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Daddy was happier with my last effort although he still refuses to let me have sex because of the previous post. I haven’t had sex now for about 4 weeks and my balls are so sore but I have managed once or twice to spunk whilst in the shower to relieve the pain. Daddy wont be happy but I hope that he will relent and allow me once more to join in the fun.
Dear Diary- We were all utterly spent and Nigel showed mum and myself to a stateroom where we found a lovely bed and a table arranged with a meal and drinks and Nigel told us to have a shower, a nice sleep and we would continue tomorrow where we had left off tonight. Mum and I sat down and had the meal and a few drinks then a nice hot shower where we washed each other and then we tried the bed out and although it was an opportunity once again to be alone I was too tired and we both fell asleep in each others arms.
Next morning we were woken by a tap at the door and one of the men from the night before was there with a breakfast tray which he placed on the table and removed the last nights dishes and empty wine bottles. This in itself was not unusual but the unusual thing was that all pretence at modesty had gone out the window as he was totally naked and his cock was up and ready to go but we dismissed him and had a leisurely breakfast and noticed that on the tray were two envelopes with man and woman written in ink on them and when we opened them we found that mine had a yellow coloured pill and mum’s a pink pill with a note to take this before we finished breakfast so we both took the pills and then had another shower and used the provided makeup and accoutrements to make ourselves as presentable as possible seeing we only had our high heels to wear and mum produced my ball stretcher for me to wear with the weights to hang from it..
The pills were having an effect on me as my face felt red and I could feel the blood pounding in my veins and asked mum how she was and she said that she was the same although she did have a slight headache but nothing the worry about. We made our way up to the main stateroom and were greeted to the sight of Nigel and Rhonda and the other men all nude with the men have hard ons and my cock was starting to harden as I walked and I surmised that the pills we had taken were somehow related to this. On the table in the middle of the room was a box that I noticed had toys of all different types and I realised that these would be used extensively today on mum and I and hopefully Rhonda and Nigel as well. We greeted those assembled and amused ourselves looking at the variety of toys that were available.
Rhonda was fascinated by the ball stretcher and came over and cupped my balls and gave them a squeeze before going and finding a lead to replace the weights and led me around like a trained puppy. She really liked stretching my balls to their maximum and when Nigel told mum and I to get on our hands and knees Rhonda replaced the weights and added whatever she could find to add to them causing me some pain but a familiar and enjoyed pain and them Nigel told us to get arse to arse and we would be the first to take advantage of the goodies on offer. I felt a hand at my arse rubbing lube into it and a finger or two entering to make sure I was well lubricated and then I was shown a butt plug of an unusual design that Nigel said would be used on me and mum. It looked like and ordinary butt plug with a pointy end tapering up to a thick shoulder and then down to a smaller handle, but the difference was that this was a double butt plug that had one at each end and I realised that I was to be impaled on one end and mum the other.
As the butt plug wasn’t that big I wasn’t worried as it was worked into my arse until my sphincter closed over the fat end and onto the handle effectively sealing it in me and I felt my mum’s arse touching mine as she was backed onto her end. This was child’s play until I felt the butt plug getting bigger in my arse and looking back over my shoulder saw Nigel with a bike pump attached to the handle of the plugs pumping both ends up and I found that I couldn’t for the life of me pull it out and I assumed mum was the same. There we were, completely locked together like dogs in heat and waiting for the knot to go down. Nigel seemed satisfied with his handiwork and took his place in front of mum and presented his cock to her to be sucked and she started to suck him as on e of the men moved in front of me and shoved his cock into my mouth and proceeded to suck him and throat him. Rhonda in the meantime moved under me and took my cock into her mouth and practiced her new deep throating prowess to good effect and pulled on my balls to increase the pain and pleasure whilst one of the men shoved his cock into her cunt and fucked her. It didn’t take Nigel long to spunk in mums mouth and he moved aside as another man took his place and I then finished the one I was sucking and he was also replaced and the sucking continued. I finally came in Rhonda’s mouth and she moved up from under me and gave Nigel a passionate kiss and I saw spunk dribbling from her mouth as she gave him a taste of my seed. After all the men had cum mum and I were left locked together whilst the men concentrated on Rhonda and at one stage I saw her being fucked in the arse and cunt and mouth at the same time whilst Nigel looked on and was sucked by one of the spare men.
