This is actually a side story that I wrote to another story that I have yet to put out
Hello Gentle Readers Like I said in the introduction, this is a CAW 10 story... That's calling all writers, Please check the forums and vote when the voting is up, and please vote for your favorite story.

I'm going to preface this by saying that this is what happens when government gets too much power and this is a story about one exercise of the abuse of power that would and could go unseen. So this is a story about a government science project run amok

“Are you sure about this?” the technician asked.

“What do you think people are going to continue to work under the conditions that are required?” The Woman responded.

“I don’t know”

“Have you looked at some of the industrial jobs?” The woman inquired.


“Trust me this is for the best, besides she is a terrorist no one will miss her or any of the others in the program”

“You’re talking about making a hybrid race”

“For the express purpose of doing labor no one wants to do”

“It stinks of slavery”

The woman in the lab coat shrugged “Price of progress besides it’s not like they are people”


Sheila woke up she was groggy to say the least it was dark, she was in a small room just a concrete floor with a drain in the middle. There was a door at one end of the six by four room and a small hatch on the other end.

A bare light bulb lit the room Sheila shivered, the hatch slid open, she could smell fresh air, she looked out into what appeared to be a grassy enclosure. The fresh air cleared her head and she walked out into the rather large enclosure, it was surrounded by a large wide moat there were several trees in the enclosure but nothing terribly substantial. The whole area looked to be perhaps one hundred feet on the square buttressed on one side by a high overhanging wall. There was a small artificial stream that appeared on one side and ran through the middle of the enclosure. Sheila lay on the grass it was almost comforting against her naked skin and she thought back to the time before it was still a little foggy but it snapped into focus the more she tried to remember. The police coming to her small apartment, She was arrested, she was strapped to a bench and the police officers took turns using her body. She remembered the dirty crusty feelings and shivered. She remembered being half starved from a diet of hard fucking and the occasional blast of cum in her chapped lips. She remembered being showered with a cold hard blast of water. Then she woke up in the small room. She wondered where she was and what she was doing there. There was another door on the wall besides the one that she came out of she drank some of the water flowing in the stream and ate there was a sort of platter of with fruit tossed onto it.

Sheila lay out catching some sun and then getting into the shade. She napped and woke as the sun was slipping away. She heard snorting and she looked around and saw three large monkey’s, gorillas? She thought to herself. No these were smaller maybe chimps? She had never seen a real live chimp before.

The first chimp approached her leaning over her as he sniffed her bare skin. He reached out and touched her with his finger. She wanted to run but where could she run. There was no where to go except maybe the moat and it looked like the monkeys could probably get her down there too. Terrified she lay frozen; the monkey rudely stuck his finger into her pussy and then sniffed it. His long tongue came out and licked the residue. He pushed and pulled her over onto her front. He was surprisingly strong and suddenly it clicked that this monkey was trying to fuck her. There was nothing she could do, helpless clasped in the strong arms of the ape, and she felt his hard cock probe into the soft flesh of her pussy. She groaned with disgust and at the same time it felt so good to be filled, even as the monkey mechanically hammered away at her pussy. She groaned as an orgasm overwhelmed her system. The three monkeys took turns one would fuck and then the next would while the other two waited. Once each had been sated with her she they proceeded to groom her gently, their fingers delicately examining each and every hair for parasites. Sheila realized after a resting a while that she was going to be sore from the vigorous fuck session that she just had she wondered how soon they would want to go another round.

It turned out not very long, and when the first male took her it hurt her poor bruised pussy was willing but it was painful, she was desperate for something anything, she reached over and started stroking one of the other males who was standing nearby, he didn’t object to her hand and she twisted her body and took the hard male organ between her lips. She hoped that she could give them blowjobs, she almost retched as she thought about what she was doing but the pain between her legs was such that it overcame that reflex. The large spongy monkey cock thrust between her lips and the monkey chattered excitedly and started humping her face, she had done this to a few men she had liked in life and now, what was she doing here what was this place. The chimp held her head tight against him as his cum flooded her mouth, she choked as the salty fruity fluid overwhelmed her mouth she swallowed and coughed and gagged and swallowed some more and kept swallowing until the chip let go. She gasped for air for a few minutes before the second chip presented himself to her mouth. She licked her lips and lowered her face down onto the musky smelling organ. And began to suck as the chimp started humping her face. She swallowed as his hot monkey goo erupted into her mouth, more prepared this time she was able to take the flood of liquid and she swallowed and sucked savagely just to get it over with. Right as the other monkey began pumping her pussy full of his own spunk.

Sheila had a hard time keeping track of the days but it seemed that the boys would want to fuck her at least four times a day and she was getting more and more accustomed to it and even actually beginning to like it. It was odd when she noticed that her breasts hurt one day the boy’s typically left that part of her alone but as she examined herself she noted that they were hard and swollen. Much like the last time that she was pregnant. How could she be pregnant Monkeys were a different species from humans she couldn’t be pregnant, could she?


“Ma’am she’s showing signs of pregnancy.”

“Good confirm it tonight while she is sleeping and introduce the next subject. Once she is pregnant we will start bringing them in, in two’s and perhaps as many as three at a time.”

“Yes Ma’am I still think this is objectionable and repugnant what you are doing”

“I have heard your objection, if you feel that you cannot do your job then perhaps I can find a nice female chimp or … several for you to inseminate, willingly or otherwise…”

“You can’t do that!”

“Believe me I can, I have full control and autonomy given to me by the government, you don’t exist so no one will cry foul if you go from a technician to a test subject” She smiled evilly.

“You wouldn’t?”

“Oh wouldn’t I?” The woman asked. “Introduce subject B to the enclosure and tonight check and see if subject A is impregnated”

“You disgust me” the technician said.

The woman pressed a button on her console and two men in white uniforms entered the door she pointed at the technician. The two guards quickly restrained the technician and dragged him off to another part of the building.

The woman smiled, her fingers forming a steeple as she thought of her plans for the poor technician. “Yes, only the best for our great society”

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It was a great story plz plz continue it

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It was a great story plz plz continue it

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