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swati dreamed of an ideal man.poor stupid girl.....
Swati's Crush-ed
(by Pandorius999)

They say love happens in heaven. maybe, but it's definitely made on earth, and by humans. humans who aren't angels, not by a long shot. But I guess girls at 18 like to think that way. Swati definitely did, and paid the price for it.

But first let me describe her. Imagine a 5'4 girl, weighing a shade under 55kg, slim and by most boys, beautiful. Problem was, she was not very rich, and as is usual for the middle of middle class families, not exactly liberal either.

So she came to college in salwar kameez, a dupatta doing it's best to hide her ample cleavage. Her father dropped her off in a scooter and she went home in an auto owned by her brother in law. Understandably, her love life was confined to Shah Rukh posters hidden in the closet.

Problem was, Swati wanted to be like the rich girls, going around in big cars with boys who seemed always high. She had her admirers, boys of her age and class, but she wanted more. She dreamed of discos, drinks and 'da' life. And that's what ruined her.

In her class was a boy, named Rishi, called Ricky, who came in a bike double the size of the scooter, and made it a point to leer at her when her dad looked his way. But Swati didn't mind, she found him sexy. She wanted him, desperately.

However, leers apart, Rick was never quite interested in her, he had better babes. Tina for one had a bigger butt, and Payal had a rack to die for. Both were his ongoing gf s, and both were blissfully unaware of each other. That is, until Swati found entered the scene

one day, at the end of their second semester, Tina saw Swati talking to Payal, who was in another class, but seemed to hover around her bf too much. Suspecting them of bitching, she moved closer unseen. Soon she could hear their voices.

Payal : You seem to like my bf. but don't go chasing him. i can be a mean bitch.

Swati : your bf? i have no idea. The only boy in class i talk to is rick.....

Payal : you stupid girl. Rick IS my bf. Don't you know anything?

Swati : Oh! I never knew. S...sorry.

Swati was devastated, but behind the two, tina was equally so. She wanted to confront Payal, but bided her time. She stayed back after College, and as she passed the parking lot, she saw rick chatting with payal, his hand openly groping her tit.

Tina couldn't control her any longer. She rushed at the two, and ripped Payal away from Rick. Rick was stunned. Tina was supposed to be in dance class. the two girls looked at each other, and as if by telepathy, slapped him together. Before he could say anything, they were walking away.

Rick knew a lost cause when he saw one. This would wreck his reputation with the girls. He had to know how they found out. It didn't take long, the info coming on a platter.

Swati met him next day, telling him how sorry she was , she didn't know he had a girlfriend. a little grilling Brought out that Tina had eavesdropped. Rick was pissed. He wasn't the type to go without revenge, but on whom?

Somehow, his brain hit upon Swati. If Swati hadn't been talking to Payal, she wouldn't have stayed on, and attracted Tina's attention. Now to plan for revenge.

Swati found Rick unusually responsive to her long winded tales of her favorite shows and shoes. She liked it. So what if he had a bf, he liked her didn't he? She went on talking, unaware of Rick's thoughts.

That day, Rick sat away from Tina and the gang. No doubt, Tina was already ratting on him. So, when he left, he was alone. He decided to put his plan into action.

Hailing Swati as she headed for the gate, he called her aside. Swati was never late, so she wanted it to be quick. pulling her into a shady spot, he wrapped his gym toned arms around her. Swati was surprised. never having been embraced by a man save her dad.

Rick could sense her heart beating fast. She was making no attempt to pull away. Good. He had to admit, she had curves, though they were more hidden than El Dorado. Not for long.

Holding her in position, he slowly dragged the zipper of her salwar down, till her bra clasp and back were clearly visible. The cool march air made her realize her state, but she didn't want to be a prude, not right now. This was her chance to prove she too had s body.

Rick realized further exposure would need her cooperation. so he pulled away, and with a casanova smile,pulled her lips onto his. They were unusually rough for a girl, thought rick, vut what the heck. Better than nothing.

Swati soom found herself in a passionate kiss. She had never kissed, but she found he was a pro, and she simply went along. By now she truly believed that he loved her, why and how didn't matter. As long as she had him.

Rick sucked in the warm saliva of the girl, wondering how this one tasted of paan, the earlier girls had tasted chocolate. Their tongues entwined, hers desperate for his foreplay, as he expertly manipulated hers to their mutual pleasure.

