"Hey Honey, you'll never guess what I bought for you. A Magic Black Dong." I held up the large dong to the camera and smiled widely. My first porn film was now under way.

I was completely submissive now, just doing what was expected of me. There was no point now in wondering when my tormentors would leave me alone. No reason to question why. My body was theirs and I would do all that was asked of me. My shaved body was speckled with goose bumps and I felt cold. I held the dong in front of the camera and recited my lines to the best of my ability.

"I find it hard to believe in a magic dildo so I thought that I would try it out before I gave it to you."

I walked to a conveniently placed chair and arranged the dildo in the center. The camera followed my every move. Once at the chair I fell to my knees and placed the dong in the center of it. My right hand stroked it slowly as I looked back into the camera and talked.

"The man in the shop told my how to unleash the Master of the Cock so here it goes..."

I turned back toward the rubber phallus. The next words to leave my lips were ridiculous and humiliating.

“O Black Master I wish to unlock, In order to free you I must swallow this cock.”

Incredible! My face was beet red with shame. Nevertheless I leaned in toward the black rubber dick and opened my mouth. My lips wrapped and clung to it as my head willingly took the girth of the dildo into it. My sore throat opened and allowed access the bulbous head. And then there I was with the shaft completely buried into my skull. My chin felt the rubber balls press against it and my nose nearly touched the chair. I waited for my captors to give me their cue. A hand pressed down on the back of my head smashing my nose into the chair.

"Okay, when you turn the camera back on I will be standing behind our little bitch here as though I appeared out of nowhere."

Black Master released his hand from the back of my head and I removed the cock from my mouth. I gasped desperately for air and thick drool clung to both my chin and the dildo. Master moved a few feet away from me laughing and instructed my get my mouth back on the dildo and to do it fast. He reminded me of my lines and instructed Black Daddy to turn the camera back on. The scene then was me with the dick lodged deep in my throat and Black Master standing to my side completely naked with a semi hard erection.

"I am the Master of the Cock" Black Master proclaims with a booming and low voice. "I will grant you three of your deepest darkest desires. What is your first?"

I raised my eyes to meet those of Black master. Slowly, the dildo slid from my throat. The camera worked its way around so that it was to the side of us ‘actors’ filming me looking up to my Master as I slowly stroked the spit lade dong.

"Oh Master of the Cock my first dark desire is wanting this dildo to be a real big black cock."

"Your desire shall be granted. Swallow this dildo completely again and close your eyes. When you open them again you shall find your mouth fulfilled with the dick of a real black man!”

The camera turned so that I was the only one in the picture. It came in closer as I began to take the length of rubber back down my throat. When I had taken it all again the camera was turned off. My hair was grabbed and pulled and twisted up. I was looking at Black Knight now and he was naked and smiling. He grabbed the dildo off the chair and pitched it into the corner of the room. Sitting down on the chair in front of me my face was shoved into his crotch.

"Come on whore, you'll have to get me hard before we start rolling again."

Cruelly, Black Knight rubbed his flaccid dick against my lips, his big left hand grasping tightly to my hair. My lips parted and I took his softness into my mouth. I swirled the head around and around with my tongue. Blood started filling his member as I worked my mouth on it. Soon enough it was fully engorged and I was slowly working myself up and down on it. Black Knight put pressure on the back of my head and I knew it was my cue to deepthroat him. Filming was just about to start. Black knight took his hands from my head and Black Daddy resumed his position next to us and started the camera back up. I opened my eyes and brought my gaze up to Black Knight’s gaze. He smiled at me and remained still for the moment. I took the length of cock from my mouth and stared at it. The lights from the room reflected from my spit, accentuating dick’s skin tone. Veins pulsed with anticipation as I stroked the dick slowly and recited my next line.

"Mmmm. Just what I wanted...a big black cock."