As there was another man who had a cock that wasn’t being used he walked up behind Nigel and ran his cock between Nigel’s legs and then inserted his knob in Nigel’s arse. Nigel was startled at first but soon became used to the knob in him and slowly started to back into the cock until it was fully housed in his arse and as he moved forward again his cock slipped into the mans throat that was sucking him and Nigel increased the tempo until he was being fucked at quite a speed. The man sucking him deep throated him and Nigel came very quickly and pulled his cock from the mans mouth and bent over to allow the man fucking his arse better access and deeper penetration.
This was all the man needed and really started to fuck Nigel with a vengeance and I could hear the whimper and groans as the cock invaded Nigel’s to then virgin arse and with a roar the man flooded the arse with a load of spunk and kept thrusting until his cock took on the consistency of jello and slipped out and a stream of spunk followed. Nigel slumped to the floor on his hands and knees and one the men fucking Rhonda moved behind him and in one movement shoved his cock right up into his arse and continued Nigel’s initiation into arse fucking.
Mum and I in the meantime were still locked together and were being used to clean the cocks as they come out of one orifice and into another until Rhonda after being filled in every hole several times took pity on us and released the valve and the butt plug reduced in size to allow us to part. I was sore as I’m sure was mum and I immediately took over from the man fucking Nigel’s arse and shoved my cock into him and just pounded him like a dirty slut. As I had only just come I knew it would take some time to come again and fucked Nigel until he pleaded with me to cum ad relieve the heat that I was creating in his arse so I came into him and flooded his arse but kept on going until I had pushed all the spunk well up into his bowels before pulling out and making him suck my slippery cock clean.
It was only early but we all needed a rest so we just relaxed on the couches and together just holding a cock here of fingering and cunt there and not really doing much else for a while even to the point of falling asleep for a few minutes whilst our bodies and the pills recuperated us. The rest stretched on a lot longer than anticipated but was well worth it and what everybody needed. We all parted and went to our staterooms and showered and did our makeup and then returned to the main stateroom to be met with a sumptuous spread with copious amounts of wine and we partook of this feast before settling in on the couches between the men and starting a bit of foreplay, nothing much just the odd stoke of a cock here or squeeze of a sack or a finger being slid into a cunt or an arse as we lazily built up the sexual tension and it wasn’t long before cocks were being taken into mouths, cunts licked and sucked but all very slowly as to make this our last session with these lovely people last. There was a sense that after this most of these people would revert to their other personas of good employers and employees and that never the twain would meet again.
Rhonda was slowly y sucking my cock when Nigel decided he wanted to fuck her arse so she widened her legs and Nigel forced his cock up her to the hilt and she had no chose but to take my cock into her throat which caused her to gag a bit but she soon relaxed and Nigel and I fucked her from both ends until Nigel came in her and pulled out. His position was immediately taken by one of the men present and he shoved his cock in one go as her arse was well lubricated with Nigel’s spunk. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and moved aside as another of the men took my place and preceded to throat fuck Rhonda whist his mate fucked her arse.
Mum in the meantime was slowly sucking the man with the biggest cock and when he was fully hard she stopped turned her back to him and lowered herself down on his cock as it penetrated her arse and I took the opportunity to shove my cock into her cunt and we then fucked her holes with me feeling his knob rubbing against my cock through the thin membrane as he withdrew and then plunged back again into her bowels. Suddenly I felt a cock at my arse and I felt the knob enter and the long shaft follow so I stopped moving in mum and allowed the man in my arse to move and I relied on the movement of the cock in mum’s arse to stimulate me to orgasm. It was like his cock was masturbating me and the added enjoyment of being arse fucked caused me to spunk into mums cunt with stream after stream of lovely hot sticky cum and this was the trigger for the man fucking her arse to also cum and I could feel his cock jerking and throbbing as he filled her arse.