Finally they parted. Swati was getting late, and said so. Rick ignored her, and proceeded to her neck, plundering her with soft kisses which he knew every woman loved. He would begin with a gentle nip on her earlobe, down the side of her neck, and then to the front and back. he felt her tonsils throb as she became excited. from his vantage point he saw her cleavage but resisted the urge to squash them.

Swati didn't want to stop anymore. She was in a different haven, enjoying the warm wet lips on her neck, stroking his hair as he went about her neck. Eventually, she felt safe (or aroused) enough to take his hand and place it on her breast.

This was the signal rick needed. pretending to be surprised, he savoured the gentle curve of the gland, cupping it in his hand as he kept up the kissing. His fingers expanded, taking in the entire tit, before clamping down on the gland, drawing a moan from Swati.

Just then, however, they heard a pair of shears at work near where they were. hastily, swati pulled up her zipper and got up. Rick knew the moment was lost, but asked her if she was free in the evening. she blurted yes. he asked her to come to his farmhouse at the edge of town. he'd pick her up from Mission Chowk. She agreed, and he let jer run to the gate, where an agitated father was asking where his daughter could be.

Swati was almost thrashed at home, but was able to persuade her parents to let her go to a friend's place after tuition. Swati was normally punctual, and her parents trusted her.

Swati however had other plans. She eagerly awaited the evening. She chose her sexiest lingerie for him but dressed normally over. At the designated time, a tinted SUV drove up, and she saw him come out. He took her to the car and it drove off.

once inside, she saw that he didn't seem as excited to see her. he simply wrapped his hand around her slim shoulders and sat smoking, listening to rock.

she had expected more excitement. after some time, she could no longer control herslef, and moved closer kissing him. he didn't respond. getting annoyed, she gently pulled his face towards her, and was shocked to see his expression.

Rick had her where he wanted. There was no need to pretend being nice. Disposing of the cig, he grabbed her head and smooched her roughly, taking care to bite her lips. They tasted better with the salty taste of her blood. He rougly shoved his tongue into her face, licking her inner walls as she struggled to adjust.

He loved the way she struggled futilely against him. he kept a firm grip on her head, using her soft hair to hold her in position. his free hand grabbed her mehendi clad hands and pushed them behind her. he then pushed her on her back on the seat trapping her hands underneath her.

so immobilized swati begged him to stop, telling him how she loved him so. he didn't care. raising her dupatta, he grabbed the breasts, squeezing them roughly as she began to cry. rick realized her rack was larger than Payal s and natural too. she was a good catch.

the car had reached the farmhouse. when it stopped, rick opened the door, dragging swati by her hair out of the car. she fell over, and was dragged inside. he threw her onto a sofa, and climbed on top.

this time, he wasn't so caring about her clothes. when he was done, she wouldn't need them anymore. swati saw a blade begin slicing her salwar in half. her pink lace bra became visible. rick ripped it till her navel, parting the cloth to reveal her boobs in full glory.

rick now took out his penis, a 9" pole, which he began rubbing over her breasts, drenching the cloth in pre cum. finally, he raised her bra base and shoved his dick in between her boobs.

It felt like he was in a soft tunnel, her tits pressing into his dick from both sides as they tried to accomodate the extra meat. from her face, he could tell Swati had never seen anything like this, it was totally new for

Rick now grabbed both boobs by the side and pressed them together, seeing them form big mounds at the centre as he felt the tightness grow. moving into a better position, he began to saw in and out of her bra. the baseband rubbed his dick, but hr knew the real pain was swati's.

Swati had never thought boobs could be used this way. she now felt his penis rub between her tender breasts, making them sore soon. She knew he found it sexy, but she definitely didn't find being rubbed by a cock on the chest sexy. But her attention was soon diverted.

Rick could see Swati was getting into the passive survival mode . but he wanted her to cry, not just lie there like in a boring movie. He felt the surface of her tits till he found her nipples, pushing out slightly from the convex surface.

keeping up the motion, he rubbed them till they hard, and then pinched them cruelly. the reaction was gratifying . swati jumped like an electric shock had stung her, and as he kept on repeatedly pinching her nubs, she started crying.