The camera positioned itself over Black Knights shoulder and I looked into the camera and smiled just as I had been instructed to do. I pressed my lips against the shaft's knob and began lavishing it with sloppy wet kisses. Stroking it slowly, I worked my kissing to his sagging balls and playfully licked them and then took them one at a time into my mouth. Working back up the shaft, my tongue laid streams of saliva on his skin. Finally releasing my gaze at the camera, I took his steamy rod into my oral cavity. Black Knight moaned with pleasure as I sucked on his knob. He gently held my head as he rose to his feet. Letting go of me, he allowed me to freely work his meat.

"Let me see those pretty eyes while you suck my cock."

I looked at him and his power over me felt enormous. His eyes said it all. He was in control. He was dominant. He was the man. He was Alpha. He was my Master. I was his slave. I was Beta. I was unmanned and feminized. I was submissive. I was compliant. Staring up at him I sucked on his dick. I never left his gaze while plunging the erection in and out of the back of my throat. My tongue roamed the underside of his shaft and caressed his balls while my throat massaged the head of stick. I was pleasing him and he was happy.

"You're such a good little cocksucker."

He stared at me without blinking and as the cock moved in and out of my mouth I found it harder and harder to maintain that gaze. I wanted nothing more than for him to stop looking at me. I knew I couldn't and shouldn't look away and so I blushed and continued working him in my mouth. His strong black hands stroked my hair. He complimented my dick sucking skills repeatedly. He grew more and more excited and as he did his hands held my head more still and his hips began to thrust. Soon it was him fucking my mouth instead of me sucking him off. It became rough and brutal, my throat gargling spit and choking on dick. I pushed back against him without thinking, my body’s self defense trying to surface. This actually pleased my assailant and instead of any kind of reprieve I found a tighter grip on my hair and an angry cock bound and determined to ruin my mouth. Abruptly, Black Knight withdrew his dick and grabbed onto my arms. His strong hands pulled me upward onto my feet and I was face to face with him. My heart was pounding and I gasped for air. Tears and spit dripped from my chin. I had thought that he was going to nut in my mouth or on my face. He pulled me in and pressed his lips against mine. I was sickened by the feel of his stubble against my clean shaved face. His tongue aggressively pushed into my mouth. His arms wrapped around me, feeling me. I hadn't known this was part of their movie and I was caught completely off guard. I resisted at first but I knew there was no use. His strength overpowered me. I let one of my hands creep up his back and lightly dig its nail into his dark skin. My other hand felt his muscled ass. His hard dick was pressed against the skirt I was wearing and it slowly dry humped against me. Strong hands were lifting my skirt and grabbing my ass cheeks. The thumbs of his hands looped on the panties that I shamefully wore and pulled them down until they dropped to my ankles. As we continued to kiss he walked me backwards toward the bed. The edge of the bed pressed against the backs of my legs and Black Knight released his lips from mine.

"Go on and polish that knob. Get it nice and wet so I can fuck that sweet pussy of yours."

I knelt down before his cock again and began to lather it with saliva. I spit every bit of spit I could muster. Soon his erection was glistening and he apparently felt as though it had enough to fuck me with. He lifted me up by my shoulders and pushed me gently. I fell with my back on the bed and Black Knight grabbed my legs and raised them into the air. His hands made a home in the pits of my knees and he spread them open. He looked at me with a devilish smirk. He mustered up some of his own spit. He aimed and had a direct bullseye hit on my anus. He hunched forward and the head of his dick pressed against my well used hole. I became keenly aware of the camera again filming the soon to be penetration. The body above me leaned in allowing gravity to do its thing. My legs pressed into me and the cock filled my hole almost instantly. I was full, my ass occupied by a phallic invader, and a groan of agony and humiliation escaped from me. A moan of pleasure came from Black Knight. He began humping me slowly. The intruding cocks full length withdrew exasperatingly slow all the while my breath escaping my lungs at the same rate of speed. He was really enjoying himself and soon he found an even steady rhythm to fuck me with. He would throw in deep hard thrusts every so often and sometimes slowly insert and withdraw his entire shaft but mostly he kept a steady hard fucking going. He would embarrass me with questions that I had to answer between groans.

"How bad do you want this black cock?"

"Give me your cock, I need it....Oh yes...yes..."