Mum just relaxed onto him and allowed the softening cocks to stay lodged in her until the man fucking me came in my arse and pulled out which allowed my cock to be released from her cunt and she lifted and the other cock plopped out of her arse followed by a stream of spunk which I licked off the cock and balls that were covered in cum. Mum’s cunt also needed a good clean and I volunteered but Nigel beat me too it and really got stuck into cleaner her right out. As for myself my arse was leaking sperm so I walked over to Rhonda, pushed the man away that was having his cock sucked and presented her with my arse to clean whilst I continued to suck the man I had replaced until he came and I turned around and gave Rhonda a kiss and let the cum that I had just sucked out of the cock dribble into her mouth so she could taste his spunk.
Nigel then suggested that mum and I be used and abused for the rest of the day until the boat arrived back at its moorings and that we would see who could take the most cocks in their respective holes before crying uncle. Mum was first up and she was made to sit on Nigel’s lap and his cock was placed in her arse and she then leaned back and one of the men came forward and pushed his cock in beside Nigel’s. Not to be beaten I got the bloke with the large cock to sit on a couch and I lowered myself down onto his cock as it went up my arse and when fully imbedded I leaned back and one of the men moved forward and shoved hid cock in beside it. I then motioned one of the others to come over and stand on the couch and feed his cock into my mouth and mum did the same for the last man and there we were two cum sluts filled to the brim with cocks and loving every minute of it. because movement was a bit confined the man in my mouth came first and then the two in my arse started to move a bit freer and it want long before ht combined tightness and friction caused both men to cum in me almost simultaneously.
Mum wasn’t far behind and we just lay there and savoured the feeling of being full of cock and spunk until one by one the men pulled out and the spunk started to flow. Rhonda got down on her hands ands knees and started to lick my mothers cunt and arse as the cum dribbled from her and I just lay back and enjoyed the feeling of hot cum in my arse slowly leaking out onto the couch until Rhonda moved from mum to myself and cleaned me out. Whilst she was licking my arse Nigel moved behind his partner and shoved his cock into her cunt and fucked her until he came and then ordered mum to clean his cock and Rhonda’s cunt which mum did with a great deal of pleasure.
I hadn’t noticed but two of the men had erected a sling type arrangement onto the ceiling of the stateroom and another two grabbed me and carried me towards it. I recognised the apparatus as it was similar to one I had been strapped to before but this time I was strapped face down with my hands tied underneath and my legs tied straight out as though I was doing the splits. I was really uncomfortable but didn’t have much time to muse over my predicament as one man moved in front of me and shoved his cock into my mouth and I felt another man shoving his cock into my arse. When both men were fully inserted into me they pulled back about 3 inches and then grabbing the supports of the harness caused me to rock backwards and forwards thereby taking in one cock at a time into either my throat or my arse. The men just stood there as I actually fucked them although I had no means of self propulsion. This went on for some time before the man in my arse spunked into me and his place was taken by another and so it went on, one man spunking into both orifices and then being replaced by another so I was constantly being double fucked without pause.
Mum lay under the sling and as each man spunked and as from me some escaped mums body was becoming covered in lovely creamy spunk which she scooped up with her fingers and licked off like her life depended on it. Rhonda in the meantime had been busy and attached a bungee type rope to my ball stretcher and anchored it to something out of eye line but the effect was that as I went forward the rope would stretched my balls further and then release somewhat when I came back.
It felt like every time I moved forward my balls would be ripped out of my sack but the main effect was to make my cock so hard that it felt like it would burst. After I had been fucked in the arse and mouth by all the men and received I don’t know how many loads of cum I was left dangling in the harness and I felt a mouth on my cock as mum took me into her mouth and sucked me into her throat. Rhonda saw this and got a huge dildo out of the box of toys and shoved it up my well lubricated arse and fucked me as mum sucked and it wasn’t long before I felt that tingling in my balls as the spunk started to rise and then shot out of my cock into mum’s mouth and throat and I emptied my load as Rhonda increased the speed of the arse fucking and when I has finished cumming just stopped fucking me and left the dildo in my arse as we all relaxed and recuperated.
