. I even had a couple of finger up my ass.

After about 30 minutes Pete called us over and told us to clear the tables. Afterwards Pete told us to get another drink then asked us if we were ready. “Ready for what?” I asked.

“Didn’t the Prof tell you? She’s done that before. You’re here to put on a show for the lads. Have sex with each other and entertain them. It’s up to you what you do, just as long as the lads aren’t disappointed.”

“Oh shit!” I said and looked at Katie.

We went and got a strong drink and discussed what we would do. Katie suggested something like what we did for the wet T-shirt competition in Ibiza. I said that it was a good starting place so I asked Pete if he could get some dance music playing.

Pete said that he could and told us to turn round. We saw that some of the men had cleared a corner of the room and were putting some tables together.

“Start whenever you’re ready.” Pete said.

We finished our drinks and went and sat on the edge of the tables. When the music started we climbed on them and started dancing.

After a few minutes I turned to Katie and ran my hands up and down her body, stopping at her tits and pussy for a couple of seconds. Katie had a big smile on her face. Katie’s hands found my tits and started playing with my nips.

I pulled Katie to me and gave her a long kiss while my hands massaged her bum. Still dancing (sort of) I went behind Katie and put my arms round her. My left hand found her tits and my right hand found her pussy.

The music tempo changed so I lay on the tables and motioned for Katie to get on top of me (69 style). We ate and fingered each other for quite a few minutes before I pushed Katie off.

I whispered to Katie and we both did a handstand. We opened our legs wide and some of the men stood up to get a better view. When we went down we went into the crab position with our pussies facing the men.

Dropping down onto our knees I waved for one of the men to come over and I asked him for 2 beer bottled. We fucked ourselves with those bottles for a while.

I had another idea and stood up. I put the bottle just in front on me then did the splits, right down. I then got up and moved forward so that the bottle was between my legs.

I did the splits again (not right down), so that the bottle was just touching my pussy. I looked at the audience and shouted, “Shall I?” Guess what they said.

I slowly lowered myself and the bottle slowly disappeared. It hurt a bit but I made it right down and the bottle disappeared.

Katie had been watching and she did the same. Two bottles gone.

Katie and me raised ourselves leaving the bottles upright on the tables. I gave the bottles to the audience who seemed eager to drink from them.

I shouted that I had been a naughty girl and asked if anyone wanted to spank me. It looked like 100 hands went up. I picked a good looking man and told him to bring a chair with him. I put his chair in the middle of the tables and sat him down facing the audience.

I felt his hard cock press on my stomach as I lay over his lap. As I did I saw Katie whisper something to him.

He rubbed my butt for a while before giving me one hell of a slap. Then another, then another. What the hell had Katie said to him?

He went on and on and on. I quickly reached the point where the pain started to turn to pleasure. I started shaking and cumming. I made it a loud one.

The spanker knew what was happening and stopped as I started cumming. He massaged my butt and fingered me as I calmed down. I relaxed and let him finger me for a couple of minutes before getting up.

I thought it was time to involve a few more men and whispered to Katie. We got off the tables and went to quite a few of the men. At each one we put our legs either side of theirs, and lowered ourselves so we could feel their cocks through their trousers, on our pussies. We rubbed our pussies back and forwards and rubbed our tits on their faces.

As I got off each one I looked at his trousers. My juices were on each one. Something for them to explain to their wifes.

We must have done that to at least 10 men each before we stopped.

I saw Pete standing at the bar. He looked happy. He waved us over and led us to the kitchen.

Pete thanked us, telling us that his team was ‘well pleased’. He then told us that the Prof was waiting outside.

We had what has become the usual trip back with Katie and me complaining about being degraded and humiliated. As usual, we were wasting our breath - thankfully.

Ella’s Second Hazing
I phoned Ella one afternoon and told her that she was doing her second hazing that evening. She asked me if it was going to be the same as my seconds hazing, the one that she had taken part in. I told her that part of it was similar but not all of it. I wouldn’t go into any details.

I met Ella in one of Whittle uni’s bars while Ben was out sussing out a suitably occupied boy’s common room. Over a couple of strong drinks, Ella told me that she was nervous as hell, but that she was determined to go through with it.

I asked Ella how she was getting on with her new dress code. She told me that she was loving it, loving the attention that she gets from men and the excitement when she realises that someone is looking at her naked boobs or pussy. She told me that she was getting used to not closing her curtains, even though she has seen a telescope, pointing at her window, in one of the rooms in the nearby students dorm block. I suggested that when she sees someone looking that she teases them by dancing facing the window and playing with herself.

I got a phone call from Ben and we set off. It didn’t take long to get there. As we stood outside the door I got the table tennis bat out of a plastic bag that I was carrying and gave it to Ella. At the same time I told her that it was the last chance for her to back out. She shook her head sideways. I opened the door and led Ella in.

