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this is my first ever sex story i have ever written! please be gentle with criticism :P
my first story, please be nice. i welcome respectful criticism.

The day was hot, it was summer holidays oh how i loved the summer holidays! I was a petite young 13 year old my hair dirty blonde down to my mid back, green eyes, a slight tan not over the top, and 5'5" tall
my older sister Kayley was 18 and had just moved out to go to univeristy, she had the biggest room than me and our brother Brian who was 16, the room was right next door to mine. so i thought why shouldn't i get it?

"mom, dad since Kayley is going to university can i have her room?" i begged

"we have decided to rent it out to a boarder" my mom replied

"yes, we have already made the decision on who" dad added

"he is a very nice man" mom said

"eeww mom what if he is some kind of perve!" i said in a grossed out voice

"don't be like that Nina, you know that we need the money, unless you do not want to keep getting new clothes every season" she snapped

"whatever, just because i'm the youngest" i huffed as i stormed back to my room

The next day was the day he was suppose to be moving in so i went to the beach with some friends, oh it was so hot! had to wear a two piece. Ofcourse my boobs had grown a little more so the bikini top was a little tight they were just a little bigger than the other girls in my class so it was wonderful all the boys loved them and i have to say that i loved the attention!

after a whole day at the beach, we all decided it was time to get home, when i walked through the door of my house i looked around for the stuff and it was all already in the room. so i walked into the kitchen and there they all were sitting at the dining table, that's when i saw the boarder, he looked about 5'9" very tanned and looked older but still in good shape.

"Nina this is James" my mom said as standing up

"Hello Nina, pleased to meet you" James said as holding out his hand for a hand shake

i eye balled him up and down then put my hand in his "same i guess"
he had such big hands that were very manly it made me wonder what he did with them

"oh i see we have reached that phase" he said with a laugh

i just rolled my eyes and went to my room.

Some time had passed, it was about a month later and we were all at dinner i had finally began to warm up to James as he was a nice guy; i had caught a glimpse of him without a shirt on and he was in great shape, he was 38 and still worked out well.
James had mentioned that he hasn't been sleeping well so if he were to make noise alot at night he was sorry, i just said that don't worry i'm a deep sleeper, not wanting to make him feel bad
not knowing that would trigger something...

it was late that night around 2:00 am and i was rubbing my breasts wondering about how big they would get and was making me get hot, then all of a sudden i heard the door knob so i jumped and closed my eyes as i heard the person walked in and wondered who is it? then i heard the door closing so i opened my eyes and looked, it was James! i re closed my eyes as he turned and continued to walk in.

my heart was racing from fear and curiosity, but i kept still next thing i felt my bed covers move and i waited to hear what would happen next, and nothing touched me.
i just heard him grunting and moaning and some sounds, as i heard them get faster i took a peak and i saw his cock in his hand, i quickly closed my eyes again and kept a straight face it made me so hot thinking that this grown man was so turned on by me.

i just kept re imagining what i saw of his hand sliding up and down the shaft of his circumsized cock, it even looked wet.
next thing i knew it felt like i got wet on my chest and i felt him rub it into my chest, and he proceeded to leave the room.

i opened my eyes and looked down and wondered how many nights he does that, i was so turned on that i moved my hand down to my pussy and felt it i do shave it after i accidently saw one of my dads playboys once and liked the look.
it was so hot and wet so i started to rub my clit it was small, quite pink and hard as i rubbed with one hand i caressed my breast with the other, it was making me feel so good i took my finger and probed the opening of my pussy, i have never put my fingers all the way in.

i kept rubbing my clit and playing with my nipple thinking about how big James cock was and i had the biggest orgasm i had ever had, i felt the urge to taste it and i did i tasted sweet. i just smiled and rolled over and went to sleep.

In the morning i got up and decided to dress up to tease James i put on my skinny jeans and a white tank top with no bra and went down stairs to breakfast.

I walked into the room and James was sitting at the breakfast counter and my parents and brother were at the table so i went over to the sink and bent over right in his view then got back up and turned just in time to catch him before he had time to look away. i really loved the thought of last night.

So the day had passed and it was finally bed time i kissed my parents good night and hit my brother goodnight and then said good night to james with a soultry smile.