Rhonda moved over to mum and helped clean her body and before long they were engaged in a great cunt lapping show for us all with their legs splayed as open as possible and tongues and fingers working on each other cunts and arses as they tried to bring each other to orgasm. Mum was the most talented at this and Rhonda soon let out a cry, her body stiffened and she clamped my mothers head between her thighs as she went over the edge and I saw her squirt into my mum’s mouth and onto her face. She soon relaxed and mum lay back and enjoyed the sensation of a soft tongue on her cunt and arse until she too came and both women just lay there entwined in each other limbs.
This little show has certainly had its effects on the men present, as well as the pills provided and each and every man was fully erect and looking for a hole to fill. As the women were still recovering from their exertions I was the logical target and the dildo was removed from my arse and I was released from my bonds and carried over and placed onto a cock of one of the men who was sitting on the couch whilst another got in between my legs which were being held high and placed his cock beside the mans cock in my arse. Both men pushed and there I was again with two cocks in me and the feeling was great as they started to move in me and I could feel their swollen cocks invading my bowels with every thrust. I noticed a man sitting beside me and when the men in my arse had spunked into me I was immediately raised off the offending cocks and placed on the man that was beside me and the whole process started again until I had drained all their cocks of spunk and I was full to the brim with man juice.
After they had all finished with me I was laid back on the couch with my legs held high and both women crawled across to where I was being held and started to lick my arse and I pushed and allowed the cum to pour from my arse into their eager waiting mouths and soon I was empty and cleaned.
It was almost time for us to leave so we had a snack and a drink or two and it was decided that Nigel and Rhonda be the subject of the next round of fucking and sucking and Nigel was escorted to the harness and placed as I was originally and those with cocks proceeded to roger him in the arse and mouth while Rhonda collected the spunk on her body as mum had with me. After we had all filled him with cum we watched as Rhonda presented her body to him and he licked the remaining spunk off her body. Rhonda was the taken across to the couch and made to sit on a cock which penetrated her arse whilst another in front of her pushed his cock into her cunt and we fucked her until we were all spent and we just collapsed onto the floor or couches wherever we were.
Mum and I, being used to this kind of thing were the first to revive sufficiently to make our way to the rooms and get a shower and dress in some lovely clothes that had been laid out for us and when ready we went back down to the stateroom and thanked all those concerned both for the fucking and the remuneration and as a last gesture I grabbed the dildo that had been stuck in my arse and walked over to Nigel who was still tied onto the harness and pushed it ever so slowly into his arse until only an inch was left and then over to Rhonda and shoved the monster into her cunt and that’s how we left them and were ferried back to the island and to our hotel.
The next day we were checking out and found that our rooms had been paid for and that there was an extra cheque for services rendered and a note thanking us for opening up a new world for both Nigel and Rhonda and that they would be employing more well hung men and well endowed women to run their boat and indulge their fantasies. There was also a open invitation to come on board their boat at any time in the future and that we would be both well rewarded if we did. This extra bonus would make Daddy very happy with his sluts and we settled back for a comfortable flight home and a family reunion.
Dear Diary- We have been back for several weeks and things are great. We had a lovely reunion with Daddy and Tina and the bub and it was a great feeling to once again have Dad’s cock in my arse and mouth and the feeling of fucking Tina again. We didn’t leave the house for two days after we returned because of the rutting and sucking that was taking place and the house smelled of used cum and sex for a week afterwards. Tina’s cunt had returned to normal size after the baby and her habit of dribbling juices everywhere when aroused was still evident by the pools of fluid we found on chairs and other places. Dad in the meantime spent a lot of time with mum but on the odd occasion she wasnt present made a beeline for me and my new tits and would just lie there with his cock in my arse twiddling the nipples and squeezing my new play toys. Sometimes we would have Tina join us and she would impale herself on my cock either in her cunt or her arse whilst Dad was fucking me and we would rock together until we all came and then just lie there enjoying the moment.
We still had clients coming and going and the money we received allowed us to invest in properties in various places and secure our futures which made our decadent lifestyle well worth it. We realised that both mum and Dad would turn the business over to us eventually and retire but his day was a long way off and I was dreading not having mum around to fuck or Dad not being around to fuck me and make me his little cum slut time and time again, something I craved more than anything.