There were 5 young men and 3 young women there, all making quite a bit of noise.
I shouted for them to be quiet. When they were, I asked the one nearest the TV to switch it off. He did. I then read from the same piece of paper that was used for Katie’s and my second hazing (see part 9).

There was no reaction from Ella when I read out the first thing that she had to do (strip naked), I guess that she was expecting it. There was however some reaction from the 8 young people in the room. All the boys and one of the girls cheered. The other girl just smiled.

When I got to the bit about Ella getting 10 swats from the table tennis bat from each of 5 people, Ella’s eyes closed and I if could have read her mind I’m sure she would have been thinking ‘oh fuck’.

There wasn’t a coffee table in the room but there was a kitchen table, so I asked 2 of the young men to move it to the middle of the room. It was done in seconds.

I turned to Ella, took the bat off her and said, “Strip!”

She blushed as she lifted her sweatshirt over her head, her cute little breasts getting the fresh air, hardening her nipples.

As her denim miniskirt passed her knees there were a few comments from the boys.

Ella was stood there wearing only 3 inch heels and a red face.

I then said, “Pledge, go and select the 5 people who you want to administer your pain.” Ella walked round the room and selected 3 boys and 2 of the girls.

I gave Ella the bat back and told her to give it to one of them.

I motioned Ella over to the table where she lay back with her bum at the edge of the table and her feet still on the floor.

I only had to say, “Arms and legs,” and up and apart they went.

I called the lucky 5 over and told the 4 without the bat to hold a wrist or ankle.

I wasn’t happy that Ella’s legs were wide enough apart so I told the 2 who were holding her ankles to move back and pull her legs further apart. I could see her pussy lips open as they did so. She was wet, very wet.

One of the boys holding an ankle said, “Wow!”

I thought of a slight change to the script. I said, “Pledge, you will count the swats from each student. You will thank them for each swat saying. ‘One, thank you.’ ‘Two, thank you’ etc. Do you understand me Pledge?”

Ella said that she did, so I told them to start.

The first boy wanted to leave his mark and Ella winced. By the time that Ella said, “Ten, thank you.” There were tears starting to form in her eyes.

The 5 students rotated and the second one started. Fortunately for Ella this one obviously didn’t want to hurt her and his swats were gentle.

It was one of the girls next. I suspect that Ella picked 2 girls hoping that they would be gentle with her. And this one was. Her tears disappeared.

The fourth student was the last boy. He wasn’t as gentle. The tears re-appeared. Her backside was VERY red.

The fifth was the other girl and she had a mean streak. I felt a bit sorry for Ella. After just the second swat Ella’s tears were flowing, but she didn’t use her ‘safe’ word.

By the time it ended I really wanted to hug Ella, but that would have spoilt it.

I gave Ella a couple of minutes to recover while I thanked the participants for their help. I then told Ella to get on the floor on her knees and told the students to line-up in front of her.

Ella reached forward and slowly unzipped the first boy. She put her hand in and released his cock. She looked at me then opened her mouth.

The 3 guys were in the front of the queue and each one of them had Ella gagging.
Each one of them pulled out at the last minute and shot their load over her face.

After the third one, Ella looked up and saw one of the girls. She looked over to me and I motioned for her to get on with it. I told the girl to lay back on the table so that it would be more entertaining for everyone.

Ella got up and went to her. She lifted her skirt and pulled her thong down and off. The girl was shaved bald; and wet. Ella threw the thong towards where the boys were standing.

I told Ella to stand back a bit then bend forward at her waist. The boys behind her had a great view of her assets as she got to work with her mouth on the girl.

It didn’t take long for the girls to start moaning, jerking and cumming. She had a big grin on her face when she sat up, got off the table and pulled her skirt down.

The other girl was wearing jeans. When I waved her over to Ella, Ella undid them and pulled them right down. She wasn’t wearing any knickers and she too was shaved bald. Instead of getting on the table, the girl sat on the floor and pulled her jeans off. Without being asked, she pulled her top off revealing that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

The girl lay back, opened her legs and smiled at Ella.

Ella got into the 69 position and they both gave us good show, bringing each other to an orgasm.

When they finished, the girl stood up and got dressed.

I bet that Ella thought that her ordeal was over, but I looked at the 2 boys and 1 girl that hadn’t taken part. I turned to Ella and told her to thank them for being a good audience.

Ella didn’t waste any time in unzipping the 2 boys and giving them a blow-job. Both these boys held onto Ella’s head and made her swallow. When it came to the girl’s turn she refused to take part. Her loss.

Again, Ella looked as if she thought her ordeal was over, but again it wasn’t. I told her to get back on the table and spread wide.

