Finaly ready for the next step. Setting up for Part 4
From Loney Unfilled to Perverted Slut Part 3.

No sooner had Vincent closed the bathroom door behind him than it hit me like a ton of brinks. “What the hell did I do? Here I am laying in the middle of the washroom nude covered with sweat just having finished being fucked hard in my pussy by my daughter's boyfriend. This had to be some kind of dream. But it couldn't have been a dream. I felt a glow all over my body I had never felt before after Paul had fucked me. I was even thinking fucked instead of having sex. I had to admit the forceful way Vincent had taken me was a turn on. That's when I realized my fingers were pushing into my pussy and rubbing my clit.

Darn I couldn't stay here all evening I thought. I got to get downstairs again. I started to sit up to get up when suddenly the bathroom door opened again. “Fuck it's true. You are waiting for us. I thought Vincent was crazy when he came over and whispered in my ear you were upstair hot to be controled and fucked.” One of the boys from downstairs from the party. I didn't know if he was my daughter Sandra's friends or Vincent's friends.

I looked up at the handsome tall dark haired young man. He looked to be about six feet tall wearing a pair of dress pants and dress shirt and barefooted. He was messaging a lump in the front of his dress pants. Then I noticed I was licking my lips. Wow he looked so hot. “Yea I can see you want me slut. Get over here and take my pants off.” He said.

I crawled over to the hot looking man. I didn't even know his name but wanted him. I looked up as he stripped out of his dress shirt revieling his tanned, brown, smooth muscular chest. I reached up and undid the top of his pants. He looked down on me as I unzipped his pants. His delicius looking at least eight inch cock poped out slapping my cheek. “Suck that dick bitch.” He whispered loudly.

Without a second thought I opened my mouth and took his large cock head into my mouth. Then I felt his large hands on each side of my head as he held it and ramed that cock down my throat. This time I didn't gag like I had with Vincent. His balls slapped against my bottom lip. Then he pulled it out of my mouth until only his cock head was in my mouth and rammed it down my throat again. He did this over and over again. “Fuck that throat was made for cock. I never felt a throat around my cock before. That Vince sure knew how to train that throat of yours.”

He pulled his cock out of my throat and mouth suddenly. My mouth and throat felt empty and wanting to be refilled. “Vince said you were a fucking bitch in heat. He told me I should fuck you like the bitch dog you are. So get on your fucking hands and knees like a dog and push that dam ass in the air and show me that cunt of yours.” He yelled. He was so loud I am surprised no one came running up stairs. But I didn't care. My pussy was on fire. All I could think of was that cock being rammed into my hungry pussy. His forcefullness. His manlyness was turning me on like my husband Paul could never turn me on. I felt my pussy dripping wet and this hot man didn't even enter me yet.

I was on my hands and knees as fast as possible and pushing my ass back so that my pussy was spread open for him. “Fuck me. Oh shove that beautiful cock into me.” I heard myself moaning.

I didn't have long to wait before this hot man. This young hunk I didn't even know his name rammed his cock into my hungry pussy. He knew how to ram it into me hard hitting deep into me in the right way to rub against my clit at the same time. Once more I was moaning over and over again. “Fuck me, fuck me hard Master.”

“You bitch. I'm not fucking you for your dam pleasure. Your here for one reason to give me pleasure. Your on your hands and knees like the bitch dog in heat you are. Take my fucking you bitch.” This hot man kept saying over and over again in my ear. He held my hips in his strong hands and rammed in and out of my pussy harder and harder. Then I felt as his cock expanded in me as he huffed and puffed. I knew any second he would be shooting that cum into my pussy. I felt my pussy accept his man juice.

He pulled out and with out saying another word I felt his cock slam into my asshole with out any kind of warning. I could feel my body shoved forward and cought myself before I fell to the floor. His cock was still rock hard as he held my hips and fucked my ass like Vincent had fucked my ass. At that moment the only thing that matter was that cock pumping into me hard. I could feel his balls slapping my pussy making my pussy hot again. I had just spurted while he fucked my pussy and was on fire again him fucking my ass. The stud suddenly pulled his cock out of my ass until only his cock head was in me and rammed it all the way into my ass again. I fell forward on my stomach my breasts slapping the rug on the bathroom floor. I could hear him puffling over me and knew he shot another big load, this time in my ass.

He lay on my back huffing and puffing a few minutes before pulling out of me. He looked down at me and began to get dresse. I looked up at him and saw him looking down at me like I was some kind of tramp only made for fucking. I knew I should have felt angry and discussed by his attatude after giving up my body to him but instead I felt turned on more than ever. “Don't leave. Oh don't leave I am still on fire. Oh shit I'm so horny.” I heard myself moaning.