Dear Diary- Tonight should be interesting as both Tina and I are to amused and I suspect be abused, by one of the local football teams. I use the term football so as to not single out any particular code or players in the community. We have been told only that we are to present ourselves at a corner to be picked up in a limo and from there to the party. I’m excited and have trouble containing myself as I know that some of these men are hugely hung as they used to go to the same school as I did before I “changed “ and I often saw them in the shower after the game and even then lusted after their bodies. They have no idea that I was one of the boys and it will be fun to see if they remember or recognise me during the night. I will spend a great deal of time today getting everything right so that I look a million dollars before they find my family jewels. What their reaction will be I can’t say but I’m sure that more than one of them will like to try a bit of man arse and have their cock sucked by a bloke. Tina can’t understand why I am making such an effort but it must be infectious as she was starting to get excited as well as the hour approaches. We spent the morning in the usual routine, showering, makeup, hair etc and then the all important clothes. One thing about being a cum slut is that your clothes don’t seem to last as they often get torn or discarded during the orgies that we attend so we always have to be on the lookout for more and more clothes and they must be horn worthy to.
I decided to wear just a special purple thong that held my cock and balls between my legs, purple stayup stockings and a purple satin full length evening gown with a side split to the hip, no bra as my tits were upstanding and outstanding and my figure was to die for and 5 inch high heel shoes to show off my legs and arse. Tina on the other hand decided on a pink bustier with a quarter cup bra which held her post baby tits high but showed the nipples, a pink split crotch panty and pink stockings over which she wore a sheer pink nylon top and a short pink mini that barely covered her arse and 5 inch high heels.
We presented ourselves to Daddy for final inspection and he was so pleased with what he saw that he allowed me to suck him off before we left which was a treat that made Tina somewhat jealous. Mum drove us to the meeting place and there waiting was a limo and we embarked on our adventure in high spirits. The Limo came equipped with a bar so we partook of several small drinks before we arrived at the venue for tonight’s festivities.

The party was in full swing and we were ushered into the hall amidst cheers and lewd and crude remarks that we made sure we blushed at and before we knew it we were surrounded by these hunks with wandering hands. Most just started off feeling our tits but as we didn’t protest too much they slowly descended until they were feeling our crotches and arses. Because of the special thong I was wearing it was very difficult for them to suss I was a bloke and I moaned and gasped as they tried to finger me. Finally one of the men, the coach who I remembered well called a halt to the proceedings and told the boys to treat us like ladies and get us a drink and some knibblies before the fun began. Tina and I seated ourselves and we had a steady stream of boys plying us with drinks until Tina decided that enough was enough and undid her top to show the boys the goodies that were on offer. One of the boys bent down and took a pierced nipple in his mouth and closed his teeth over the piercing and pulled back stretching Tina’s nipple to twice its normal length before letting go for the next bloke to have a go. Soon both her nipples were being stretched and I could smell her arousal as she dribbled juices onto the seat she was sitting on.
I stood and undid the neck tie that held my dress and dropped the dress at my feet and stood there just in the thong , stockings and shoes and the men alternated between Tina’s nipples and mine and stretched and sucked them until they were sore and tender before Tina stood up, undid her skirt , dropped it and opened her legs for the boys to see her smooth shaven cunt and its glistening lips and suddenly she was the centre of attention as man after man dropped down and licked at her snatch and drank her copious juices. As they each finished I noticed that they were looking at me and started to egg me on to drop my panties so I hooked my thumbs into the sides of them and slowly lowered them until they reached the crotch where I stopped for a moment for full effect and then lowered them slowly again and suddenly my cock was released from its confines and sprang out and my sack dropped and I stepped out of them to stunned silence before a roar started and everyone wanted to touch and fondle my prick and balls which caused my prick to become harder and harder and Tina seeing this bent forward and took it into her mouth and swallowed me down to my pubes in one go all to the cheers and encouragement of the assembled men.