I then picked up the plastic bag that I’d brought and pulled out a vibe. I gave it to the nearest young man and told him to use it on her ass and pussy. Ella had a surprised look on her face.

The student switched the vibe on and rubbed Ella’s pussy with it. He then pushed it into her and moved it in and out. As usual with most men, he completely ignored her clit so I told the girl student who had given Ella a 69 to rub Ella’s clit.

She came over and did. That extra stimulation quickly brought Ella to her climax.

It still wasn’t over for Ella. I put the vibe back in the bag and pulled out the big double ended rubber dildo that we got in Ibiza. I gave it to another young man and told him to put one end into Ella’s ass.

Ella wasn’t expecting that and her jaw dropped; but she didn’t say anything.

The boy had the sense to rub the end on her pussy to get it wet before slowly easing it into Ella’s backside. As he did, Ella moaned and gasped. When it was a good 6 inches in I told him to stop and leave it in. I picked another one of the boys and told him to bend the dildo and push the other end in her pussy. That got Ella moaning a lot more, but she didn’t cum.

Most of the foot long dildo was now inside Ella’s 2 holes.

That was where I wanted to end Ella’s second hazing so I told her to get up and I gave Ella her clothes. As she was putting them on I thanked the students for their help, and we left with Ella still firmly plugged.

As we walked away, Ella asked me how long she had to keep the dildo inside her. I told her to ask me again when we were in her room. She did look quite uncomfortable walking along like that, but she didn’t complain.

Back in her room I told her to strip and lay down on her bed. I extracted the dildo and gave her a 69. Afterwards I looked out of the window and saw the telescope, and a shadow behind it.

While we were laying there I asked her how she felt. She told me that both her backside and her jaw were quite sore. She asked if she had passed her hazing, and how many more she had to do. I told her that we’d wait for her report and then take it from there.

I told her to get some sleep and left.

NEWPS applications
We had 23 emails showing interest in joining NEWPS. All attached photos in a variety of swimwear or nude. 21 then replied with completed questionnaires.

The breakdown of these was: -

Do you prefer to work in a team, or on your own? Team - 12 Own - 3 Both - 6

Do you consider yourself to be outgoing? Yes - 17 No - 4

Do you like helping other people? Yes – 21

Do you smoke? Yes – 5 No - 16


Select your preference in each of the following groups: -

Dress 6
Skirt and Top 7
Trousers / Jeans 8

Full length Skirts 2
Mini Skirts 14
Micro Skirts 5

Tights 4
Hold-ups 10
Stockings and Suspender Belt 1
Bare Legs 6

Pyjamas 1
Nightie 1
Baby Doll 1
Bra and Knickers 4
Knickers only 6
Nude 8

Bra 12
No Bra 9

Full knickers 0
Bikini Knickers 5
Thongs 11
Commando 5
One piece Swimsuit 1
Bikini 10
Bikini Bottoms only 6
Nude Swimming 4

Pubic Hair
Full Pubic Hair 0
Trimmed Unshaped 2
Trimmed Shaped 4
Landing Strip 4
Fully Shaved 11

Sexual Orientation
Straight 11
Lesbian 4
Bi 6
Nun 0

Sexual Activity
Virgin 2
Frequently Activity 17
Occasionally Activity 2

Masturbation Frequency
Daily 12
Weekly 5
Less than Weekly 4


What is the highest number of orgasms that you have had in one session?
1 - 14 2 - 4 3 - 2 5 - 1

Have you ever gone out in a short skirt with no underwear? Yes – 16 No - 5

Have you ever been Naked in Public? Yes – 4 No - 17

Have you ever been gangbanged? Yes – 1 No - 20

Would you like to be gangbanged? Yes – 18 No - 3


Automatically rejected were: -

5 Because they were obviously overweight
5 Because they smoked
2 Virgins
1 One piece swimsuit
8 Trousers / Jeans preference

We selected 5 who we all liked their answers and photographs. There wasn’t much logic to our selection, just our feelings. I have to confess that Ben had a lot of say on this and that he spent ages looking at the photos, especially the 4 nude ones and the 6 topless ones. He even saved the attachments and zoomed in on their interesting bits. He pointed out a birth mark right at the top of the inside of one girl’s leg.

Now we’ve got to work out how we can haze them.

I got a job
As most of you will know, money is a problem for students, unless mummy or daddy is loaded. Well, my parents aren’t so money is a problem. The UK has this crazy student loan system that leaves students owing the government huge amounts of money for the rest of their lives. I had decided years ago that I don’t like debt and would do everything and anything to keep my debts to a minimum.