This hunk I did't even know his name began getting dressed. “Don't worry I'll be sending in the reserves to take care of you bitch. Just stay down on ther floor and my pale will be up to screw the hell out of you. Fuck your a slut letting us fuck the shit out of you while your stupid husband is just down stairs. Vince knew you'd be a slut once he got into you. He said the moment he saw you one day dropping Sandra off at school one day he had to have you. He sure knew how to suck your daughter into thinking he was intersted in her. That bitch is too aggressive for her own good. No guy wants a mouthy bitch like her for a girlfriend. But you. He knew you'd be a slut for cock.” As soon as he was dressed in his dress pants and shirt he left the washroom closing the door behind him.

I once again lay on the floor on my back fingering my pussy knowing another stud would soon be up to fuck me. I didn't have to wait long either before the bathroom door opened. This time it was this blond muscular stud about five ten. He didn't even bother to say anything. He just stripped down. I crawled over to him when he waved his hard cock in the air. I gather he was the strong silent type. As soon as I opened my mouth he had his large hands on each side of my head and rammed his cock down my throat. I rubbed my fingers into my pussy and messaged my clit causing me to spurt instantly as he ramed his cock in and out of my mout. I don't know why, maybe because he didn't say a word, he just used me, I felt so turned on. More turned on than even with Vince or the second guy. I could hear him grunting but still he didn't say a word. He finnaly pulled his cock from my lips and went behind me. He pulled my cheeks apart and without a word he slammed that cock into my hungry pussy.

I knew this hot man didn't have to say a word to know he was taking from me what he wanted. He was also giving me what I wanted at the same time. The more this new stranger ramed his cock into my hot pussy the more I pushed back. He even reached up and grabbed the back of my hair and shoved his cock into me deeper than ever before. He was slipping around on my sweaty back but didn't stop a moment fucking me. Then he slammed into me really hard and felt his cock expand in my pussy and I knew by instict he was empting his big load into my hot pussy. I don't know how many more time I squirted while he fucked me. He pulled his cock out of my pussy.
Before I could take a breath this silent hard bodied man pulled his hands from my hair and spread my ass cheeks and rammed his cock into my asshole. My fingers went to my pussy feeling his cum dripping out. I began to message my clit as I felt him ram his cock hard into my asshole. He only groaned while ramming his big cock in and out of my already filled asshole with the Vincent's cum and the other young hot boy's cum. I knew this man had only one thing in mind. Owning my ass and getting his orgazam, which was fine with me. I couldn't help moaning. “Fuck me, oh fuck me hard. Ram that big cock into me.”

He didn't disappoint me as I felt his arms reach up and grab the back of my hair again and use it to help him ram in and out of my ass. Then he slammed hard into me and didn't move. I knew he was shooting his second load into me. This strong silent man pulled out of my ass and stood up. I looked up at him as he started getting dressed.

My body began to tire in one way but in another way it seemed to be waking up for the first time in my life. My mind was all over the place. I was lusting for more. I wanted to get fucked again and again. I didn't want this to stop but also felt guilty with my loving husband Paul just down stairs. We had always been loyal to each other and now in just a short time three hot teenagers had fucked me hard using me like some comon slut on the street. I looked up at the young man that had just fucked me and he looked down at me with those deep blue eyes. I hated myself that moment when all I could think to say was. “Please send the next stud to fuck me. I need to get fucked hard again to be dominated to be used.”

The hot man looked down at me and for the first time since coming in the washroom and fucking my mouth, pussy and ass said. “Don't worry Slut. You've only had three of us so far. There are still six more studs who want to fuck you good and hard slut. After I leave tonight I have every intention of contacting friends of mine that will really fuck you hard some hard nosed black football players I'm sure will teach you what you have been missing getting fucked hard.” The hot blond man said as he finished doing his shirt up and left the washroom.

Not long after the third man counting my daughter's boyfriend Vincent went downstairs than the bathroom door opened again. This time it was an other muscular man, boy at least eighteen. These men or teens were young but they knew exactly what they were doing. They knew a lot more how to please than Paul did after all the thirteen years he and I had been married. This guy looked Italian with his dark looks, dark hair brown eyes. He stripped down in seconds and one could tell he worked out regularly and one thing for sure he was achious to ram his cock down my throat. “Dam I didn't think my turn would ever come slut. Vince came down and told us you were as hot as he expected. Told us guys you were the slut we'd all enjoy fucking. This Italian's cock lodged in my throat like it belonged there as he remained there a few moments before pulling it out of my throat and ramming it down again. “Fuck you hot slut. Take my cock. I know you live for cock now. Get the fuck on the floor. I want that pussy Vince and Chuck, Steve just talked about you. He went behind me and surprised me when he slapped my asscheek hard. Yea nice ass bitch. I'm going to enjoy fucking you hard.”