She only sucked me for a minute before she was pulled off my dick and another was shoved in her face for her to suck. I knelt down and fondled the men’s pricks and soon all of them had hard ons and had dropped their trousers or completely stripped and all vestiges of being gentlemen went out the window as they manoeuvred to get either Tina or myself to suck their cocks. They were so horny that it took no time before the first spurts of cum were sliding down Tina and my throats and as one cock finished another was there to take its place and we continued until all the men had cum in one of our mouths. Being young blokes their recuperative times were short and it wasn’t long before boners started to arise once again and Tina and I were placed on our hands and knees, faces together and I felt my arse being lubricated and then a cock being shoved unceremoniously into me to the hilt and saw that Tina had suffered the same fate although I didn’t know whether it was in her cunt or her arse.
The man in my arse decided to give me a pounding and I thrust back at him driving him as far as possible into me until I felt his cock swell and his hot spunk flood my bowels and he withdrew and another cock took his place. Both these cocks were relatively easy to take and I wondered if they had decide to start with the smaller cocks and work up to the big ones as I could see that the men fucking Tina had moderately sized cocks and there were no big ones being used yet. I wasn’t worried as the more spunk that was in my arse the easier it would be to take the huge cocks I know were present. As we were fucked Tina and I occasionally kissed each other swirling our tongues around in each others mouths and savouring the experience.
I was actually wanting the bigger cocks to start fucking me as it had been a while since I had had a huge cock in my arse and I missed the feeling of being completely filled with man meat and then the wonderful sensation of that hot lovely spunk reaching places that hadn’t been probed for ages. I used every trick in the book to get these cocks to spunk quickly, tightening my sphincter as they plunged in, then relaxing to tighten it once again as they pulled back and soon I was awash with creamy spunk and I could feel the cocks getting bigger and bigger as man after man succumbed to my arse ministrations and was replaced by the next one.
The next mans cock was indeed huge and it took some time to get the knob into my arse and he just waited until my sphincter relaxed enough for him to push further and further into me until I could feel his pubic hair tickling my arse cheeks at which time I put my head on the floor and reached behind me to spread the cheeks of my arse even wider so that this massive cock could go even further and he thrust the last bit home and then started to fuck me in long slow stokes, withdrawing almost all of the way out before pushing up me again to the max as I pushed back at him. I was concentrating so much on this lovely cock that it took me a moment to realise that someone was lying under me sucking my cock as I was being fucked and I look back between my legs and saw the coach with my cock firmly embedded in his mouth as he sucked his cheeks in and swirled his tongue around me at the same time and I felt that familiar feeling that one gets when the point of no return is being reached and I shot my spunk into his mouth and to my surprise he sucked harder to get it all and swallow it then released my cock, turned his head towards my face and gave me a wide smile with little bits of cum dribbling from the corners of his mouth which he soon licked off with his tongue.
I didn’t have long to ponder this situation as I felt the huge cock in my arse start to swell and we both pushed so that it was well and truly buried in me and then I felt the rush as the first spurt emptied out into me followed by another and another and another until he slumped forward on my back a lay there completely exhausted and empty. I supported his weight and slowly I felt his cock get softer and it slipped out of my arse followed by so much spunk that it formed a creamy pool between my legs on the floor and I backed up a bit and slowly started to lick the floor clean of all this lovely thick cum. Most of the men had already cum twice in a short period so there was a lull in the proceedings and we were given a couple of drinks and allowed to rest a while and then someone came up with the bright idea of having a competition between myself and Tina to see who could take the biggest thing up their arse. I wasn’t worried as this was what we had been trained for but round solid things were in short supply here so a scavenger hunt was organised whist we waited and just relaxed.
Soon the lads started to come back with an assortment of donger like objects including a small fire extinguisher from a car, a baseball bat, an actual vibrating dildo, which caused the bloke who bought it in some grief from his mates, a Doctors bag complete with instruments from one of the lads who was a Doctor and so many other things it would take too long to list. Most were discarded after a good look and we were left with a small but impressive number of items all guaranteed to cause maximum pain and discomfort for whoever had them inserted in their respective orifices.
We had a speculum from the doctors bag, nice and shiny and deadly looking, the fire extinguisher and baseball bat and a variety of wine bottles with various sized necks and bodies. Before we started we made a safe word so that once uttered the fucking would immediately stop so that neither of us or any other person who wanted to take part would be injured and the boys started to bet on who could take what and how far. Tina was made to lie face down on a row of chairs that had been set up with her legs dangling over the end so her knees were on the ground and I was made to lie on another set of chairs the same way except that I could see what was happening to Tina’s arse and she could see what was happening to mine.