"You love getting fucked?"

"Oh...yes...fuck me..."

He tortured me with his fucking and his humiliating babbling for ten or fifteen minutes. Eventually he withdrew his dick and commanded me to get into a doggystyle position. As ordered, I rolled over onto my hands and knees and crawled to the center of the bed. I looked behind me to see him climb up after me. He was spitting into his hand and relubing his dick. My skirt was lifted over my ass and hung on my waist. He spit onto my ass and began spreading it around my anus allowing fingers to slip into my abused hole and finger me. He stood on his feet and pressed his hands into my back making me support his weight. His dick poked and prodded and soon enough found its target and was cruelly thrust into my bowels. His fucking was harder and meaner now. I was moaning and yipping as he rode me. His big hands pressed his weight into my back and I found my arms weaken as only my hands held us both up. I collapsed to my elbows with some relief. Eventually he slowed and brought his knees down to the bed between my calves. He held onto my waist and fucked me more gently. I was breathing hard. I raised my head up and saw the camera in front of me and I could tell that my next line was here. As I got fucked I recited my next lines.

"Master of the cock I want my second dark desire." I blurted out between exhausted breaths.

Black Knight turned the camera off and Black Master brought his naked body in front of me. Black Knight slowed his pace to nearly a complete stop. His dick moved incredibly slow in and out of me. Every so often he flexed his groin muscles and I could feel his cock twitch inside of me. It was strange. The camera was turned back on, the movie commenced.

"And what is your second deep and dark desire?"

I looked up at my Master. The cock in my ass pulsed with anticipation.

"Oh Master I love so much to be filled with black cock but I feel empty. My second dark desire is the same as the first, I wish to have a real black cock to suck on.”

"Your desire shall be granted but only if you beg loudly as your ass gets pleased."

"Yes Master, I will do anything for a big black cock to suck on.”

The cock in my ass picked up its pace again. Soon I was being completely slammed. Black Knight was relentless and uncaring. His thrusts would bury his length deep inside of me, the force of his weight throwing me forward and my ass cheeks quivering with each slam. Just as quickly he was withdrawing he was pulling my hips back toward him and slam filling me again. I was crying out little whimpers and yips with every motion. I tried to look into the camera and speak but everytime I did the wind was being taken out of me. Slap, slap, slap....over and over being drilled hard and furious.

"Please...oh....uh.....let me....oh...please...please....i need a.....a.....another suck...please....i"

I begged for it the best I could. The hands on my hips let go and one grabbed onto my hair twisting my head up. I yelped in pain but continued to ask for more. I begged to get fucked and I begged for more dick. Black Knight released my hair and grabbed onto my elbows and pulled them back and up. My back arched and my chest heaved upwards. Black Knight was holding my up by my elbows and I was looking straight in front of me. Before me stood Black Daddy and his hardon stood at full attention and was being aimed toward my face. I opened my mouth and he stepped forward and now I was being doubly assaulted. Black Daddy gyrated his hips and fucked my mouth. There I was. If I could be a in the corner watching I wouldn’t believe what I it was I was watching. I was completely shaved, dressed in my girlfriends clothes, on my bed, on my knees. A dick was being furiously driven into my ass, my assaulter held onto my arms holding me up so that another man standing could easily fuck my mouth. I couldn't move. All that I could do was accept. Accept their cocks and my position as their bitch. Somewhere Black Master held onto the digital video camera and filmed all of the action.