Anyway, I saw this ad for a sort of ‘Girl Friday’ to help in an office in town a couple of days a week. It said that the hours were flexible so I hoped that it could fit in with my lectures and lab work. The ad gave the companies name so I looked them up and found that they were just a short bus ride away. I went straight down there. They are in a smallish office block and have one end of a floor. There is a locked door that keeps unwanted people out.

I rang the bell and was met by this thirty something guy who told me that they’d already interviewed a few girls and had selected one who they were going to offer the job to. I was pissed, and must have looked it.

I don’t know if it was pity, or my short skirt and bare legs, but he offered to interview me anyway. He said that I might be able to impress him. He took me to his office and we sat on sofas either side of a coffee table.

Okay, I took advantage of him being a red-blooded male. I did the old crossing and uncrossing of my legs a few times. I could see him looking up my short skirt. So what? A girl’s got to use her assets.

He told me that the job was a sort of secretary cum office junior for the 5 men that worked there. They’d already got a woman that worked 4 hours each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but they needed someone for 8 hours spread over Thursday and Friday. It could be 4 hours Thursday and 4 on Friday, or 8 on either day. I asked him if it had to be the same each week and he told that as long as I put the 8 hours in each week it could be whenever I wanted. That would suit me.

The interview went well and at the end he told me that he thought I was very capable of doing the job. I asked him if there was anything that I could do to help him change his mind about the other girl. He looked me up and down, and without thinking I said, “What if I worked naked?” He looked stunned and was silent for about 30 seconds. Then he said, “That could work, I’ll let you know.”

I left the place thinking ‘what the fuck have I possibly let myself in for?’ The thought of working with 5 men while naked got my juices running, but I was a bit scared.

Things got worse later when I got a phone call offering me the job. I started the next Thursday.

I told Katie and Ben. Ben told me to be careful, while Katie said that it sounded fun and that she was jealous.

On the bus the next Thursday I was so nervous, but at the same time I left a wet patch on the seat. I was thinking, should I strip off before I went in or wait until I was told to do so? Should I get totally naked or should I leave my heels on? Where could I leave my clothes? Will I be expected to give them all blow jobs? Will they expect to fuck me? Will I become the ‘office bike’? What if they get visitors? Will I be expected to fuck them as well?

To say that I was nearly bricking it as I went in was an understatement.

Straight away, Bob took me into his office and offered me a coffee. While we were drinking it he told me more about the business and what I would be expected to do. All the time I was wondering if I should just stand up and remove my skirt and top (which was all that I had on – except for heels). I was confused.

Bob then took me to meet the others. None of them looked as though they expected me to be naked. They were all quite nice actually. Bob showed me the desk that I could use.

We went back to Bob’s office and as we walked in he started to say that there was one thing that we needed to get sorted out straight away. I just knew that was my cue to strip, so I did. I pulled my top over my head in one go and started unfastening my skirt. Bob had gone all silent and was staring at me. He watched me drop my skirt, step out of it and pick it up. I held my top and skirt and asked where I should put them.

Bob eventually found his voice and said, “I really didn’t expect you to work naked. I just took your comment to mean that you were desperate for work.” After a pause he continued, “But now that you are naked, and look comfortable being naked, perhaps we can take you at your word. Stay like that, you look good. I’m sure that productivity will improve as well. Let’s go and tell the guys. You can leave your clothes in your desk.”

As we entered the main office Bob announced, “Gentlemen, Amy wasn’t joking when she said that she would work naked, here she is. Please don’t put the company into a position of having to defend a sexual harassment case.”

Work had stopped and all 4 were staring at me. I felt a tingle in my pussy.

Joe broke the spell by saying, “Welcome again naked Amy. I’m sure that we’ll all be happy with you working here.”

My duties are what you would expect for a secretary cum office junior; and I have to go to each of the guys often. At first it seemed strange being naked next to working, clothed men, and a couple of them were embarrassed at first, but we all got used to it quite quickly.

Just before I was due to finish for the day Bob called me into his office and told me to sit down. He asked me how my first day had been and if I’d had any problems. I told him that my first day had been great. I was comfortable with what I had been asked to do and was sure that I would be happy there. Everyone had been perfect gentlemen. I didn’t tell him that I’d had to go to the toilet and frig myself to orgasm twice.

Bob then told me that I would get a 50% pay rise if I wore the same clothes every time I was there. I asked him if I could change my shoes occasionally. He smiled as he said, “Okay.”

I went back to my desk and got dressed with 4 men watching me.

I’d only worked 4 hours that morning and had to go back to work the other 4 on the Friday afternoon. When I got there I went straight to my desk and stripped with 4 pairs of eyes watching me.

I have to say that working there naked with 5 men is such a turn-on for me, but they take it all in their stride. Okay, they watch me a lot but none of them has tried to touch me or make any suggestive comments. I’m almost disappointed.

To be continued…….

Amy.Exhib at Hotmail co uk

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