One of the long neck half wine bottles was the first to be used and both Tina and I took it in over half way without any trouble so marks were put on the bottle and the boys bet on how far they would be able to push them up our arses before we called out the safe word. Tina was first cab off the rank and I was amazed that she could take so much up her tiny arse without crying out in pain and giving up as the bottle was pushed further and further into her until only about an inch protruded from her arse hole. The bottle was then transferred to my arse and we came out even as I easily took the bottle to the same mark that Tina did.
Next a full sized long neck wine bottle was inserted in Tina’s arse and pushed in until about three quarters of the way in before she called out and the bottle was duly marked and used on me. Even I had trouble with this one and it took an extra effort to outdo Tina but only by about a half inch. Money changed hands once again and the betting continued as the speculum was bought and inserted into Tina’s arse all the way and then opened out as wide as she could take. When she screamed stop some of the men decided to wank their cocks and deposit their cum into her opened arse and film it with their mobile phones so they lined up in front of Tina and myself to prime them with our mouths before they wanked into her It was interesting to watch as they came and stream after stream was shot from a distance into her arse before the speculum was removed and put in my arse. The opened me up and I stopped them just short of the width that Tina had taken and again more sucking and wanking as spunk was deposited into my arse.
The next was the baseball bat and we reminded the men that this could be very dangerous if misused and awaited out fate. Some one put marks up the shaft from the thick end up and this was introduced into Tina’s spunk lubricated arse and then inch by inch it was pushed into her until she has about 15 inches in her and called Uncle. It was amazing to watch as the baseball bat disappeared into her arse ever so slowly and then to see her there like an icy pole on a stick and I had a fit of the giggles at that thought and when asked told the assembled people my vision and we all had a good laugh, even Tina who was really fucked.
It was then my turn and I was determined to out do Tina and her epic bat fuck but as the bat was pushed further into me I began to wonder until I saw Tina’s eyes widen and knew that it must be in further in than hers was. I let them push it a bit further to make sure before calling out and a round of applause issued forth as the men stared in wonder at the small amount of bat that protruded from my arse. They slowly withdrew it and I must admit that once gotten used to it felt great and they showed me that I had taken it 6 inches further than Tina.
We were allowed up to get the kinks out of our bones and then it was the turn of the fire extinguisher to be bought out. I could see that Tina was alarmed at the thought of this fucker penetrating her arse so I suggested that instead she be allowed to take it in her cunt with the willing help of the men present. It was agreed and they took hold of Tina by the arms and legs and stretched her legs as wide as possible and then bought her to a lone chair in the middle of the room where one man held the extinguisher with the nozzle end down and they lined Tina’s cunt up with the fat end and lowered her down slowly. It was apparent from the start that more lube would be necessary so our handbags were raided to provide the requires tubes and the extinguisher and Tina’s cunt were liberally coated in the lube jelly. The men then lifted Tina again and lowered her down whilst two of the men held her cunt open with their fingers until the fat end just entered her and they removed their hands.
We all waited until Tina was as comfortable as possible with the intruder and then a couple of men put their hands on her shoulders and thighs and pushed her down and the extinguisher went further and further into her until at least half was buried in her cunt. The men lifted her up and carried her around the room showing one and all the monster sticking out of this little girl’s cunt and the trail of liquid that she was leaving was being licked up by the coach as they showed her off. They held her in the air and another bloke came over and pushed on the monster as it started to go even further into her until it reached the end of the main bottle and started to slim down to the nozzle her cunt started to close over the smaller part until all that was left was the nozzle and lever protruding from her cunt lips. They put her down and she waddles around showing one and all her ability to take whatever they had in her cunt. She then started to push and the monster started to eject itself from her cunt like a baby being born and finally with a slurp it feel out and bounced on the floor.