He was over top of me in a flash his cock seemed to have a mind of it's own as it rammed into my wet pussy. I spurted once again as I felt like I was loosing my mind to lust. I felt like I never felt in my life. “Fucking bitch take my cock. Yea you need me. You need cock. You are nothing but a fucking nympho. Vince could always tell a nympho and once more he's right. He never picked out a better nympho than you though. So fucking hot to look at and a fucking hot fuck. Take my cock slut.” The man said over and over again.

“Ram that big cock in me stud. Fuck me hard.” I heard myself moaning. I needed this. I needed to be fucked hard by this hot muscular, dominant stud.

He slapped my ass hard. “Yea slut take my cock. Remember me bitch. I'm Larry. Remember this is Larry ramming that fucking cunt of yours. Remember because I'm going to be fucking you again and again when ever I want and where ever I want. Remember that bitch.” Larry yelled into my ear as he pumped harder and harder into my hungry pussy.

“Oh yes Larry anywhere any time you want to ram that big cock into me my pussy, mouth and ass belongs to you.” I moaned. Was I really saying that. Was I really making myself available to this man fucking so hard I could barely balance myself on my hands and knees. “Fuck me hard Larry. Fill my pussy with your hot cum Larry.”

“Fuck yea slut. I'm ready. I'm so fucking ready to fill your pussy so full of my cum it'll be over flowing. Not that it isn't over flowing as it is. Fuck your pussy is full of cum.” Your so fucking hot slut. So fucking hot. Here I cum dam it.” Larry moaned in my ear.

His cock expanded in my pussy and I knew he was adding his cum to Vincenent's, Chuck's and Steve's cum already in my hot pussy. He pulled his cock out and this time I was prepared for what would happen next as I felt Larry's hands prie my asscheeks apart and his large cock head ram directly into my asshole balls deep. I needed his big cock in my ass. Needed as much as I needed to breath. I couldn't think. I could only moan with lust as Larry hammered his cock in and out of my needing ass. At the same time I could feel my fingers messaging my hard clit. I could hear myself moaning loader and loader.

Somewhere outside myself I could hear Larry whispering my ear. “Take my cock in that fucking ass pussy bitch. Take what you know you need. Take my cock. You know you need my cock in you real bad. You need a real man fucking you. You need it. You will never be happy with that whippy hubby of yours fucking you ever again. Every time your hubby fucks you, you will yearn for me or my buddies to fuck you hard. You will need domination. You are now a fucking slut for hard bodied, big cocked men to dominate you.

It seemed all too soon I heard Larry groaning loadly in my ear. “I'm cumming in your fucking hot ass bitch. Take my cum in that cum drenched asshole of yours.” Suddenly he was pulling his big cock out of my ass. He moved until he was standing in front of me and began dressing. “That was one good fuck slut. I intend on tapping all three of your holes again soon bitch.”

I fell to the floor once more and rolled over on my back my legs spread open looking at my cum dripping pussy. My pussy still was itching. What the fuck was the matter with me? All these years married to Paul and I had been satisfied with him pushing into me cumming, rolling off me and going to sleep now after not one but four men fucking both my mouth, pussy and ass and I wanted more. I needed more cock. Larry had finished dressing and looked down at me. Fucking slut look at you. Pull yourself together for your next fuck. I'll be sending his right up. Larry left the washroom closing the door behind him.

I lay on the washroom rug in the middle of the washroom beginning to gain a small sense of sanity. Dam I had just been fucked by four teenage boys that had diminated me and in my own washroom of my home. Downstairs my loving husband of thirteen years was downstairs with our guests. I wondered if he missed me. I wondered why he hadn't come upstairs looking for me. After all I had only spilled some pop on my dress and should have washed, changed and been downstairs long before now. What would he think of me slutting myself our daughter's boyfriend and his friends. I looked down again at my cum filled pussy and instead of feeling ashamed of myself I couldn't help messaging my clit with one hand and pushing my fingers into my pussy with my other hand.