I layed there in my bed i had chosen a loose nightie with no panties, so i lay there waiting and i fell asleep, all of a sudden i heard my door and i woke to see james coming in again all i kept thinking was wow two nights in a row.

now he was uncovering me, but instead of doing what he did last night he groped my breast gently, keeping an eye on me while he played, his big hand covered it as he rubbed it felt so good, he rubbed his thumb over my perk nipple; that sent waves of pleasure down to my pussy, but i kept a straight face.

he kept looking at my face, i could feel it to check if i was waking up so i thought i would get his adrenaline going even more, so i stirred and the way i did so that my butt was facing him and my breasts were still available for his hands.

he let out a sigh as i felt his hand go up my nightie and rub my butt, it felt so naughty what he was doing to me that it was turning me on so much, i could hear him groaning and moaning again, but this time he picked up my limp hand and helped place it around his cock.
oh my god it felt so big! i tried not to squeeze and tried to keep it limp as he helped my hand giving him a handjob.

with his other hand he had gotten my night down showing my pert little breast and then i felt his cock jerking and my breast got wet, which made me realise he was cumming and that was the same as last night!
he rubbed the cum in again and left the room.

i decided that i will wait for the right time to do something.

sure enough today was the day, mom and dad were going on a second honeymoon and left my brother in charge, but he was going to an all nighter high school keg party and payed me not to tell, little did he know i wanted him gone.
so james was sitting down eating and i was standing in the kitchen complaining about feeling tired.

"why are you so tired?" he asked

"just feel like i havn't had any sleep, so i found this in moms cupboard" i replied

"whats that?" he asked

"sleeping pill" i replied

" i don't thin........."
and before he could finnish his sentence i had swallowed it with a glass of water (little did he know it was just a tiny mint)

"now i am going to bed, goodnight james" i said giving him a hug

"goodnight Nina" he squeezed me back

i layed in bed and i hiked my night up to just under my shoulders and put my knee up and other leg down and arms up to make it look unintentional.
so i lay there waiting and an hour passes by and i hear my door and he actually speaks.

"Nina, are you asleep?" James asks

i say nothing and i keep still, so he gets closer and raises his voice

"Nina are you asleep!" james shouts

i stir a little, so he comes up and nudges me and i do not move. this was exciting me so much, so he pulls the blanket all the way down to the foot of the bed this time, and i felt him groping my butt, but he wasn't gently tonight, quite rough, he moved up to my little titties and flicked my nipples which felt wonderful.
then he stopped and i could hear rustling so i did a little peek and he was getting fully naked and he looked so hot, i quickly closed my eyes and feel him sliding his hand under me, the next thing i know he picks me up and puts me on my back.
he is obviously very strong.
i feel him pull up my nightie and he started licking all over my tits and it felt good as he sucked on my nipples, twirling his tongue around them like crazy, as he did that he reached down and put his hand on my mound feeling my wetness.
as he felt that he looked up staring at me to make sure i was still asleep then gave me a kiss on the lips and i felt him go down further.
next thing i know i feel his tongue on my clit, licking it.. twirling around it and the ecstacy i was feeling was so intense i found myself moving my hips a little, while keeping a straight face and my eyes closed.
he just kept on lapping me up, his big hands grabbing my butt and pulling my pussy into his mouth and i bucked a little faster knowing that i might get caught but i could not help it, his tongue licking around my hot wet clit was too much as i felt myself reaching an orgasm he sensed it and pulled my hips into his mouth even harder sucking so hard on my clit that my legs start twitching and i can feel myself cuming and him lapping it up.
i felt him get up so i thought it was done, time for some sleep.

i was wrong, all of a sudden i feel the tip of his cock trying to enter my tiny pussy. That i was not ready for! i shot up and he looked at me shocked.

"what are you doing!?" i screamed

"what the fuck i thought you were on a sleeping pill" he said stunned

"that was a mint!" i said, suddenly realising that i just admited to knowing all along

he looked at me with this evil grin and said "so you wanted this did you?" he said grabbing me

"no i just wanted you to fondle me like you did, not full on sex!" i exclaimed

"oh, but you need it, that hot little virgin pussy needs to get a fucking" he said callisly

"what? no, i'm okay with you playing with me but not entering me james" i said calmly

"well, you know your bodies been asking for it from your body language" he said pinching my nipple hard.

"OW!! no! i don't want to go all the way yet!" i protested

"thats not what your body says" he said as he pins me down and then bites on my poor little nipple that he was just pinching, it hurt so much that i started to wimper

"please james don't" i begged

"oh come on Nina you know what you were doing with those tight clothes, cuddles, and tickling, you are such a tease" he cackled

then he got up and put the head of his cock up to my mouth, i turned my head away from it but he grabbed my head and turned it back

"just suck the tip of it Nina its real good, if you do it, i won't go in your pussy" he said

"okay then" i replied

i held his cock the way i saw him hold it before, and i gave the tip of his cock a lick, he let out a gasp "ohh yea more" he said i continued to lick around the tip and then down it, it was kind of fun so i put it into my mouth, and started sucking it like i would an ice block.

"oh yes baby, suck that cock, try and go deeper" he said

so i tried but i only got quarter way down his cock and had to pull back so i sucked the tip again.

"no Nina, deeper" he said sharply and then grabbed my head and pulled it right down onto his dick forcing 3 quarters of his cock to go into my mouth and down my throat.