The men cheered and carried on and then they decided that they wanted to examine her cunt and see how tight it was now that it had been invaded so the lay her down again and a finger was introduced to her cunt followed by another and another until the whole hand was inside her and fist fucking her to her delight. The boys quickly got bored with this and then it was my turn and my arse was liberally lubricated and I was lifted similar to the way they had done to Tina and lowered down onto the extinguisher and my arse was pulled open by several other men until the thing went past my sphincter and I was allowed to relax and adjust to this invasion and then I asked to pushed further down and slowly it made its way into me and I could feel my arse stretching like it hadn’t for some time and at one stage I was worried that I would be beaten by Tina’s effort but hen I felt the sphincter closing over the neck and knew that it was fully inside me.
I was lowered to the floor and stood there somewhat bow legged with just the nozzle showing and someone thought it would be a good idea to set the thing off and there I was with a stream of powder shooting out of my arse looking for all intents and purposes like a misshaped rocket or that I had ingested a pound of flour and was farting it out. When the flow had ceased I started to push and slowly my arse gave up the intruder to the cheers of all. By this time all the men had had a good rest and were once again ready for some fucking and who were we to deny them that privilege so we took up positions that made our arse and cocks and cunts accessible to all.
I was left pretty much alone for a few minutes as the men concentrated on Tina and soon had her being fucked in the arse and cunt and mouth at the same time and the men constantly swapped holes to delay their spunking and having to reload so to speak. One of the men came over to me and sucked my cock to full length and then sat on it and I was up to my balls in one of the tough footballers while another sucked his cock. Soon he too impaled himself on that cock and we stared to form a fucking chain with the last man getting his cock sucked before being mounted. It was great until the combined weight of us all caused the chair we were on to collapse and bodies went everywhere accompanied by shouts and laughter.
It was then decided that a new game would be played where half of us would all be on our hands and knees and the other half would fuck our arses for about a half a minute and then move along to the next until the first fucker would get to the end person being fucked and when finished his 30 seconds would get down on his hands and knees at the end on the row and the first one getting arse fucked would then become a fucker and the process would continue until all had spunked and as you spunked you would be out of the game. Some of the men lasted only a short time and a few came whilst being fucked until it was only myself left with a hard on that was starting to ache to be released of its load. Tina had been busy sucking every body’s cocks and moved over to me and deep throated my cock and it was just in time as I unloaded all I had into her sweet mouth and she took it all and then raised herself up and kissed me on the lips and passed some of my sweet tasting spunk to me as we twined tongues together.
My arse was leaking copious amounts of used and creamy spunk as were some of the other people and Tina made it her job to clean each and every arse that needed it and proceeded to lick and suck all those that required cleaning until they were all clean and gleaming. Time had gotten away from us and it was time to go so we collected our clothes and after giving all the guys deep kisses we made our way to the limo and were once again back at the corner waiting for mum to pick us up which she did about a minute after we arrived and we were soon at home relating our story to Dad and mum which made both of them horny and Dad got mum to mount his cock with it in her arse and ride him while they listened. It was soon obvious that Dad and mum had settled in for a right royal night of fucking so Tina and I went to our room, had a shower and an enema, brushed our hair and climbed into bed. The sounds of mum being fucked excited me and I rolled onto Tina and lifting her legs high rammed my cock right up her cunt and fucked her like a demon until I came and we relaxed and fell asleep with my cock still imbedded in her, listening to mum being fucked in the lounge room.


2017-08-12 09:02:23
I loved all 5 of them. I look forward to anything new from you

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2016-10-14 06:18:57
I have read all of your stories and loved every one, but I feel slightly disappointed that there has not been more fisting and double fisting, to really stretch out that slutty whore arse of yours, would li,e to hear about some one maybe wanking off in your loose man cunt, and similar happening to your mum Tina etc, also more water sports please

Ps. Your writing is good but try not to always use the word "AND" so often it will make the stories more fluent

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2012-11-17 17:48:13
I have read all your stories and have enjoyed each one so much that I have cummed to each once at least once wishing I was in your shoes!!!!


2012-05-17 01:53:44
I've read all of your stories, and I love each one of them. Those nay-sayers are just jealous, I honestly envy your life. Tell Daddy that Crescendo thinks you've done a wonderful job, Sweet Pea.

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