Rick felt his cum starting to build up. The sight of Swatis tears, the feel of her soft tits against his cock and the jerks she gave everytime her nipples got attention pushed him over the edge. pressing her melons like pillows into the centre, he came all over her chest and chin, loving the way the cum seemed to sprout out of her tits. The fun had just begun.

Swati hated the sticky smelly saline that now coated her neck and chin. She felt him pull out, hoping that it'll be the end of his wilder dreams. However, from her flat position she saw his cock move forward, until it occupied the centre of her vision. she felt her lips being parted by sticky salty fingers, and the knob being rubbed all over her lips, until it had exchanged its white liquid for her lipstick.

Rick laughed as he ran the member all over her face, taking away lipstick eyeshadow and mascara as it moved along. He wished he could give such a facial to every female who wore makeup for men.

having exhausted the attractions of her upper body, he moved south. her remaining clothing was soon gone, and swati made a vain attempt at closing her legs. rick merely placed his cig on a tit, and her struggling ended. so much for female resistance, he thought.

her vagina looked uncared for, the gash almost totally obscured by hair. rick decided to solve it. From chemistry class, he knew of a dilute organic compound that, when applied, had taken away his friend's hair. luckily, he had some for a project.

making the right solution, he hrld up the oily substance to her face. her eyes widened. he then slowly began pouring it around her labia. swati began to rock her body burning from the liquid, which to her seemed acid.

taking a spatula, he slowly spread around the liquid, increasing the burning pain. worse for her, he didn't spare her lips which were soon shiny red. rick allowed the liquid to settle.

in the meantime he used the spatula to smack her tits and vagina, enjoying her pathetic yelps, just like a bitch in heat. her body was soon becoming the colour of her pussy. rick now used the spatula to wipe away the hair, pinching the supple flesh. his dick was hard again.

spreading her cunt lips, he decided to go for it. swati couldn't believe what was happening to her. she was going to be brutally banged by a rapist. she tried desperately to stop him, but the cig dissuaded her.

her legs were now open, her vagina obscenely spread for a man who wasn't married to her. she felt him fingering her snatch, parting her. worse, the intruders made her moisten to reduce the friction.

rick saw juice on his fingers and knew he was getting the effect he desired. once he was satisfied, he began pushing in. he was amused to see her tears. guess she wanted a romantic encounter, he thought, the stupid bitch!

Swati felt her defloration approach. suddenly, she felt a sharp pain, and knew her Hymen was history. he kept pushing in, not caring for such minor obstacles. he went on till he hit a harder obstacle, her cervix. he was in now, time to ride her.

Swati knew he was pulling out, her shocked cunt muscles getting temporary relief. it was brief. this time he pushed in with devastating speed, ripping her muscles apart. and the process repeated, till the rubbing of her clit dulled the pain somewhat.

Rick kept up the pace once he got to it. her tits, still with the bra, came in as handles, as he brutalized her. he loved the way she rocked with every thrust, like he was reaming her into her head. he ripped off the bra, and used her tits as squeezing bags, his fingers making deep marks in the ample flesh. he grabbed her head, and made her look at him. she was made to thank him with each thrust, her legs wrapped comfortably around his waist, comfy for him that is.

he now changed position, sitting down while she rode him. he loved the way her tits bounced, and took to making her hold them up like a whore as she rode him. he began biting her neck, reminding her of the kisses she'd gotten, almost a world apart it seemed. he bit down hard, tasting her blood as he came.

To emphasize her uselessness, he pushed her off like a condom once he was done. getting up, he got a beer and sat down to watch tv, using swati as a footrest. swati just lay there, wondering how she could have been so wrong, what her life would be from now on.

rick got up, and landed a few goid hard kicks till he heard something crack. calling his maid, he asked her to dress her up and throw her out.

Swati returned in time, but her parents were shocked nonetheless. she had gone out in a salwar kameez and came home in a miniskirt. a closer inspection revealed no underwear. and a white liquid oozing from her genitals.

Nobody ever heard of her again. some say she was married off. others say a pregnant girl joined a local red light area soon after. and i heard one guy say that there apoeared in the stable of one farmhouse, a horse which looked remarkably like a woman......

[ all characters in this story are fictitious and this is a work of fantasy. the author takes no responsibility for any similarities. further, the author does not condone rape in real life. this is a story and nothing else. if anyone thinks otherwise, go see a doc]

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This is an amazing story, it made me so wet. Keep up the good work :)

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