"oh fuck yes!" he let out as he held my head there
i was choking and couldn't breathe, then he finally released my head and i pulled away spluttering and gasping for air, he just laughed and said "you'll learn how to deep throat" i looked at him with complete shock, next thing i know he is putting it back at my lips "keep going, you have to eat my cum and swallow it, to not get fucked in the pussy" he said nasty

i took his cock back into my mouth and started licking and sucking again, not noticing that i was dribbling everywhere.

"go faster Nina" he said gasping

i tried to go fast, i was dribbing so much all over the place, next thing you know he grabs my head again and pulls it right down onto his cock as i feel his cock twitching i could not breathe

"mm aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeaahhhh!" he moaned as he shot a load of cum down my throat and kept it there for atleast 30 seconds then he let me go and i pulled away and gasped and coughed and i nearly puked, it felt like he pissed in my mouth, i lay there choking for a while while he composed himself, i looked up and it was still really hard, so i just had to ask.

"is it suppose to go down?"

"yes, but obviously you are too hot for it to go down, i'm still horny" he said

"thanks" i said fakely

next thing you know he starts kissing me and shoving his tongue into my mouth, admitedly that made my pussy tingle, so i kissed back, then he started kissing harder, and grinding into me, it felt real good i was getting hot and wet again i so wanted him to do what he did with his tongue again, but i couldn't ask, without him wanting all the way.

all of a sudden i feel the tip of his cock poking around my pussy so i push him away
"come on baby you want it, i can feel it, you're soaked" he begged
"NO!" i screamed, i struggle to get out from under him but he grabs my hands and holds them with one of his and with his other hand he guides his cock into my pussy.
he gets his tip in, and it actually doesn't feel too bad, good actually. then he shoves his cock into my pussy real hard.

"OOOOWWWW!!!!!" i scream, i started to cry as he keeps going watching me cry

"it'll get better baby" he says as he keeps going in and out of my pussy

i keep tearing up as it hurts, he starts going faster, watching his own cock go in and out of my tight virgin pussy, each time he pushes in hard i swear i can feel him in my stomach the pain in my face somehow made him go faster and harder like he was enjoying it

"mm oh fuck yeah, you like that don't you, you little slut"

i look at him with the weirded look as he keeps saying all these dirty things as it fucking hurts i keep trying to pull my hands out of his hand.

"aaahh your pussy is so fucking tight!" he moans

all of a sudden the pain eases and it feels good, i've never felt anything like it, it was pure please, my nipples got hard again, he didn't waste anytime to jump on that and started sucking and licking on them, all of a sudden i let out a moan


"oh yeah you like it don't you" he groans

"yea" i said getting into it, i started moving my hips with his cock wanting more and more grinding into him, he lets go of my hands so i start rubbing his back, all of a sudden he pulls out and flips me over

"get up on your knees, now" he demands
i do as he says, next thing he shoves his cock back into my tight little pussy, it really hurts again as he pounds really deep inside my small pussy, he leans forward and pulls my hair, i wince

"oow" quietly

"ohhh yeahh you know you like it" he says, pounding harder, pulling harder.

i start to enjoy it again, moaning loudly "ohh yeah james feels good"

"mm ohh yeah baby your pussy is so tight!" he moans

i buck back into him and i can feel myself coming up to an orgasm..

"ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmyyyyyyyyy gggoooooodddddd" i scream out

he keeps pounding me "yeahhh i knew you wanted it you little slut" he snarls

my orgasm dies down as he keeps going it feels so good

"i'm gonna cum in you!" he groans

then it hits me, no he cannot cum in me i don't want to get pregnant!

"no! get off me, don't cum in me!" i scream

that only makes him fuck me even harder and faster his cock slamming into my pussy, balls slapping my clit

"please don't cum in me i don't want to get pregnant, please!"

he rams even harder with all my protests and next thing you know he flops down onto me and groans

"ohhhhhhh.. ffuuuucckkkkkkkkkk" i can feel his cock twitching inside my pussy as he cums deep inside me.

he lays there for a while and gets up and slaps my ass real hard.

"i can't believe you came in me!" i said sniffling

"just wait until tomorrow night" he said with a wink as he walks out the room to go for a shower.

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2012-10-02 16:54:34
This design is inelcdibre! You obviously know how to keep a reader amused. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost HaHa!) Wonderful job. I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!

Anonymous readerReport

2012-02-10 09:47:42
Use basic grammar. Capitalize the first word in every sentence. You do have good spacing, unlike lots of people, so there is a plus.

Otherwise nice setup and OK follow through. Could have been more detailed toward the end.

Will give you a positive since it was a decent first story.

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2012-02-09 12:55:03
When you write in the first person ALWAYS use I instead of i, not just at the beginning of a sentence.

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2012-02-09 12:19:12
He's an asshole and should have stopped when she put the brakes on. Thumbs down from me. I like horny chicks who are as nasty as I am!

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