Dam.” I heard myself moaning. “I need one of those studs downstairs to get up here and fuck me.” I tried to think how many hot muscular teen boys had come to the party. Oh yes there were twenty people at the party counting me and Paul. Have men and half women. So that made ten of each. Paul wouldn't count so that was nine hot teen men in all to fuck me and already four hot muscular, powerful, slud dominating boys had fucked me. That left five more to fuck me. I then heard the bathroom door open and in walked another hot looking stud. This boy was a good five eight. Dark red hair. He pulled off his shirt over his head after undoing a couple of buttons at his neck. His white broad chest came into view. Fuck he looked so hot with his chest covered with blondish, red hair. “I was told you needed to get fucked Mrs. Johnson. Do you. Do you need to get fucked?”

“Yes. Yes I do. Who are you. Who ever you are I need to get fucked. I crawled over to the hot red head and with out asking the hot man another word I undid the top botton of his dark brown dress pants and pulled down his zipper.

“Yea bitch. You want Dan's dick don't you slut. That's who I am. Dan and don't you forget it.” Dan fucked me until I moaned for more and more much like Vincent, Chuck, Steve and Larry. He left me after dressing still wanting more and more came upstairs. After I don't know how long Allan, Bruce, Elvin, Hank and finnaly not to out done Mark fucked my mouth, pussy and ass. Now I lay on the bathroom floor panting now believing what a fuck slut I had become in such a short period of time. But it wasn't a short perod of time and why hadn't Paul come upstairs at least once to check up on me. Was he actually the one behind all this and I had fallen into some kind of trapof his. I tried to get to my feet but slipped. Cum was all over my pussy and dripping down my legs. How could I ever go downstairs like this. I went to the shower just as the door opened again.

Who could this be. I was possitive nine boys had come up and fucked me. But without thinking I fell to the floor and crawled to the middle of the room ready for who ever walked in the door. Maybe I had lost count and another hot stud needed servicing. The door opened and to my surprise Vincent walked in. What did he want? Did he want to fuck me again? I could feel my pussy itching. Yes. Oh yes maybe he would want to fuck me again.

“Get up you fucking piece of shit and get showered. I'm taking you downstairs. I want you looking the proper lady when I take you downstairs. I told your husband you hadn't felt well that's why you had gone to lay down. He wanted to come up and check on you a few times but I told him you just wanted to reast. Now clean your fucking self up.” Vincent said.

I got in the shower turning on the watcher. I knew I had to hurry, wash and get downstairs. I tired my best to clean as much cum from my ass and pussy. Then I washed all the sweat from me before stepping out of the shower. I put on my new clean panties, bra and dark blue dress before slipping on my loafers and walking to the top of the steps with Vincent leading the way. Could I pull this off. Could I go downstairs pretending I had felt ill and had been laying down for the entire time I had been upstairs. I could only hope I could handle this. The worse was that just looking at Vincent in front of me leading me down the stairs I could feel my pussy itching and my ass hole seeming to groan for to get fucked. But I had to do this. I had to act naturally. Not only for Paul and my relationship but also for my sweet inocent Sandra who trusted her boyfriend Vincent.
Every thing went much better than I could have immagined and soon the party ended. I felt like following all the hot young dominant muscular men out hoping they would want to take me some place to fuck me all over again.

After Paul had helped me clean up and Sandra had gone to bed. Paul and I went up to get ready for bed. Paul went to the washroom first to get ready for bed by brushing his teeth and washing. I was afraid what he would find. I was possitive he would come back in the bedroom and tell me he found cum or something on the rug or floor. Thank goodness he came into the bedroom as usual in his pjs ready for bed. I got ready for bed and climbed in beside him. He seemed frisky for a change. He helped me off with my nighty and pulled his pjs down. He was soon on top of me. He awoke something in me and I wanted to yell for him to fuck me hard but I kept silent as he pushed his five inches into me as usual and came and pulled out pulling his pjs up. Then before I had my nightly pulled on again he was on his side sound asleep. Meanwhile I lay awake for hours remembering the hard fucking I had enjoyed earlier. I couldn't servive on the kind of sex Paul had to offer me any more. What was I going to do. I'd have to think about it.

When I work up the next morning Paul had already gotten up and must have left for work. The phone beside the bed was ringing. It was Vincent. “Hello.”

“Hello Mrs. Johnson. You belong to me and my boys and boys boys from now on. You got that. Not a word to your hubby or your daughter Sandra. Not only did we all fuck you but we tapped it. We taped you begging to get fucked so don't think for a moment of reporting rape. I'll expect to see you at the school gym after school. That's me and all the guys I know will be leading you into your new like you fucking piece of trash. Vincent said. I dropped the phone and lay back to think. My new life. My new life. What was going to be my new life. End of Part 3.

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