The next hour or so was a blur. The two men used me as their fuck toy. I was put into so many abusive positions. I was put on my back with my head dangled over the edge of the bed while the two cocks shared their time fucking my mouth and gagging me. I was put into a doggystyle position as their cocks seesawed back and forth one filling my ass while the other cramming my mouth. I was upside down, my ass up in the air getting speared from above by one while cleaning the balls of the other with my mouth. I was spanked, spit on, pulled, pushed, pinched. The men would bite my neck and ears and force me to kiss them. Both my mouth and anus were repeatedly interchanged between the two men and used for their enjoyment. Finally, Black Daddy laid on his back and had me mount him. I lowered myself onto his prick as I faced him. He pulled me onto him. Our lips met and again the disgust of a man's tongue and stubble sent shivers through me. His hands grabbed my ass, his fingernails digging into my skin, and spread my ass cheeks. I rode his cock as we kissed. Up and down, back and forth, I fucked him only as well as I thought a good bitch should. The bed moved as Black Knight moved around. Before I knew what was happening I felt the first frisky prods of Black Knights dick against my currently inhabited asshole. I started to protest and tried to scream. One of Black Daddy's arms locked around my waist and held me against him. His other hand held the back of my head and kept embrace together. Our tongues swirled around one another even as my eyes opened wider than they’ve ever been. My arms were useless and couldn’t gain any leverage to free me from what was about to happen. Black Daddy thrust his hips forward pressing his dick deep into me and held it there. Black Knight pushed the head of his dick against my filled hole. I screamed into Black Daddy's mouth and I could feel him smiling. He didn’t let his grip slip for even a moment. The camera diligently filmed every action.

"oooommmmmmmoomoOOMMMMOOMOOMNNNNONNOOOOOONNNONONO" No no no no....please don't!

The second cock was now stretching me so far open that I thought my asshole was going to rip. As it pushed farther in I continued to scream and tears formed in the corners of my eyes threatening to spill. This had not been mentioned as part of their stupid movie. Black Daddy released his kiss as the second cock in my ass pushed its fullness completely in.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooOOOOOOooooonnnnoooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnooo.....oh god please oh god oh god oh god."

Jesus Christ! Two dicks were currently stretching my asshole to its limits and I was in complete pain. I couldn't even control the words coming out of my mouth. I was begging, I was swearing, I was pleading. The muscles in my anus were twitching out of control and then before I could even process or accept what was happening the two men began fucking me. The sensations through my body were completely knew and foreign. If I hadn't lost all feeling of what it meant to be a man thus far, I had now. The guttural sounds that came from me as the two cocks worked my bowels were foreign to my ears. They double fucked me for a long time, insulting and humiliating me with derogatory slurs. They called me a whore, a cunt, a slut, a bitch, a loser, a pussy. They insisted on me telling them how much I loved having two dicks filling me. They made me beg for their meat. They made me kiss them and tell them how beautiful they were. They made me compliment how they had fucked me. Black Master filmed it all. He walked back and forth making sure that he missed not a thing. Finally he set the camera on a bedside table. It was placed in such a way that it was able to film the whole bed and all of the actions taking place on it. I understood that it was time to speak again.

"Oh Master I have my third desire." I wept.

Black Master walked in front of the camera and climbed onto the bed and knelt before me. He lifted my chin so that I could look at him. He wiped the tears from my face.

"And what is your third desire Slave?" Black Master boomed.

"The same as the first. I need a real big black cock to suck. Please Master!"

"Your desire is granted."

Black Master inched forward and raised his giant snake to my mouth. Jesus, there was no way to get over the size of this dick. I allowed the head to fill my mouth and I began working his knob. There I was, a large black man below me fucking my ass while another large black man pounded delightfully away at my ass from on top and another black man with an enormously large black cock filled my mouth. Soon the three men were back in full swing and abusing my body. Now with all three of them for the rest of the night any and every position imagined was being enacted. I was on top, I was on bottom. I was slammed and fucked against the wall, the chair, the bed, the door and even the window. Black Daddy lifted me up with his dick in my ass while I wrapped my legs around his hips. We kissed while Black Knight came up behind us and filled me with his cock. They stood there and double fucked me while I relied on them to hold me up. With a dick always penetrating me somehow I was made to operate and watch TV. They even made me watch and order womens clothing from the home shopping network while my ass got reamed. Every time I would talk they found it a good time to try and fill my mouth with one of their penises or just fuck my ass extra hard. Finally, I was on my back again and Black Master standing on the floor at the edge of the bed fucking my ass with his monster dick. He held the camera in his hand and filmed me getting fucked. The other two were on their knees beating their cocks off getting ready to shoot their load onto my face. It wasn't long before one of them leaned in and began groaning. I stretched toward the first cock and opened my mouth acceptingly.

"Oh yea...oh...yea....oh...oh..OH...OOHHH!!"

A stream of hot cum shot into my mouth. I closed my lips together and swallowed. A hot gooey blast shot under my nose giving me a cum mustache. I reopened my mouth and took another spray of jizz. I heard moans from the other side and as I turned to look cum splattered my cheek. Next the bridge of my nose received a warm white mess. Both cocks dripped their final loads of cum onto my face and the two men collapsed from view. I looked up to Black Master who was grinning from ear to ear. He kept a fast paced fuck going. Not only was he large but his dick buried deep into me. Farther than the other two. He enjoyed the pained look on my face with every complete jamming he would do. He reached down and wiped the cum from my face and fed it to me. I ate it obediently. Handing off the camera to one of his cohorts, he buried his meatstick into me and bent over pushing his arms underneath me. Then I was being lifted off the bed. My legs wrapped around his hips and my arms around his neck. His hands grabbed my ass and dug into my flesh. His strength rippled through his muscles and soon he was bouncing me up and down on his shaft.

"You are such a good little cock whore. You want to eat my cum or do you want it on your face?"

"Please let me eat your cum Master."

"Do you deserve it?"

I looked away and answered no. It was what he wanted to hear.

"You may eat my cum Slave. But you must show me it before you swallow."

"Thank you Master."

Master bounced me on his cock for a few more minutes before eventually pulling me off and throwing me to the bed. I scrambled to the edge of the bed and took his dick into my mouth. I sucked it feverishly and the familiar swelling and pulsing came soon. A wave of semen flowed from his cock and began to fill my mouth. A grunt and another round of jizz. Soon my mouth was completely full of hot man seed. Master withdrew his dick and looked down at me. I opened my mouth to show him his own cum. Black Daddy brought the camera in for a closeup. I was instructed to swallow everything and then reopen my mouth so that they could see that I had indeed swallowed it all. The cum coated my throat and emptied into my stomach. I opened my mouth much to their joy. They all chuckled and laughed as Black Master rubbed his deflating penis against my face.

"Okay, that's it. How was you're first little porn film Slave."

"It was amazing Master. Thank you." I said what he wanted.

Black Daddy and Black Knight were now putting clothes back on. This was it. My torment was ending. Black Master walked across the room and picked up the dildo from the floor. He placed it back onto the chair. He commanded me to come and sit on the chair, backwards so that the back of the chair was against my chest. I reluctantly straddled the chair and lowered myself onto the dildo. My ass easily accepted it. Grabbing several ties from my closet, Black Master quickly began tieing me tightly to the chair. I was unable to get up or even move when he was done. I protested but soon found my mouth stuffed with panties and a tie wrapped around my head effectively gagging me. He picked up the chair and faced me toward the bedroom door. They were leaving me here to be found by my girlfriend. They left the bedroom and I could hear them speaking in the living room. When they came back twenty minutes later, they were completely dressed.

"We've gotta go but we wanted to let you know how much fun we've had. We have a copy of our movie for our pleasure and we have your copy playing on your TV in your living room. Don't worry, it's on repeat. Your girlfriend is just going to love her new present."

And with that they left me. The front door opened and closed and a vehicle drove away. I could here the movie in the living room. I struggled uselessly against my restraints. I was tired, angry and ashamed. How could this have happened to me? The movie didn't look like rape at all. And then she was going to find me tied up and gagged with a dildo in my ass. And I was wearing her clothes. Time slowly passed. An hour maybe two. Sunlight was coming up. A car door slammed and I could hear the struggle of keys in the door. I was breathing heavy. The door opened and something drops. A purse? The sounds of me getting fucked, begging for it. I can hear her saying something. There are no sounds now. She's watching the movie. She says 'Oh My God!' I know that she's watching as a second cock fills my ass. Footsteps come down the hall. The bedroom door swung open........

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